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At the site of the abandoned Cold Storage where the PWT is being constructed, the fierce battle between Lack-two's Pokemon and Neo Team Plasma's legendary therians ensues. While Dewott gets a fateful re-clash with Tornadus, Kabutott wrings it out with Thundurus and Gliott goes head to head with Landorus. As for Keldeott, its eyes burn with fury as it fires off powerful jets of water from its hooves at the Shadow Triad.

Lack-two feels alarmed that the Plasma Frigate is already taking off, and urges Keldeo not to bother with the three masked men but to begin chasing after the giant flagship. However, the water pony pays no heed and Lack-two can see that it has been blinded by rage. Hurling out his Variable Rope, one of the International Police Arms, Lack-two latches the gadget onto a rail of the Plasma Frigate and hoists himself upwards. He then retrieves Keldeo into its Pokeball before performing a somersault to flip himself on board.

Inside the control room of the Frigate, Colress receives a call from the Shadow Triad, and learns that Lack-two has vanished from the battle scene. Apparently, the superintendent only took Keldeo with him and has left his other Pokemon behind to fight. The dark Scientist postulates that Lack-two must have boarded the Frigate, but when a Grunt inquires about the need to search, he decides to feign ignorance since they know well what the superintendent has in mind anyway.

Out on the deck, Lack-two takes shelter behind wall, and is surprised that no one seems to be on guard. He wonders if his presence has gone unnoticed or Team Plasma is just deliberately letting him roam free. Regardless, he believes that this is be a good opportunity to apprehend Ghetsis and Zinzolin of the Seven Sages, and decides to proceed with caution. At that moment, Keldeo becomes unsettled inside its Pokeball, and Lack-two tries his best to pacify it. He sees the angry look on the water pony's face, and makes a guess that the black-attired trio were responsible for what happened to the ones it looked up to. He acknowledges its desire to seek revenge, but reminds it that their mission must take precedence. He promises to lend it his strength once they arrest the two Sages, and begins to scout the giant flagship.

At Castelia City's Prime Pier, Hugh keeps his glare on Whi-two as the girl fidgets with uneasiness. Hugh prompts Whi-two to say something, since she is clearly the owner of the locket, but Whi-two remains in silence. In that instant, Hugh could no longer contain his temper, and yells at Whi-two for being criminal, demanding that she answer his question. Whi-two winces upon hearing the term 'criminal' and stammers to have the locket back as tears start to well up in her eyes. To her surprise, Hugh actually agrees, but on the condition that she take him to the headquarters of Team Plasma where they hold the Purrloin they snatched from his sister captive.

Whi-two states that she knows nothing about headquarters or a Purrloin, and Hugh barks that she should stop pretending. He reveals that he has already read the memory chip inside the locket, which contains the full list of Pokemon Team Plasma has liberated, including his sister's Purrloin, the first ever Pokemon they liberated 5 years ago. He angrily grabs the wrist of Whi-two, and insists that she must know the location where the snatched Pokemon are kept since she is a Team Plasma member.

Reacting to Hugh's intrusiveness, Foongy instinctively tries to ward him off with its spores, but before it could succeed, Hugh gestures to his Vibrava and wings the little Foongus down with a Sandstorm. The boy spats at Whi-two's despicable attempt to reclaim the locket by putting him to sleep, and adds it to the myriad of cheap tricks Team Plasma use to steal other people's Pokemon. Whi-two protests that their actions could not be equated to 'stealing' since they were doing it for the sake of Pokemon, but Hugh gets even angrier at the statement, and says Team Plasma should stop glorifying their evil deeds.

Whi-two maintains that she is speaking the truth, and reveals that she used to live at 'Team Plasma's Home', where she and her folks took care of the liberated Pokemon and nursed them back to health before releasing them back to the wild. She recalls how the Pokemon she met all suffered from human's cruelty, and how they lived constantly in fear and lost the ability to survive on their own. As a worker at the Day care, her mother frequently encountered trainers who came to deposit their severely abused Pokemon, and everyone was all pained by what they saw. One day, they listened to one of Team Plasma's talk on the liberation of Pokemon, and believed it to be the road to salvation. She and her mother thus joined Team Plasma together with the Day Care's granny and grampy, and met other people with similar ideals, including the Pokemon Breeder family, an elder boy who was an Ace Trainer, and ladies three who have worked at the Pokemon Center. Nevertheless, Whi-two acknowledges the fact that there are apparently bad Team Plasma members, since she saw with her own eyes how those at the Sewers acted, something which was unbeknownst to her previously. For that, she sincerely feels sorry, and bows in apology to Hugh.

Hearing Whi-two's words, Hugh seems to have calmed down, but remains determined in his resolve. He demands the girl to take him to this so called 'Team Plasma's Home', and begins to drag her off by the wrist. Whi-two assures him that the place is vacated two years ago and that she never saw a Purrloin, but Hugh would hear nothing of it. Just then, the citizens of Castelia start gathering along the shoreline, and seem drawn by something in the sky. Hugh and Whi-two turn around, and spot a huge flying frigate looming into view. The crowd marvels at the giant vessel and begins to postulate if the Pokestar Studios is producing a new movie again, but without warning, the frigate fires off a blinding beam of light from its front cannon towards Castelia. Hugh immediately pushes Whi-two out of the way as the beam makes contact, which is followed by an explosion of freezing cold air. Hugh gets himself knocked out by the blast, and Whi-two sneezes as she worriedly checks on him. She then notices with horror that the entire Castelia has been frozen solid, including the crowd standing along the shore.

