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In the Aspertia Trainer's School staff room, Cheren finally finishes his work. He breathes out a sigh of relief as he piles up his documents, and Bianca, who is chilling on the couch with her Lampent, is glad that Cheren is done. Cheren apologizes for making Bianca wait for so long, but Bianca grins that it is fine, stating that she was rather elated when he contacted Prof. Juniper about having found whom to bestow the Pokedexes upon. She stands up to pull her jacket back on, and admits that she was actually a bit shocked when Cheren suggested that they select the strongest boy and girl in class to receive the Pokedexes. Cheren hopes he isn't channeling the wrong message to his students that being stronger is better, but Bianca believes it is fine because they are at a Trainer's School after all. She is certain that the two youngsters, Whi-two and Lack-two, will become great Pokedex Holders.

Bianca then notices the hint of sadness in Cheren's eyes, and realizes that the topic has reminded him of what happened two years ago. She quickly apologizes, but Cheren says Bianca has no reason to be sorry, because the unbearable pain of having their childhood friend vanished at the League incident is mutual between them. Bianca argues that Cheren's trauma is bigger than hers since he was at the scene, but before the conversation could go any further, they are interrupted by a call on Cheren's Xtransceiver.

Cheren promptly answers, and is pleasantly surprised to find Drayden calling. The white-bearded dragon expert apologizes for contacting them so late, and wonders how Cheren's first day as a teacher went. Cheren steps out of the School's frontdoor with Bianca while carrying on the conversation, and remarks that it is far more demanding than he imagined. Even after classes were over, there was still a ton of work to handle. Drayden laughs and wishes him the best, and Cheren thanks Drayden for introducing him to the School. Drayden states that he was simply helping out when someone suddenly asked him to, and Cheren says he knew it was Alder who first made the decision. Drayden admits the fact, and says the man have said out of blue that he should step aside to make way for the young ones, and is thus currently roaming the land in leisure somewhere.

Drayden then reveals what he is actually calling for, and says after delving into the roots of Zekrom and Reshiram, he has learnt of facts regarding Unova's legend of dragons that they were previously unaware of. It is well known that these two dragons who clashed at the League 2 years ago originally split from one single dragon. However, the husk or shell that was left behind after Zekrom and Reshiram split off apparently lived, and became another individual dragon named Kyurem.

Cheren and Bianca are shocked to learn of the existence of a third dragon, and Cheren quickly realizes that this being may very well be sought after by Team Plasma. Drayden agrees, but says this new piece of information could be their 'hope' of turning things around, that is, if they manage to get their hands on Kyurem first. Drayden reveals that he has actually passed on the Gymleader title to Iris in order to focus his time on solving the problems that have been plaguing them since 2 years ago. Cheren thanks Drayden for his help, which Drayden brushes off. Drayden then mentions that he might as well grab this chance to take some time off since he will probably have to return to the Opelucid Gym sooner or later. Cheren doesn't understand since Drayden said he has already made Iris the Gymleader, but Drayden says it he will find another time to talk about it since it is late, only that it is all thanks to Alder again. Before hanging up, Drayden hopes that Cheren will do his best in leading the Trainer's School, and looks forward to seeing his success.

Cheren wear a smile as he terminates the call, and Bianca without warning gives him a big slap on the back, startling Cheren. Bianca grins that she will look forward to seeing his success as well, and says she feels happy that Cheren is stepping into a new direction. At that moment, two powerful headlights flash from a distance on Cheren and Bianca, and in the next instant, a car speeds towards them, narrowing missing Cheren by an inch as it screeches to a stop behind him. Bianca's father then jumps out from the driver's seat merrily, and says he is there to pick her up. Bianca finds it hard to believe that he drove all the way from Nuvema to Aspertia, but before she could say anything else, her father ushers her into the car, and wonders if she is going straight home or back to Prof. Juniper's lab. He turns around to bid Cheren goodbye, and speeds off just as swiftly as he arrived. Cheren sweatdrops and swears that he sensed malice at one moment, but hopes that he is just thinking too much.

Back on the rooftop of the male student quarters building, Looker exclaims in shock when he learns of the fact that Lack-two is a superintendent that goes by the codename Black 2. He refuses to believe that the young boy is of a higher rank than he is, and quickly contacts the headquarters via his International Smart Satellite Phone for confirmation.

