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Facing Jirachi, Emerald hesitates with a look of uncertainty on his face, before uttering the wish to reverse the petrifaction of the senior Dex Holders. However, to his surprise, the wish Pokemon simply stares at him with a blank expression, and as seconds pass, Emerald sees that the statues are showing no changes at all. He fails to understand why nothing is happening, and suddenly remembers about the third eye. He tells Jirachi to open up its third eye and lock-eyes with him, but to his shock, Jirachi simply turns away and hovers off. Emerald gasps in disbelief and starts to get emotional, demanding to know why Jirachi listened to the wish of the villain but refused to connect at the heart with him.

Meanwhile, Crys has grabbed the wrists of Ruby and Sapphire and is dashing towards the open windows. Without warning, she leaps off from the Battle Tower, and Ruby and Sapphire gasps with horror at the fall, but are even more bewildered when they suddenly come to a halt and find themselves standing in midair. Crys sends out a Mr. Mime from a Pokeball, and explains that her newest team member, Mimpeon, is capable of solidifying air with the emanations from its fingers as it pantomimes. With these air blocks, it has built a path of invisible staircases for Gold and herself to enter the Battle Tower from the outside.

Sapphire is amazed that they are walking on air lumps now, and Crys recalls that she got the inspiration from the Mr. Mime of a gymleader named Sabrina during a Gymleaders' Exhibition Match in the Pokemon League before. She motions Ruby and Sapphire to follow her, and reveals that Mimpeon has not only created staircases but also an invisible room. Sapphire wonders what purpose the room serves, and without warning, Crys hurls out two metal rings towards Ruby and Sapphire, the one with the Chinese character 'water' clamping around Ruby's right wrist while the one with the character 'fire' fastening around Sapphire's left.

Crys explains that the isolated space is for them to undergo urgent training, to learn the ultimate water attack Hydro Cannon, and the ultimate fire attack Blast Burn. She states that these bracelets hold the key to the moves, which they must evoke on their own, and hands Sapphire the ring meant for Emerald, containing the ultimate grass attack Frenzy Plant.

Crys further elaborates that these ultimate moves are passed on to recognized trainers by old lady Brinca, who lives on Two Island of Kanto's Sevii Islands. She and Gold have been personally trained by Brinca, during which Gold's mischief often caused the old lady to smack him with her staff, and Gold's Explotaro and her Megapeon have both successfully learnt their respective attacks. This time, given the situation, Brinca made a special exception, and allowed Crys to bring the metal rings to the Frontier to pass on the attacks to the Hoenn Dex Holders.

Ruby tries to digest what they have just heard, and wonders if it means his Zuzu, Sapphire's Chaka and Emerald's Sceptile are meant to learn the moves, and Crys responds with a nod. She points towards the giant sea monster outside, and asks how they think the creature can be defeated. Ruby ponders on Kyogre's type being water, and believes that electric and grass attacks should work best, but Crys says while it is true for the case of real Pokemon, the sea monster is not a Pokemon but simply an enormous energy lump, which can only be overcome by an overwhelming power.

Crys states that even though it is hard, they have a chance of succeeding, and wonders if Ruby and Sapphire paid attention when Latios stopped the tsunami with Luster Purge earlier. Ruby tries to recall the scene, and remembers that while the attack wasn't powerful enough to disperse the sea monster, it did manage to penetrate part of it. Sapphire quickly points to one of the fins of the sea monster, and sees that there is indeed a gapping hole at where Latios's attack struck. Crys is pleased that the two juniors have now understood their plan, and tells them to hurry as they have little time left. With that, she heads back up the stairs to leave the invisible room, and has Tupeon scoop her up to join the aerial battle against the sea monster.

Back inside the Battle Tower, Emerald is still shocked that Jirachi has ignored his wish and turned away, and wonders what is missing. He has already done and considered every step as instructed, to gain recognition from Jirachi, to try to get it to open its third eye and lock-eyes with it, but it just doesn't seem to be working. Gold watches as Emerald slumps in frustration, and comments that he likes the boy's grumpy look, but suggests that it is perhaps time that Emerald really looks into his heart and reevaluates his own thoughts. Emerald said he has 'done' and 'considered', but instead of simply aiming to 'do', he should aim to 'accomplish', and instead of simply trying to 'consider', he should try to 'figure out'.

Emerald feels a small stir in his heart upon hearing Gold's words, and Gold believes that the boy is starting to have his realization. He states that them trainers are not the only ones who are hoping to restore the petrified Dex Holders, and points out of the window with his billiard cue. Out on the open seas, Emerald spots a Pikachu with a red cap cutting through the waves on a surfboard, and another one with a straw hat flying on a bunch of balloons, and Gold explains that they are Pika and Chuchu, team members of the seniors, who have fortunately escaped the petrifaction by being outside their Pokeballs at the time, a fate not shared by their teammates, who were turned into stone along with their trainers. Despite their small bodies, they are holding powerful thoughts, and have come to the Frontier firmly believing that their trainers will be revived.

Gold tells Emerald that everyone is counting on him, and suggests that he joins his two companions in the invisible room outside to learn the ultimate attacks first and continue from there. With that, Gold motions to Mantaro, who glides down to have its Remoraids pick Gold up via his billiard cue, and carry him into the air to join the aerial battle. Looking up into the skies, Emerald sees Gold and Crys struggle along with Mantaro, Tupeon, Tororo and Latios, as they try their best to hold down the sea monster which is under the control of Guile Hideout.

After a moment of hesitation, Emerald leaps off from the window to land on the invisible air blocks, and Sapphire quickly beckons him to join them. She tells him that they have a giant arena downstairs built specifically for their training, and tries to fasten the metal ring with the ultimate grass attack around his wrist, wondering where his real hand is inside the magic hand extensor.

Emerald puts on the bracelet himself, and the three Hoenn Dex Holders stand in a triangle as they call out Zuzu, Chaka and Sceptile. Ruby suggests directing their attacks in a circuit fashion, with grass on water, water on fire, and fire on grass, which will put the three Pokemon in a receptive position of a type they are at a disadvantage to, speeding up the overall efficiency of their training. As said by Crystal, they must reach certain level of intensity before the key hidden in the rings can be evoked.

Zuzu, Chaka and Sceptile thus begin delivering attacks of their own elemental type in a triangle, each working to topple the one they are strong against while trying to stand against their own weakness. However, Sapphire soon notices that Emerald seems to have fazed out, and calls out his name to get his attention back. She states that they must stay focused as there isn't too much time left, and Emerald nods absent-mindedly. The truth is, he is still bothered by the fact that he has failed to carry out his mission in getting his wish across to Jirachi earlier, which honestly shocked him and has now made him disheartened.

Ruby tries to stay supportive, but finds himself at a lack of words. Sapphire feels the same way, and says she really wishes she could figure out a way to encourage him, but truth be told, the two of them know little about Emerald. She wonders if Emerald will be willing to tell them about himself, and sincerely wants to know more about his roots, his thoughts, and his way of life.

After a moment of thought, Emerald suddenly removes his Pokeball-containing platform shoes, his magic hand extensors, and just about every gadget up his sleeve, revealing his true height and true appearance. Ruby and Sapphire let out a gasp at the sight, and Emerald knows they must be astounded by how small he really is, but that is exactly who he is, a boy who has always been alone...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

330: The Final Battle III

Volume 29