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Our heroes are walking in some sort of canyon, and Brock reads the guidebook, which says their close to a place called Whitestone. Eventually they approach Whitestone, after seeing the beautiful view where all the buildings are clear white. Meanwhile, while their looking at the view, J&J&M are spying on them. Jesse imagines herself living in one of those palaces, eating royal food, and taking a bubble bath. Then James makes some comment that gets Jesse and Meowth to slap him.
So, our heroes are walking down the streets of Whitestone, and suddenly they come by a wall with some strange pokemon scribbling on it, and some old woman is yelling at them to stop graffiti-ing the town. Ash uses the Dex, and it says about how Smeargle have paints of different colors on the tail. Suddenly, the whole town starts chasing after them with brooms and mops. The 3 Smeargles hide behind our 3 heroes. Then, everyone starts questioning them about the Smeargles. Brock gets upset, because he thinks they shouldn't hurt smeargle. Misty and Ash agree. Then, some elderly man comes by and breaks up the argument. He happens to be the owner of the smeargle, so he starts explaining to everyone about their attitude. Meanwhile, TR are watching, and decide they want to steal the Smeargles. Back on the scene, some reporter is giving a talk about the smeargles graffiti. He lets the elderly man talk as well. Brock is looking at the guidebook, and sees some picture with a strange jumble collage of red, blue, and yellow colors. It looks ancient, and also Smeargle-style.
After the reporter finishes, the elder asks nicely for the Smeargle to stop, but they shake their heads, and start acting more wild. They start going insane, painting on everything they could find. Water fountains, cars, even people! That gets them so pissed, even the elder is yelling. Soon, everyone has thick Smeargle lines all over them. Then they color Brock blue, Ash red, and Misty yellow. A yellow line over Togepi, and a red circle on Pikachu's eye. Soon, the whole town is smeared in paint, except the elder. Then the man explains that smeargle paint is VERY hard to wash off, and our heroes fall over. Meanwhile, TR are sitting on top of a doorway reading a book. Then, they see something and get an idea to capture Smeargle. The reporter and the elder and the cameraman are talking about how to stop smeargle. Later they give up, and the man goes home with his smeargles. He says he will try to think of a way, and talk to smeargle. Ash and co. come visit him, and they see that the inside of his mansion is graffitied as well. Then he takes them to a room full of Smeargle “art and paintings”. But then they see how he cuts their paintings into different scraps, and rearranges them to make a collage. Then, he takes them into the room with his BEST masterpiece. Suddenly, he realizes the reporter and cameraman were taping him the whole time. Suddenly, Wobbuffet pops up, and they realize Team Rocket are in there too! They say their motto, but for some reason Jesse feels sad. Then our heroes confront them, but Jesse says the art reminds her of when she used to pick beautiful flowers in her early childhood.
So they decide to just run away and not steal Pikachu or Smeargle. James takes out a camera and takes a picture of the art, so Jesse will be able to look at it and remember. And then he runs. Outside, TR are using a Photocopier to copy that picture, because Jesse loves it so much. But it ends up the took the wrong picture, so Jesse rips it up. But since its too late to go back in, Jesse decides it will always be remembered in her heart. Our heroes and the man are sitting up on the porch, chatting and looking at the view. Suddenly, a net comes and takes all 3 Smeargles! TR of course, so Ash shouts at them to get down and give 'em back. But they keep flying away. Suddenly, the yellow Smeargle has an idea, he sticks his tail out of the net, and keeps dripping paint and leaving a trail.
TR still have the scraps from the picture Jesse ripped, so the rearrange it to make a whole NEW picture. They bring frames and are about to put them in there, when our heroes suddenly get back on the scene. Ash is about to battle arbok, but suddenly smeargles run away. So Ash abandons the battle and runs away as well. And so do the other heroes.
Later, its morning again, and the Smeargles are painting thicker lines than ever. But he realizes their actually trying to clean it all up, so they do, and Whitestone can live by its name again. The man hugs the Smeargles and apologizes to everyone. TR are up in the balloon, Wobbuffet slaps Jesse, and all the papers go flying out

199: The Art Of Pokémon

199: Smeargle's Tracks! Shining in the Morning Sun


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