Well there isnt much news today
- 11-30-2000-13:42-EST - Serebii
But I am trying to get you some synopsis from the previous 2 new episodes in Canada

See Ya

Some News
- 11-28-2000-2:54-EST - Serebii

Well today I found out that the fourth movie's all important info will be released on New Year's Eve. More on that soon (Well in a month). I managed to fix a few errors in the layout and now everything should be done but still tell me if you see something.

I am still trying to find A Big Shiny Gyarados pic.

I finally managed to get the 2 synopsis I was missing

Flower Power
Snubbull Snobbery

Well thats all

See Ya

Welcome to SPP V.5.0
- 11-26-2000-16:21-EST - Serebii

Welcome to my new layout, Thanx to my host for designing it. As you can see it is different but you will get used to it eventually

Like ON the right there is now a Recently and Next On BAr for America. And a few new sections on the left toolbar. As usual since there is so many things to look through I might not find errors in the layout. If you do just e-mail me where you saw it and what is wrong. Thanks

See Ya

We have a small Shiny Gyarados Pic :)
- 11-26-2000-3:48-EST - Serebii

took a while finding it but I have got it.

See it in the bottom right. As for Yesterdays episodes. I have the synopsis And I also have the pics

The Chikorita Rescue
The Chikorita Rescue Pictures

See Ya

Neo 3
- 11-23-2000-14:39-EST - Serebii

Well I got some pics of some of the Neo 3 cards since they were released. These pics are copyright and are not to be taken:

Neo 3: Legends
This is the Shiny Magikarp Triple Rare card. As said before, if you take it I will take serious action:

Well thats all.

See Ya

Lots of News.
- 11-23-2000-7:09-EST - firepokemon

hey I'm firepokemon if you go to pokemasters or any other message board you probably know me. Serebi threatened to kill me if I didnt do this. J/k.

Ok the News:

G/S Burger King.

Burger King on the December the 11th will be releasing lots of toys.

* Talk
* Shoot Disks
* Spin
* Light Up
* Move Onscreen
* Water Squirters
* Change Images
* Play Pachink (Japanese Mechanical Pinball)

This is to promote the Gold and Silver Game Consoles. On the back of each toy will be a G/S holographic card of a G/S character. This will end early January. Of course what does this mean? It means USA are just privledged. But geez would you really want these toys. The poor parents. Kids are too spoilt these days.

On the Rosie O'Donnel show. I wonder why people especially kids would watch this show. But anyway apparently theres a kid segment and one kid talked about pokemon cards. Of course this little kid thought Charizard was the best. The little idiot, oh well. And the kids got a PlayStation2. WOW. Spoilt Kids.

Pokemon is down on the Lycos Search List but come on. Who actually uses search engines these days. All they are. Are little snots that cant find any decent sites. They haven't found this place have they.

Canadians are having to see repeats. THe people that do the english dubbing of pokemon havent done any more episodes. Come on people get off your butts.

Pokemon Stadium G/S

Pokémon fans rejoice, for new information on the Pokémon battle arena game known as Pokémon Stadium Gold & Silver has been uncovered. As expected, all 251 Pokémon found in the Game Boy games will be available to do battle, and all of their special attacks will be available as well. Four modes are reportedly available to balance the battles, including the Nintendo Cup, which will allow only Pokémon from levels 50-55 to fight, the Little Cup, which only allows Pokémon level five and under that have hatched from eggs, the Ultra Cup, which will allow all Pokémon to do battle, and the Challenge Cup, which will allow customized rules to be created.

Along with the four Cup modes, Nintendo has borrowed from the Mario Party series and included several Pokémon-related multiplayer minigames to break up the battles. Examples include "Pushing the Pokéballs," "Catch the Eggs," and "Charge the Battery." These simple games should prove an interesting diversion for players who would like a break from the constant battling. The girl who delivered presents in Pokémon Gold/Silver will also return to give presents to the player in Pokémon Stadium Gold & Silver.

Like its predecessor, Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Stadium Gold & Silver will allow use of the Game Boy Transfer Pak to transfer data from the Game Boy Pokémon games. Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and the unreleased Crystal version are all supported in the Japanese version of Pokémon Stadium Gold & Silver, though it remains to be seen how many will of these will be supported in the North American version. Pokémon Stadium Gold & Silver will be released in Japan for the Nintendo 64 on December 14, 2000 and has a planned North American release date of March 26, 2001.


Credit also to Bulbagarden for the Rosie O'Donell news.

And well thats all I have today. I'll post more in a few days. Till then. Keep being Funky. ^_^_^

Episode Pictures
- 11-21-2000-2:56-EST - Serebii

WellI got some episode pictures from Snubbull Snobbery and Little Big Horn and the Synopsis for Ignorance Is Blissey:

Ignorance Is Blissey
Snubbull Snobbery
Little Big horn

More soon.

