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The episode starts off with the gang riding a cable car to the next town on the island, situated near Blue Lake. When they get off, the lake is in a crater surrounded by forests and the town. A Chinchou comes up and looks around, Ash takes out Dexter to see what it is. Seeing this looks like a perfectly good oppritunity, Misty tosses a Pokeball attempting a capture, but the Pokeball bounces off the Chinchou! A boy's voice is heard, yelling the name "Bright", well looks like that ruined Misty's ambition. The boy gets to Bright, but it hops away. Ash goes around and cuts Bright off but it ends up using Spark on Ash. The boy explains about what's going on and introduces himself as Dayton. Team Rocket, spying on them as usual, tries to get the scoop on what the gang is doing now. Maybe Bright could be a good snag.
At the town, it looks like a festival is going on. Ash is at the PokeCenter calling Oak to get any information about this place. It appears that the island was made when a underwater mountain came up, its crater trapping the water. The festival going on is when the Chinchou make their journey from Blue Lake to the ocean. Ash offers to help out with the journey, after all, it's a long ways down.
Dayton and his father are at a pier, while the gang waits with them. Dayton's father blows on a whistle and the lake begins to glow, which the glow gets closer and closer. Then numerous Chinchou come out to the pier and towards Bright. Then they are off. They go through the town and the citizens splash water over the Chinchou which is supposed to give them energy for the long haul. Their first stop comes upon a familiar looking rope-bridge. Bright doesn't really want to go but Dayton encourages him and they start off. At the end of the rope bridge, they come across a tower with Team Rocket on it. Meowth gets out a gizmo and press the button on it, yet nothing happens. Meowth keeps hitting it, and still nothing happens. Using this time, Ash tells the others to run for it. Brock, Misty, Dayton's father and half of Bright run across to the other side. Meowth finally slams down on the control, breaking it and a missle fires out. Just above the bridge, the missle firest a net, which gets caught on the bridge. The net pulls the rope bridge into it and it sinks down towards the river. It would be now or never so Ash had Pikachu Thunderbolt them out.
Seeing there's no way to get across the river, the two parties decide they should go a seperate way to the ocean. After a while, Bright gets tired and stops, all the other Chinchou feel tired for some reason. Dayton thinks maybe they should get some water, it helped them before. So Ash gets out Totodile and says to ues Water Gun, but Totodile thinks it's an attack, so he aims directly, Ash stops him just before the attack. Totodile now gets the idea and shoots the water straight up. The rain effect energizes all the Chinchou and it seems everything is good to go. They come across a mountain pass as the night passes on. Dayton steps on a loose rock and falls down, way down into the valley below. Ash tries calling a few times to see if he's still there, but no answer.
Dayton wakes up at the bottom, now feeling lost as there's no other way back up. Ash conitnues to call as he walks by, but Bright senses something and makes his way down a path into the valley. Dayton starts to hear Bright and the Chinchou and then he sees the light they produce and finally meets up with Ash. They make one last walk through the forest and finally come up to the beach, where Brock, Misty, and the others are already there. The Chinchou start to run towards each other but as soon as they meet up, they get caught in a pitfall! When the dust clears, Team Rocket in their balloon has caught The Chinchou! James sends out Weezing and it does Smokescreen, creating a thick cover for their escape. Pikachu tries some Thunderbolts but can't manage to hit them. Seeing that they can't find them, Dayton yells to Bright to shine his light so they can see where they might be. The Chinchou start to make a bright light and it seeps through the smoke. Ash gets out Totodile and Bayleef to this job. Totodile makes a hole in the smoke with Water Gun, followed by Bayleef using Razor Leaf to cut the cages. It doesn't seem to work. There might be still a chance, so Dayton yells to Bright to use Spark. Bright start to build up electricity and soon enough, the cage breaks and they land in the ocean. Pikachu gives them a Thunderbolt followed by all Bright using an amplified Spark, sending the Rockets sky high.
Bright comes back to Dayton to the shore, both can't seem to seperate just yet. Dayton tells Bright he'll be alright, besides, their coming back. A wave sweeps up Bright before Dayton could say anything else.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket float in the ocean, waiting for something to help them. They see a bunch of yellowish bulbs and think rescue has come. When they jump on it, it was really The Chinchou, and they give them the last shock.
The gang catch a ferry to the next town, saying their goodbyes. But at the last minute on a wave barrier, a lone Corsola sits. Misty almosts dives towards it but Ash and Brock grab her and restrains her from jumping off just to get it

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214: Takin' It On The Chinchou!

214: Trip to the Beach! Chinchou Possession
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon



Professor Oak

Pikachu Bayleef Totodile
Chinchou Corsola

None Of Consequence