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The episode begins with Ash, Dawn and Brock walking peacefully towards their next destination, Oreburgh City the home of the first Pokemon Gym in Shinou. Not before long, the city appears over the horizon, and Dawn comm

ents on the very fact that there is a Gym in the city. Ash turns to her and says that he's going to challenge it and win his first Shinou Gym Badge! Sometime later, Ash and co. have made their way into Oreburgh City and we find them just as they reach the Oreburgh City Gym which looks like a large building made out of stone. Before he can enter however, Paul, his new rival in the Shinou region, and an older long haired man, walk out of the Gym. Ash asks if Paul has challenged the Gym Leader or not yet, but Paul looks distastefully at Ash and says that the Gym Leader isn't even here. The older man explains that the Gym Leader is not at the Gym, and seems impressed when Ash informs him that he is from Kanto. The man then goes onto tell Ash that at this Gym, they use Rock Pokemon. Ash is surprised by this, and the comment catches Paul's attention. At this, Paul abruptly decides to go find a Pokemon Centre, and as he walks away Ash wishes him luck. Paul smirks and continues walking.

Inside, the man gives Ash a badge case to keep all the badges he will recieve in Shinou. Ash thanks him, and then asks where the Gym Leader, Roark, has gone. He explains that Roark has gone to the Oreburgh mines, and Brock tells Ash that this city main resource is the coal and various minerals that it gets through the large mine. At said mine, we see several large and strong Pokemon carrying materials and eqiupment through the mine and throughout the outside area. Also at the mine is Team Rocket in disguise, who recite their motto while pretending to dig for coal. After finishing their motto, Ash, Dawn and Brock walk up and interupt their conversation thinking that they are workers at the mine. Ash asks where Roark is, and Jessie repeats his name, trying to think of a way to get out of talking to them in fear of revealing themselves.

At this, two men pushing forward a mining cart with a huge lump of rock in it walk out of the mine, followed by Roark who asks for them to wait. Roark walks over to the mining art, and begins to rub the large stone that it is carrying, smiling as the rock appears to have some sort of face. Roark smiles again, before the cart is carried off by the two men and Roark asks who Ash and co. are. Ash asks if he is the Gym Leader, saying that he's come to challenge him for a Gym Badge. Roark smiles and embarrassed, starts rubbing the back of his head remembering that as a Gym Leader, he has to be avaliable to take Gym Challenges. However, he was so pre-occupied with his latest discovery that he just plum forgot: The rock in the mining cart could actually have contained a real Pokemon that had been fossilised a long time ago.

Back at the Gym, Roark explains his discovery to the man, who is his referee, at the desk, saying that he found something amazing. At this, Paul walks into the Gym and Roark walks over to him, saying that he's ready for his Gym Challenge. At the Gym Battle Field, the field opens up to reveal a large rocky based area, which impresses Dawn. Brock explains that Gym Leaders often have Gym fields that suit their Pokemon of choice and this sort of field is perfect for Roark's Rock type Pokemon. The referee explains that this battle will be a 3 on 3 battle, and at this Roark sends out his first Pokemon, Geodude- a staple for Rock Pokemon Gym Leaders, having been used by both Brock and Roxanne in the past.

Paul then sends out his first Pokemon, Azumarill. Ash remarks that it's a water typer, the perfect counter to a Rock Pokemon. Paul orders Azumarill to use Hydro Pump but this is deflected perfectly by Geodude using Hidden Power. Azumarill is sent flying, and Roark uses this to his advantage to tell Geodude to useRollout to attack again. Geodude does so, smashing right into Azumarill and sending it flying again. Azumarill smashes right into the ground, and is declared unable to battle by the referee. Dawn is shocked that a Water type would lose to a Rock type, and Brock remarks that he thinks Roark was prepared for people to try to beat him with a Water type and so trained his Pokemon to be able to beat them.

Paul curses Azumarill for its weakness, and sends out his next Pokemon, Elekid which surprises Roark. Paul doesn't listen to his warnings that the Electric attacks won't work, and tells his Elekid to attack. Elekid does so, smashing its fist right into Geodude and sending it flying back. The sheer force of the punch knocks Geodude right out, and the referee declares it unable to battle. Roark then sends out his next Pokemon, Onix, which Dawn happily checks on her Pokedex. Paul tries to get Onix with Thunderpunch again, but Onix dodges easily.

