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The episode begins with Richie and Sparky, his Pikachu, walking through a city while the narrator talks about how our old friend Richie is continuing his journey to become a Pokemon Master. Richie and Sparky look lost, however, and as a car pulls out into the road, they are left coughing in its exhaust. As they recover from that, they notice a gray-haired man behind a gate, working on an old shrine with a little Celebi figurine in it. Richie asks the man for directions to the local Pokemon Center, but surprisingly the man says that it’s about to be torn down.

The scene then shifts to the Pokemon Center. An elderly Nurse Joy stands out front, blocking the way, as six construction workers along with their Pokemon (a Rhydon, a Machoke, a Pinsir, and a Scyther) argue with her. The men argue that they have a job to do, but the older Joy, with her arms spread, refuses to let them past. Just then, a younger Joy, the version we’re all used to seeing, rushes out to find out what’s going on. The men explain, and give orders for their Pokemon to start destroying the building. Just then, a Thunderbolt strikes the four Pokemon. The workers turn around to find Richie, with a sparking Sparky at his side. Richie introduces himself and demands to know what they’re doing. Annoyed at the delay, and unimpressed by this little kid, the workers order their Pokemon to attack. Richie sends out his Taillow (named Rose) who uses Double Team to get in the faces of all four. Faking them out, it manages to effectively strike all four at once by knocking Rhydon into Pinsir, and Machoke into Scyther. Richie then sends out Zippo, his Charmeleon. Zippo and Sparky team up for a combined Flamethrower and Thunderbolt, and the resulting explosion faints all four of the workers’ Pokemon. In total shock, the workers and their Pokemon run away, prompting both Joys to thank Richie. As they talk happily, none are aware that they are being watched from some sort of opening far above. The silhouette of a Celebi flies back and forth as it observes the humans and the Pokemon.

Later, inside the rustic-looking Pokemon Center, the Joys explain to Richie that the reason the Center was supposed to be closed down was that nobody visits it anymore. It’s too old-fashioned, and the town wants to build a modern one. The older Joy picks up an old picture of a beautiful field from atop the fireplace, and reminisces about the small town their city used to be. It seems that this Pokemon Center serves as a reminder of the good old days. The older Joy also mentions the legend associated with this place, involving Celebi. Richie is surprised at the mention of Celebi, and Joy says that yes, it’s true. Looking at a picture of Celebi on the wall, the older Joy begins to explain the legend. Growing more and more wistful as she talks, somewhat drawing the concern of the younger Joy, the older Joy’s gaze turns to a picture of her younger self with a young man named Nikku, who she had once loved dearly, but who suddenly left her life on her birthday, so she thought he never returned the feelings. She also looks at a picture taken from that birthday party, which occurred immediately after the completion of this very Pokemon Center.

Later, up in their room at the Center, Richie and Sparky sit on the bed, discussing all that had happened. Suddenly, a green aura appears before them, and it materializes into Celebi! Celebi flies over to a particular drawer in the bureau and points at it. Richie asks if there’s something in there they should know about, and Celebi nods. Sparky pulls open the drawer, but it falls out, and they see that it’s empty. However, Celebi flies into the hole where the drawer was, and pulls out an open box containing a wooden Celebi figurine, just like the one Richie and Sparky saw earlier. As Richie admires its resemblance to Celebi, the Pokemon produces another bright flash of green light, and all three disappear, leaving the figurine to fall on the floor.

Suddenly finding themselves in the middle of a thick forest, Richie and Sparky look around, wondering what the heck just happened. Suddenly, they hear a scream. Not too far away, a very young Nurse Joy is hanging by one hand off the edge of a cliff, while her Ponyta worriedly neighs for help. She loses her grip and starts to fall, but Richie reaches out and grabs her just in time. With a monumental effort and some help from Ponyta, Richie pulls her to safety.

Later, as they walk along the forest trail, the young Joy mentions, blushing, that she is on her way to the Celebi shrine. They then come to a young boy fixing up a shrine. He greets them, and opens the two small wooden doors of the shrine to show them the Celebi figurine inside, but one promptly falls off. As he embarrassedly tries to put it back on, Richie realizes that this looks exactly like the shrine he saw earlier. When Joy refers to the boy as “Nikku”, Richie remembers the elderly Joy’s picture, and realizes that the boy in it had the same name and looked just like this boy. Richie looks at Sparky in surprise, neither of them being sure of what to make of all this.

Another scene-shift shows Richie, Joy, Nikku, and Sparky walking along, with Joy riding her Ponyta, as Richie tells them a bit about himself and his desire to become a Pokemon Master. Joy then says that as a trainer, he’d be interested to know that a Pokemon Center is being built nearby. The Center then comes into view, with scaffolding around its exterior, as some construction workers along with a Machamp and Machoke work on completing it. Now everything is starting to come together for Richie. He realizes that this is the same Pokemon Center he arrived at earlier in the city, but keeps quiet for now. Joy goes on ahead with her Ponyta, saying that she has to get ready for the party. Richie asks Nikku what she’s talking about, and he explains that there is going to be a party the next day to celebrate Joy's birthday as well as the Center’s opening. Richie is surprised at this, because the elderly Joy had also talked about an such a party.

That evening, at Nikku’s house, Nikku’s father sits at a crate doing some woodworking, while Nikku, Richie, and Sparky sit at a table with what appears to be a basket of French bread. Nikku talks about his father’s woodworking, and the boys look on as the craftsman completes a bureau. When the upcoming party is brought up in the conversation, Nikku suddenly starts scarfing down his food, since he has a project he needs to finish right away. Richie and Sparky look at each other in confusion.

