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Our heroes are once again on the road to Johto, but now they must pass through a heavily wooded forest. Misty says that this forest gives her the creeps and asks Brock if it’s safe. Brock tells her that he is not exactly sure, seeing as how the guidebook says there are some pretty scary Pokemon in it. Misty freaks out and asks if the scary Pokemon are bug Pokemon, and a Spinarak pops down on her. She freaks and swats it away. Ash asks what kind of scary Pokemon live in the woods. Brock says that maybe it’s a huge bad tempered Gengar. Ash thinks it’s a cranky Snorlax mad because it didn’t get its afternoon nap. Misty tells them they are wrong and it’s probably a group of creepy, crawly Ariados. Ash then informs them that sitting around thinking about it isn’t going to help. Misty tells them to do what they want, but she isn’t taking another step into the forest. Ash and Brock start to leave. She yells for them to come back and not to leave her here, and she chases them down the road. Team Rocket is heading through a cornfield. Meowth complains about their new job in the gravel pit and Jessie tells him she hates it too, but they need the money to fund their weapons. Wobbuffet pops out and James says he doesn’t have the strength to deal with it today, and Jessie says she doesn’t even have the strength to get mad, and returns it. They all look up at the stars and Meowth says they should be soaring. Jessie then tells them that they literally and metaphorically hit rock bottom. James then says they should head back for the night shift.
Jessie starts to complain, saying how she wasn’t built for manual labor, and Meowth days he wasn’t built for honest labor. It is then that Jessie notices they are in the cornfield. She said she has an idea, and Meowth says it’s probably corny. Back on the road, Brock comments on how they have been walking all day with no trouble. Ash says they have been lucky, but it’s getting late and they should find a place for the night. Misty is reluctant about sleeping in the forest, but Ash suddenly notices a cabin. They open the door and ask if anyone is home and they need a place for the night. When no one answers, Brock comments that nobody lives there. Misty tells them to spend the night here, on account that it will be safer than the forest. Meanwhile in the bushes outside, two red eyes glow. During the night, something exits the bushes and starts towards the cabin. Misty awakens to the noise and wakes up Ash. She asks him if he hard it and suddenly, Brock starts to sleep talk about loving Nurse Joy. Misty hears the noise again and wants to investigate when suddenly Brock awakens from his dream. He tells them that his dream turned into a nightmare. Misty yells that she will turn his life into a nightmare if he doesn’t be quiet. They open the door and walk outside. Misty shines the light, but doesn’t see anything.
Brock says it was probably the wind, but as they turn something runs into the cabin without them noticing. Misty walks inside and screams as she sees something squirming around in her sleeping bag. She pulls it up to see a Teddiursa sleeping in it. Ash looks it up in the pokedex, and it awakens. It uses charm and Misty is instantly in love with it. She pulls out a pokeball, but it starts to cry, and she puts the ball away and tells it they will just be friends. Teddiursa uses charm again and she picks it up and hugs it. Ash comments on how Teddiursa isn’t scary and Brock is surprised that a charm attack would work on humans. Teddiursa is happily laughing in Misty’s arms. When no one is watching, it gives an evil smirk. Misty awakens to see Psyduck holding two apple cores. She wakes up Ash and Brock with her yelling and they ask what happened. Misty explains that Psyduck let itself out again and ate the two apples in her backpack. Brock comments that it will keep the doctor away for two days, and Misty recalls Psyduck. Teddiursa runs up to Misty and hugs her, and again when no one is looking, gives an evil smirk.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket has set up a stand and is selling corn off the husk. People are buying. James says they are selling like hot cakes and Jessie announces that she could sell butter to a Butterfree. Meowth arrives with another batch of corn. Suddenly, Ash and co. appear over the hill. They see the corn stand and Teddiursa points to it. Misty asks it if it wants some corn, and it uses charm, making Misty go to get it some. Ash walks up and asks for some, and Jessie shoves a bag-full at him. She then looks down to see Teddiursa. It uses charm on her and she then gives it a corn on the house. Meowth tells her not to give away all the corn, seeing as how he had to drag it there, but she tells him she will do as she pleases. James says that Teddiursa must be rare and valuable. Jessie tells them with the money they make they can buy a new weapon and catch it. Ash and co arrive at a picnic area in front of a lake. Brock comments they should stop here for lunch and Misty asks what they have to eat. Brock tells her a big ham and a loaf of bread. Teddiursa overhears this and gives its evil smirk. Ash then releases all his Pokemon.
He then tries to start the fire and Misty is collecting firewood while Brock slices the ham. Misty calls for him to help her carry the wood, and he walks over to her. While they are distracted, Teddiursa crawls onto the table and picks up the ham. Totodile sees this and tries to stop it, but it consumes the ham whole. As Ash and co approach, Teddiursa shoves the wrapper into Totodile’s hands and starts to cry. Misty sees that Totodile has the wrapper and blames it for eating the ham. She shows Ash and tells him that Teddiursa must of come along while it was eating the ham and tried to stop it. Ash asks Totodile if that’s what happened, but it denies it. It walks up to Teddiursa and pokes it, making it fall over. Misty tells Totodile it caused enough problems already and to stop blaming it on Teddiursa. Ash tells her to hold her Horsea. He asks her why she doesn’t think Teddiursa is lying and she tells him that the wrapper in Totodile’s hand is enough evidence. Ash tells Totodile it does look suspicious and it gets mad and turns around. Ash is clueless. Ash then decides to cook a stew. Misty is preparing stuff at the table and Teddiursa sneaks some bananas from it.
