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As Gold, Crys, Ruby and Sapphire hurry over to meet the five revived Pokedex Holders, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver, Emerald stays slightly astonished by the petrifaction reversal process he just witnessed, which was made possible by his wish upon Jirachi for true companions who link in their heart and mind.

Green and Blue pull out their Pokeballs and share a grin with their team members, who have been petrified along with them for the past two months. Silver, on the other hand, only takes out that of Feraligatr, and shows it the metal ring which Gold placed on his wrist earlier. Feraligatr gives its trainer a confident nod, and closes its eyes to envision itself standing in the middle of the oceans, where a huge tidal wave washes upon it, filling it with the immense energy of the water currents. In that instant, Silver's metal ring responds accordingly, and begins to glow with hieroglyphic writings.

Red and Yellow flip out their own Pokeballs as well, but note that Pika and Chuchu are missing. Gold beckons to them with a grin, and points out of the window towards the sea, where the two Pikachus wave excitedly at their resurrected trainers, Pika wearing the cap of Red and Chuchu wearing the straw hat of Yellow. Gold hands Red his old pair of insulating clothes, in addition to a set of clothes identical to the one he discarded on the TR battle airship, and Red quickly pulls it on while feeling relieved that everybody seems to be alright now.

Red then giggles sheepishly, and wonders where they are exactly, causing Gold to tumble over. Red recalls that they have returned from the Sevii Islands and made it to Vermillion, where they were showered by a mysterious light, but Green cuts in and says it is not the time for casual chats now, as they have a certain evil that clearly still needs to be taken care of.

Everyone turns to look at Guile Hideout, who remarks that things can be truly startling at times. Gold mocks that he knew a stupid person like Guile would be startled, and brags that it is just normal for one to tremble in fear in face of all the gathered Pokedex Holders, his snide remark causing Red and Green to sweatdrop. However, Guile furiously hollers that it is not what he meant, and reiterates that regardless of the number of gathered Pokedex Holders, they would not be able to thwart him from his desires. He states that the Battle Tower has a massive storage of rental Pokemon guarding its 1st to 70th floor, all of which are now under his control and command.

With that, the armoured man calls out the entire facility's rental Pokemon, who are sent into rampaging towards the 10 Pokedex Holders. Red calls out Aero, who easily knocks over a Cacturne and Raichu. Green's Porygon2 faints a Goldeen and Snorunt, before directing its attack towards a Dustox. Blue's Nidory delivers a Double Kick to fend off a Swalot and Electrode, while getting ready to deal with an incoming Whiscash. Yellow sits on top of Golosk of it stomps on a Spheal and Numel, and hurling back a Swellow at the same time. Silver's Feraligatr holds down a Lanturn and whips a Torkoal with its tail, while facing a Metang and Grumpig who are coming from its left.

Gold's Aitaro spins its palm-like tail rapidly, knocking down a Lileep and Magnemite and continuing its assault on a Weezing. Crys resorts to Parapeon, who uses its Giga Drain to deal with a Sandslash and Lairon, and ready to handle the Azurill, Kadabra and Magcargo who are about to strike. Ruby's Ruru sends out a powerful wave of energy, and blasts back a Shiftry, Machoke and Makuhita, as Sapphire's Phadodo swings its long trunk around to knock off a Spoink, Zangoose and Armaldo. Emerald climbs onto Dusclops, who slaps a Loudred with its left hand while punching a Medicham and Drowzee, sending them crashing into a Vigoroth and Dodrio.

Watching the Dex Holders fight down the Battle Tower rentals, Guile Hideout calls them foolish people, as they still seem unwilling to acknowledge the fact that nothing can stop him from sinking this island. He raises his sword to call upon the giant sea monster, who looms up from behind him to block the entire floor's window view, its humongous size and appearance causing Red, Green, Blue and Yellow to gasp with shock. In the next instant, the creature throws itself through the Battle Tower like it did before, and washes over all the Dex Holders and their Pokemon with its water currents before diving back into the sea.

Blue wipes the water off her face as Nidory blocks the attack of a Skarmory and Grumpig, and remembers looking forward to the reunion of all 9 Pokedex Holders at Vermillion, but finds it ironic that it would take place under such a situation. Crys corrects Blue that they have an additional member now and there are a total of 10 Dex Holders, as Parapeon knocks back a Shiftry and Dewgong.

Meanwhile, Gold and Silver end up standing back to back with each other during the intense battle. Gold is about to explain about the metal ring he placed on Silver's wrist, but the red-haired boy states that he already knows what it is for, and reveals that while he is unsure about the four other people, he has remained conscious the whole time he was immobile. Gold immediately bolts in surprise, and blushes with embarrassment when he remembers himself calling Silver his good ol' pal, thinking that the boy would not hear him in his petrified state.

