- 12-30-2000-14:05-EST - Serebii
Well I got the Crystal Section up and running, but alot of it is inactive because I dont have the Animations of Bulbasaur-Mew yet so just keep waiting

See Ya

Sorry about no updates
- 12-28-2000-5:01-EST - Serebii

But I have been really busy sorting out christmas and New Year Stuff. Well there hasnt been much new but Ill get back to you before the year ends

See Ya

The last GS Crystal Animations
- 12-22-2000-4:21-EST - Serebii

Thanks to Kevin from Pokémasters for these. Now we have all the most recent Pokémon. So we gotta wait for the original 151. Well sorry for not updating but I have been busy. I hope you all have a good christmas and get what you want aswell :).

Go here Crystal Animations For all of them so far. Warning, they might slow your computer down

Well thats about all See Ya And have a good Christmas

More Crystal Animations
- 12-19-2000-11:37-EST - Serebii

Well here they are From 175 - 208, thanks to kevin from Pokemasters for them. As you see, a few Pokémon have changed colors


Also I have a picture of the goldenrod pokemon center. As you can see, it is much bigger than last time

See Ya

3 more crystal animations
- 12-17-2000-4:23-EST - Serebii

But first, The pictures for yesterday's 2 episodes will be up ASAP

Now to the crystal Animations. Thanks again to Kevin from Pokemasters

Well thats about all

See Ya

More Crystal Animations
- 12-16-2000-5:46-EST - Serebii

I am getting thew new Neo set list and scans ready so be prepared for that. The crystal pics #212-#232 Thanks to Kevin from Pokémasters. Here we go:


Well thats all for now. See Ya

Crystal Animations
- 12-15-2000-3:01-EST - Serebii

Kevin from Pokémasters Kindly let me use his Crystal animations. I will post them here and once the set is complete put them all on 1 page in the crystal Section. I Will start off with the legendaries


Well YAY! We got Celebi

See Ya

Pokémon Crystal
- 12-14-2000-15:51-EST - Serebii

Well, arent you lucky. I managed to get 196 crystal screenshots. These pics supplied by: Pokémon Forever:

Pictures of Crystal

This also shows that Celebi IS Catchable in it through these pics:

Now this is turning out to be cool

More Later

See Ya

We lost a good man
- 12-13-2000-12:12-EST - Serebii

Ninetales3001. He is a good guy, and will always be remembered here.

Anyway, sorry for not updating but I have had major exams recently and no time to get on. But I will have a massive update soon

See Ya

A little rant...
- 12-13-2000-3:02-EST - Ninetales3001

Hi, it's me again, making sure my spelling is perfect, my facts are straight and trying to prefect a little update. Yeah, I'm going to make a brainstorm, make a Topical Outline, make a rough draft, edit, proofread, get mummy to look it over, type it up, use spell/grammar check, send it to an editor, do a second proofread, puncuation check, and then I'll publish it by sending it to a publisher SO I CAN PUT UP A LITTLE POST ON THE INTERNET!!

I do not know why you people hate me, I'm just updating with some facts I'd thought I'd share. One thing, some people (who will rename nameless because the webmaster won't give them to me) Says that I called PokemonGS "Pokemon2" and that is wrong and I should be hung for doing so! I wan't you to know when Pokemon"GS" came out in Japan, it was refered to as Pokemon"2". So I have a habit of calling it Pokemon"2" not Pokemon"GS"

Neo doesn't come out on the 16th huh? It comes out on the 20th? Oh little baby, I got 2 days wrong? This means you have to complain? Well, this is wrong because Neo DOES come out on the 16th, I know that for a FACT! Neo again, I do not know how many cards there are in the set, that is why I said ABOUT, not THERE IS.

SerebiiPP is a nice guy, he spends hours and hours on this AWESOME SITE (oh btw did I spell that right? >=\) and he gets flooded with emails about complains about me not updating enough and that I should be fired. Number one, YOU DON'T RUN THE SITE! SerebiiPP does and if he believes I don't do a fair share he should come to me because HE feels like there should be something done, not just because of complains. Then I go, "Alright (one l right?) all update more often." Then, I GET MORE COMPLAINTS ABOUT ME! Well all I have to say is that IT ISN'T FAIR!

So, this is going to be my final post, because of all of you, I QUIT

~ Ninetales3001 signing out FOREVER ~


Christmas is comming...
- 12-12-2000-13:58-EST - Ninetales3001

Hi all, Christmas is comming soon, which means presents, good food and for some.. Exams :( Anyways, here in Canada, I was at the local "Toy's 'r' Us" and there was a top five list for the most popular items bought in December for Christmas in the electronic department, here it is:

5) Zelda, Majora's Mask
4) Pokemon Puzzle League
3) Pokemon Gold
2) Hey You, Pikachu!
1) Pokemon Silver

It looks like Pokemon is still popular, including Pokemon2 (Gold, Silver) Which I thought everyone would of bought by now.

