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Ash and the gang have arrived in a big town, and start exploring. While their there, lots of women's cheers are heard, and then they come crowding around. Brock, as usual, gets excited, and thinks they're cheering because he arrived. As usual, that's not it, but Brock is at least glad they were noticed. . However, Brock is still too excited about all these women around, and runs off to follow them. Ash and Misty follow him, and then someone stops them. Suddenly, a mysterious man wearing a top hat appears carrying a package, and he tells Ash and Misty that he wants them to keep something for a while. Surprisingly, the man gives them the big box! The man wants to go away quickly so the women don't see him, and runs off. Misty wanted to know why he didn't want to be seen. Ash opens the box to see what's inside, and a pretty Pokemon appears with smile.Ash and Misty were looking at it happily. But the Pokemon is sure happy, since it began to kiss Ash and Misty suddenly and Pikachu was gazed at next. Pikachu doesn't want to be kissed, and runs off, but the Pokemon jump out before Pikachu and greets it with smile. Brock knows somehow that the Pokemon called "Smoochum" and is a pre-evolution of Jynx. It appearently tests the qualifacation of the owner by using it's lips. . And Smoochum kisses Brock and was pleased to kiss Pikachu, to disliking. Then, Smoochu finds the hat that belonged to smoochum's owner. It kisses the hat and it is checked. Suddenly, Smoochum put the hat on, even though it is too large. He begins to walk,and because of the weight of the hat, is unsteady. . Then Brock puts on the hat and gets the idea to start a Pokemon dance show, so many women would gather around him, and Ash and Misty will be involved in it. Togepi is planned to keep the rythem as they dance on a tamborine!! Meanwhile, the Pokemon are being watched by something outside, and a mecha Skiploom flies around outside. They think that Togepi and Smoochum seem to be interesting and are pursued. Pikachu saw the robot and tried to tell Ash, but seince Ash didn't hear him, he gave up and decided to follow the Mecha! Brock puts the hat back on and assumes the women would gather around him. Seeing that there were no women around him, he facefaulted. . Ash thinks he will be the next "Brad", the actor which they had overheard women swooning over earlier. Then, Misty said that she saw something on the building, and Ash and others started gazing at it. Then, the figure of the man who handed them Smoochum a while ago appeared there, and Ash and gang were looking at it with surprise. Appearently, the man was on a poster, and was apperently action film actor Brad Van Darn, and they were stunned with amazment. While Ash and the others were looking in awe, Misty notices that Togepi and the others were gone. Ash and Brock also notice this and begin looking for them! Mecha Skiploom, which is flying, worries Togepi and Smoochum, and the robot keeps following them. Pikachu pursues after it, being worried about the babies. And when it enters to a thin alley, it is reveiled the mechanism is Team Rocket's. They had made it to capture Pikachu, Togepi, and Smoochum, and they are glad it is a big sucsess. Although they cannot enter a hole in the building, Smoochum and Togepi enter it easily. Pikachu found the allyway, but it was blocked off by the robot, so he had some trouble fitting. . Pikachu sees Team Rocket reaching in the hole, and struggles over to them. Jesse was glad that Pikachu was so close, and began laughing, but Meowth and James knew better. Pikachu began getting angry and was ready to shock them, but Jesse had prepared for this by putting on rubber gloves to block the electricity. . They put Pikachu in a rubber bag and celebrated that they had Pikachu at last!! And when James says that Togepi and Smuchum could make their catch even better. Smoochum winked to Jesse (charm attack), and Jesse was overwhelmed by it's cuteness. Smoochum kissed Jesse a few times, making her mad. Ash and others arrived and saw Jesse and the others yelling at smoochum!! Jesse mentions that they already have Pikachu, and Ash overhears this, and sends out Bayleaf and Totodile!! Bayleaf uses Razor leaf which succeeds in rescuing Pikachu splendidly. Togepi and Smoochum are going to be rescued in the meantime, while Totodile used water gun on James. Bayleaf uses vine whip to try to help the babies. Meowth ran over to the Skiploom robot, Totodile stops him with a water gun.Water was sprayed at Jesse and the other Team Rocket Members!! Sience they were wet, they would conduct electricity better, and Pikachu used thunder attack! Because of this attack, the robot blew up and sent Team Rocket flying. .
