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On the rooftop of the Game Arcade building, Lack-two orders a Razor Shell, and Dewott leaps into the air to deliver an upward slash with its scalchop. However, the purple metallic being easily fends it off with its left front claw, and forces Dewott to somersault backwards to land on its feet. Looker yells out to Lack-two to stay vigilant, and believes that this unidentified flying object must be sent by Team Plasma. Lack-two steals a glance at Looker, and states that while he is correct that the being is connected to Team Plasma, it is not an object, but rather a Pokemon, whose species name is Genesect.

Lack-two's revelation causes Looker to gasp in disbelief, and he is extremely curious to know his Superintendent's rationale and how he learns of the creature's name. Yet, instead of providing an answer, Lack-two responds by his own question, and asks what kind of attack Looker thinks resulted in the explosion which ripped part of the building off earlier. Looker ponders on the possible attacks a Pokemon could deliver, and speculates that it must be some kind of beam or missile. Lack-two follows up by asking which part of Genesect's body could fire off such an attack, and Looker finds himself troubled by the query, as neither the creature's eyes or mouth seems capable of delivering such high intensity blasts.

Just then, Genesect takes an unexpected plunge towards Lack-two and Looker, and Looker cries out in bewilderment. The police officer ends up getting knocked off his feet from the impact, and is sent flying towards a wall where he crashes hard on his back, causing his Croagunk to bolt up in horror. The man coughs up a mouthful of blood, and is completely astonished by the speed the creature possesses. He then looks around to find Lack-two missing, and wonders where he could be. His International Smart Satellite Phone buzzes at that moment, and he answers in surprise to find Lack-two calling. He fervently asks where the Superintendent is, and to his shock, Lack-two replies that he is currently riding on top of Genesect.

Lack-two believes that Looker must be anxious to know how he became aware Genesect's identity, and reveals that after he was assigned his current job in Unova, he has actually scouted across the region for traces of Team Plasma. During his search, he came across a facility linked to the organization, which is named the P2 Lab. There, he found partially destroyed data and images regarding a Pokemon named Genesect, which led him to learn of the creature's existence. Lack-two adds that according to what he found, some kind of cannon has been equipped to power up Genesect, and Looker lets out a gasp as he realizes what Lack-two is implying. Indeed, Lack-two believes that the cannon must have become part of Genesect's body, which allowed it to fire off attacks akin to the one it used to destroy the building earlier. The problem is, Lack-two could not see where this cannon is located, and he has decided to lure Genesect into activating it again.

Reaching into his pocket, Lack-two takes out gadget 15 of the International Police Arms, the Record Bubble. He starts whispering into the mini-microphone, and the device generates a series of bubbles that float towards Dewott, who is still standing on the rooftop below. As the bubbles pop around Dewott, Lack-two's words become audible, and apparently, he is telling Dewott to attack Genesect with its scalchops again, only that it should hurl both of its scalchops out simultaneously this time to taunt and provoke the creature.

The sea otter immediately launches the attack according to the command, and tosses both of its scalchops out towards Genesect, who is still flying around with Lack-two on its back. The scalchops glides in the air like two automated missiles around the Paleozoic Pokemon, and Lack-two could feel that it is starting to react to the provocation. Suddenly, Genesect's back opens up like a cover, and extends not only the hidden cannon underneath but also its four limbs, turning itself from a disc-like being into a bipedal creature. It wastes no time in aiming its cannon on one of the scalchops, and fires a powerful beam which instantly turns the scalchop into dust.

The reaction force propels Lack-two off Genesect's back, and the boy tumbles downwards, fortunately landing on one of the cloth-made canopies which halted his fall. Looker cries out in horror, and hurriedly rushes towards to where his Superintendent fell, but Lack-two assures him over the phone that he is alright. He asks if Looker saw what happened, and Looker, who has witnessed the entire event with his Excellent Scope, replies the affirmative.

At this point, people in the area have started to gather around to see what is happening, and Lack-two gives Looker his next order, which is to keep the bystanders in one place, and block them off from getting near Area Circle 3. Looker is shocked to hear that, and wants to know what is at Area Circle 3. Lack-two states that it contains an abandoned building which he is currently heading towards, and before Looker could ask further, the call is being hung up on the other side. Despite his frustration, the man decides to do as he is told anyway, and gets Croagunk to help him set up road blocks right away.

On Lack-two's side, he reaches the abandoned building at Area Circle 3, and uses his Variable Rope to get onto the rooftop. There, he finds a blonde man dressed in a hooded cape, who has a piece of blue hair extension that curves from his front hairline. The man holds a remote-control-like device in his hand, and is pleasantly surprised that Lack-two manages to locate him. Back on the streets, Looker has managed to block off the crowd, and adjusts his Excellent Scope to focus on the abandoned building's rooftop. As soon as he catches sight of the mysterious man, he bolts up in recognition, as it is no other than the Hoodman whom he encountered during the Pokemon League.

