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Inside the transparent house, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald gasp in horror when they look up to see Gold and Crys being knocked down by the sea monster. Gold struggles to climb to his knees as he grins that time really runs out quick, and hopes that the juniors have already used the moments they've stalled to equip themselves with the ultimate attacks.

Standing atop the sea monster, Guile Hideout hollers that they are really stubborn, and calls forward the creature to charge against the entire island. The Frontier Brains who are still fighting against the rampaging rental Pokemon in the open ground gasp in horror as the enormous sea monster throws itself against them, and drowns the whole Frontier, submerging everyone and everything with water. Protected inside the flying saucer, Scott watches as his Brains get drowned, and relents that his precious Battle Frontier has sunken.

Guile Hideout lets out a maniacal laugh and exclaims that the power he possesses now is even far greater than he has asked for. He lands on the top of the invisible room where the Dex Holders are, and taps his sword on the air blocks which were solidified by Crys's Mr. Mime. He mocks the young ones for being brilliant enough to learn the ultimate attacks and try to take him down, but wonders what exactly they are trying to strike when their opponent has essentially become one with the sea.

The Hoenn Dex Holders help Gold and Crys up, and Emerald grits his teeth in anger when he sees the injuries dealt on Crystal, the person he most respects and looks up to. He angrily charges forward with his team towards Guile Hideout, but the armoured man takes a few swings with his sword, and easily sends them all tumbling backwards and sprawled across the rooftop of the invisible room.

Guile Hideout slowly treads over and presses his foot hard against the head of Emerald's Mr. Mime. He giggles that these Pokemon have already exhausted themselves in the previous battle, and fails to understand why Emerald is still sending them out. Emerald grunts as he tries to get up, and demands Guile to lift his foot away from his Pokemon. The armoured man finds the remark to be ridiculous, and reminds Emerald of his claim that he loves Pokemon battles but not Pokemon, something which he has heard from various sources.

Guile states that these few Pokemon are in no condition to fight anymore and can no longer serve any purpose in battling. It would just be logical to abandon them as there are many more Pokemon out there. For someone who does not like Pokemon but just Pokemon battles alone, this shouldn't even warrant a second thought, since abandoning the injured and useless is the right way to go when it comes to battling. The same goes for humans, which is why attempting to restore someone who has turned into ordinary immobile stone blocks back to life is simply going against nature.

With that, the armoured man bangs his sword against the statue of Silver as he asks what Emerald thinks, and both Gold and Crys cringe against the scene, while Jirachi spies on the scene behind a wall. After a moment of silence, Emerald finally opens his mouth, and replies that it is completely wrong. The truth is, he has always wanted it, true companions and friends who connect in their heart and soul, opponents who share similar thoughts and have linked to one another because of that. All along, it is what he has wanted. As the faces of Sceptile, Sudowoodo, Dusclops, Todd, Scott, Anabel, Noland, Lucy, Brandon, Greta, Spenser, Tucker, Crystal and the Trick Master flash across his mind, Emerald hollers that he does not like Pokemon battles. Rather, he likes Pokemon, and he likes people who like Pokemon.

Ruby, Sapphire, Gold and Crys put on content looks as Emerald finally comes to terms with his true feelings, and Jirachi wears a gentle smile on its face. In that instant, the moon peeks through the dark clouds in the sky, and a peculiar tone resounds among the Dex Holders. Emerald realizes that the sound is coming off from his Pokedex, and Ruby and Sapphire check that their own are doing the same. Sapphire wonders if it is the resonant sound, but Ruby fails to understand why it is happening all of a sudden when they have gathered for some time, and points out that the tone also appears to be different from usual.

Gold and Crys soon discover that their Dexes are also giving off the sound, and Crys is bewildered that the 5 devices are resonating with each other. However, Sapphire, with her heightened senses, hears that there are more than five sources of the sound, and on careful listening, counts that there are a total of ten concurrent tones. Everyone exclaims that the never-heard-before sound is the resonating tone of 10 Pokedexes, and quickly spins around to see the five stone statues beginning to crack.

Emerald gasps in disbelief and looks at Jirachi, and sees that it has finally opened up the third eye on its abdomen, with Star Symbols starting to appear on the second tag on its head, which writes 'Companions and friends who meet and have their hearts linked'. In the next instant, the stone statues crumble away like shells, and uncover the real bodies of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver, each wearing a stunned look on their faces.

Seeing the reversal of the petrifaction, Emerald realizes that Jirachi has fulfilled his wish, and Gold grins that he has finally done it. Emerald has 'figured out' where he really stands, and has 'accomplished' it. It is the moment when he spoke from the bottom of his heart that Jirachi's true eye saw him, and connected with his own eyes.

Overjoyed that they have succeeded in their task, Gold, Crys, Ruby, Sapphire hurry over to join the five Pokedex Holders, while Emerald puts on a look of amazement at the sight of his revived seniors, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver, their presence fulfilling the first ever union of all 10 Pokedex Holders...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

333: The Final Battle VI

Volume 29