Ash happily thanked all of his Pokemon for helping him. Ash and Misty held Smoochum and Togepi, and made sure they were OK. Then, Smoochum was about to kiss Ash, but Ash said that it was nothing and he didn't deserve the kiss. . Meanwhile, Brad was rela, until he began worrying about his smoochum. He yells out "Smoochum!" and runs out to go looking for his Pokemon.Brad is worried that the the women fans may have found it. The limousine stopped between them and looked to see if any of them had Smoochum. Brad gave up, and got in into the car.Then Ash and the others who where watching Smoochum began to wonder where Smoochum's owner, Brad, really went. They saw the limousine that Brad was in and it began driving away!! Ash and the others were sure he was in there, and tried to get it to come back!! Appearently, he will be having a show in the theature, so they go there looking for him, but there is a huge line to get in. Although Ash and the others arrive there, they can't get in because of the line. They cannot even get into the waiting room, but Ash had to meet Brad directly to give Smoochum back. Brad is very anxious about the Smoochum not returning, and he could not make the live apperance until he got Smoochum back, but he had not yet told his manager. He tells his manager, and the maneger says there is nothing he can do now. When the fan saw, it was sad about Smoochum, the baby Pokemon. Brad refuses to part with his Smoochum. Brad rises because he is angrey like a Charizard or Houndoom. The manager was trying to calm him down and said those two fire types weren't always angry. However, Brad says that no money can buy back the time he had with Smoochum, and he is getting even angreier. He yells that Smoochum cannot just be thrown away, telling the manager that he got most of his sopport from the baby Pokemon! The manager is afraid that if Brad goes looking for it, he will not make it to the show in time, and Brad hopes that Smoochum will come back -- On the other hand, Ash and freinds are trying to find a way to get in, and Misty begins worrying that there is no way to return Smoochum to it's owner, but Ash is determined to reunite the two, Brad hears Smoochum outside, and Brad runs to the window to see if Ash had brought Smoochum back, the manager shuts the window, and says that he has to hurry to the show!!
Smoochum cried out for Brad, and he heard his Pokemon outside-- The movie theature was now open, so Ash went in, but the manager is blocking the way. Ash and co. need to get in (the manager says Brad is busy) . Brad speaks to the manager there, and sees Smoochum, she becomes confused by seeing her owner, and Ash and freinds still stand there. He thanks them for taking care of Smoochum. Smoochum begins kissing Brad happily. However, the manager is afraid of being mauled by fans, so he showed them to a greenroom to talk. Meowth and James discovered Ash and co, and Jesse wanted to know if "her" Smoochum was with them. "yes it is", Meowth answered. -- For some reason Jesse was crazy about that Smoochum :). When they saw it, Mowth called it Teddiursa and Jesse thought that he had a sofet spot for dear Pokemon, and kept watching Smoochum. . Brad gave Smoochum her favorite soup, she drank it, and Smoochum thought it was delicious. Brock and Misty were impressed by the Pokemon, while the manager suddenly pounded on a desk. He roared out,"Talk to nobody!", Smoochum stopped eating and was sad. After that, he walks toward a makeup room, and is entusiastic. Brad understands, and is also enthusiastic, and wants Ash and others to play together with Smoochum, because he would need their help. He keeps walking toward the makeup room. Meanwhile, Jesse and the others tied up the guards, and put on their clothes as disguises. The manager orders Jesse (disguised as a guard) and others to come into the room with them!! When they hear this, Jesse and others bow, and thinks that this is a great chance and smiles!! Ash and others do not know that they are team rocket. They come, and are told to lead. Brad told them to take Ash and freinds to the waiting room. James said that he would lead and showed them all to the waiting room!!. Then, James asked if this show was on a stage, and they are all surprized to see it is. Then a spotlight shone down, Meowth pulled a string, and Ash and others were caught!! However, only Smoochum fell out of the net, and if Ash and co came up with a plan, Jesse would show her true power and appear there. Ash and the others were surprised to see they were caught in the net!! James and Meowth were watching them in the net, and it started moving up and down!! Although Ash and others were troubled by the vibration, James still stays. The net moved up and down for a while, and Ash and co. were troubled!! Brad returned to the waiting room, and relized Ash and co. were gone. He tried to tell the manager that Ash and Smoochum were gone, and got yelled at by the manager. James heard the yelling, and was surprized, and Brad jumped around confusedly!!
