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At the Battle Frontier's accommodation inn, Emerald wakes up on his bed, and takes a big yawn as he stretches himself out, feeling grateful about his good rest. He wonders what time it is, and heads out to the balcony to begin relieving his bladder off the edge like he did at the Dome before. Unfortunately, Crys, Todd and the other Dex Holders happen to be entering his room at that time, and Crys angrily barks at Emerald for his mischief while the others either laugh, sweatdrop or turn away.

Emerald merrily greets them good morning after finishing his business, but Gold laughs that it is almost evening already, as Emerald has slept for nearly the whole day. Emerald wonders where his Pokemon are, and as soon as he says that, Sceptile and Dusclops come running up him with teary eyes. Emerald hugs them both, and is curious about the other four. Red, Gold and Crys grin and explain that their Pokemon seem to be acquainting with one another really quickly, and are taking quality time with each other now in the Battle Frontier, Emerald's Snorlax with Red's Lax, his Mantine and Sudowoodo with Gold's Mantaro and Sutaro, and his Mr. Mime with Crys's Mimpeon.

Emerald looks out from the terrace to see that it is indeed so, the two Snorlaxes resting on the shore outside the Battle Dome, the two Mr. Mimes dancing with each other, the two Mantines gliding above the seas, the two Sudowoodos sitting together under a tree, and finally, Red's Espeon, Vee, with Blue's Ditto, Ditty on a grassland.

Emerald sits himself in front of the mirror and begins to gel his hair back into the croissant shape as Ruby and Todd look on, and soon hears his name called. He turns around to see the seven Frontier Brains entering his room, all doing fine albeit sustaining a few injuries each, and happily greets them. Gold, Silver and Crys see Raikou, and together with Pich, gather up to this old friend of theirs who has helped them in the Mask Of Ice incident. Ruby and Sapphire make their apologies to Spenser for doubting him earlier, and the Palace Maven tells them not to be bothered about it with a gentle smile.

While Todd continues to snap photos of everybody's interactions, Anabel sincerely thanks Emerald for everything, and says it was his efforts that brought a satisfactory end to the whole crisis. Not only are they able to save the island from sinking and protect the press and the other tournament trainers, the Battle Frontier can also open to the public as scheduled. Emerald laughs embarrassedly that it is nothing, but Anabel rewards him the Ability Symbol, and says it is a recognition of his ability from her.

Emerald is slightly stunned by the offer, but Anabel grins that it isn't exactly as absurd as it seems because Emerald did climb the 70 floors of the Battle Tower to challenge her after all. Although her mind was possessed by the armoured man at that time, for some reason she was still able to stay partly conscious about all the happenings. She knew that although Emerald was technically fighting Guile during his battle with her, the boy has still adhered to the rules of the facility, standing within the line marking the trainer's circle, keeping with the number of Pokemon and used attacks, as well as refusing assistance from other people, which he did to Ruby's offer of help.

Anabel clearly remembers Emerald stating that he was at a match with her, which is why there is nothing inappropriate for her to reward him the symbol now. Emerald accepts Anabel's reasoning and receives the Ability Symbol with gratefulness, and Todd rejoices at his achievement as the boy places the sixth symbol into his Frontier Pass.

Emerald then suddenly gets a thought, and wonders what date it is. Anabel replies that it is already 6 July, and both Emerald and Todd bolt with horror at the revelation, hollering that it will be the seventh day tomorrow. Emerald cries that he has almost forgotten he still has one facility to conquer in order to complete his 7-day Frontier challenge, and Todd yells that the Battle Dome is where they must head to immediately. The two swiftly rush past Anabel, sending her spinning in circles, and fall to their knees in front of Tucker, the scene reminding Ruby and Sapphire of a very similar situation before.

Tugging at Tucker with puppy eyes, Emerald says he knows it is a bad time to make such a request, but really hopes Tucker would host another Dome challenge since he has only one day left. The Dome Ace puts on a grin as he agrees to Emerald's request, but soon frowns that it is easier said to then. Indeed, the interior of the Dome has basically been kept unharmed this whole time and is still ready for use, but the battling style of his facility involves a multi-trainer tournament, and it seems rather difficult to gather so many trainers for that purpose in time.

Red lightens up at the word 'tournament', and Yellow wonders if he has come up with an idea. Red muses to himself for a moment, and then suggests with a laugh that they should all take part in the tournament, causing Green, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crys, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald to jump back with shock.

However, Scott suddenly pops out from nowhere, and goes starry-eyed as he exclaims that it will be the most fantastic idea ever. Ignoring the embarrassment of Anabel, who is constantly thrown by the owner's eccentric behaviour, Scott says he will make an exception given their special situation, and says the battle will definitely be colourful, with all 10 Pokedex Holders participating in it. He holds up Tucker's heavily bandaged hand and says his current condition will probably not be suitable for entry, and thus they shall reward the Tactics Symbol to whoever emerges victorious in the tournament, something which Tucker himself suggested the day before. With Scott's pushy attitude, the Dome Ace clearly has no room to object or even state his opinion.

Gold, on the other hand, squints his eyes and glares at Scott, stating that he smells commercialism. He barks that Scott is clearly turning the tournament into an attention-drawing event, and the chubby little man finds himself at a lack of words to respond. Gold further yells that Scott made their lives so difficult by demanding one wish tag to be reserved for him, and cannot believe what kind of wish can be so important. He demands to know what Scott plans to ask for from Jirachi, but Scott sheepishly reveals that he has already made his wish, causing Gold to bolt with disbelief.

