A Few notable things
- 10-31-2000-2:08-EST - Serebii
Happy Halloween. Well Hey You Pikachu is going to be released in a few days. The Mobile System GB Adapter has been pushed back to January 27th 2001. Well I managed to ge pics of Saturdays episode A Sappy Ending but no synopsis yet:

A Sappy Ending Pictures

I will try and get you a Synopsis ASAP. Btw the Canadians are getting the new episodes now and have just overtaken the US. If next week you canadians are watching. Send me the names of the episodes you watch.

See Ya

Not much I am afraid
- 10-29-2000-5:44-EST - Serebii

Well therem isnt much news at the moment I am afraid. But as you can see I made a new splash and top pics to suit the feel of halloween. Well the new layout isnt coming on well due to time. But could you please send in suggestions for the new layout and I will try to put them in :)

See Ya

Boy, am I glad that fiasco is over
- 10-28-2000-9:19-EDT - Serebii

Well all the cgi and SSI is back up so the forums are now re-opened. Well I had some people e-mail me saying dont close. When I said sites were closing I didnt mean this one

See Ya

Stadium GS
- 10-26-2000-6:27-EDT - Serebii

Well have I got hot news for you. Stadium GSC, the new Pokémon Stadium featuring all 251 Pokémon will be out in the US on March 26th 2001. Not that long. Also this might show us the crystal release date. I have found a pic of the great Stadium game of Lugia Vs. Ho-oh

See Ya

Gold Shiny Pics
- 10-25-2000-5:01-EDT - Serebii

I have the gold shiny Pics:
Gold Shinys and Silver

As you can see, a few look dis-proportionate but I will fix that in due time.

See Ya

Not much news
- 10-24-2000-4:27-EDT - Serebii

There isnt much news today. Go to This Page for the pics of the Silver Shiny Pokémon. I will have Gold up soon. I also came across this Shiny Umbreon Crystal Pic

Well The Dex is coming on Nicely and should be complete soon

See Ya

Slight Differences
- 10-22-2000-6:47-EDT - Serebii

I have updates the Episode Guide With all the epi guides I have missed so now we have all of the episodes from 001 - the latest ones. I have synopsi for yesterdays Episode:

The Double Trouble Header
The Double Trouble Header Pictures
In Gold and Silver you may have noticed that some Pokémon Look different than in the Japanese versions. Well Lucky you I managed to spot that and I am making a list

Gold JP.Gold US.
Silver Jp.Silver US.

Those are the ones I have so far. I have got pics of yesterdays episode, but I will add them when I add the synopsis

See Ya

A Couple of things
- 10-21-2000-6:54-EDT - Serebii

The walkthrough will be slightly delayed due to our incompotence. I will also get a Synopsis of today's new episode later on. I have begun work on the pokedex it will have all 251 soon. I have also found another crystal picture

It shows the character as a girl

See Ya

Walkthrough Almost dne
- 10-19-2000-15:59-EDT - Serebii

Well the walkthrough is almost done. I am sorry that these celebrations havent been as good as they could have been but my GCSE coursework got in the way :/

I will try to make it up some how

See Ya

Not much
- 10-18-2000-13:58-EDT - Serebii

Well I just wanted to tell ya that I wil be having a new, more helpful (complete) GS walktrough up. Not much else

See ya

Updates a.k.a. Lack of
- 10-17-2000-11:17-EDT - Serebii

Sorr y about there being less updates but the server had a muck up and split, some of you could join, some couldnt. I was on the couldnt. As for this, the celebrations will last longer + we miised the actual day of the birthday :(. I got the episode guides for the Johto episode and I have added a new feature into the episode guides: Episode Pictures

Dont touch that 'Dile
Dont touch that 'Dile Pictures

GS has been released aswell, I will be upgrading all the pages with names etc.
Well i gotta run due to there being no time for this

See Ya

A New Gym Section
- 10-15-2000-2:07-EDT - Serebii

I made a New Gym section. Have a look: Here it is.
It involves the gym leaders. When you click on them, you come up with a list of cards based on them, a few of the pics arent up yet so bear with us. Here are the pics of the leaders:

Well have fun. Remember this section is only up for a limited time

See Ya

Gym Challenge
- 10-14-2000-5:42-EDT - Serebii

The Gym Challenge section is complete (well not many pics). Go have a look. I am also working on a secret section for the TCG for later. Also the Johto Journeys start today and I will bring you tons of pics from Dont Touch That Dial. Well until then

See Ya

Let the celebrations Begin
- 10-13-2000-11:42-EDT - Serebii


See Ya

- 10-12-2000-16:16-EDT - Serebii

I completely forgot about the celebrations so they will start tomorrow (gulps due to it being Friday the 13th). Also some of you may know that GS has been released early in some places. I should get you all TMs, Attacks etc. tomorrow (I hope) Well see you then

See Ya

Not Much News Today
- 10-11-2000-1:41-EDT - Serebii

Well the Celebrations of the site's 1st birthday start tomorrow so be prepared. I will be writing the Gym CHallenge et list soon so look out for that.

