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The episode starts off as a flock of Wingull fly by, above the clouds, over the sea. The sun is shining and the water is sparkling brightly as a boat down below comes into the shot. After just losing her contest in Modama Town, May is still fascinated by the letter and rose she received from Drew. The camera now pans across a field full of Pokémon, Rhyhorn, Ponyta, Nidoran, Nidorina, Nidorino, Nidoking, Nidqueen & Girafarig as Max, May, Ash and Brock stand watching them. They are amazed at the high amounts of Pokémon and Ash, May and Brock decided to let out all of their Pokémon.

A ball of what appears to be grass rolls over to Donphan who is just minding it's own business, it looks over and sees a group of three Rhyhorn looking on, worried that it may attack them. Donphan playfully picks up the ball and tries to start to play with the Rhyhorn, except the three Rhyhorn are all scared by the concept of a huge Donphan running towards it with their ball and they run off over a hill while three much larger Rhyhorn step in Donphans way who stops dead, dropping the ball. The three Rhyhorn start to charge at Donphan who begins to run away, the chase heads towards our heroes who are playing with their Pokémon rather calmly but then spot the Rhyhorn and everyone begins to run away.

All of a sudden a truck bursts over a hill being driven by Nurse Joy, the truck lands just infront of the gang and skids to a corner. Joy sends out a Meganium who uses its special ability which allows its voice to heal Pokémon to stop the rampaging Rhyhorn. Nurse Joy walks over to the gang and tells them to be more careful, who in turn thanks her very much. May uses her Pokédex on Meganium who seems to love the description given about it, only to be interrupted by Brock doing his ritual love interest scene with Nurse Joy, he describes her as an angel and we see a picture of Joy with elegant white wings and a tiara, but Brocks dream is cut short by Max who drags him off. Joy explains to Ash and May how this is a Pokémon reserve and then she notices their Pokémon and asks them to whom they belong. Ash and May tell them they are theirs but Ash cannot see Grovyle, but Pikachu spots him over near a huge tree, face to face with a Tropius.

The scene now focuses on Tropius and Grovyle who locked eye to eye are ready to battle each other, both looking very sincere. Ash runs over to Grovyle, he spots the Tropius but fails to recognise it and uses his Pokédex to aide him, whilst doing so the rest of the group joins Ash and look on as Joy explains how Grass Pokémon have great rivalry and the fight begins.

Grovyle leaps up towards Tropius which a Quick Attack, Tropius' wings start to glow and as Grovyle is about to strike Tropius hits Grovyle hard with a Wing Attack, striking it back. Tropius jumps up and starts to fly after Grovyle, but Ash warns Grovyle of the incoming attacks, however it is too late and Tropius uses Whirlwind, blasting Grovyle into the ground. Ash tries to run over to Grovyle but as he starts to Tropius uses a Razor Leaf which starts to blast the ground around Grovyle preventing Ash from reaching it. The camera focuses on Grovyle who is getting hurt badly, its eyes closed whilst taking the damage from Razor Leaf. Joy tells Meganium to intervene and Meganium uses a Razor Leaf on Tropius stopping the attacks at Grovyle.

Tropius and Meganium both land and Meganium starts to talk some sense into Tropius, who starts to blush and stops the barrage onto Grovyle. Brock, May, Max and Joy watch on as Tropius has calmed down, but Ash is more worried about Grovyle who is seriously hurt. He is kneeling, holding onto Grovyle who is struggling to do anything. Joy, May, Max and Brock join Ash and Joy declares that they must get Grovyle to the Pokémon Centre as quickly as possible in order to heal it. They zoom off in the car but Team Rocket have been watching on, they spot Tropius and they love how powerful it is, Meowth says they should steal it and give it to the boss, he goes on to explain how the boss could be relaxing, sunbathing on the beach with Tropius over head using its leaves as a shade, Tropius leans down towards the boss as he takes a fruit from its neck and begins to eat it, whilst congratulating Team Rocket. Jessie, James and Meowth decide that capturing Tropius is the best idea and set to work.

We cut to Tropius who is eating apples from the tree, Meowth approaches Tropius with a megaphone and starts to talk to it, he is asking it about the love interest and whether it wants to come with him to learn about how to woo a girl Pokémon, but it refuses. Meowth returns to Jessie and James unsuccessful but he explains how he learnt that Tropius loves the Meganium, as Meowth explains himself Tropius is in the background being very bashful and shy because of what Meowth said to it. Jessie and James now get excited and start to explain the concept of possibly capturing both Meganium and Tropius, but using Meganium as a bait to lure Tropius into their trap.

At the Pokémon Centre Meganium is using its special ability to heal Grovyle, Ash thanks Joy who then explains what is happening. Grovyle wakes up and his eye is looking straight at Meganium who pulls a happy face towards Grovyle, who blushes as a flower blooms on the end of it's stick. Max, Ash and Brock look on in pure amasement and May leans over to see the flower and thank Meganium, but Brock realises whats going on and explains to the gang that Grovyle has a crush on Meganium. As he says this Grovyle gets embarrassed and rolls over, pointing it's back towards the group and faces Joy and Meganium.

Ash still is oblivious to what is going on but the other three members start to discuss that the flower has bloomed on the stick because Grovyle has grown a liking for Meganium, much to it's embarrassment. Grovyle then begins to remember it's battle with Tropius, it sees the Wing Attack, Whirlwind and Razor Leaf which hurt it so bad. The gang leaves the treatment room and as they leave Grovyle stands up in bed with a look of anguish on its face, ready to fight Tropius again.

