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Ash, Misty and Brock rest a while in the Pokemon Center. All of a sudden they hear a weird noise that's coming from the outside. They see Joy and Chansey run by and says that there's something up with Tin Tower. Morty notices this too and is greeted by Eusine, both go together to investigate what's going on. When they get up inside, a set of gold bells are virbrating.They go up on the next floor and see that the next set of bells, which was supposed to be there are gone! Team Rocket celebrate their little steal in a forest, thinking now they'll get some legendary Pokemon. James explains that when the bells ring, it's supposed to summon Ho-oh. So they start shaking the bells, but no sound is coming out. Jesse grabs them and swings them around, but one slips out and breaks on a rock. All of a sudden a eerie wind begins to blow and back at Ecruteak city, things are quiet.
When the gang gets there, Eusine stops them, saying there's nothing up much with the tower anymore. Morty comes out and Ash asks him what's going on. Morty first says that Ho-oh must be nearby, the bells only ring at that time. Later in the forest, Team Rocket is surrounded by bug-type Pokemon, which they seem angry over them. They all fire a String Shot to Team Rocket. Morty explains the situation later at his gym. The bells were recovered after Ho-oh burnt the Burnt Tower and it's supposedly supposed to summon Ho-oh. Morty goes on telling about how Entei, Raiko, and Suicune were also born from the flames in the Burnt Tower. Ash mentions seeing Suicune, but just to make sure, he points it out in a book. Eusine gets funny all of a sudden and challenges Ash to a Pokemon battle.
Ash is a little lost here as why Eusine wants to battle him, but he goes ahead anyway. Eusine sends out Alakazam, which Ash is not sure now he can win this one, but he tells Pikachu to start off with a Thunderbolt. Before Pikachu can even get a chance at releasing the electricity, someone comes in and tells Morty that something is wrong at Tin Tower. They all go out and see that Tin Tower is covered with webs! They try to go check it out but a group of Tengela stops them, then a army of Parasect which uses Spore. They head back inside and check out the town from the windows. Ash tells everyone to look out his window, seeing the whole town is covered by webs. They have no other choice now but to break through the Pokemon. Ash heads back out, but now the Parasect are much closer. Everyone else comes out and Gengar pops in front and uses Confuse Ray on them, stopping them.
They go through the forest, a few wall of webs stopping them. Ash has Cyndaquil burn them down and they continue. After awhile, they see Team Rocket, tied up with a bunch of webs. Morty finds the bells but Tengelas block him and Spinaraks and Araidos comes down and shoots a String Shot at them. Eusine sends out Alakazam which sets up a barrier to protect them but a Tengela whips the Alakazam, nailing him in one hit. Ash tries to persuade the Pokemon but a Tengela whips him. Just before the attack contacted, something runs by that stops the Pokemon. Soon all the Pokemon start to flee from the area and a shiny wind begins to blow, making the webs in the forest dissapear. The shadow appears and reveals itself, it's Suicune! Jesse knowing that Suicune is a rare Pokemon sends out Arbok in attempt to catch it. However Suicune just releases a beam attack at them, causing an explosion. Suicune later finds a cliff to stand on and Ash runs to it. Now Eusine finds this a good time to fulfill his dream as he sends out Alakazam. The Alakazam starts off with Disable but Suicune blocks it with a barrier, and just before Alakazam can do another attack, Suicune makes a Roar, sending Alakazam back into its Pokeball. Afterwards, Suicune dissapears and all that's left is a rainbow. The whole city of Ecruteak and the forest gets cleared of the webs.
Everything's back to normal it seems as Morty and the gang are back outside his gym. Ash wonders where Eusine went, Morty explains he's off searching for Suicune, which will probably some time before he does again.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

229: For Ho-oh the Bells Toll

229: Suicune and Eusine! Legend Of Ho-oh
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon



Nurse Joy

Pikachu Cyndaquil
Arbok Wobbuffet
Nurse Joy:
Caterpie Weedle Parasect Gastly Tangela Noctowl Spinarak Ariados Gligar Raikou Entei Suicune Ho-Oh

Ash and Co Meet Eusine

Suicune makes a full appearence