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Ash just saved the League opening ceremony, and now all the league competitors are at the hall lobby, looking at the screen displaying the tournament brackets. Ash notices he’s supposed to battle a girl. They also explain about the “Victory Points” system, which the league uses, where they give 3 points for every win, 0 for every loss, and 1 for every draw, and if there’s a draw, whoever has more points proceeds. When Ash heard that, he felt more confident than ever! He was going to do his best to win that Tournament! Suddenly, that girl that Ash is supposed to battle appears. She quickly drags him out of the hall, and says she needs to talk to him…

She said that she first wants to have a practice battle with Ash, to test out her Pokemon before the battle. Ash, likely wanting to do the same thing, agrees. She warns him that she’s had a lot of practice with her Pokemon, but Ash doesn’t seem to worry. So they start, as she takes out Vulpix, and Ash uses Pikachu. However, before they can do anything, a trap net appears, catching Pikachu and Vulpix! Sure enough, it was Team Rocket, who ride away on a bike before Ash can do anything. They dash after them, but suddenly, Ash loses his balance, and falls off a cliff! The girl, who seems worried, quickly grabs Ash, and helps him back up, and she introduces herself as Macey. Suddenly, right in front of them, are Team Rocket. Quickly, Ash sends out Bayleef, and has it use Vine Whip to knock the net off the bike, and save Pikachu and Vulpix! Then, Bayleef uses a super strong Vine Whip, and sends TR blasting off.

Macey happily hugs her Vulpix, and then Misty and Brock who saw the whole thank make sure Ash is ok. He is, and he thanks Bayleef for the help. Suddenly, Macey grabs Ash, and starts to drag him off! It seems she wants to talk to him alone. Suddenly, Misty interferes with Macey and Ash, and Macey gets really mad, and glares at Misty...J. Misty then claims that she heard Macey diss Water Pokemon, and Macey agrees, and says Water Pokemon really do suck. Misty get really angry, but Macey doesn’t give up, and insists that Fire Pokemon are much better. They argue for a while, then Mist asks what Macey wants with Ash, and as you would expect, she refuses to say. So, Macey just leaves Misty alone, and goes to talk with Ash about tomorrow’s battle, while Misty prays with all her heart that Ash wins.

Later that night, Ash goes to the Center to heal his Pokemon, and also get all of his Pokemon with from Oak(He can just leave at the center the ones he isn’t gonna use). Brock starts flirting with Joy, and Misty drags him away, as usual. Ash then thinks about who he might use, and after much deliberation, he remembers he can do trainer data analysis on one of the PC’s here. He does that, and looks up Macey, and finds out that she specializes in Fire type Pokemon. Misty, being the water-fanatic she is, immediately gives Ash the advice to use Water Pokemon. However, Ash realizes he only has 2 Water types, Kingler and Totodile. Misty thinks that’s all right, and 2 Water Pokemon are good enough to face fire Pokemon. Brock is still concerned about the other Pokemon that Ash will use, But Ash doesn’t seem that nervous… he says he’d decide during tomorrow’s battle, which he’s very much looking forward to.

The next day, Team Rocket are cooking up their “fake badges” scheme, and selling them to little kids. Meowth almost sells one of James’ “extremely valuable” bottle caps, but James stops him.

Meanwhile, Ash sends out Kingler to warm up a bit at the center, and also just a reunion, since he hasn’t seen Ash in a while. However, suddenly a trainer upstairs loses control of his three Voltorb, as they roll down the stairs, and hit Kingler, exploding! Kingler faints, and Ash realizes he’s injured very badly! Quickly, he brings Kingler over to Joy, and she examines him… and she gives Ash the bad news: Kingler’s in such a bad condition, that it won’t be able to battle today. Ash facefaults when he realizes all he has now is Totodile…

Suddenly, who is to appear but Jenny in her motorcycle, and by her side, our old friend Squirtle! Ash was very glad to see Squirtle after a long time, and Jenny says that Squirtle saw Ash, and the whole ceremony on TV, and he motioned to her that he wanted to be on TV to with Ash, and so she quickly ran Squirtle over to Silver Town. Brock starts doing his usual flirtatious act, just as Misty drags him off. However, Ash is wondering what happened to the whole squad, and she says their back at the lodge, training. She also mentions that Ash’s Squirtle has done a lot of training with him, and is now a whole lot stronger. Ash gets enthusiastic, and asks if he could use Squirtle. Jenny then mentions that him wanting to battle is part of the reason he came!

