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The episode begins right in the action, with Team Rocket having just managed to steal Pikachu away from Ash and making their escape. Pikachu dangles below their balloon as Ash, Dawn and Brock chase them from the ground insisting that the three villains stop. James laughs, and says that of course they won't give Pikachu back. Meowth then chimes in saying that it feels great to have finally snatched away Pikachu from the brats. On the ground, Ash and co. continue their pursuit of Team Rocket. However, as the balloon flies further and further away from them, Ash decides to get Pikachu back to old fashioned way. He calls out Starly and tells it to fly after Team Rocket and get Pikachu back. James isn't about to let Starly get away with that though, and sends out his Carnivine to attack the small bird. Carnivine has other ideas however, and turns around and hugs onto James tightly. James screams and insists that Carnivine let go off him, and Jessie and Meowth struggle to pull the over-affectionate Pokemon of their comrade. The force of all three Rocket members trying to get Carnivine off James causes the balloons basket to rock, and Starly's beak comes into contact with the balloon causing it to pop and for it, and Pikachu, to fall down to the ground.

When the balloon finally hits land, it lands just next to a lake in the middle of some bushes. The force of the impact to the ground attracts the attention of a nearby Turtwig who runs over to the cage Pikachu is contained in. Turtwig somehow unlocks Pikachu's cage and Pikachu jumps out and happily thanks his savior. Jessie then says she isn't about to let Pikachu go that easily, and James tells Carnivine to go get Pikachu back. Turtwig, through Meowth's translation, says that it won't let them get Pikachu. James isn't impressed, and tells Carnivine to use Bullet Seed. Pikachu and Turtwig dodge the attack however, and Turtwig starts to run towards Team Rocket with a look that worries Meowth. Turtwig then smashes into Carnivine, who goes flying, knocks into Jessie, James and Meowth and causing them to blast off again. Ash, Dawn and Brock then appear on the scene, and Ash says that he's happy to see that Pikachu is alright.

Dawn notices the Turtwig, and Ash checks up on the small but feisty Pokemon on hisPokedex. Dawn clenches her fist and says that this is her chance to get a Pokemon, and sends out her Piplup to use Peck. Turtwig uses Razor Leaf to counter, which Piplup dodges. The leaves miss, but attack a bush instead containing an Oddish. The dazed Oddish walks out of the bush confused, and lets out a Sleep Powder attack. Ash remembers the attack and runs over to Pikachu and tries to get it out off the way. While doing so though, Ash himself, along with Pikachu, is caught in the attack and instantly falls asleep. Turtwig then walks over to Ash and puts Pikachu on his shell back before running off into the woods. Dawn and Brock start to run after Turtwig, just as an old woman appears and wonders what is going on. Dawn and Brock stop, and sometime after, we find them in the old woman's house along with Ash. The old woman pours some red medicine down Ash's throat to cure him off the Sleep Powder and Ash awakens.

Ash asks where he is, and where Pikachu is, and the old woman tells him to calm down, ad that her name is Yukino. Ash introduces himself, and Yukino tells him that his Pikachu is alright, as the Turtwig that took it means no harm... it just wants a friend. We then see Turtwig using Headbutt on a tree to knock several juicy oranges down which it hands to Pikachu. Pikachu seems a little confused at this, but eventually starts to nibble down on the tasty fruit. Back in Yukino's house, Dawn asks if the old woman is a trainer. She says that she isn't, neither is she a Coordinator. She then goes onto explain how for sometime, she's been feeding the lonely Turtwig. We then cut back to Pikachu, who along with Turtwig, look up a tree to see a Mankey and a Geodude fighting over a delicious piece of fruit. Turtwig headbutts the tree, and both Pokemon and the fruit fall out. Geodude shouts at Turtwig, who knocks away the fruit again. This causes both Pokemon to gang up on Turtwig and they all start fighting. When the dust clears, Turtwig is the one left standing. Back in the house, Ash decides to go ge back Pikachu, and to help Turtwig.

Having used force to sort out Mankey and Geodude, Turtwig gives each of the Pokemon a small pile of fruit to sort their differences out. The two Pokemon then walk off happily, with Pikachu waving goodbye to them. Turtwig then decides to have a little nap, but it is soon distrupted when Ash, Dawn and Brock appear and Ash calls out to his best friend. Turtwig snaps to alert and runs towards Ash. Before he can dodge, the small grass Pokemon slams right into Ash and knocks the young trainer back. Pikachu starts to shout at Turtwig, telling it that Ash isn't an enemy, he's its trainer. Ash then tells Turtwig that the one that was trying to steal Pikachu was Team Rocket, but they are Pikachu's friends. Turtwig looks to Pikachu, who nods at Ash's words. Turtwig is shocked, and jumps back. Ash walks over to the upset Turtwig, and thanks it for saving Pikachu from Team Rocket. Turtwig looks up, just as an injured Linoone crawls out of some bushes. Dawn checks Linoone on her Pokedex, as Ash picks up the Pokemon ad says that they need to get it to Yukino's house, and fast. When they reach the old woman's place, Brock starts to spread some green mixture onto Linoone, who responds happily. Yukino says that she's impressed by Brock's ability, and Brock says that it was her herbs that really saved the day. Watching all of this is Team Rocket, who eagerly plan their next attack from inside their Magikarp submarine which hides in the lake.

