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Ash and co have finally arrived at Fennel Valley, the new location of the Battle pyramid. As is psyched up for his rematch with Brandon and determined to be crowned champion of the Battle Frontier.

As they approach the Battle Pyramid, the find Scott waiting for them with the local Nurse Joy. Joy is rather exited to see Ash and runs up to him like a crazed fan, asking him to sign the photo album she has containing pictures from all his major battles. Scott explains that this Nurse Joy is a huge fan of Pokemon battles and Pokemon Contests, as she gets out another album dedicated to May which she asks her to sign. Brock is slightly annoyed at this and tries to get Nurse Joy's attention but is pulled away by Max.

Scott explains to Ash that is currently busy at the ruins and can't battle ye, leaving Ash disappointed. Nurse Joy says that her Pokemon Centre is nearby and they can all go there to rest before Brandon gets back. When they get there, Nurse Joy shows the gang around all the facilities that the Pokemon Centre has including an exercise room, a contest hall, hot springs as well as a battle field.

In preparation for his re-match with Brandon, Ash asks May to battle him as a warm up. However, May is desperate to try out the hot springs so Nurse Joy offers to battle him instead. Chansey removes her Nurses' hat which causes her to have a change in persona. Meanwhile Team Rocket, who are exhausted from following Ash and co, are now arguing about which way they should have gone. Meowth hears something and they crouch behind a bush to see Ash and Joy squaring off for their battle. As Brock says that he'll act as the referee, Joy removes Chansey's Nurses' hat, causing it to have a similar change in persona to Joy.

May remarks at how differently the two of them are acting as Ash sends out Corphish. Ash tells Corphish to use Crabhammer and the attack hits Chansey on the head, but Max notices that is doesn't seem to have had much effect. Joy then has Chansey use Doubleslap, the attack hits and has much more of an effect that Corphish's attack did. As Joy is enjoying the thrill of battle, Ash tells Corphish to use Vicegrip, but Joy counters by having Chansey use Dynamic Punch. The attack knocks Corphish back and Ash tells it to use Bubblebeam, but Chansey stands its ground. Joy then has Chansey use Double-Edge and it slams into Corphish, knocking it to the ground. Corphish hangs in there and Ash has it use Crabhammer again, and Joy has Chansey charge up a Solarbeam. Corphish manages to lands multiple Crabhammers before Chansey fires the attack, which send Corphish flying and knocking it out.

Joy makes a sort of victory speech before she and Chansey return each others Nurses' hats, removing their battle personas, and rushing off with Corphish on a stretcher. As the gang comment on how different this nurse Joy is to all the other, Team Rocket decide to steal Chansey with Meowth having another one of his wild fantasy of how they will impress Giovanni.

Back at the Pokemon Centre, may and Max are wondering what Ash will do in his battle with Brandon after mentioning how he lost to him last time. May says that his battle with Chansey proves that you can't match power with power. As Brock says he needs to try to turn this defeat into something positive, Nurse Joy comes out and says Corphish will be fine by tomorrow.

Just then, Chansey spots what looks like a Blissey, but is actually Wobbuffet in disguise. Chansey goes to investigate and is attacked by Team Rocket who tie it up and run off. As they make their getaway, they wonder why Chansey doesn't fight back. As they continue to run, the wind knocks its Nurses' hat off and lands on Jessie's head, reviving Chansey's battle persona and it breaks free. Nurse Joy and the gang arrive and Joy tells Chansey to use Solarbeam, and the attack sends Team Rocket blasting off. Jessie notices the Nurse's hat and throws it away and it lands on Chansey's head, calming it.

Back at the Pokemon Centre, Brock is grooming Chansey whilst Nurse Joy watches. In the background May comments that Ash and Brock are working really hard to achieve their dreams but she doesn't know what to do next. Inside the Fennel Valley ruins, Brandon is staring at an ancient tablet and is trying to figure out how to unlock its secret. Just as he realises what to do Ash runs up to him. Ash is curious as to how his search is going and Brandon shows him by rearranging the symbols on the tablet to unlock a riddle that will guide him to the sealed chamber, and the location of a special Pokemon. Brandon says he will leave after he and Ash have had their battle, but reminds him not to get carried away as this is what allowed the king of Pokelantis to posses him in their last battle. Brandon asks Ash if he wants to know what Pokemon he will be using in their battle, and Ash says he does so Brandon says he will be using his Registeel.

At the video-phone in the Pokemon Centre Ash is talking to Prof Ok about his up coming battle and what Pokemon he should use. As Registeel is a steel type Brock says that any Fire, Ground or Fighting type Pokemon would be a good choice. Ash makes his choice but has to transfer Aipom to Oak's Lab so that he can make the transfer, Oak tells him that the Pokemon he has chosen has learnt a new move recently so it will be good to try out in the battle. As Ash prepares for his battle, Aipom is confused when it is released from its Pokeball and promptly attacks the Professor.

Just before the battle we find Ash has been doing some last minute training with his chosen Pokemon in order to try out its new move. Now inside the Battle Pyramid, the two trainers face-off. The referee says that it will be a 1 on 1 battle. Brandon sends out his Registeel and Ash send out his Torkoal. Max remarks how Ash has the type advantage and Scott says how Ash is playing it by the book. The referee starts the match with Ash telling Torkoal to start off Flamethrower. The attack hits its mark and Brandon has his Registeel use Metal Claw. Ash tells Torkoal to dodge and use Body Slam which it does, knocking Registeel over. Ash compliments Torkoal and Ash remarks how well Ash is doing. Brandon tells Registeel to use Zap Cannon and Ash counters with Flamethrower. The two attacks collide creating an explosion. Brandon has Registeel use Lock-on and then Zap Cannon and Ash tells Torkoal use Iron Defence. The attack still hits and manages to paralyse Torkoal but the damage is reduced. Ash has Torkoal use Body Slam and Registeel tries to counter with Metal Claw. However, before it can the paralysing sparks on Torkoal spread to Registeel and immobilise the attack. Brandon compliments Ash on his strategy but says he is over confident and then orders Registeel to throw Torkoal. It does so but Ash counters by having Torkoal use the wall to re-direct another Body Slam.

Brandon says he is impressive but know wants him to throw everything at him. Ash tells Torkoal to use Heat Wave, the new attack that it learned at Oak's Lab. Brandon has Registeel break free from the attack and Ash has Torkoal send another Flamethrower at it. Brandon tells Registeel to use Sandstorm which blocks the attack and traps Torkoal in the vortex. Brandon has Registeel use another Sandstorm but Ash has Torkoal counter with Heat Wave. Pushing the Sandstorm back, Torkoal manages to trap Registeel. Registeel uses another Zap Cannon but Torkoal dodges it and, under Ash's command, uses the power of the Sandstorm to strengthen its Body Slam. The attack hits but Registeel holds on and uses Lock-on followed by another Zap Cannon. The vortex charges up the attack and the resulting explosion destroys the blazing Sandstorm. The smoke clears and Torkoal has been knocked out, Ash has lost again.

Brandon says that Ash fought well and he will be ready once he and his Pokemon learn to fight as one. Outside, Brandon is about to set off to find the sealed chamber and the special Pokemon that he has been searching for. He says Ash can challenge him again when he returns.

The episode ends with Brandon leaving as Ash prepares to train for his second rematch with Brandon.

Thanks to Celibitwo for writing this for us

462: Overjoyed!

462: Battle Pyramid Again! VS Registeel!


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Nurse Joy:

Ash has his first re-match with Brandon and his Registeel
Ash loses to Registeel after a tough battle
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