Later at the stadium, the lights decide that Macey should go first, and she sends out a Slugma, so Ash sends out Totodile! Slugma starts with a Flamethrower, but Totodile counters it with a Water Gun. Slugma’s Flamethrower dies, but Slugma avoids the attack himself with a Double Team, and then Macey makes a remark about not underestimating Fire Pokemon. Slugma spreads around a little more, avoiding Totodile, and eventually hits him with a Flamethrower. Now Totodile knows who the real Slugma is! Slugma tries to avoid it, but Totodile hits him with a Water Gun. Slugma may have not fainted yet, but he’s hurt a lot, so Macey decides to give him a rest as she withdraws him. Now, she sends out her next Pokemon… Electabuzz! In that case, Ash returns Totodile, and sends out Phanpy! Although Macey was surprised, Brock knew he was gonna use Phanpy. Macey quickly has Electabuzz use a Thunderbolt, but of course, it has no effect on a Ground type like Phanpy. Macey, a bit annoyed, returns Electabuzz to its Pokeball, and takes out Slugma again. Ash decides to leave Phanpy out, and uses an Earthquake, which totally stops Slugma and prevents him from moving. Then, while he can, he uses a Rollout, and hits Slugma. However, Slugma manages to let out a Flamethrower, but Phanpy curls himself in a Defense Curl, avoiding the attack. Suddenly, the Earthquake gets worse, and Slugma is heaving trouble moving so Phanpy decides to use a Take Down… and THAT finally faints Slugma! Ash seems happy, but Macey is still a bit nervous, so she sends out… Quilava! Now, Phanpy tries to use a Rollout, but misses, due to a Flame Wheel from Quilava. Macey laughs, and has Quilava hit Phanpy again with a Quick Attack. Phanpy may be hurt, but he doesn’t give up! He starts running towards Quilava… but Quilava uses Flame Wheel, which finally faints Phanpy! So far it’s a tie… Now, Ash takes out Totodile! Macey, being smart, withdraws Quilava, and sends out Electabuzz! Suddenly, Brock, who’s watching, realizes Ash is in trouble… He only has 2 Pokemon left, and their both Water Types, which are weak against Electric types like Electabuzz!

But anyways, Ash doesn’t give up. He starts off with Totodile using a Water Gun(what a genius!), which Electabuzz avoids with Light Screen. Although Totodile goes for a Headbutt, Electabuzz counters with a Thunder Punch, which sends Totodile flying, and making him faint! Now Ash has no choice, he HAS to use Squirtle. He apologizes to Totodile for sending him out against an Electabuzz. So, Electabuzz starts off with a Thunder Punch… but Squirtle actually MANAGES to counter it with a Water Gun!! Although Macey may be surprised, Jenny expected this exactly, after all the practice it had with Water Gun. She cheers Squirtle on, just as it dodges another Thunder Punch of Electabuzz. Squirtle jumps again and attempts to shoot a Water Gun, but this time Electabuzz avoids it with Iron Tail! Now, Squirtle quickly stands right beside Electabuzz, making himself get hurt a little, but Electabuzz hits himself! Electabuzz manages to hit Squirtle a bit with Thunder Punch, but Squirtle quickly regains consciousness, and hits Electabuzz with a Water Gun! Brock and Misty get a bit more impressed, but Electabuzz is now really upset, and uses a Thunderbolt. However, Squirtle quickly avoids it, and hits Electabuzz with a Skull Bash, fainting it!

Now, Macey has no choice but to use Quilava. She does that, and Squirtle hurts it with a Water Gun. However, Quilava quickly makes a wall with Flame Wheel, avoiding the Water Gun. Then, Quilava uses a Swift, which Squirtle avoids with a Bubblebeam! However, Quilava quickly stops it with Smokescreen. Squirtle then uses Water Gun and Bubble, which not only hit Quilava, but take away the smoke, but then Quilava uses a Quick Attack. However, Squirtle goes for a Body Slam… but he misses, and lands on the ground and hurts himself a little. Quilava realizes that now its his chance, as he sends a Flame Wheel right after Squirtle… but Squirtle jumps, withdraws into his shell, and starts spinning… generating a Hydro Pump!! It hurts Quilava so much until it faints, declaring Ash the winner!

Macey thanks Quilava for at least putting up a good fight. Misty, Brock, and Jenny go up to Ash, and congratulate him and Squirtle on winning. Then, to everyone’s shock, Macey seems to be on Ash’s side, and congratulates him for putting up a good battle, and thanks him for making it a challenge for her. Ash bows, and thanks her as well.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are plotting to buy something with all the money on the fake badges they stole. They eventually start arguing on what their gonna buy...

Anyways, Ash has just earned 3 victory points! Everyone congratulates him… Suddenly, one of Macey’s Pokeballs pops open, and Slugma comes out, and immediately evolves into Magcargo! Looks like it gained experience in battle. Then… Macey shakes Ash’s hand… and tells him she loves him! Everyone is surprised, and Ash, who doesn’t really know what to say, finally says he wants to go train for his next battle(what a way to avoid her)! Misty and Brock seem surprised at what just happened, but for now, they just wish Ash luck on his next battle!

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us

269: Love, Pokemon Style!

269: League Preliminaries! Battle of the Quilava Flame



Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum
Officer Jenny
Nurse Joy

Pikachu Squirtle Kingler Mr. Mime Bayleef Totodile Phanpy
Nurse Joy:
Vulpix Electabuzz Quilava Slugma Magcargo

Ash's Squirtle
Ash wins his first battle in the League Preliminaries against Macey, a Trainer with a Crush On Ash