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The episode starts with Golbat flying above the gang as they are all eating and feeding their Pokemon. Brock calls down Golbat, and it starts to eat out of a bowl on the table as Brock looks on happily. As it eats, it notices something with its ears and flies away as Brock wonders what is up. Ash and Misty wonder what’s up and the title screen comes up. It comes back to Brock chasing Golbat to a dusty old excavation site, where Brock sees a lady passed out on the ground. He awakens her and smiles. The woman wakes to find her equipment destroyed as Golbat lands nearby. Brock then says he can fix it to the woman’s delight. He is then shown fixing it as she describes the site and shows the kids an ancient stone tablet, which I think tells a legend of a masterful woman who could control Pokemon with a long wand for crowds.
She then says that she is looking for the wand and mask worn by her, both precious artifacts. Team Rocket is listening in of course. Brock then shows her a program on her computer which can connect somehow to Golbat’s supersonic attack. The results of the waves show up on the computer somehow, I have no clue. The results then bring up a secret chamber under the surface, much to the lady’s delight. The archaeologist then says how she wants to see it and go down there, but she has no way. Brock then suggests his Onix and Geodude to get down there. She thanks him for letting her use them as Team Rocket looks on from afar. Meowth then shows the two their latest machine, a mecha-Dugtrio which can bore through the earth. Meowth and the gang gets in, and the machine bores down. The gang is shown walking in an underground tunnel, as Brock watches the computer to precisely locate the lair. A huge explosion occurs, and they all wonder what it could be, but they keep walking. Then, Team Rocket is shown falling into the secret chamber along with the Dugtrio machine. They see the golden mask and wand in awe. Meowth goes up and gets it, and then Jesse decides to try it on. She then falls to the ground and starts to cry. She then gets up with the mask on and starts yelling about how she can control Pokemon now with the wand. She then has James take out Victreebell, and orders it with the wand to attack James. She then points it at Meowth, who does a little dance, and is put under some type of spell. James then sees what type of power she has. James and Meowth then bow to her. The gang then come into the lair and see Jesse with the mask on. They do the motto, Jesse with more zest than usual. Pikachu then hops down to stop Team Rocket. Jesse then commands Pikachu under her spell with the cool evil face, and it shocks Ash, obeying Jesse. Jesse then orders Pikachu to follow her, which it does. Brock orders all of his Pokemon to attack, but they are put under the spell, and can’t do anything. Golbat breaks out of the spell somehow, and uses supersonic to neutralize the wand. It begins to annoy Jesse, who has Geodude tackle it, and has Onix dig them a tunnel out of there, leaving rubble in its wake. Brock then wonders where Golbat is. He concentrates, listening for the sound waves. He finally finds Golbat under some rocks, as the roof begins to cave in.
Outside, Jesse orders Pikachu to walk around and thundershock something, but it shocks her! After it chases her around she realizes that the wand only works within a certain area, which is lined with metal. Jesse keeps running away, and moving Pikachu and getting shocked, and then getting chased, and Pikachu falling under the spell.. The archaeologist tells them all that the powers are in fact limited to that round area. Pikachu is outside the area with Jesse, who gets shocked by a teed off Pikachu.. Pikachu jumps in Ash’s arms, but TR gets away with the mask and wand!!! Here’s where it gets good… The Dugtrio machine turns into a rocket, and they try to blast off… They get going, as Brock sends Golbat and Ash sends Noctowl to get them… The rocket turns on it’s afterburners when it sees the two Pokemon chasing them.. The rocket gets away, as the two Pokemon are too tired to catch it… Golbat tries, and Brock cries out to it to please help it Golbat responds by EVOLVING TO CROBAT!! Ash checks Dexter and it says it’s fast and what not… Crobat easily catches up to the rocket now, using all of its wings..It speeds past Noctowl, as Team Rocket sees what happened It then destroys the rocket with a wing attack, making it explode.. Team Rocket then land , but get blasted by a thunerbolt…and TR blasts off again… Everyone talks and Brock professes his love for the archaeologist, and gets dragged away… they then walk away, onto more adventures….

198: Control Freak

198: Golbat Vs. Masked Jesse! Battle In The Ruins




Pikachu Noctowl
Golbat Geodude Onix Crobat

Brock's Golbat evolves into Crobat