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Night has fallen at the Battle Frontier. Under the evening skies, Spenser returns to his Battle Palace, and begins walking down the long flight of stairs leading to his underground chamber. As he reaches the bottom, he retrieves his Crobat into its Pokéball, and looks into the giant mirror ahead of him which is dimly lit by the fire torches on the walls. Squinting his eyes, he fingers the tattoo on his right shoulder which resembles a letter A Unown, and mutters to himself the name of their current enemy, the armoured man, Guile Hideout.

Meanwhile, at the accomodation inn of the Battle Frontier, Greta tells Todd to move quicker, and the reporter has a hard time catching up with the Arena Tycoon with a slumbering Emerald on his back. Greta, who alone is carrying Sceptile, Sudowoodo and Dusclops, who are all sleeping, grins that Todd is clearly physically unfit since he seems to be under more stress than she is even though he is only carrying one boy.

Soon, they make it to room 201, and Todd lets out a sigh of relief as he places Emerald on the bed. Greta remarks that the boy never woke once during all their fuss on the way, and Todd laughs that he must be exhausted from not being able to stop since morning, with the battle against Guile followed closely by the Arena challenge.

Greta then helps Emerald retrieve Sceptile, Sudowoodo and Dusclops into their Pokéballs, and Todd wonders what she plans to do with them. Greta points to the HP restoration machine located next to the window curtains, and explains that each room in the hotel is equipped with one. She activates the healing process after placing in the Pokéballs, and says they should be fully restored to health in no time.

She then takes another look at Emerald, and comments that he will hardly be comfortable sleeping with his magic hand extensors, platform shoes and other gimmicks. She decides to help him at least remove his accessories, but gets surprised when she pulls up the legs of his pants and finds the upper edge of his platform shoes going much higher than she expected. What's more frustrating is that the shoes seem to be connected to some cylinders further up. Greta soon gets impatient, and grunts that they should just take off his clothes as well and help him change into some pajamas.

Todd is about to protest that Emerald may not like it, but Greta has already started undressing the boy, and before long, Todd and Greta stand gasping at the shocking sight in front of their eyes. Being stripped down to his boxer shorts, Emerald lies nearly naked on the bed, and his body turns out to be only half his normal height.

Underneath his real shoes are cylinders containing the various special Pokéballs, which are in turn connected to the high platform shoes. His real hands are gloved, and each holds a retractable tube connected to his magic hand extensors. The tube on the left side contains his soil gun while the right one holds the cheering gimmicks all of which bear his own mascot.

Greta cannot believe that Emerald actually carries so much heavy devices around all the time, and that his real height is so much less than he appears. Todd is stunned speechless for a moment as well, but soon rationalizes to himself that they are invading Emerald's privacy to certain extent. He tells Greta that he shall take care of things from there onwards, and ushers her out of the room before she could object.

Once he closes the door, Todd quickly helps Emerald back into his clothes, and recalls how badly the boy reacted when Tucker mocked him of his height the other night after the Factory challenge. The reporter finally understands why the dwarf comments would upset Emerald so much, and feels a bit sorry for him. He then decides to retreat to his own room, but right at that moment, Sceptile, Sudowoodo and Dusclops have completed their healing, and pop out from their Pokéballs in the HP restoration machine.

Todd is amused that Pokémon heal quicker than humans, and soon notices the three wearing worried looks as they gather around the slumbering Emerald to watch over him. Suddenly, Sudowoodo gets an idea, and claps its hands joyfully. It takes out several pink coloured berries, and starts crushing them into a glass before propping up Emerald into its arms to help him drink it. Todd exclaims that it is 100% fresh Magost juice, and rationalizes that Sudowoodo must be a female since it's just like a mother caring for her family.

That comment apparently makes Sceptile jealous, and the grass Pokémon quickly gathers a bunch of various berries. It then tosses them into the air before delivering a series of leafblades, and slices them beautifully into a fruit plate.

Sudowoodo sees that as a challenge, and locks eyes with Sceptile, who is returning the angry look with its own glare. Todd begins to smell trouble, and the two Pokémon soon engage in a competition of berry cooking. Chopping the berries with a fury of leafblades, Sceptile makes a hot dish of berry grill, while Sudowoodo stirs up a tasty cup of berry ice cream float. Sceptile then retaliates with a plate of steaming fried rice made from berries, and Sudowoodo counters with a colourful berry parfait.

