Crystal Animations
- 3-14-2001-14:31-EST - Serebii
Sorry about the lack of updates, Well I think i know how to sort out my animation program but i will need to get the newer version but until then i can only bring in a couple of Animations at a time. Entei is today's animation. Normal on Left, Shiny on Right. Remember, these are copyright of

Well, Thats about all for today seeing that there is little news on the go. See Ya

2 More Crystal Animations
- 3-12-2001-17:34-EST - Serebii

Well it took hours of re-registering and de-bugging but i got my Animation program back up for around 5 mins. I managed to make 2 more animations. Both of Piloswine. Shiny and Non-shiny (Shiny on left). Remember, these are property of and may not be used without my permission:

I also managed to get the only missing picture which i needed for the episode guides:

Episode 160: Radio Tower Battle! Crossover

Well thats about All for today. See Ya

Celebi: A Timeless Encounter
- 3-11-2001-17:00-EST - Serebii

Well I managed to get a Picture of the new movie poster thanks to my old friends at Pokémon Abode

As you can see, at the bottom it has the 3 new Pokémon showing for the Mini-film at the start. This movie also seems to show Tyranitar.

Well Thats about all for today, See Ya

New Affiliate
- 3-10-2001-13:36-EST - Serebii

Well I have got a new affiliate:


Have a look at their site. Its good. Also, I have updated all the character profiles with the new pokemon they have up to the latest episode in japan so a warning. It might spoil your enjoyment of the series. I have also got 3 new episode pics. 2 of them I was missing and one New One. Here they are and the names of the ep they are in is there when you keep the mouse over the picture:

Episode 154: Fowl PlayEpisode 161: Insect-Bird Mostly! Got in Nature Park!Episode 188: Articuno Vs. Jigglypuff

Remember those cant be used without my permission. Thats all for today, See Ya

Episode Guides
- 3-9-2001-17:44-EST - Serebii

Well I got you another episode guide for you to look at. Remember reading this Episode Guide May Spoil your Enjoyment of the show if the episode has not been shown in your area/country. Well I warned ya anyway:

Episode 149: Tunnel Vision

Well Thats About All For Today, See Ya

Pokémon Crystal Animations
- 3-8-2001-13:59-EST - Serebii

Well I made a few more crystal animations, but my program mucked up....i have to re-install it and set it to my preferences so it might be a while until i make some more. Remember, these are cppyright of and cannot be used without my consent:

Shiny Pokémon:

I have made a new section on a little game for the GameBoy Advance Called Pokémon Card e, I am sure a couple of you have heard of it so go to the section and learn everything known about it:

Well, thats about all for today, See Ya

Pokémon Advance
- 3-7-2001-14:23-EST - Serebii

Well i managed to get some pics of the 3 New Pokémon From my good friend Totodile. Anyway:

Luriri: Looks like a pre-evolved Marill. Here's hoping

Kakureon: A Lizard. Kinda like a chameleon

Hoeruko: Looks like a humpback whale. Definately Water Type

The Hero: The New Hero of the game

Today's New Pokémon Crystal Animations. Remember, use these only if you link back to me:

Normal Pokémon:

Shiny Pokémon:

Well Thats all. I will update with more Crystal Animations Tomorrow

See Ya

Looks like i have been had.
- 3-6-2001-11:53-EST - Serebii

I have made some more crystal animations. Remember, these are property of and cannot be used without permission:

Normal Pokémon:

Shiny Pokémon:

I have made more, but i will release them tomorrow

Well the running Animations, Pichu and Chikorita were sent to me by someone who didnt want his name given out and wanted me to have them, he said he made them. Apparently they are Pokémon Forever's so I will remove them :(

Anyway, on the news front. They have already planned a Pokémon Version GameBoy Advance. Its Released on the 21 of March in japan and will cost 9,800 yen

Well Thats about all

See Ya

- 3-4-2001-14:30-EST - Serebii

Well i have almost finished the design for the layout. I will post it as soon as i am done (it will be Lugia's Entry)

In other news, a good friend of mine died. The webmaster of died in a tragic BMX accident, may he rest in peace

I Will get more episode guides up ASAP

See Ya

A Few Things
- 3-3-2001-9:14-EST - Serebii

Well Today I add a few things to the site. I will start off with Crystal Animation. Note I could only do nine, the game is playing up:

Normal Pokémon:

Shiny Pokémon:

I also Got Another Episode Guide. Remember, this one hasnt been seen yet in the US and could spoil your enjoyment of the show:

Episode 148: No Big Woop

I have also updated the Johto Journeys page with the new names for the episodes which i have also put in the Episode Guide

Well thats alot for today, I'll bring even more tomorrow. See Ya

- 3-2-2001-14:22-EST - Serebii

Well i decided to let you in on part of the Pokédex. It Isnt A Sneak Preview. I will Show you the sprites which i intend to use in it. Please dont steal these. Some are thanx to my great friend, Lugia. These arent all of them, i will have more:

Well Thats About All For Today

See Ya

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