See Ya

Tons of GS OFFICIAL Names
- 10-9-2000-13:51-EDT - Serebii

But not of Pokémon. These are of People and things
Firstly the old hero and villain:
Zephyr Badge
Hive Badge
Plain Badge
Fog Badge
Storm Badge
Mineral Badge
Glacie Badge
Clair (sister to Lance)
Rising Badge
Janine (Koga's Daughter)
Instead of Stunt Stone, it is EverStone
Instead of boarding the SS Anne you board The SS Aqua
The Golden Wing for getting Ho-oh with is now called Rainbow Wing
The Johto is connected to the Kanto (old world) bu the Tohjo Falls
Mt. Silver is now known as Silver Cave
Speed Balls are now called Fast balls
Sabrina's Female Mr. Mime is still a Female Mr. Mime
And the Golden Gyarados is situated in the Lake of Rage

Well thats all for now. I will give you more as I get it. You may use this info if you link back to me

See Ya

A Few Things
- 10-8-2000-6:25-EDT - Serebii

Well I have updated the Episode Guides with Last Weeks episodes and updated a few others. I have also updated the 3 movie sections and added in (Finally) The Power Of One's Section. I have Finished the Stadium Section. Also Gym Challenge was released yesterday and I have a Pic of quite alot of the holographic cards Like Rocket's Mewtwo So I will have those up soon!

See Ya

Not Much News Today
- 10-7-2000-11:17-EDT - Serebii

Well there isnt much news except Gym Challenge has been pushed back to the 16th :(

I have also been working on the b'day celebrations. As you can see, the banners are up

See Ya

GS NAmes, New Page
- 10-6-2000-11:26-EDT - Serebii

Well, I just made a new page for the GS Names, this one has the 'Anime' Pics in it not the Gold Pics. A Word of warning tho, It will take a long time to load because they are Big pics like this Espeon:

So Be Warned: Here It Is along with The Original

See Ya

More Official Names
- 10-5-2000-2:16-EDT - Serebii

Now these are rubbish yet official from someone with an advanced version of the game, especially the last one seems fake. This stops all speculation with the finish of the name game (I bet half of these are wrong):

#162 Furret
#166 Ledian
#168 Ariados
#169 Crobat
#170 Chinchou
#171 Lanturn
#176 Togetic
#178 Xatu
#184 Azumarril
#186 Politoed
#189 Jumpluff
#190 Aipom
#192 Sunflora
#193 Yanma
#200 Misdreavus
#203 Girafarig
#205 Forretress
#210 Granbull
#216 Tediursa
#217 Ursaring
#218 Slugma
#219 Magcargo
#220 Swinub
#221 Piloswine
#222 Corsola
#223 Remoraid
#224 Octillery
#225 Delibird
#226 Mantine
#229 Houndoom
#230 Kingdra
#231 Phanpy
#233 Porygon2
#234 Stantler
#236 Tyrogue
#238 Smoochum
#240 Magby
#243 Raikou
#244 Entei
#245 Suicune
#246 Larvitar
#247 Pupitar
#248 Tyranitar
#251 Celebi

I have added these to the GS Names list

See Ya

Not much news today
- 10-4-2000-11:11-EDT - Serebii

Well there isnt much news today. I have begun work on the Birthday Celebrations with graphics and a history. These should be up on the 13th.

I have the entire list of the domain names that Nintendo are sueing for. Arent they a nice bunch of people (Thanks to PPN For this info):

Well if you own any of these release them immediatlyor face lawsuits. Sorry if this inconvieninces you

See Ya

More New OFFICIAL Names
- 10-2-2000-12:47-EDT - Serebii

These were stated by Kevin of Pokémasters after he went to the tour so these are true, no doubt

#177 Natu
#180 Flaaffy
#188 Skiploom
#202 Wobbuffet
#206 Dunspace
#211 Qwilfish

There are more coming soon

See Ya

Not Much
- 10-1-2000-17:51-EDT - Serebii

Well not much news today, but what do ya expect. I have just begun preparing for the SPP Birthday celebrations/gs celebrations for Dates October 13th - 21st (Spp's Birthday is on the 21st

There will be lots of special things happening so dont miss them

See Ya

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