As it’s about to eat them, Misty wonders where they went, and Teddiursa tries to shove them to Togepi. However, Togepi shoves them in Teddiursa’s mouth. Misty asks Teddiursa if it has seen the bananas and it looks at her with the imprint of bananas in its mouth and shakes its head. Misty then thinks Ash must have ate them and went to go ask. Teddiursa swallows them and looks up to see Brock with a bag of food from the pokemart. He goes to look for Misty and Teddiursa jumps on the table and pulls a sausage link from the bag. It jumps down from the table and heads towards the bushes. Chikorita tries to stop it, but it pushes it out of the way. Chikorita follows it into the bushes. Ash and co come back to the table and Brock notices that the sausage link is gone. They look to see the link leading into the bushes. Brock says that whoever is on the other end of the link is the food thief. Teddiursa hears this and shoves the link into Chikorita’s mouth and starts to cry again.
They see Chikorita and Teddiursa runs to Misty. She says Teddiursa must have tried to stop Chikorita and Ash asks Chikorita if it’s true. Chikorita shakes its head and Ash tells it it kind of looks suspicious though, which makes Chikorita cry and run to a tree. Ash walks up to it and says he believes it and it must be a mistake. Chikorita jumps into Ash’s arms and he comforts it. Suddenly, Totodile approaches and leads them to Teddiursa, who is digging in Brock’s bag. They wonder what it’s doing, and it pulls out the loaf of bread and takes a bite. It notices Ash and co and shoves the bread in Bulbasaur’s mouth. Misty says her little Teddiursa would never do that and asks it to explain. It uses charm, and she says it didn’t do it. Ash tells her to open up her eyes, since she saw it herself. Brock tells Teddiursa they are on to its little cutesy-poo act, and it takes his backpack and takes off. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is closing up shop. They talk about how they sold all the corn but three, and they decide to eat the three.
Meowth notices something scrounging around in the wheel barrel, and they see Teddiursa inside. It jumps out and tells Meowth, who translates it to Jessie and James, that it was tired of the twerps so it left them, but it got lonely and decided it wanted to be their Pokemon. It then tells them that there is a secret spot in the forest where apples are. They decide to swipe the apples and look to see Teddiursa gone. They turn around to see it stealing the three ears of corn. It uses charm and Jessie falls in love, saying it’s so cute, she doesn’t care that it’s stealing. Suddenly, the farmer who owned the corn runs up the road with a broom. He yells at them and they take off. The farmer chases them down the road as Teddiursa escapes with the corn. Ash and co are walking down the road. Ash tells them that Teddiursa could be miles away by now and Brock says he wouldn’t care if Teddiursa just stole the food, but the guide book and other important stuff was in there too.
They see a Pokemon Center and decide to go ask Nurse Joy about it. Inside, Nurse Joy explains that this is the third backpack theft reported this week. Brock flirts with her, but Misty pulls him back. Ash asks Nurse Joy if the others mentioned a Teddiursa and she tells him yes, and then asks them if the Teddiursa was extra cute, extra cuddly, and extra soft. Misty says that’s her little Teddiursa, and Joy says that is how it fools everyone. Misty realizes she got fooled and apologizes to Chikorita and Totodile. Joy then says that they should search for the Teddiursa together. Meanwhile, the Teddiursa has found a nice lake and leans against a rock to eat its corn. Suddenly, a net comes over it and Team Rocket appears. They say their motto and tell it it‘ll pay for lying to them. Teddiursa slashes the net and escapes and Jessie sends out Arbok, and James sends out Victreebel, which of course, bites his head. Arbok uses poison sting, but Teddiursa slashes it away. It then slashes Arbok, who flies into the balloon. Victreebel uses razor leaf, but Teddiursa also slashes it away, slashes Victreebel, and sends it into the balloon. Teddiursa then uses swift to pop a hole in the balloon and send Team Rocket blasting off. Joy and our heroes walk down a path.
Joy explains that trainers spot Teddiursa around here, and suddenly Team Rocket’s balloon goes flying by. Joy then notices Teddiursa by the lake. Ash and co confront it and it uses charm. Misty calls it cute, then comes out of her trance and asks it to give the backpack back. Teddiursa pulls out the loaf of bread and swallows it. Brock is mad that it doesn’t even feel remorse for what it did. Totodile steps up, but Chikorita wants to battle. Chikorita goes to tackle it, but it dodges. Teddiursa then uses swift, which hits Chikorita. Teddiursa then uses slash. Chikorita tries a vine whip, but Teddiursa uses double team. Chikorita then uses razor leaf, which hits all the Teddiursas and finds the real one. Chikorita then tackles it, taking it out. Brock walks up and grabs his backpack as Teddiursa starts t glow. It evolves into Ursaring! It gets up and roars, causing Ash and co to run. Ursaring watches them take off, confused. Ash and co then say good-bye to Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center.
Misty says that now that Teddiursa evolved, it won’t be able to charm anyone. Joy says that hopefully it will find food instead of stealing it now. Ash ten comments that nobody would cuddle an Ursaring. They then continue their journey. That night, Team Rocket is crowded around a fire, making popcorn. They are depressed because the farmer caught up with them and made them give him all the money they made. Suddenly, Ursaring comes out of the bushes. Team Rocket is frightened, but Meowth says maybe it’s just lonely and wants to be their Pokemon. Ursaring tries to charm them. Jessie says that maybe they could work something out, seemingly unaffected by the Ursaring’s charm. James offers it some popcorn and it agrees. They all start to do a little jig while chanting we got a new friend Ursaring. Ursaring dances to, then it gives its evil smirk...

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188: UnBEARable

188: Teddiursa's Secret




Pikachu Bulbasaur Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile
Psyduck Poliwhirl Staryu Togepi
Arbok Wobbuffet
Victreebel Weezing
Teddiursa Ursaring

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