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Following his victory against Whitney, Ash and the others sit down to have breakfast at the Goldenrod City Pokémon Center. Suddenly a man, who introduces himself as the producer of Pokétalk Radio, invites Ash to an interview at their radio show, saying all trainers who defeat Whitney must come for an interview.
At the same time, Team Rocket wanders about Goldenrod famished. Jessie mentions that if they hadn't of run out of the Goldenrod Galleria, they could've stayed for more free samples. James then spots a tall building that looks like what might be a department store, so hoping for more free samples inside, everybody makes haste. At the front door, a security guard stops them, saying that they need an appointment to enter. Jessie argues with the man about the idea of needing an appointment go shopping, but turning their attention to the broadcasting screen, he tells her that the building is a radio station, not some kind of store. Coming up with an idea, Team Rocket returns dressed as celebrities as they make their way into the radio station with ease. Rummaging through the archives, Jessie and James are distraught to find nothing of "reel" value. A man enters the room and drags the two to the interview studio, telling them that they're going to be on the air in two minutes. Noting that they're not really performers, James says that they can't possibly go on, and the man remembers that Jessie and James are supposed to have a dummy for their ventriloquist act. Jessie decides to play along, and passes Meowth off as their "dummy".
Jessie and James are brought to a table in front of DJ Mary, the host of Pokétalk Radio. She begins to chat with the "Dugtrio Trio", known to us as Team Rocket, commenting that their Meowth dummy looks amazingly lifelike. Meowth is offended, and the three begin to exchange funny blows and witty remarks. Meanwhile, talking with Professor Oak, Ash finds out that all of Pallet Town will be listening to his interview. Of course, this does not help Ash, who becomes even more nervous.
Enjoying a big meal after their performance, James and Meowth pig out as Jessie finishes a phone call asking for lunches in return for more shows. James suggests that they should get an agent to book them into a dinner theater after lunch, and Meowth says sticking to show business is more successful than the life of crime. As they're eating, Team Rocket overhears DJ Mary interviewing Ash, who introduces himself as "Pallet Town" from the town of "Ketchum", and Pikachu as "Ash". DJ Mary stops for a second to calm Ash down, telling him to just imagine that he's in a Pokémon battle. Ash complies, and begins speaking confidently.
After the interview, as the gang sees one of the men panicking over the reels that Team Rocket ruined earlier, the Dugtrio Trio (Team Rocket) approaches, and volunteers to try their ventriloquist act with Pikachu. Just as Ash is about to hand Pikachu over, the producer of Pokétalk barges in and tells everyone that they have nothing to put on since the tape of today's radio drama was destroyed. He then suggests that since the Dugtrio Trio are "professionals", they should do the show live. Team Rocket tries to escape, but the producer stops them and offers a five-star buffet for the job. Convinced, they agree, and so do Ash, Misty, and Brock. The radio drama starts. The narrator, DJ Mary, begins the tale of "Brave Prince Goldenrod"…
After a long and perilous Pokémon journey, Prince Goldenrod (portrayed by Ash) and his companions (Brock and Misty) are returning to their glorious Goldenrod Castle on their Charizard. A sandstorm forces Charizard to land, and all Prince Goldenrod can see is his castle while the rest of the town is buried in sand. He runs over to the castle entrance to see his mother and father, Queen and King Goldenrod (Jessie and James), safe and sound.
However, Queen Goldenrod first challenges Prince Goldenrod to a battle, and Meowth slashes Ash's face in real life. Ash tells Jessie that that wasn't part of the script, but she doesn't care. DJ Mary continues, explaining that, "Queen Goldenrod ordered her Meowth to scratch Prince Goldenrod in the face to make sure he wasn't wearing a mask."
Entering the castle, the king and queen show their son the Master Stone. As the bright stone entrances the gang, the queen pushes a secret panel, and Prince Goldenrod and his companions find themselves trapped in a hole. Prince Goldenrod then concludes that the king and queen are imposters from the villainous Gyarados Guild.
Jessie interrupts again, telling them that they are not from the Gyarados Guild, but instead from the all-powerful Team Socket.
Prince Goldenrod sends for his Charizard, who comes to the rescue by attacking Team Socket with its Flamethrower. As Prince Goldenrod's companions keep Team Socket at hand, he goes to find his real mother and father in a dungeon. They tell their son to stop Team Socket from escaping, but it's too late, as Team Socket has escape to a hole which leads to the underworld.
Jessie changes the script once more, and says the hole leads to a time warp 3000 years into the future. DJ Mary begins to get nervous, not knowing what to say. Now in the future, Prince Goldenrod orders Team Socket to return the Master Stone at once. However, Meowth then transforms into a colossal Meowth Rocket, and Team Socket boards and soars into space, leaving a missile behind to prevent pursuit.
Just as Team Socket is about to win, DJ Mary now alters the story, saying that Prince Goldenrod has secretly stowed away on the rocket. He sends out Chikorita to use Razor Leaf to slice off the Meowth Rocket's antennae, preventing it from flying. As Team Socket falls back down to Earth, Jessie makes the rocket plummet into another time warp, taking them straight to the studio.
Confused, Meowth suddenly sprouts out and captures Ash's Pikachu in a glass jar. Team Rocket reveals their true identity, and makes their way to the roof. Everybody, as well as DJ Mary, who is still continuing their radio drama, gives chase. Ash and Chikorita reach to roof, but they find that Team Rocket has already started making their getaway in their balloon. Jessie sends out Arbok to use Poison Sting on Chikorita, but it dodges and strikes back with Razor Leaf. One of the ropes on the balloon is cut off, and James drops the jar Pikachu is in. Pikachu lands in Ash's arms and jumps back into the air to finish Team Rocket off with a Thunderbolt. A giant explosion ensues, and Team Rocket blasts off again! DJ Mary finishes the story.
As Team Rocket blasts off, Prince Goldenrod and his companions return back in time to Goldenrod Castle. The Master Stone appears in the sky, restoring Goldenrod City back to its original state.
Everyone then lets out a big sigh of relief, knowing the whole ordeal is finally over.
As Ash and the others leave Goldenrod to make their way to Ecruteak City, Jessie, James, and Meowth are left dangling in a tree. Suddenly, the real Dugtrio Trio approaches them and asks for directions. Team Rocket cries at the idea that they gave up their chance to become big stars. Jessie suggests that maybe she should quit Team Rocket and join a theater group, but turns down the idea because she dislikes working with amateurs.

162: Air Time

162: Radio Tower Battle! Center Crossover!


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