See Ya

Neo 3
- 11-20-2000-12:25-EST - Serebii

Well I got some Neo 3 pics thanx to BMG. All 9 promo cards plus a special edition Celebi card:

Well I will open a section for Neo 3 with the New Layout so look forward to that

See Ya

New Episode Synopsi
- 11-18-2000-10:10-EST - Serebii

I got 3 new episode Synopsi. Now I have to tell you tht if you are in the US or anywhere else (except japan) these will spoil it for you. Just warning. I still got no pics for them. No Pics since Flower Power. Bah! How depressing

Fighting Flyer with Fire
For Crying Out Loud
Tanks Alot

WellI will bring more asap. BTW did you know the episode planned to be shown yesterday on YTV was cancelled. Strange.........Ill say more later.
I managed to get that pic of the Neo3 folder Like promised:

All 9 cards

Well thats all for the moment.

See Ya

Sorry Again
- 11-18-2000-1:03-EST - Serebii

Well there hasnt been much news. Anyway Nick15 from PA kindly gave me pics of the Neo3 folder. I will post the pic up later but I will; tell you what is in it:

Well as you can see, it is full of legendarys. More later

See Ya

WellI got another Synopsis
- 11-15-2000-11:23-EST - Serebii

But not any of the ones I said on Monday:

A Bout with Sprout

Now I will try and get the other guides up ASAP and also the pictures I will try to get. So anyway I have updated the Episode Guides with the names for the episodes showing on YTV in Canada over the next week.

See Ya

A Few Episode Guides
- 11-13-2000-12:54-EST - Serebii

Well I have a few Episode Guides for Saturdays episodes and the next couple of Weeks (I dont have any pics yet, Bear with me on that):

Flower Power (Coming Soon)
Spinarak Attack
Snubbull Snobbery (Coming Soon)
The Little Big Horn
Chikorita Rescue
Once In A Blue Moon
The Whistle Stop
Ignorance is Blissey (Coming Soon)

Well thats about all, See Ya

Special Johto Pictures
- 11-12-2000-4:12-EST - Serebii

OOooooo arent you people lucky. SPP is the first non japanese site to have some special Johto Pics.

Johto Pics Here

Please dont steal these without permission. Thanks to my good buddy Pichu for finding these pics with me

See Ya

Sorry about not updating
- 11-11-2000-5:50-EST - Serebii

But I have been incredibly busy. I have had tons of schoolwork to do but I promise you later I will give you a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge update :)

See Ya

Some News
- 11-7-2000-16:18-EST - Serebii

Well Hey You, Pikachu is released this week. I will be getting info and shots ASAP. Pokemon Puzzle League for the GB has been renamed Puzzle Challenge to avoid confusion with the N64 version. I will have a section for it up soon. Also some old news: Neo is going to be called Neo Genesis in the US and will be released early 2001 since due to the press release there will be 3 neo sets released in 2001

Well thats about all

See Ya

The 2 new episodes
- 11-5-2000-3:14-EST - Serebii

Well I hope you saw yesterdays 2 episodes. They were great. I have done the synopsis for Roll on, Pokemon but not for Illusion Confusion just yet (Update: 16:51 Illusion Confusion Done)

Roll On, Pokémon
Roll On, Pokémon Pictures
Illusion Confusion
Illusion Confusion Pictures

Pictures thanks to TPS

The site was rated by the good folks at tps:

The rate says that if i had a new layout I would have got tops. AWWWWW
Well thats about all

See Ya

YAY I got the episode guide
- 11-3-2000-16:04-EST - Serebii

Sorry if you had to long waiting but tomorrow I will have at least 6 pages worth of graphics (or on sunday)

A Sappy Ending

Well thats about all for today

See Ya

Eeek..... Uri Gellar still wants to sue nintendo
- 11-2-2000-14:28-EST - Serebii

Around Janurary last year, Uri Geller threatened to sue Nintendo for creating a character, Kadabra or Un-Geller in Japanese, which served what he believes a strong likeness to himself. Well, now he's got a lawyer and an estamate of what he wants for the "misuse" of his name.

So, what does Geller want? "Hundreds of millions of dollars". Why? Because he describes Nintendo [of Japan] mocked his profession. Him being a "professonal spoon bender", they stuck a spoon on Kadabra's hands, and gave him the ability to bend them. For "using the Star of David" on Kadabra's forhead to discriminate against his religion (obviously, Jewish). And then using a lightning bolt as which he said are reminiscent of a similar symbol used by the Nazi SS.

What do I have to say about all this? Geller obviously wants some money. Some "hundreds of millions of dollars". He says this is for the damages done to his "buisness and reputation". GIVE ME A BREAK! Who is this guy? I've never heard of him! Have you? Ha! EVERYBODY wants something out of all the success of Nintendo. His "buisness" must be pretty crappy (pardon my french) if he has to turn to Nintendo to get some dough! "Oh crud, people aren't enjoying my fake ability of bending spoons. ::opens Pokemon Magazine:: Hey! That looks like me! HOT DOG! No more canned spam and lemon juice for me!"

Now isnt this bad. Personly this:
looks nothing like him or does it make fun of him. NO......

Anyway onto site news. The synopsis still hasnt been done. I will try to get it done before Saturdays 2 episodes. Also the new layout is coming along swimmingly

See Ya

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