Sometime later, the group have just finished eating some of Brock's delicious stew, which Yukino and Dawn compliment him on. Ash asks if Linoone enjoyed the food, and Linoone happily nods. Turtwig then slides his bowl over to Linoone, inviting it to finish off its portion. Ash then pours some more of the stew into Turtwig's bowl, saying that it shouldn't be left out of eating. Turtwig happily smiles, and jumps at Ash. Yukino explains that it's just showing his affection for Ash, and then tells Turtwig to do the same to her. The group call out in shock, but Yukino quickly pulls out a stick which Turtwig starts to nibble on. At that however, two pink suckers fly out from the lake and grab Pikachu and Turtwig and drag them into a glass tube floating on the water surface. The Magikarp sub then bursts out from the lake and Team Rocket appear from the top of their vehicle. Yukino asks who they are, and Team Rocket recite their motto. Dawn demands that they give the two Pokemon back and they all laugh and refue, before jumping back in and going back under the surface and dragging the glass tube containing Pikachu and Turtwig with them as they escape. Ash calls out to them, and jumps into the lake and starts to swim after them.

Brock suggests to Dawn that she sends out Piplup to help Ash and Dawn does so, telling Piplup to follow the Magikarp submarine. From inside the submarine, Jessie isn't impressed as she sees that Ash has somehow managed to catch up to them by swimming. She then tells James and Meowth that they're going to go deeper underwater, so they should start peddling even more. James and Meowth nod, and the submarine along with the glass tube is pulled deep into the lake with Ash and Piplup clinging onto it. Worried that his new friend is in danger, Turtwig starts to Headbutt the glass tube in order to weaken it. Pikachu then uses Iron Tail, which creates a crack in the tube before using Thunderbolt to smash it open.

The attack shocks Ash and the three Pokemon, along with Team Rocket inside thesub. The attack also causes an explosion with sends Ash, Pikachu, Piplup and Turtwig flying out of the water and onto dry land. Yukino is glad that Ash is alright, and Dawn does the same for Piplup. The group then hear a shout from Jessie however, telling them this isn't over. Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet jump out from their sub and onto the land, and pull out two Pokeballs from their belt. Ash is ready for their challenge, and Pikachu steps forward in preperation. Jessie sends out Seviper, and James sends out Carnivine. Jessie orders Seviper to use Poison Tail, and James tells Carnivine to use Bite attack. Turtwig runs at Seviper and dodges its attack before smashing into it. It then uses Headbutt on Carnivine, and uses its mouth to swing it around and around before letting go and sending it flying. Jessie and James repeat their attack orders of Poison Tail and Bite, but both, along with Team Rocket are defeated by Pikachu's Volt Tackle on Ash's command. With Team Rocket gone, Turtwig jumps at Ah's head and bites onto it happily.

Sometime later, the group are saying their goodbyes to Yukino and Turtwig. They walk off, and Turtwig looks sadly on at them as they walk off into the sunset. Yukino senses what Turtwig is thinking, and tells the Pokemon that she'll be alright and that it should follow its dream. Turtwig stops in front of Ash, and Ash looks at it confused. Yukino then explains that Turtwig wants to come along with Ash... after a battle, of course. Ash nods and agrees, and soon Turtwig and Pikachu are standing off against eachother. Turtwig charges towards Pikachu, but is stopped when Pikachu uses Quick Attack which knocks it back. Turtwig then uses Razor Leaf, which Pikachu skillfully dodges, before getting slammed into by Turtwig.

Brock remarks that Turtwig's strategy is a smart one. Using Razor Leaf, then following up by attacking its opponent after they recover from dodging. Turtwig then runs at Pikachu again, and Dawn thinks that it's going to use its Bite attack. Ash tells Pikachu to jump, and Turtwig does so too, clmping onto Pikachu's tail. The two then fall to the ground, and Ash grits his teeth as Pikachu is unable to get Turtwig off its tail. He then notices a nearby tree, and tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail on it. Pikachu's tail lights up, and Turtwig is send smashing into the tree by the swing of the Iron Tail. Ash, seeing his chance, then tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt which shocks Turtwig and causing enough damage for Ash to throw his Pokeball. The Pokeball wobbles and shakes on the ground, but eventually stops, signalling that Ash has caught Turtwig!

The episode ends with Ash, Dawn and Brock walking alongside a lake as the sun sets, with Ash having just caught a new partner, and a new friend

Thanks to Alfonso for writing this for us

473: Gettin' Twiggy With It

473: Get Turtwig!



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