The man towers over Lack-two from where he stands, and requests to know how the boy managed to figure out his location. Lack-two replies that it is simple geographic logic, and said his deduction was made after taking into account the spot where Genesect was first seen hovering, the building which it destroyed with its cannon, its course of flight when he was on its back, as well as the site where the Paleozoic Pokemon fired off the blast to strike the scalchop. If one plots all of these locations on a map, it is clear that Genesect only attacks within a certain zone. When Dewott provoked it with the scalchop, it did not unleash its cannon until it enters Area Circle 3. This suggests that commands could only be channeled to Genesect within this zone, and the only logical site within Area Circle 3 to look for is this abandoned building.

The hooded man commends Lack-two for his exceptional analytical skills, and grins that he shall let him know if his deduction was correct. With that, he presses a button on his remote control, and throws his cape off as he orders a forme-change. It turns out that after Lack-two fell off Genesect's back, the creature has reverted back to its UFO forme, and hid underneath the man's cape like a standing platform. As it receives its forme-change command, it quickly shoots its limbs and cannon out again and leaps over to where Lack-two is standing, pointing its cannon at him. The man orders a Techno Blast, and Genesect immediately fires off a powerful beam from its cannon, throwing Lack-two off his feet and engulfing him in it. Lack-two's cap, polo shirt and shorts are instantly shredded into pieces, leaving him with his jumpsuit on. Lack-two starts free-falling, and the man wastes no time in getting Genesect to unleash a follow-up strike. The Paleozoic bug targets the adjacent building which Lack-two is falling towards, and raises its sharp front claws to deliver a powerful slash. The attack slices off the top half of the building, but fortunately, before it crashes onto Lack-two, Dewott leaps up to catch its trainer and brings him out of the way.

Looker jumps in bewilderment with his Croagunk as the rubbles crumble down in front of him, and cries out in concern for Lack-two as the boy shakily touches ground with Dewott. However, Lack-two is more worried about other casualties, and Looker assures him that everyone has been evacuated from the area. Looker is surprised that Lack-two still manages to stand after taking on Genesect's powerful blast, and Lack-two explains that he would have turned into dust like Dewott's scalchop if it wasn't for the protective suit.

Looker then states that the blonde man who is giving orders to Genesect is actually the Hoodman who mysteriously showed up at the Pokemon League 2 years ago. He has just run a search on his International Smart Satellite Phone, and identified him from the list of criminals as the 'Dark Scientist', Colress. He hands over the phone to Lack-two, who reads that the man has been involved in developing and using unauthorized weapons, as well as attaching them to Pokemon as part of Pokemon modification.

Colress grins that as International Police officers, they are certainly worthy opponents for the first fight of his prized possession. With that, he presses on his remote control again, and orders another Techno Blast from Genesect. Lack-two and Looker quickly jump out of the way, and start running along the street as the metal bug follows up with several more blasts. Looker cries that it will be difficult to defeat such a strong Pokemon, but Lack-two remarks that instead of defeating it, a better option will be to capture it.

Lack-two's statement astonishes Looker, and he wants to know how it is possible as it is already Colress's Pokemon. Lack-two points out that Colress apparently relies on his little machine to convey orders to Genesect, including simple instructions such as attacking, and says it is highly unusual for a trainer to do that. Looker recalls the happenings so far, and realizes that Colress has indeed no personal interaction with Genesect at all. Being a man who has a criminal record of Pokemon modification, it is certainly not beyond him to use machines to control wild Pokemon. He immediately thinks of the Scolipede which attacked him earlier, and Lack-two agrees that it is highly possible that it was also under the control of Colress. He states that if their postulation is correct, and that Genesect is indeed a wild Pokemon, capturing it is totally possible.

Just then, Lack-two's Xtransceiver beeps, and he answers to find the Magician calling. The chubby little man greets him gleefully, and informs him that the 300 cover-attached Pokeballs he ordered are now ready. Lack-two wonders how he is able to finish them so quickly since he stated it will take 3 days to complete, but the Magician giggles that a magician doesn't reveal the way he works. Lack-two states that he is currently caught up in a situation which makes it hard for him to collect the items in person, but the Magician tells him not to worry. At that moment, a sewer lid on the ground ahead pops open, and three Pidoves fly out in a shower of confetti, startling Looker and causing him to fall backwards. The Magician's Corphish then materializes from the opening with a basket containing the Pokeballs on its back, and wears a big grin as it makes its delivery.

The Magician states that his has modified the cover as requested, and tells Lack-two to test out the product. The boy picks up one of the cover-attached Pokeballs into his hand, and feels delighted that it is an instant snug-fit to his grip. He then turns around to face Genesect, and gets ready to make his capture attempt…

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527: VS Genesect II

Volume 52