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It seems as if the gang now is in a hurry for something, and they are. They try to make it to the dock to catch the next ferry to the next island, but it's too late, the boat is already long gone. Misty asks a local sailor when the next ferry will come, the reply being tomorrow. They sulk for a while, what are they going to do for a day? A woman comes by with scuba equipment and takes notice of them and asks what's wrong. Misty replies and Brock butts in with his usual act. The woman tells them her name, Luka. Luka says that she'll give Ash and co. a ride to the next island since she's going out to sea anyways. Team Rocket, spying on them in their Magikarp sub, decides to follow them and see what they're up to.
On the boat, Ash goes to where the wheel is and notices a picture of a map of the ocean with a noticable X in the middle. Ash asks Luka what the picture of the map is about, she says that it's the spot where a ship had sunk with a valuable in it. This catches Ash and Brocks attention, asking things like "is it gold?" and such. Luka thinks it's the Silver Feather. She shows them another picture of a man, her grandfather. She explains that he lead an expidition to find the sunken ship and the Silver Feather, but hadn't come back since. She looked at his notes and finally determined where the sunken ship was. Ash offers to help with finding the ship, after all, why not? Luka accepts the offer and soon they get ready to go underwater.
Luka releases three Magikarp as their guides and she and Ash go underwater. Pikachu tries to do the same, but Brock stops Pikachu before he can jump in. Underwater seemed to be another world of its own. When they got to the ship, Luka sent the Magikarp to scout. All of a sudden a Mantine approaches the Magikarp and scares them off like he is guarding the place. Looks like they won't get anywhere near the ship if the Mantine is guarding it. They resurface for some thinking. They come up with a plan that Pikachu should go with them and shock Mantine so it wouldn't be much of a problem. So Ash, Luka, and Pikachu dive into the water towards the sunken ship. This time, Ash and Pikachu scout out to lure the Mantine and possibly try to get Pikachu to shock it. While the Mantine is after Ash, Luka goes right ahead into a breach to explore, but she soon notices a strange light. Meanwhile, Pikachu gets a successful grab on Mantine and is about to use Thunderbolt, but is shot at by a Remoraid. Looks like the same fate for Luka as well. Now they know they have two obstacles to tackle, Mantine and Remoraid.
Though it seems almost a no chance to get the Silver Wing, Ash and Misty decide on using their water Pokemon and see if they can fight their way in. Ash calls out Totodile, Misty using Staryu, Corsola, and Psyduck. Psyduck soon splashes around franctically and has to be pulled back up with a lifesaver. Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Luka soon go into the water, again for the boat. However, when they get to the boat, there seems to be a fight already. Team Rocket's sub was caught by Mantine and they got caught in a battle. Using this, the party just zips right into the ship. Ash, Misty, and Luka split up to find anything. Luka notices something and looks behind a wall, seeing a bunch of Remoraid children surrounding something. Ash and Misty come over to see.
Team Rocket soon tries to smash into the Mantine but ends up smashing into the boat. The shock causes all the Remoraid children to scatter, exposing the small chest. Luka picks it up and they head back... but it looks like they ran right into Team Rocket's sub! They begin off with their motto on a projection and then swipe the chest and goes off. Mantine catches Team Rocket and again they go into a fight. However, Team Rocket uses a tongue-like thing to try to restrain Mantine. The Remoraid helpers shoot the tongue and Mantine breaks free. But it's not the end, Team Rocket launches a net and traps Mantine and the Remoraid. Ash and Misty have Totodile, Staryu, and Corsola tear open the net. They do but Team Rocket already makes a fast retreat. Ash tries to catch up with them but can't. Soon Mantine comes by to help and Ash gets on it. Mantine soon catches up with the sub and Pikachu goes over to one eye, knocking on it. Team Rocket look around, seeing Pikachu on their little monitor, and soon they blow sky high. The chest falls but Mantine, with Ash still on it, jumps out of the water into the air and Ash catches the chest!
Luka thanks the Mantine and Remoraid for their help and the water Pokemon swim off. She opens up the chest, only revealing a box. She opens the box and finds the Silver Feather resting in it. She picks it up and they look at it's radiance for a while. The next day, they make it to the next island, the real start of the Whirl Cup League!

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

216: Mantine Overboard!

216: Mantine and the Sunkern Ship! Secret Pokémon Riddle
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon




Pikachu Totodile
Psyduck Togepi Corsola
Tentacool Shellder Horsea Chinchou Remoraid Mantine Lugia

Ash and Misty Recover the legendary Silver Feather