We now cut to the legs of what appears to be a robot walking along the grassy fields; it is outside the Pokémon Centre watching Joy and Meganium walk by some windows. All of a sudden one of its metallic arms bursts through the wall and grabs Meganium, Ash and co. hearing the noise run over to Joy who explains that Meganium has been taken.

Team Rocket begin to ascend out of the top of the robot, whilst they are doing their motto Meowth's lines are being stolen by Mime Jr much to Meowth's disappointment, who then shouts at Mime Jr for stealing his lines. Ash is angry and tells them to give back Meganium but they run off in their robot as Joy and the gang give chase.

We cut now to Grovyle and Tropius, who again in the same position as before are locked onto each other ready to battle. A wind starts to rustle the trees as the two Pokémon stand poised for battle, Tropius starts off with a Whirlwind, pinning Grovyle to the ground, Grovyle is then hit by a speedy Wing Attack from Tropius, knocking Grovyle flying, who is in turn hit by a Razor Leaf attack. Grovyle quickly bounces up and faces Tropius, he shields his face as another barrage of Razor Leaf attacks comes in, whilst doing so we see Grovyle looking at the flower on the end of it's stick, reminding it of Meganium and why it is fighting. Grovyle bursts into a quick attack and runs straight up into the tree; Tropius turns to try and find Grovyle but is unsuccessful in doing so. Grovyle is perched on a branch above Tropius and unleashes a Bullet Seed at Tropius. Tropius is hit only to be followed by a Leaf Blade attack, hurting the Tropius and knocking it out with Grovyle standing victorious.

We hear Jessie's voice from far away calling Tropius, Grovyle looks over to see the robot holding Meganium which it puts down on the ground. Grovyle spots Meganium and starts to blush again, Jessie, James and Meowth see that Grovyle has beaten Tropius and seem to be taken back by the idea. Meganium starts to run over to Tropius and Grovyle, Grovyle's eyes turn into huge hearts as it spots Meganium. The scene enters slow motion as Meganium is running towards Grovyle, who opens it's arms in a welcoming in manner, however Meganium runs straight past Grovyle, much to it's despair. It turns to see Meganium nursing to the injured Tropius, Meganium then heals the Tropius with its special power as Grovyle watches on; Tropius and Meganium start to rub heads together in a loving way.

Jessie, James and Meowth look on and start to discuss how cute it is that the Pokémon are so lovey dovey, James however concerned for Grovyle asks Meowth about it, but Meowth explains how Meganium never liked Grovyle and how it likes Tropius, which shatters Grovyle. Grovyle stands stunned and the petals fall off its flower, it then falls to the ground, heart broken and the stick falls out of Grovyle's mouth landing on the floor.

Shortly after the rest of the gang arrives in the car along with Joy, Ash sees Grovyle and asks Team Rocket what they have done to it, but they explain how they have done nothing and how it is heart broken and how it's just fought and beaten Tropius. Meowth gets angry with Ash who is still failing to understand how Tropius and Grovyle are not fighting because of grass rivalry, but due to a feud because they both love Meganium. Ash still doesn't understand much to Brock, May and Max's disappointment. Meowth seizes the chance and grabs Tropius and Grovyle.

Grovyle stands up, looking very angry, it sees Meganium struggling making Grovyle begin to glow all around its body like Over Growth. Ash looks at Grovyle as it gets more enraged and now it turns completely white, Grovyle increases in size and from the white display emerges Sceptile, Grovyle has evolved.

Ash orders Sceptile to jump up to help Meganium and Tropius, Jessie, James and Meowth now become scared because they know how powerful it is, they send out Seviper and Cacnea, Meowth pulls a handle launching Seviper and Cacnea at Sceptile. Sceptile lands looking at Seviper and Cacnea, Ash orders Sceptile to use Bullet Seed, which fails. Ash instead orders a Leaf Blade which again fails. Team Rocket are laughing at Sceptiles efforts and a Poison Tail and Needle Arm which hit the mark more than once, knocking Sceptile to the floor under Team Rocket. Meowth tries to stomp on the Sceptile with the machine but before it can do so, Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt on the joint on the leg of the machine, causing it to fall over, letting go of Meganium and Tropius, who land safely next to each other on the ground.

Joy runs over to them both and gives them a hug, from the wreckage Team Rocket emerge, Meowth presses a button on a control and their balloon comes floating down from the sky, they enter along with Seviper and Cacnea, Sceptile begins to stand up again as the balloon flies off, but Tropius and Meganium walk infront of it. Tropius starts to fly after the balloon; Meganium fires a Razor Leaf, and combined with a Whirlwind from Tropius they are sped up and score a direct hit with the balloon, blasting Team Rocket off.

Meganium and Tropius settle on the ground infront of the gang, who watch on as they start to rub noses with each other again, the scene ends on a rather jealous Sceptile's face.

Back at the Pokémon Centre, Nurse Joy starts to bid the gang farewell, she explains how Tropius and Meganium now are going to work together to look after the Pokémon Centre, Brock now tries to seize his chance with Nurse Joy, because of all that been going on, but Max grabs Brocks backpack and pulls him away. Ash asks Joy what he can do with Sceptile after it forgetting all it's moves, but Joy tells him not to worry, it will be just a matter of patience to wait for Sceptile to regain its ability to attack again. Ash is pleased by what joy says and they then leave. Joy, Meganium and Tropius wave them off as the boat sails into the sunset, she wishes May luck for the Pokémon contests and the boat has gone. Ash stands at the front of the boat looking into Sceptile's Poké Ball and then into the distance with the wind blowing in his hair.

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