That night, Richie and Sparky watch the craftsman’s son carve a wooden figurine as a thunderstorm rages outside. Richie comments on how good the Celebi figurine looks, but Nikku is worried that it’s not good enough. He wants to give it to Joy, but is worried that since it doesn’t look quite as good as the one in the shrine, she won’t like it. Richie hops down from the bunk bed and assures him that she will (since Richie has made all the appropriate connections by now, but has still not said anything about it).

Suddenly, the boys hear a frantic pounding and yelling at the door. Sleepy, Nikku’s father goes to answer it. A frantic man in a raincoat says that Joy is missing, she’s out somewhere in this storm. Several men go out with lamps and yell her name, while Richie and Sparky look on from the house. Nikku suddenly realizes that he knows where she is, so the boys and Sparky grab raincoats and rush out. As they run, Nikku says that he thinks Joy may have gone to the shrine, thinking Celebi might finally appear due to the storm. Suddenly, Sparky notices a figure sprawled on the trail just ahead. Running up to it, they see that it is indeed an unconscious Joy, lying in front of the fallen tree that had apparently knocked her out.

Finding shelter in a natural cave under a large tree, Richie feels Joy’s forehead while Nikku looks at the storm, hoping it will end soon so they can get her some help. Tired of waiting, he runs out to get help, but is immediately greeted by a bolt of lightning. Richie warns that it’s best to wait till the storm’s over, but Nikku refuses, saying that they may not be able to wait that long. He turned to run again, only to see another lighting bolt split a tree directly in front of him. The burning tree falls near the Celebi shrine, and Nikku says that they have to protect it. He begins to beat at the flames with his raincoat/cape. Richie tells him to get out of there, but Nikku says that they’ve got to do something because Joy may have been right, and Celebi just may appear at the shrine.

Back under the tree, a bright green light appears above Joy, causing her to finally regain consciousness. Just then, the most powerful lightning bolt yet strikes right at the shrine, right where Nikku was fighting the flames. Horrified, the suddenly-revived Joy and Richie run to the shrine, screaming for him. Just as they get there, in the split-second before the lightning strikes, a powerful green glow surrounds the shrine and its immediate area, protecting them all. As they realize they’re not dead, they notice the glow and see that Celebi was protecting them. Mesmerized, they stare in wonder as the glow recedes, the danger now over, and Celebi becomes fully visible. It flies around them as they all gaze in amazement and wonder, with Nikku and Joy being especially happy to have finally seen Celebi. Celebi nods at them, then flies off into the night as they stare after it and quietly thank it. Joy vows to protect the site of the shrine for the rest of her life. Richie looks at Nikku, wondering if he’s going to give her the figurine, and he hangs his head in embarrassment.

The next day, as Richie and Sparky help set up for the party, Joy approaches, wondering where Nikku is. Something she says reminds Richie of how Celebi showed him the figurine in the bureau, and how the older Joy had talked about Nikku’s running away. Realizing that Nikku was going to run away out of embarrassment, Richie rides off on Joy’s Ponyta in search of him after retrieving the figurine from the same place Celebi showed him earlier. As they ride along a mountain trail, some rocks fall just behind them, prompting Richie to speed Ponyta up. Ahead, Nikku’s father drives a cart pulled by two Tauros. Concerned about his son, he asks why Nikku didn’t go to the party, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Hearing someone call his name, Nikku turns around to see Richie and Ponyta closing the gap. They pass the cart and cut in front, prompting Nikku’s annoyed father to stop his Tauros. Continuing to Nikku’s side, Richie gives him the Celebi figurine, saying that he really thinks Joy would appreciate the present. Nikku expresses his worry about whether she would like it (prompted by his love for her) and Richie continues to explain how he knows that she’ll like it. Nikku finally agrees, and his smiling father turns the cart around to head back. Richie and Sparky notice a rock slide just behind them, and hope they’ll all make it back in one piece.

Back at the Pokemon Center, the party is in full swing. It seems that the Center itself was a present to Joy, her first assignment as a full-time Pokemon Nurse. The young Joy thanks everyone for their cheering as an older Joy looks on. Suddenly, the young Joy notices Nikku. All are watching, and make way for him as he nervously walks up to her. Stumbling over his words, he finally wishes her a happy birthday and presents her with the Celebi figurine. She gratefully accepts it and thanks him, and everyone cheers. Off to the side, away from everyone’s view, Richie and Sparky watch, happy that they had made a difference. Then they notice a familiar green glow behind them, and Celebi appears again. It touches Richie’s hand and transports him back to the present. He opens his eyes to see scaffolding in front of the same Pokemon Center again, with many busy construction workers doing their jobs. As a man pounds with a small mallet, Richie runs ahead, thinking they’re actually destroying the center, like the men were going to before the whole thing with Celebi happened. He yells for them to stop and says that this Center is a historic place that can’t be destroyed. Murmurs run through the crowd, and a gray-haired man in a business suit steps up to explain. It seems that the Center is not being destroyed, only remodeled. The elderly Joy comes over and refers to the man, her husband, as Nick. Richie then realizes that not only is the man the same Nikku he had met in the past, but he is also the man who had been tending to the old Celebi shrine when they first saw it. As Nick continues to explain what they’re doing to the Center, he asks for everyone’s approval, and the nearby crowd cheers. A familiar green glow appears in the sky above the group, and all four humans (and Sparky) know that it’s Celebi blessing the Center. The sky around it turns green as Celebi’s sparkles fill the air. Richie looks on and reflects on the adventure he has just had, as Celebi ascends for the final time and disappears, and the sky returns to normal.

The camera pans around the city and the Pokemon center, coming to the birthday party picture from the beginning. It now includes both Nikku and Joy, as well as many others, and in the picture, Joy is holding up the wooden figurine Nikku gave her, as both of them blush.

Special Thanks to Geodude for writing This for us

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