As soon as the call gets through, Looker's superior greets him with a cheerful tone, and wants to know if he has met up with Black 2. Looker is astonished by the question, and replies that he has. Before he could say anything else, his superior reiterates what is said in the appointment letter about the boy being a superintendent, and causes Looker to gap his mouth wide open in disbelief.

The superior reveals that although Black 2 is only 12 years old, he is an extremely smart elite who possesses extraordinary skills. As a Pokemon trainer, his battling ability reaches the super S class within the International Police forces, and Looker has to admit that it is true since he just witnessed it with his own eyes. His superior goes on to say that Black 2 is a Mr. Perfect, and has made remarkable progress and achievement in merely 5 months after he took on his current mission to being an undercover at the Trainer School. On top of that, he is also absolutely perfect when it comes to charming ladies, something which is drastically different from Looker. Looker sweatdrops at the comment, and his superior hopes that he will work in harmony with Black 2. With that, the superior hangs up the call, and Looker turns around to face Lack-two, still struggling to accept the fact that the boy is his superior.

Lack-two hands a sandbox to his Dewott, and the sea otter Pokemon starts rubbing its scalchop on the sand. Looker wants to know what it is doing, and Lack-two explains that Dewott always polishes its scalchops after a battle. At that moment, Dewott wears a frown as it holds up its scalchop to show Lack-two, and Lack-two is surprised to see that the edge has been chipped off. He checks on the blade-like item, and recalls that out of the near 400 battles they have taken part in together, the scalchop has only sustained real damage twice. Lack-two looks over to the fallen Scolipede, and rationalizes that it must have been trained and not just as ordinary wild ferocious Pokemon. However, during the fight, he did not detect the presence of any person giving commands to it nearby, and wonders if it could have been previously owned and raised by a trainer but was subsequently released to the wild.

Lack-two contemplates further, and thinks of the possibility that the Scolipede was sent to attack Looker specifically, which implies that his identity as an International Police officer has been known. Lack-two's suggestion startles Looker, and after another thought, Lack-two states that things may have progressed further than he initially thought. He beckons Looker to follow, and jumps off the rooftop to hop back onto the window aisle of his room. He takes out the Variable Rope, gadget 3 of the International Police Arms, and secures one end to his desk while swinging out the other end. The rope attaches itself on a far-off tree, and the boy begins gliding off on it with a hook. Looker quickly follows suit with his own Variable Rope, but nearly falls off the building as the other end of his rope drops to the ground beneath.

Later, Looker finds himself walking in an urban area of Aspertia where the streets are lit up by neon light boards outside restaurants and stores that are still open at the late hours of the day. Lack-two enters a building which is apparently a Game Arcade, and Looker has the urge to stop him since young boys are not supposedly allowed. However, to his surprise, the room is empty except for a few slot machines, and Lack-two walks over to a jukebox with a Light Walker Medal in hand. The boy flicks the Medal into the jukebox's coin slot, which immediately starts the music. But then the whole jukebox begins to shake and soon moves sideways to reveal a secret opening on the wall behind.

Looker gasps in astonishment as he follows Lack-two into the narrow opening, and lets out a cry when he suddenly gets hit by a shower of mist. Lack-two tells him not to panic as it is for disinfection purposes, and looks into keyhole camera which performs identity check on his pupil. The light on the camera turns green, and another doorway opens, which leads to a room full of equipment, including gadgets that are of the International Police Arms. A Corphish sitting in the middle of the room greets Lack-two cheerfully, and Lack-two calls out for someone named the Magician. Soon, a chubby little man dressed just like a magician shows himself, who wears two eye patches, the left with a plus pattern, and the right with a minus pattern. The man is pleasantly surprised to see Lack-two, and wonders what he wants tonight.

Lack-two states that he is asking for Pokeballs, and the Magician suggests he perform a medical checkup since it seems he is planning for another mission. The boy wastes no time in taking off his polo shirt and shorts, revealing a jumpsuit underneath, and walks over to a scanning machine after handing his clothes over to Corphish. Looker watches with bewilderment as Lack-two gets scanned, and wants to know who the Magician is. Lack-two explains that the man is responsible for optimizing his daily physical condition and the maintenance of the Arms gadgets, and basically serves the role as his personal manager.