Onix swings its tail around and brings it down hard on Elekid's head,but Elekid manages to put up a barrier thanks to Protect and stop the attack. Onix manages to smash through the Protect however, and Elekid goes flying. Roark then commands Onix to use Stealth Rock. Paul tells Elekid to try and dodge, but before it can, the shards of rock all fly to the edges of the arena and implant themselves into it. With Elekid and Paul's actions restricted by all the rocks around the Gym arena, Onix slams right into Elekid with its tail. It jumps back however, as Elekid's Static ability makes any Pokemon that touches it paralyzed.

The two Pokemon clash again, but Elekid doesn't appear to be able to go on so Paul recalls it back to its Pokemon to recover. Paul then sends out his next Pokemon, Chimchar, who is instantly attacked by the Stealth Rock that has been waiting to strike. Chimchar is hurt, but survives the attack and falls down to the ground with grace. Paul tells Chimchar to use Dig, and Roark tells Onix to watch out for Chimchar who could appear at any moment. Chimchar appearsright below Onix however, damaging it much to Roark's surprise. The two continue to battle, but due to Onix's restricted actions due to being parayzed, Chimchar is able to attack time and time again with Dig. Eventually Onix is knocked out and declared unable to battle.

Roark thanks Paul, saying it's been a good battle so far, before sending out his final Pokemon, Cranidos. Paul tells Chimchar to go underground again with Dig, and Roark tells Cranidos to focus and then use Headbutt. Cranidos does so, waiting for Chimchar to emerge and then smashes into it using Headbutt. Paul again, tells Chimchar to use Dig, but by now Roark has caught onto Paul's plan and tells Cranidos to use Zen Headbutt. This more powerful form of Headbutt smashes into Chimchar sending it sliding across the ground. Roark tells his Pokemon to attack again, and Paul tries to get Chimchar to dodge with Dig. But, as Brock points out, Zen Headbutt has the side-effect of making a Pokemon flinch and unable to attack or dodge. Cranidos repeats its attack over and over, battering Chimchar to almost being knocked out. However, at this moment, Chimchar begins to glow a firey red, signalling the unlocking of its special ability, Blaze.

As Brock explains, Blaze powers up a Fire type Pokemon's attacks when they arelow on energy, a last resort of sorts. Roark realises he has to finish this fast, and calls for another Zen Headbutt. Paul then tells Chimchar to use Flame Wheel, and Chimchar runs towards the oncoming Cranidos, turning into a blazing ball of fire. Chimchar smashes straight into and past Cranidos, causing it to reel back in pain at the force of the attack. Chimchar repeats the attack, before going underground for another dig. Cranidos is prepared however, as is Roark who tells Cranidos to use Headbutt when Chimchar appears. It does so, smashing Chimchar down into the ground and knocking it out.

Paul has one last chance however, and calls out Elekid who is again, attacked by the Stealth Rock laid down by Onix before. Roark tells Cranidos to use Flamethrower, which Elekid dodges, before smashing its fist right into Cranidos' knee and causing it to reel back in pain as the Static ability of Elekid runs through its body and causes it to be paralyzed. Cranidos shakes off the static however, as Roark explains his own Pokemon's special ability, Mold Breaker. However, just as Cranidos is about to attack, the knee injury that Elekid just gave it kicks in, making it an easy target for Elekid's Thunderpunch attack which smashes right into Cranidos' head.

The two Pokemon trade blows, with Cranidos smacking Elekid square in the chest with a Flamethrower, and Elekid smashing into Cranidos with another Thunderpunch. The two Pokemon stand off, before both trainers call for a repeat of their attacks, Flamethrower and Thunderpunch. This time however, Elekid breaks his way through the flames to successfully attack Canidos with Thunderpunch. This however, is the deciding blow as Cranidos falls down and is declared unable to battle by the Gym's referee.

Roark congratulates Paul for a great battle, and presents him with a Coal Badge for his victory. Ash isn't about to let Paul get all the glory however, and vows to get his first badge next. The episode ends with Ash and Paul squaring off, their rivalry renewed.

Thanks to Alfonso for writing this for us

483: A Shape of Things To Come

483: Oreburgh Gym! Paul VS Roark!!



Azumarill Elekid Chimchar
Geodude Onix Cranidos

Paul challenges the first gym leader, Roark and wins
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