Also, just to remind everyone, Neo Genises comes out on December 16th 2000! It going to have around 111 cards in the set. Did you know, this is a rumor, that when the Baby Pokemon come out, you won't beable to use the evolutions of that baby from the past sets? That is an outrage, good thing it's just a rumor! Dark and Steel are going to be called Darkness and Metal -_-;


I have the new episode pics up
- 12-10-2000-7:44-EST - Serebii

Here they are

Ignorance Is Blissey

Well I will have another update later

See Ya

Some Crystal info and some Anime things
- 12-9-2000-10:46-EST - Serebii

The Anime Info

Well I got A few more synopsis and Pictures up

Spinarak Attack Pictures
Charizard's Burning Ambition
Grin To Win

I will have more pictures up later

The Crystal Info

ALL the New info and pictures are in the section: Pokémon Crystal Section

See Ya

I got the Flower Power Pictures Up
- 12-7-2000-8:02-EST - Serebii

Its been a long time waiting but I finally got them and fixed some errors with the most recent 2 episodes in the US

Flower Power

Well Thats about it

See Ya

Celebi: A Timeless Encounter
- 12-5-2000-13:55-EST - Serebii

Well I have updated the section with new info and 10 new pics. Go there by clicking here

I will also have pictures from the past Episode FLower Power Up Soon :)

See Ya

New Episode Pics
- 12-3-2000-3:27-EST - Serebii

Thats right, I got the new pics

Once In A Blue Moon
The Whistle Stop

Well I am out all today so I wuill try and get news for you tomorrow. Oh Ya, We have a new affiliate:

Pokéball UK

See Ya

Some Crystal Info
- 12-2-2000-12:06-EST - Serebii

Well I have some new pics and some new info :)
I will add these to the section incredibly soon

And the info............

Who is the Main Character?
It's believed that the player can choose between the original Gold/Silver hero and a girl trainer. If so, could this alter gameplay

Who is on the Box?
Suicune's image appears on the front of the box. There are also male/female symbols on the box.

Who is Minaki?
Minaki is a mysterious Pokémon Trainer. She seeks to catch and train only Suicune.

Where is Suicune?
Suicune appears right on the map. It's by a house and water.

What's happening at the Ruins of Alph?
A mysterious figure has appeared there.

What's new on the Radio?
There a new DJ named Aoi. She tells the listeners Passwords

What's new with the Phone service?
You'll now get calls about bargain sales to save money when buying.

And the PokéDex?
There is new information and new images of Pokémon.

How have attacks changed?
Pokémon may learn attacks that they didn't learn in the Gold/Silver games. This includes Dugtrio learning Tri Attack and Eevee learning Baton Pass

See Ya

Some 4th Movie News
- 12-1-2000-4:19-EST - Serebii

If you've been wondering about that hidden last Pokémon in the Gold / Silver versions of the game -- the one that can only be unlocked correctly if Nintendo itself unlocks that Pokémon in your game at a special event -- then prepare yourself for a bit of a shock...
Celebi's about to make its major motion picture debut.

So says the news from a Tokyo press conference held earlier this morning that unveiled details about the fourth Pokémon movie in Japan. Titled Celebi: Toki wo Koeta Sogu (Futuristic Creature), and playing with a Pokémon short called Pikachu no Doki-Doki Hide-and-Seek (Pikachu's Exciting Hide-and-Seek), the new Pokémon movie is being planned for a Japanese release on July 7th 2001.

The Celebi movie will center on the backstory of this mysterious new Pokémon, who is a strange time-traveler creature that has powers over nature as well as time and space. It will be directed by the same Japanese auteur behind Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back and Pokémon the Movie 2000, as well as the third Pokémon movie unreleased in America so far -- Pokémon the Movie: Emperor of the Unknown Tower (where the featured Pokémon is the equally mystifying Unown). The film will also introduce a new baddie, a Team Rocket character names Vicious, who will be Celebi's enemy (voiced by Godzilla 2000's Shiro Sano).

The Pikachu short film with the Celebi feature involves Miku, protector of the Pokémon forest, overseeing Pikachu in an adventure away from any Pokémon trainer. Like the other Pokémon shorts, this one will involve no humans -- just Pokémon in a non-verbal but silly short story. Anne Suzuki (a young actress seen here in Snow Falling on Cedars and --according to IMDB -- certified Pokémon fan) will be voicing the sprightly Miku, and Kumiko Endo will serve as the film's narrator.

We're not so sure when we'll be seeing this Pokémon movie in America, but it will certainly be exciting to learn something about the strange new Celebi soon. Until that happens, start hitting the books in Japanese language class so that you're ready for this movie's July Japanese release.

See Ya

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