Looker is slightly crossed that Lack-two is seeking help from someone outside the International Police forces, and the Magician postulates that Looker must be a minion of Lack-two. He observes that although Looker is clearly older, he lacks the poise and vision that Lack-two has, his remark causing Looker to get annoyed. Lack-two steps out from the scanning machine after the procedure is done, and the Magician hands him a dummy ball which is for scanning the build of his palm. He wants him to grab as hard as he can on the dummy, and Lack-two does as he is told.

Looker once again questions what it is for, and the Magician explains that he is creating ball covers for Lacktwo. Just like a baseball player would custom make a glove that best fits his hand and a marathon runner would select sneakers that best fit his feet, a Pokemon Trainer should also have covers attached to Pokeballs that facilitate their usage. The chubby little man takes out a beta-version of the rubber cover to attach it to the Pokeball, and tells Lack-two to test it out. Lack-two tries his grip on the cover-attached Pokeball, and states that while the fitting is alright, it is slightly too heavy. He also dislikes the fact that the cover is opaque, which makes it difficult to see the Pokemon inside the ball. He wants the Magician to make modifications to the design, and create 300 copies of them. He also requests that a special holder be made, which he prefers to be of the spring type that could be worn around the waist.

The Magician giggles that Lack-two sure has lots of specifications, and says his request will be ready in 3 days. However, Lack-two objects, and wants them to be complete in four hours. The Magician protests that it is not possible, but Lack-two insists, and puts down a pile of money notes. The Magician shrugs his shoulders as he takes the money, agreeing to the deal, and Looker feels annoyed by what he sees, asking if it is really necessary to push for a request like that.

Lack-two tells Looker to follow him, and leads him into an adjacent room which is for training purposes. On the other end of the room, moveable cardboards shaped as Grumpigs are set at a distance of 8 meters, which are intermixed with boulder-shaped obstacles. Lack-two wants Looker to get Croagunk to fire off its best shots, and proceeds to activate the Grumpig cardboards. Looker commands a Venoshock, and Croagunk promptly unleashes a barrage of toxic blasts. Lack-two switches off the motion, and compliments Looker for hitting every Grumpig at their black pearls, which are their weakest spots.

Lack-two then decides to change the simulation settings, and Dewott presses a few buttons on the wall. Immediately, a sandstorm is kicked up in the room, and flames begin to spew out from the side walls. Looker and Croagunk gasp in shock, and could hardly keep their eyes open. Lack-two activates the cardboards once more, and Croagunk could only blindly fire off its shots. As the session completes, Lack-two turns off the environmental effects, and Looker discovers in dismay that all the Venoshock attacks have missed. Lack-two explains that this is what he is trying to demonstrate to Looker, and remarks that although one can fully express his potential in an undisturbed condition, the real environment isn't always so ideal. In order to be ready for any kind of situation, one must ensure that all preparations are perfectly made at all times, something which as International Police officers, they should try to achieve. Looker finds himself speechless at Lack-two's words, and has no choice but to admit that the boy truly has what it takes to be a superintendent.

At that moment, the Magician enters the room, and informs Lack-two that his medical scan report is ready. He cheerfully states that both Lack-two and Dewott are at good condition, and Dewott's stats have remarkably increased from last time. He is about to give further advice to Lacktwo when an explosion suddenly goes off nearby, rumbling the entire room and causing everyone to bolt to their feet. Looker wonders what it is, and Lack-two states that it seems to come from somewhere close. The Magician suggests they check it out from the building's rooftop, and gestures them towards an elevator. Before Lack-two and Looker head up, the Magician hands the boy the Wings that he has asked for, and wishes them good luck.

Upon arrival on the rooftop, the two police officers rush out from the elevator, and are shocked to see that a building nearby has been partly destroyed. Hovering in the air above it, a purple UFO-like being circles the area, and Looker wonders what it is. Lack-two recalls Looker asking whether it is necessary to push for what he requested, and states that his answer is the affirmative, since he must be prepared for opponents just like this. With that, Lack-two orders a Razor Shell, and Dewott immediately leaps into the air towards the unidentified being with its scalchop in hand…

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526: VS Genesect I

Volume 52