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After experiencing a wild dilemma where a Yanma was mischieviously breaking windows through sound-waves, Ash, Misty, and Brock finished resting, ready to continue on their journey to Ecruteak City. However, out of nowhere, a Wobbuffet popped out from behind a large rock, and our heroes became cautious, getting ready incase Team Rocket ambushed them. Suddenly, from all around, Wobbuffets started appearing. Walking cautiously on their way to the next town, Ash and friends spotted Bloom, Oddish, Sunflora, and Bellsprout. They also saw a Skiploom, which seemed to be in a hurry to go somewhere.
Ash searched it up in his Pokédex. "Skiploom. The evolved form of Hoppip. This happy-go-lucky grass-type has a flower on its head which opens and closes depending on the temperature." After watching the Skiploom run to it's trainer, Ash walked over and congratulated the boy, whose name was Ephram. He guessed that Ash was heading towards a Pokemon gym, surprising Ash on how he knew that fact. Ephram explained that almost everybody that travels over the mountains head for the gym.
He then asked Ash if he had any grass Pokemon, Ash stated that he had Bulbasaur and Chikorita. To Ash's surprise, Ephram invites him to Pokemon battle, which he had accepted straightaway without hesitation. Ash sent out Chikorita, and Skiploom used Tackle. It hit Chikorita lgihtly on the head, not causing significant damage. Skiploom used Double Team, and Chikorita was surrounded with multiple Skiplooms. Chikorita attempted a Razor Leaf attack, and eventually, Skiploom got knocked over. Skiploom then tried a Leech Seed attack, but with no luck, the bulbs were knocked out by Chikorita with a wise Vine Whip attack. As a knock-out attack, Chikorita used Tackle, and surely enough, Skiploom fell on the ground, unconscious. Eafrum invites Ash to come to his house, taking Skiploom with him. At Ephram's house, his dad said that he knew his son was upset in losing Pokemon battles.
However, he stated that he should have learned a lot from battling an elite trainer like Ash. Ash went red, touched by the comment. Ash and his friends were invited to stay for the night, accepting the offer. While Ash happily commented on how beautiful the grown flowers are, Pikachu admires the colours of the plants. Ephram's mother said that the flowers wouldn’t be so pretty if their grass Pokemon hadn’t contributed. She also proved an important point that the Pokemon could understand flowers better than humans, so they could help the flowers grow to be beautiful and elegant. Ephram stated that he would be competing in a grass Pokemon tournament, which was arriving soon.
Brock reasons that that is why Ephram challenged Ash, being agreed ay Ephram. Ephram's father stated that since there were quite a number of grass trainers around the land, the tournament would have become a tradition each year. Ash decided that he was going to enter the tournament as well. He stated confidently that a grass tournament wouldn't be any hassle, since he was in the Orange league Hall Of Fame. Each member of the Team Rocket gang were enjoying lunch of hamburgers. Jessie and Meowth were wolfing theirs while James admired the beauty of nature. Jessie and Meowth grab one of his hamburgers, and while James chased them around, Wobbuffet mischieviously stole James’ last hamburger. In an instant, a paper blew onto James’ face. He reads it. The paper was announcing the grass Pokemon tournament, and it stated clearly that the prize would be a large collection of Leaf Stones. James said gleefully that he was going to enter Vicreebel, which playfully tried to swallow him whole as he let it out of it's Pokeball. Jessie said she was going to enter as well, looking at Meowth, who looked worried.
Back at Ephram's house, Ephram was busily training his Skiploom. He told it to use Double Team, which was obeyed straightaway. When he was satisfied that Skiploom was going fast enough, he says that it can stop. He looks at a nearby flower bed, and stated that he and Skiploom are a lot like flowers, since they grow a little each day. Misty asked Ash when he was going to start training Bulbasaur, but Ash confidently said that he wasn't going to, since a tournament like this should be a breeze. The next day, the tournament was slowly approaching. Jessie and James were dressed as Asian Indians. Meowth however, was dressed as a Sunflora. Over in one corner, Ash and Ephram were waiting.
Ash was told that his first battle would be up first. Ash’s Bulbasaur was up against Gloom. Gloom tried a Petal Dance attack, but did not succeed, since it was grabbed by with a swift Vine Whip attack. Bulbasaur tossed Gloom into the air, knocking it out. The next battle is Eafrum versus Mr. Sumatch and his Victreebell. Victreebell used Razor Leaf, but being dodged closley by Skiploom. Victreebell used Vine Whip, but was dodged by Skiploom yet again. Victreebell kept attacking, tiring Skiploom out by each attack evaded attack. Victreebell grabbed Skiploom, and tossed it high into the air. Victreebell got ready to use Tackle, but before it had attempted it, Skiploom used Leech seed.
Then, Skiploom surrounded Victreebell with Double Team, and knocked it out, causing a victory to Ephram. From the stands, Eafrum’s parents are shouting that they are proud, bragging to the people around them of their son's talents. During the next match, Ash was against Easege, who was really Jessie. Easege is using her Sunflora, which was really Meowth. Bulbasaur used Take Down, while Meowth used Scratch. Sunflora faked another Scratch attack, and attempted a kick at bulbasaur. Then, Sunflora used Fury Swipes, while Bulbasaur used it's Razor leaf, cutting part of Meowth’s disguise. Their scam exposed, Team Rocket begins their motto. They stated that they wanted the Leaf Stones. Ash ordered Bulbasaur to use Vine Whip, sending Team Rocket flying, and finally twinkling in the deep blue sky.
Bulbasaur and Skiploom dominated throughout the next few battles. In the final, it was Ash against Ephram. Once the match started, Skiploom used Double Team, causing Bulbasaur to use it's Razor Leaf attack. When Bulbasaur’s attack caused one Skiploom to disappear, another one suddently took its place. Bulbasaur blocks all the seeds sent by Skiploom's Leech Seed attack, sending it flying across the stadium. Skiploom was then hit by Bulbasaurs Vine Whip, causing more pain. Ash said that he doesn’t want to hurt Skiploom more than it's current state, so he suggested to Ephram to forfeit. Eafrum gave Skiploom a pep talk, and all the while, Skiploom’s flower was sparkling, gathering energy all the while. Ash told Bulbasaur to use Tackle, but Skiploom unleashed it's Solar Beam attack, sending Bulbasaur across the air, and landing with a loudly on the stadium, injured. Skiploom used Tackle to finish the battle. Skiploom won the grass tournament, and Eaphram gets the trophy and the Leaf Stones.

180: The Grass Route

180: Baby Skiploom! Grass Type Pokémon Battle


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Pikachu Bulbasaur Chikorita
Special/Other Trainers:
Oddish Gloom Vileplume Weepinbell Exeggutor Tangela Bellossom Hoppip Sunflora

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