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The episode starts with the gang taking a lunch break in a forest clearing whilst on their way to the Battle Pyramid and Ash's rematch with Brandon.

As Ash finishes his meal he notices that Aipom is not with the other Pokemon, buts he spots that it is nearby in the grass making a flower chain. May comments how cute this is of Ash's newest Pokemon.

Just then Aipom runs over and swaps the flower chain for Ash's hat, knocking him over in the process. Aipom climbs up a tree and dangles from a branch, taunting Ash , before running off. Ash gives chase and Brock follows, telling May and Max to look after the Pokemon.

They eventually reach a fork in the path and stop as Aipom seems to have gotten away. Brock wonders where Aipom could have disappeared to and spots a Temple towering over the forest. The two of them decide this is the best place to go.

When they reach the Temple they see a large crowd of people gathered around it and wonder what is going on. One boy , shocked that they don't know , tells them that a competition is being held by the local village to decide who will become their King for the next year. The boy introduces himself as Hank and Ash and Brock also introduce themselves. Hank says the King is like a chief who will be charged with finding a solution to all the issues that arise in the village over the next year.

Brock wonders how the competition works as it seems like a huge task but just then a gong sounds from the top of the Temple. A man, who appears to be the outgoing King, addresses the crowd and explains the rules of the competition. He says the one who possesses the crown at sundown will be crowned the new King.

Hank remarks how being King is a great honour and how everyone adores you This causes Brock to go into a wild fantasy of being surrounded by a large group of adoring girls. He starts jumping in excitement at this idea, to which Ash says that he can't compete as he doesn't live here. However, the old King overhears him and says that it doesn't matter as anyone can enter.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket watch what is going on from a nearby cliff and Meowth comes up with another scheme to impress Giovanni. After some debating they decide to steal the crown and give it as a gift to the boss.

Back outside the Temple the gong is struck again and the all villagers all rush up the Temple steps towards the crown which is placed on a stand at the very top. Hank and Brock are flattened by the rushing crowd and they moan that they have missed the chance to achieve their dreams. The two remain with Ash at the bottom of the Temple as they watch the crowd run up to the top.

As the competitors get closer to their goal, Team Rocket appear and Meowth uses an extendable hand to grab the crown. However, Aipom jumps in the way and gets the crown first, leaving Team Rocket with Ash hat. Jessie angrily throws the hat away and Ash catches it as it falls.

Noticing that Aipom has the crown the villagers wonder what will happen if it still holds it at sundown. The old King states that if Aipom still has possession of the crown then it will be King of the village.

Alarmed at the prospect of having a Pokemon for a leader, they try to get the crown back. However, their reaction spooks Aipom causing it to run down to the bottom of the Temple before any of the villagers can do anything. It pauses as it passes Ash, Brock and Hank, Ash tries to entice it down and get it to relinquish the crown but the sight of Pikachu causes Aipom to angrily run off into the forest. The three of them and the rest of the villagers give chase. Ash Sends Pikachu to catch up with Aipom as it can run quicker on its own.

The villagers remark that they don't want a Pokemon for a King and continue to search. As they move on Aipom tries the crown on. The crown keeps falling off so Aipom pushes it on harder but gets it stuck on its head and blocking its eyesight. Pikachu finds Aipom struggling to get it off and helps it, but only succeeds in pulling it high enough to allow Aipom to see. Before they can do anything else, the villagers discover the two Pokemon and they are forced to flee.

Ash, Brock and Hank find themselves lost in the forest. They hear the shout of the villagers saying that Aipom is heading north. Ash and Brock argue about which way is north Hank comes up with a solution to this problem and sends out his Nosepass, which points them in the right direction.

They continue their search and run into May and Max who had begun searching for Ash and Brock since they had been away for so long. Brock explains how Aipom has run off with the village crown and will become King if thing can't get it off it.

Meanwhile, the villagers have continued to chase Aipom and Pikachu, who have now reached a cliff edge and appear to be cornered. As the villagers close in, Pikachu spot a small cave and the two Pokemon are able to escape. The cave is too small for any of the villagers to fit through and they remark bitterly that they've got away.

Pikachu and Aipom emerge from the other end of the cave, and hide as they see something rustling from behind a bush. They are relieved to see that it is Ash and friends, who are also glad to have found them.

Ash notices that the sun is starting to go down and they must get the crown off Aipom's head quickly. He pulls as hard as he can but the crown is stuck on tight and won't budge. He says that if Aipom is made King he will remain here, even though it will be he will miss the Battle Pyramid. He remarks that his Pokemon are more important to him. Aipom stares Aipom it trainer, realises that he values all of his Pokemon and not just Pikachu.

At that moment a Fearow Mecha swoops down and grabs Aipom. Ash holds and tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. The attack makes the Fearow let go but then Team Rocket appear and recite their usual motto. Meowth then activates a whole flock of Fearows Mechas which also attack Aipom in an attempt to get the crown. Ash tells Pikachu to use another Thunderbolt but the Fearows fly too high and the attack fizzles out.

The Fearows dive down again and Ash changes tactics, sending out Swellow to stop them. Swellow succeeds in knocking they down, only for all of them to recover and surround Swellow. They exchange blows until Ash realises that Swellow can't win as it is too greatly out numbered. Hank suggests that Ash have Aipom use Double-Team to confuse Team Rocket and bide them some time. Ash decides this is a good idea and has Aipom perform the move. However, Meowth uses the Fearows Mechas to destroy all the fakes leaving the real one defenceless, and another Fearow Mecha grabs hold of it. Ash and Pikachu grab on aswell and struggle to free Aipom, while Hank has another bright idea and has his Nosepass use Thunder Wave to disrupt the radio signal that Meowth is using to control the Fearows Mechas, thus rendering them useless. Pikachu and Aipom then use Swift to send Team Rocket blasting off.

With sundown only a few moments away, the old King and the rest of the villagers have appeared to see who still has the crown. The gang realise it is now or never and make one last desperate attempt to remove to crown from Aipom's head, all of them pulling as had as they can. Repeated attempts fail and Ash resides himself to spending the next year here in the village with Aipom. At the last minute Hank has another idea and tells Aipom to eat the Belue Berry that he has in his bag. The Sour taste causes Aipoms head to contract just enough for Hank to remove the crown.

Ash and Aipom are relieved that they don't have to spend the next year in the village and embrace happily. Ash asks Aipom to stop doing crazy things to which Aipom agrees. The villagers reach the group of friends just as the gong back at the Temple is sounded. The competition is over and Hank is the one holding the crown, he is the new King. The villagers bow to him as the old King congratulates him, Hank is a little shocked by Ash and friends reassure him that he'll done fine. Hank bows to the old King and accepts the position, and the villagers cheer.

The episode ends with Hank being crowned King and Ash repeating his desire to get to the Battle Pyramid and his rematch with Brandon.

Thanks to Celibitwo for writing this for us

459: Aipom and Circumstance

459: Aipom & The King!



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