Todd watches as the two Pokémon battle it out with their creative recipes and cooking skills, and starts to drool from the aroma of the food. But it is only then he notices that Dusclops, who is standing on the side, getting more and more frustrated by the minute since it's incapable of cooking. When the ghost Pokémon can finally take it no more, it snaps and creates a black void in front of itself.

Todd cries in horror that it is Dusclops's signature blackhole, and Sceptile and Sudowoodo gap their mouths open with terrified looks as the void sucks in all the gourmet they made. Unfortunately, the powerful vacuum soon starts to draw in Emerald as well, and the three Pokémon begin to panick. Sceptile and Sudowoodo hurriedly catch their trainer's feet to pull him back, while Dusclops struggles to disperse the blackhole. Just as Emerald wakes to find himself in the perilous position, Dusclops manages to close the void, and everyone lets out a sigh of relief, all except Emerald, who is a bit annoyed at what just happened.

Todd inquires if Emerald is alright, and the boy sighs that he actually doesn't know how to handle situations as such, since he never owned Pokémon. Todd shrugs that jealously and conflicts will start to arise among team members when loyalty starts to build up, but admits that he can't offer any good advice either since he's never been a trainer himself.

Emerald reveals that he is still a little unsettled about winning the challenge today, during which he cheered for his Pokémon, because he has always believed that the only determinants in a battle are the fundamental abilities of the Pokémon and the battling skills of the trainer, and not cheering or any kind of mental support. However, he did win by counting on that today, and he is feeling lost about Pokémon battling for the first time in his life.

At the same time, in the maintenance room at the Battle Factory, Brandon brings Noland a cup of coffee, and wonders how the progress is. Noland, still with a bandage around his head, thanks Brandon, and says he is still reading off data from the electronic report containing Prof. Oak's detailed analysis on Jirachi. In fact, the more he reads, the more intrigued he is.

The last time Jirachi woke up was 1000 years ago, and it seems that this phantom Pokémon could truly grant any wish to the person who possesses it. Noland wonders if Jirachi really fulfilled someone's wishes 1000 years ago, and Brandon grins that they have no reason to doubt it.

As the Pyramid King tosses his three Pokéballs containing Regirock, Regice and Registeel around in circles, Noland asks what kind of wish Brandon thinks the person made, and Brandon believes that it would most commonly be wealth, power, and beauty. On a further thought, he is also sure that one would wish for longetivity and immortality, something that would allow them to live forever.

The Factory Head takes a sip of his coffee, and motions Brandon to take a look at the computer screen which is currently displaying an ancient article. He explains that part of the text is written in a very old language that he couldn't decipher, but after reading the other understandable parts and connecting them together, the article seems to be a record of the fortunate person whom Jirachi granted wishes to.

Brandon is astonished that such information exists, and wonders what the person did to make Jirachi listen to his or her wish. Brandon's comment seems to trigger a thought in Noland's head, and the Factory Head wants to know if Brandon is asking how Jirachi deemed a person worth of granting wishes to. Clearly Brandon wasn't really thinking this when he made the remark, but he decides to play along and listens to what Noland has to say.

Noland explains that there are several terms and phrases that appear more than once in the article, which includes 'awakening', 'eye opening', 'see the eye' and 'lock eyes', all of which is related to the eye. There is one more, however, which starts with 'the third'. Brandon quickly suggests that it might be 'the third eye', and just as he says that, things begin to make sense for Noland.

Bolting up from his seat, Noland states that Jirachi must have a third eye somewhere, and that after Jirachi has had its 'awakening', one must try to 'see' its 'third eye opening', 'lock eyes' with it, which will establish a connection to the phantom Pokémon's heart. Only through this way will a person be able to earn the privilege to have his or her wishes fulfilled by Jirachi, and the opening of Jirachi's third eye is a sign of such a privilege.

In another part of the Battle Frontier, Jirachi hovers around with adeptness, and grins merrily as the third eye on its stomach opens up to its fullest…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

017: VS Sceptile & Sudowoodo & Dusclops!