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As the gang passes through Mt. Mortar, just outside is a Tyrogue with a hankerchief around his neck that's apparently worn out. Brocktries to give it some food but the Tyrogue doesn't do much. Just as Brock puts the food away, the Tyrogue swipes three containers of food and runs off with it. The gang starts to chase after him but the Tyrogue is soon accompanined by a Mankey and Primeape. The Tyrogue tosses the food to them and they all climbup a cliff. On the way however, the Tyrogue tripped a boulder which comesstraight down towards the gang! Just seconds away from getting squashed, a manfollowed by a Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee destroy the boulder. The gang wonderswhat happened and is greeted by the man who introduces himself as Nobuhiko. Hesays that the Tyrogue there has been causing a lot of rukus in the area. Noteven Jenny herself can handle this. Team Rocket spying on them, comes up withthe idea of snatching this Tyrogue to join Team Rocket.
Later at Nobuhiko's place, he explains that he's trying tofind and beat that Tyrogue so he knows he's up for the P-1 Grand Prix. So far,it hasn't been very successful. Then he goes on to the time he found theTyrogue all tired and tried to help it, but the Tyrogue ended up attacking himfor a getaway. Ever since, not only does he want to challenge Tyrogue, but helpit out at the same time.
Somewhere else in the area, Tyrogue and his group find anapple tree and decide to get some apples from it. The Mankey and Primeape kickthe trunk and three apples fall down. When the Tyrogue picks one up, a Hoppip, Skiploom and a Sandshrew stand there, wanting an apple. So Tyrogue gives thethree Pokemon the apples with no trouble. Then Team Rocket comes in and doesthe nice asking of if Tyrogue would like to join. Jesse comes towards the Sandshrew and swipes the apple, which makes the Tyrogue angry, and gives Jessea beating before sending them off into the sky. The group just leave the threePokemon afterwards.
Out in the open road, Nobuhiko wants to prove himself to theTyrogue to a battle. He calls the Tyrogue to come out while Ash and the othersremain on watch to see if Tyrogue will come. Soon Tyrogue and his group come byand Nobuhiko challenges him to a match, the Tyrogue accepts readily. Nobuhikosends out Hitmonchan up first for the fight. The Hitmonchan starts the fight bythrowing a few Comet Punches to the Tyrogue whom dodges easily. Seeing that thepunches don't work, Nobuhiko tells the Hitmonchan to try a Mach Punch. TheHitmonchan does so but the Tyrogue jumps up in front of a rock and headbuttsthe Hitmonchan, knocking it out in one hit! Nobuhiko recalls Hitmonchan andtries out Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee goes off with a Rolling Kick but the Tyroguemearly leans back to dodge it! After recovering from the dodge, the Tyroguedoes a Double Team and confuses the Hitmonlee. Nobuhiko now finds this asituation that's impossible to get out of. Finally the Tyrogue gives the Hitmonlee a punch taking that Pokemon down in one shot as well.
Now the Tyrogue is expect something else, but all of suddengets tied up from above, by Team Rocket! Ash starts to chase after them thenNobuhiko, who runs up a hill and jumps onto the balloon. Team Rocket wonders whatwas the sudden movement and notices nothing. Nobuhiko gives the balloon apunch, making a hole and then goes down to where Tyrogue is hanging from. Theballoon soon crashes but Nobuhiko and Tyrogue drop safely to the ground below.A boulder just above them falls down and just in the nick of time, Nobuhikostops it. He tells the Tyrogue to get out of the way, but Team Rocket come byand prevent Tyrogue from doing so. Before Team Rocket can do anything, the gangcatch up and Brock sends out Onix. First Onix takes care of the boulder bypushing towards Team Rocket. Jesse and James send out Arbok and Weezing. Arbokdoes Poison Pin which Onix blocks easily, Weezing spitting out a Sludge butPikachu takes care of that with a Thunderbolt. Onix then Tackles the Pokemonback to Team Rocket and Pikachu delivers the final bolt, blasting them offagain!
Back at Nobuhiko's pad, Nobuhiko challenges Tyrogue to aduel, just him and Tyrogue. Tyrogue accepts and they begin. Tyrogue attempts togo for a punch but Nobuhiko easily blocks it. With that Tyrogue tries theDouble Team trick but Nobuhiko simply sits down and waits for the initiative.As soon as Tyrogue comes out with the sucker punch, Nobuhiko easily blocks thattoo, sending Tyrogue around. Tyrogue now is fed up and tries a jump kick butNobuhiko grabs and tosses him to the otherside. Finally Tyrogue tries todeliver yet another blow, Nobuhiko easily makes a counter and punches theTyrogue to the pond nearby, finishing him off and the hankerchief off. Ash andthe others as well as Tyrogue's group are stunned. Nobuhiko runs up to theTyogue and picks him up, bringing him back to the land. He ties his armbandaround Tyrogue's neck like his other hankerchief. Nobuhiko asks Tyrogue if hewould like to join up with his other crew and comepete in the P-1. Tyrogue accepts the offer and his friends decide to join up with him.
The gang says their goodbyes and wishes Nobuhiko luck in the P-1 as they head off to Mahogany.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

235: A Tyrogue Full of Trouble

235: Tyrogue And The Karate King Nobuhiko




Pikachu Bayleef
Arbok Wobbuffet
Hitmonlee Hitmonchan Tyrogue
Butterfree Sandshrew Mankey Primeape Tauros Hoppip Skiploom

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