Although James and Meowth suggested catching the escaped Smoochum with a cage, Jesse was afraid it would get scared. When Jesse grabbed Smoochum, Meowth accedently pulls the string which opens the curtain (they were behind the curtain on the stage). The people began cheering, thinking Brad would come out now!! Jesse makes the misteak of thinking the applause was for her, and the Smoochum she was holding. . The spectators began booing Jesse, wanting Brad instead. Jesse got angry, and she roared out that she had the starring role now, and she used Smoochum as a method of escape. Although Brad was searching for Smoochum meanwhile, the manager puts it into a stop.Brad worries that a fan may have run off with smoochum, and Brad is worried about not seeing Smoochum ever again, but then he hears Smoochum's voice coming from the stage, and he quickly ran to the stage!! Brad noticed Ash in the net, and and the fans began cheering when they saw him. Everyone is surprized by the noise of the cheering, Brad cheers up after seeing them on the stage, and James also comes out on the stage! However, Brad tells them to release Ash and return Smoochum.The crowd watches this, thinking it's a show. They send out Weezing and Wobbuffet, and Wobbuffet shouts it's name. Everyone has a look of doubt on their faces. Jesse sees this and calls Wobbuffet back to it's ball :). Weezing jumps to attack Brad, and Brad jumps over the attack! After that, Jesse sends out Arbok, and orders to to use Glare attack on him!! But the attack does not do anything to Brad, but the spectators were involuntarily charmed by the attack. The manager warned Brad "stop caring about Smoochum." Brad thinks about this for a moment, and Weezing attacks with Tackle! But Brad jumps quickly, and Weezing misses and hits Jesse's face directly. .
However, Smoochum runs off, so Brad can help it. It jumps, and he catches Smoochum! The spectators cheer, and Brad makes sure it's OK, and feels relieved holding Smoochum. However, while the spectators are surprised to see the spectacle, the situation is gazed at, and the manager is disclosed to a fan at last. His head was buried in his hands and he worried about the situation. Jesse tried to make Arbok deliver a headbut attack to get Smoochum back!! Then he gets a plan to rescue Ash and co., Brad jumped to avoid Arbok, and Meowth got rammed into by Arbok. Meowth drops the rope that held the net, and Ash and freinds were released!! Ash sends out bayleaf, and it attacks with fury cutter! Arbok tried ramming into it, Bayleaf attacks and binds it with Vine Whip, and it throws and throws it at Team Rocketand!! James orders Weezing to use smoke screen. Brad could not see anything anything in this smoke, so Ash sent out Noctowl, it used whirlwind on it, and blew the Smoke Screen away. While this is happening, Smoochum gets angrey. Smoochum used Sweet kiss on Team Rocket to stun them!! They are stunned with dazed looks on their faces because of the attack!! In the spare time, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, and something explodes, causing them to go flying for the second time today. The crowd begins cheering. Brad thinks that he ruined the show, and apologizes to them, and tells them that it is not a show, and Smoochum is his Pokemon. The crowd was surprized by this. Then he says he is just glad to be back with Smoochum, and the crowd goes silent. The manager finally sees the crowds reaction to him having Smoochum, the loveliness of Smoochum and the tenderness of Brad are a perfect combo. The crowd began cheering again, for Brad AND Smoochum, whiched pleased Brad!! While the manager was also pleased with the unexpected result, and decided to make Smoochum known as "Brad's partner". Ash and others gazed at the manager who raises a cheer to the people in the crowd, thinking that it is a great time. Brad thanked Ash, but he answered modestly. They began leaving, but Brad stopped them, because Smoochum had to kiss toward Ash. Then if falls down some stairs, thinking "Misty and Brock don't need to be kissed." Spectators were also laughing heartily by seeing this :). Afterwards they spent the night in the Pokemon Center, went to see a specail showing of a movie in the morning. In the theater, the screen showed Brad and Smoochum together, standing on a cliff while looking at a waterfall. Ash and others was gazing at the screen, thinking they should distribute it. But in the town, women are walking, holding dolls of Smoochum. Ash was surprized to see Smoochum got this popular, this fast!! Smoochum's smile brought joy to everyone in the town, not just Brad, and Smoochum blew Ash and freinds a kiss as the walked away.

Thanks to Hyper Togepi for writing This for us

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