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Guile Hideout curses out loud as Poli surrounds him with a Double Team, and flicks his eyes left and right rapidly, trying to figure out which is the real body of the Poliwrath. However, to his shock, he sees a Politoed standing right beneath him instead, and the green frog bends down to charge up its strength before pouncing upwards towards the armoured man, the force powerful enough to knock his sword away.

The Politoed, being Gold's Politaro, then joins Red's Poli as they both stand in combative postures. Crouching on top of the invisible room, Red comments that Poli has created an illusion of itself taking Jirachi's attack while it was actually a Double Team clone that took the blast, and Gold grins that in that split instant when Guile thought he scored a hit and lowered his guard, Politaro swooped in to gain position of the armoured man's most vulnerable spot. Emerald gasps with astonishment since the trick involved two trainers' commands to pull of, but Gold laughs that it was one of the combinations he and Red have practiced thoroughly during their training on Mt. Silver, and it is really a piece of cake to them now.

Guile Hideout roars with fury and sends out his Walrein and Surskit, the latter evolving into a Masquerain as it charges forward. However, Poli easily grabs hold of Walrein's giant fangs while Politaro clasps its hands around the horn on Masquerain's head, and together hurl the two Pokemon backwards, ramming them into each other and onto the ground. The two frogs then dash towards the armoured man, and before the man could react, each delivers a single smooth strike on the pressure points of his armour, shattering it into pieces. Archie's eyes widen with horror as his armour crumbles away, and winces in pain as his body gets exposed to room air.

Gold mocks that Archie must be feeling so much lighter without the armour, and says he is simply returning the favour of breaking his armour to him. The boy then looks back to see if his juniors have gotten everyone ready, and Ruby and Sapphire grin that they have all lined up in position along the window edge of the Battle Tower's top floor, with the water starters, Zuzu the Swampert, Turtley the Blastoise and Feraligatr on the left; the fire starters, Chaka the Blaziken, Charizard and Explataro on the right; and finally the grass starters, Sceptile, Saur the Venusaur and Megapeon the Meganium in the center.

Gold is impressed at the ensemble, and Red says they should head back into the Tower to join the others. Ruby and Sapphire are still concerned about how they are going to get the sea monster of the waters, but Gold assures them that it is taken care of, and explains that his Pich has teamed up with its parents to taunt the creature with their electric attacks. For some reason, the giant sea monster is a tidal wave that possesses willpower, and it should be lured out in no time with all the sparks and flashes firing off right above its head.

As soon as Gold says that, the giant sea monster charges out from the waters, and thrashes around furiously. Chuchu catches Pika and Pich as they get thrown into mid-air, and hovers adeptly on her balloons. Gold cries that they have succeeded in pulling out the creature, and tells everyone to get ready. He and Red climb back through the window of the Tower's top floor with Ruby and Sapphire's help, but something suddenly grasps at Gold's left wrist, and the boy turns around to see that Archie is trying to stop him.

Wearing a painful but nevertheless maniacal look on his face, Archie smirks that they will never succeed, because he has the entire stock of Tower rental Pokemon to thwart them. In fact, he can call upon the rental Pokemon of the whole Battle Frontier to plague them. However, Emerald calmly stands behind Archie, and says he may call upon as many rentals as he wishes, but the fact is, not a single one of them will follow his command.

Archie bolts with shock at the statement and demands to know what he is talking about, and Emerald puts on a grin as he pulls out his E-shooter. He explains that while Gold and Red were keeping him busy, he has surrounded the entire Battle Frontier with his seal. On the eastern coast of the island, Todd drives a motor boat and stretches the thread that links the clumps of soil from Emerald's E-shooter. On the western coast, Scott does the same on his flying saucer while Latios holds the thread on the northern coast and Latios likewise on the southern coast, creating a giant diamond-shaped pattern. The entire Frontier glows with a soft light, and exudes a soothing ambience to engulf every single rampaging Pokemon.

Gold grins that Archie's dopey mind should get the message now, and bids him goodbye as his left wrist suddenly comes off. Archie gasps in surprise when he sees that he is actually holding onto a white gloved hand attached to some wooden springs, and Crys sweatdrops when she realizes that it is Emerald's broken magic hand extensor while Silver sighs that it is certainly something that can be expected from Gold.

After Red, Gold and Emerald join the others on the window edge of the Battle Tower's top floor, Emerald lets out a holler and tells everyone to attack in synchrony. On the left side, Ruby, Blue and Silver command a Triple Water Cannon, the ultimate water attack, as powerful jets of water explode from the mouth of Zuzu, the two cannons of Turtley and big jaws of Feraligatr. On the right side, Sapphire, Green and Gold order a Triple Blast Burn, the ultimate fire attack, as blinding blazes erupt from the wrists of Chaka, the mouth of Charizard and the collar of Explataro.

In the center, Emerald, Red and Crys call a Triple Frenzy Plant, the ultimate grass attack, as bundles of powerful beams shoot out from the back seeds of Sceptile, the back flower of Saur, and the collar petals of Megapeon...

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335: The Final Battle VIII

Volume 29