At that moment, someone calls out to Whi-two, and she turns around in shock to find Rood of the Seven Sages, accompanied by a pair of zombie-like female Grunts who each commands a Gothorita to keep them airborne with their psychic powers. Whi-two is bewildered by Rood's unexpected arrival, and the Sage explains that he has been contacted by her mother. The female Grunts state that they have been trying to avoid public attention since the International Police are fiercely chasing after the Seven Sages, but Rood has insisted on coming. Rood sighs that the actions of the International Police is reasonable given their past deeds, but until the Colress Machine's powers are nullified, he cannot let himself get arrested. As he gazes upon the Plasma Frigate, he sighs that they may be already too late, and reveals to Whi-two that the ones on board are members of the Neo Team Plasma, who are not only working against Lord N but have also apparently gained control over the giant frost dragon, Kyurem, with the Colress Machine.

Rood wants to know if Whi-two has really lost the locket, and the girl admits the fact with an apology. However, she reveals that the locket has been found by a boy, and gestures towards Hugh, who remains unconscious. The two female Grunts hurry over to retrieve the memory chip, but to their dismay, find the locket empty. They search through the bag and pockets of Hugh, but still fail to locate the memory chip. Whi-two recalls Hugh mentioning about reading a list from the chip, and wonders if it could be in his dormitory room. Rood decides that they shall head to the Aspertia Trainer's School in that case, but Whi-two feels hesitant. Stealing a glance at her still sleeping classmates on the pier who have fortunately escaped the freezing blast, she states that she cannot leave them behind at such a dangerous place, not to mention the fact that they may become suspicious if they wake up and find her missing.

Rood understands Whi-two's concern, and tells the two female Grunts to stay behind to guard her classmates. He thinks he also has a solution for the other problem, since he has actually brought her help, a Pokemon who yearns for the return of Lord N just like her. With that, a grey silhouette leaps out from Rood's robe, and Whi-two is bewildered to learn that it is N's Zorua. Rood wants her to hold its paws and gaze into its eyes, and as she does so, Zorua turns itself into an identical copy of Whi-two, causing the girl to freak out. Rood explains with a grin that although it cannot speak, it can at least feign her presence in case her friends come around. Whi-two feels touched and impressed at the same time, and expresses her heartfelt thanks to the Zorua, whom she addresses as Lord N's Lord Zorua.

Up on the Plasma Frigate, Colress marvels at the power of the Kyurem cannon, and wonders what he should freeze next. Unfortunately, his fun is cut short, and Ghetsis informs him that he has spotted people who would thwart his plans, traitors who not only stopped following him and his dreams out of cowardliness 2 years ago but have gathered forces to oppose him. Colress knows that he is referring to Rood and Gorm, and quickly spots the former standing on the pier below from a monitor screen. He thinks it will be nice to turn him into an ice statue, but Ghetsis prefers a live capture since he is keen to know what made Rood show up so shamelessly and what exactly they are scheming to do. Colress worries that keeping Rood alive would open a door to future troubles, but since Ghetsis insists, he shall do as he wishes. With that, he dispatches a Mandibuzz to capture the Sage from the pier, but Whi-two spots it before it makes contact and pushes Rood out of the way. The girl gets herself caught instead, and frantically urges the Sage to run. Colress is extremely upset that the capture failed, and thinks Ghetsis should have listened to him since Rood is nowhere to be seen now. A Grunt wants to know what they should do with the girl, and Colress decides to just throw her in an empty cabin for now.

Elsewhere on the Frigate, Lack-two continues to scout the rooms, and from the monitor screens, saw how Castelia was frozen instantly. He is shocked that Team Plasma not only has a giant flying vessel but also has it equipped with such a powerful freezing weapon. He believes that they must have used devices to convert and amplify Kyurem's powers to create such kind of energy. That said, his top priority is to free Kyurem from the Colress Machine's control.

Suddenly, a commotion in an adjacent corridor alerts him, and he sneaks over to see two Plasma Grunts locking Whi-two up inside a cabin. He wonders why the girl is on board, and waits for the Grunts to leave the scene before stealthily making his way over. Upon reaching the cabin door, he hears the girl banging from the inside, and comes up with a plan to feign capture himself. He starts making remarks, pretending to be held captive, all the while using a tool to pick on the lock of the door. After getting the door open, he tumbles in to fake being thrown, and skillfully pulls the door shut as if someone slams it close from the outside. Whi-two gasps in shock upon seeing Lack-two, and the boy acts similarly surprised to find the girl being captured like him. He asks about Roxie and Hugh, and Whi-two stammers in reply that the two have returned to the Prime Pier. Lack-two shows astonishment that she is the only one being caught, and wonders when and how it happened, volunteering that he was taken at the Sewers.

Whi-two withdraws in uneasiness at Lack-two's string of questions, and couldn't understand why he is always so pushy. Her mind suddenly drifts to what Rood said about the International Police chasing after the Seven Sages, and reels at the possibility that Lack-two is actually part of the police force. She recalls their interaction since they first met, and couldn't help but feel that his actions were all attempts to probe her true identity as a Team Plasma member. Lack-two notices how Whi-two trembles with fear, and assures her that they will escape the frigate together. However, Whi-two states that he is actually the one she is really afraid of, and Lack-two inquires about the reason with a grin.

Tears start to well up in Whi-two's eyes, and she voices out her belief that Lack-two is one of the International Police trying to arrest her. Lack-two wonders what Whi-two has done which made her think the police would want her, and Whi-two snaps that she never did anything bad. Yet, everyone regards them as the bad guys, and as soon as she says that, she realizes that she has busted her own secret. In the next instant, a hand-cuff is strapped around her wrist, and Lack-two states that she has made the right guess. He apologizes for cuffing her, but explains that it is to prevent her from fleeing or resisting. Whi-two gasps that Lack-two is really part of the police force, and the boy formally introduces himself as a superintendent of the International Police, codenamed Black 2…

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539: VS Landorus Therian Forme

Volume 53