Silver remarks that he has kept his mind focused on the metal ring since Gold placed it on him, and repeatedly pictured Feraligatr unleashing an attack beyond its usual power, which was made easier by the fact that his statue had perfect view of the invisible house where the Hoenn Dex Holders were training to evoke the ultimate attacks. With that, Silver raises his metal ring, which exudes an intense glow in synchrony with Feraligatr's body, before falling off from the boy's wrist. Ruby and Sapphire gasp in bewilderment that Silver has managed to evoke the key from the metal ring in such a short time, as Gold sourly comments that Silver is indeed quick, secretly recalling the whole 2 months it took for him to train Explotaro to learn the ultimate fire attack.

Yellow finds it upsetting that they cannot properly enjoy the union of the 10 Dex Holders and celebrate the fact that everyone has turned out alright, but Gold grins that they will soon be able to do it. Calling her the straw-hat boy, and then promptly correcting it to senior Yellow, Gold says they will be counting on her for their success as well, which causes Yellow to wear a baffled look.

Ruby points out that there seems to be one problem with their plan. With the giant sea monster lurking in the oceans, they won't be able to fire a single attack on it, let alone destroy it with their combined moves, and they will be stuck with all the rental Pokemon until they figure out a way to lure it out. Sapphire agrees that they have hit an obstacle in their path, and turns around to ask Gold what they should do. However, Gold states it as a matter of fact that he is still thinking about it, which causes Yellow, Ruby and Sapphire to collapse, and Silver to sweatdrop silently.

Ruby and Sapphire moan in despair about Gold's lack of plan, and Emerald cuts in to say that he has an idea. He heads over to Gold and whispers into his ear, and Gold nods with a contemplating thought while Aitaro keeps the rental Pokemon at bay. Yet, a powerful vacuum blast suddenly hits the two without warning, and slams them against the opposite wall of the room. Guile Hideout points his sword at the boys, and wonders how many times he will need to repeat himself before they understand that even with the number of Dex Holders increased to 10, any plans or tactics of theirs will fail to work.

In that instant, Emerald bolts with shock when he sees that the armoured man has held Jirachi captive again, and the mirage Pokemon is wincing painfully as its two long tails get yanked by the man. Guile remarks that when he said he was startled earlier, he was referring to Jirachi's wish quota pertaining to its number of wish tags, something which he wasn't aware of. He sees that there is still one blank tag available, and starts to giggle devilishly as he turns around to walk towards the direction of the sea.

Gold curses that they will be in trouble with Guile uses up the last wish tag, and Emerald urges his senior to carry out the plan he suggested as soon as possible while he goes to chase after the armoured man himself. Gold agrees, and calls out his Pichu, Pich, who pops out from a Pokeball in his bagpack. The little electric mouse places something into Emerald's hands before hopping towards the window edge, and leaps down towards the sea.

Emerald then dashes forward with Dusclops and orders a Shadow Punch to ambush Guile from behind. However, Guile simply holds up his sword to block the attack easily, and calls Emerald a fool beyond comprehension. He states that his sword can fend off any attack over and over again, and says Emerald has failed in his mission to protect Jirachi, suggesting him to surrender when he still can. He points out that Emerald should have noticed the interesting fact that Jirachi has chosen to remain at the scene all this time, and explains that it is because he has properly captured the Pokemon. Although he has tossed it away earlier, he did not really release it, which makes it still under his possession, and he is free to use it however he likes.

Emerald gaps his mouth wide in shock at Guile's words, and the armoured man proceeds to command a Doom Desire. A blinding light radiates from the body of Jirachi, and Gold and Red cry out in horror for Emerald. Yet, to everyone's surprise, nothing seems to be happening as the light subsides, and Emerald shares a confused look with Dusclops. Guile giggles that they clearly know nothing about the move, as it is a delayed attack which effect takes place with a lag.

Red and Gold hurriedly rush towards Emerald, the former calling out his Poliwrath, Poli, but Guile smirks that the attack will knock back any number of opponents with its destructive powers. As beams of metallic light shoots down from the sky like meteors, Poli pushes Emerald and Dusclops away just in time, and gets pierced through by one of the beams, while Red and Gold are thrown off their feet when the attack explodes against the ground.

Guile laughs that he seems to have scored a direct hit, and Emerald cringes at the sight of his seniors taking the strike for him. He glares at the armoured man and scorns at his filthy tricks, and demands him to battle him properly. Gold props himself up onto his elbows and agrees that Guile is indeed filthy, and sighs solemnly that perhaps they should really give up. But then he ends his sentence with a sarcastic tone, and sticks out his tongue to make a face at Guile, calling him a moron.

Just then, Guile notices that he is surrounded by a number of fasting-moving clones of Poli, and realizes with a start that the Poliwrath has pulled off a Double Team...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

334: The Final Battle VII

Volume 29