Just then, Blue detects the sound of horns from the direction of the sea, and wonders if Silver hears it. Ruby looks out from another window, and suddenly spots Jirachi floating from a distance in mid-air, its eyes closed and its two long tails slowly elongating to wrap around itself. Ruby notices that Star Symbols have also appeared on the third wish tag of Jirachi, and wonders if Sapphire is able to see them, which he is unable to even with his glasses on.

Sapphire, on the other hand, with her heightened senses, grins that such a short distance means nothing to her, and begins to scribble the Star Symbols on a piece of paper Ruby handed her. Green then starts interpreting the message as Gold desperately wants to know what exactly Scott has wished for, while Silver comments that the horns are resounding even louder from the seas now. 'Many customers coming to the Battle Frontier, making up to about 100 thousand people starting from the first day'. Scott lets out an embarrassed giggle as Green reads out his wish, and everyone looks out towards the seas to see four giant liners sailing towards the Frontier.

On Sea Gallop are Bill, Celio, Brinca, Lorelei, Blue's parents, Mr. Fuji, the Safari Zone's warden, and Ms A of the Pokemon Fan Club as well as others from the region of Kanto. On S.S. Aqua are Prof. Elm, Youngster Joey, Fisherman Wilton, Kurt, his granddaughter Mazie, Granny and Grampy, the Radio Station Director, DJ Mary and her Smeargle, on top of residents from the region of Johto. On S.S. Tidal are Gabby and Ty, the Trick Master, Lanette, Bridgette, Swimmerboy Jack, the blind boy living in Slateport, and many more from the region of Hoenn. Finally, on S.S. Sinnoh are Riley, the ship's own sailor crew, and trainers from the region of Sinnoh.

Emerald gazes into the skies as Jirachi wraps itself into a cocoon with its two long silky tails. Slowly, it turns into sparkling polyhedron crystal and gradually disappears against the setting sun.

Emerald: Jirachi... goodnight... and, Jirachi... thank you... for my own wish seems to have come to pass now...

Emerald turns around to take a glance at the 9 other Pokedex Holders, his brothers and sisters from now on, and puts on a content smile as the nine look out from the balcony at the incoming liners.

Ruby: (uncertain) Is this really alright... There's such a big crowd...
Sapphire: (laughs) It is good! To livelier the better!
Yellow: (amazed) Wow~ Everybody is here~
Red: (nods) But that will mean we must not let ourselves lose for this tournament!
Crys: (grins) Indeed!
Gold: (raises eyebrow) Hm? Crys will be entering too!?
Blue: (giggles) I feel suddenly stressed too~ Papa and Mama will be watching this!
Green: (frowns) Pesky girl.
Silver: (glares) ...

One month later, at Prof. Oak's Science Lab in Pallet Town, Oak wonders if the tournament battle between the 10 Pokedex Holders did happen at the end. Crys replies that it did, and together with her Smoochum, Smoopeon, carry two trays containing the 10 Pokedexes towards Oak's work bench. Oak laughs that it must have caused quite a scene, and Crys nods with a grin, taking out the tournament layout to show the professor. In the left block, preliminary battles are between Emerald and Yellow, and Gold and Sapphire, the winner of the latter group fighting Silver. On the right block, Green faces Ruby, while Blue goes up against Crys, the winner in this latter pair facing Red.

Crys grins that she lost in her very first battle since it was against Blue, and Oak can understand her difficulty in countering her senior's tricky tactics. The professor then sees a photo frame with a picture of all the Dex Holders, and Crys says it was taken at the end of the tournament to keep memory of the event. Oak remarks that everyone looks happy in the photo, and wonders who the photographer is. Crys explains that it was the young man Todd who accompanied Emerald during his Frontier challenge, and proceeds to show Oak more pictures taken by him, all of which capture the essence of various battles and situations.

Oak muses over the photos and after a moment of thought, decides to call up the young man. He establishes contact via his Pokegear, and introduces himself before complimenting on Todd's photo-taking skills. The professor reveals that there is actually an island inhabited by Pokemon, and hopes that Todd could visit the place and capture snapshots of the wild life there. Todd beams with excitement at the offer, and promptly accepts the task, ready to set out on the new journey.

Prof. Oak massages his shoulders as he sighs with relief that another business has been tackled. Crys shares a grin with Smoopeon, but just then, she spots a photo of Guile Hideout among the pictures, and her mind drifts back to something unsettling that happened right before the man vanished...

As Archie crawls frantically towards the broken armour Eternal, Crys gives chase from behind, and demands to know who it was that gave him the sword and the armour. Panting to catch his breath, Archie only manages to mutter the word 'Gal' before a blinding light explodes from his body...

Oak snaps Crys out of her trance and wonders if something is bothering her. Crys grins that it is nothing, and proceeds to help Oak prepare an email for a professor living in a distant region. Oak remarks that he and this professor, a senior of his, are working together on developing a new system for the Pokedex, which is already close to completion. It is in fact this reason why he has collected all 10 Pokedexes again here in Kanto. Crys ends the email by inviting the recipient to come over to Kanto for the final check process, and titles the message to Prof. Rowan of the Sinnoh region, before clicking the send button.

On the work bench next to them, sunlight peeks through the blinds and casts a soft shadow on the single one version I Dex, the three version II Dexes, three version III Dexes, three version IV Dexes, the picture frame containing the 10 Pokedex Holders' photo, as well as the Frontier Pass of Emerald's, complete with all 7 symbols...

--Fin. The Sixth Chapter--

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337: Epilogue

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