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Underneath the twilight skies, a man in suits and a woman in ragged clothes stand at the pier which looks out to the open seas, the water surface glittering in the golden red rays of the setting sun.

"Why is it so?" the man asks.
"My dear Hal, perhaps we are never destined to be with each other," the young woman replies.
"What are you saying, Marge!!" the man raises his voice, "We could be so much happier if we simply forget about our family background and class differences."
"I guess… you are right…, just like those wild Tepigs," the woman sighs.

Next to them, a Tepig couple snuggles up to each other, and the female one, which is wearing a green and white bow on its head, blushes as it leans against its male companion…

White feels her eyes welling up in tears as she watches the playback, and exclaims that Gigi's acting is the best. Black, on the other hand, puts on an indifferent look at the highly emotional scene, and decides to continue working on setting up the tent instead.

White calls up the Director to tell him that she has watched the clips, and praises at the exceptional filming. She is pleasantly surprised to hear that the Director is already planning on a next project and wishes to talk about casting with the BW Agency soon, and thanks him for continuing their collaboration.

She hangs up the call, and turns to Black to let him know the good news, relaying the Director's compliment on his Tepig for putting on a marvelous performance as a first-timer. Truth be told, she had no idea what to do when she learnt that the filming company actually requested a male and female Tepig instead of just a female one, but is sure glad that everything turned out right at the end. However, the only down side is that, after deducting their expenses this time, they are once again financially in the red.

Black scoffs that the show business seems to be just another profitless profession underneath all the sparkly glamour after all, and White grins that she must admit it is much tougher than what she expected. Black finishes setting up the tents, and mocks that he is starting to see why they need to camp out at the Accumula Park at night. White explains that they must do everything to cut cost, and spending nights at a hotel is too much a luxury. Black wants to know what is going on in the hotel room above them in that case, and gestures towards his Brav and Musha, who are hovering outside the window of a high-floored expensive suite. Inside, Black's Tep and White's Gigi slumber comfortably on a big couch, having the entire room to themselves.

White doesn't see the problem, and states that it is natural for the BW Agency to rent a hotel room for Gigi only. Black is shocked that she finds it logical for Pokemon to stay in hotels while humans need to camp out, and White grins that Gigi is an actress, which is why it deserves the treatment of one. She clicks on Gigi's acting profile on the laptop, and shows Black its complete portfolio since its debut in the industry. Although it has only been one short year, the little female Tepig is extremely talented, and has taken part in movies, drama, and commercials.

For that, White feels the need to support it fully as its manager, and give it the best in everything, whether it is its living condition or the tad-bits of daily life. She explains that Gigi only spends 8 hours outside its Pokeball every day, and within those 8 hours, it has a busy schedule of a typical actress, including filming, practicing, script reading, grooming, working out, and of course eating.

Black seems less than bemused by what White said, and snickers that her precious actress's precious career is wasting the precious time of him and Tep. His words immediately tick off White, and she reminds him with a raised voice that she has paid for all the filming equipment's damage which he fried during the battle with Galvantula. Black retaliates that he has already lent her Tep to repay it, and White responds by showing him the receipt of the damaged goods as well as a salary invoice of the earnings Tep made.

To Black's terror, the cost of the damaged equipment is 50 times the amount Tep made with its shooting, and his knees grow weak as White states that he should find a way to pay her back the 49 times' difference if he decides to call it quits. Black's eyes go watery as he wonders if White made him a staff of the agency simply to tie him down with the debts, but White says it is not the case. She explains that the filming company cannot really ask for damage claims from a child, but if Black is a staff of the agency, it becomes a company to company deal. This way, the filming company will have no reserves in filing the claims, and she did this to show courtesy to the people she works and partners with, which is a code of conduct in the adult world.

Black feels slightly better after hearing White's words, and White hopes that he doesn't take it wrong way. The truth is, she will never forget how Black helped her out by lending her his male Tepig to solve the crisis she was in, enabling her to finish her job successfully, something which she will forever be thankful for. Therefore, she doesn't really care about the 49 times issue, but hopes that Black will agree to stay with her for a few more shootings, since the feedback for their Tepigs was so good that there would certainly be more job requests coming up.

White states that being in the show business is constantly challenging and mind-boggling, but despite the challenge, despite their financials being in the red, she is not going to stop. She will continue to aspire to be a top-class Pokemon manager, and to raise Pokemon who have top-class talents. That, she declares, is what her dream is, no different from the dream Black has in conquering the League.

White's heartfelt talk about her dreams ends up attracting Musha, and Black believes that it is time for everyone to rest. He beckons Brav to come back, and starts climbing into his tent. Before he gets in, he addresses White as President, and says he will think about what she requested of Tep, which puts a smile on the girl's face. White then decides to give Black one of the sponsored Xtransceivers she got from the commercial shoot, and says Black should find it useful. She leaves it outside the tent of Black, and bids him goodnight.

However, just as Black starts to close his eyes, the ground suddenly shakes vigorously, and White lets out a scream. Black bolts up from his tent, and wonders what is going on. He sees that White seems to be pursued by something repeatedly driving a hard block onto the ground, and watches as the girl scramble and squeal at the top of her lungs. He doesn't understand why she isn't defending herself, and cries that she should call out her bag-full of Pokemon to fight. Yet, White replies by shaking her head, and Black has no choice but to send Brav forward to pick her off the ground as another strike narrowly misses her.

Up in the hotel room, Tep and Gigi watch through the glass window with terrified eyes, and wonder what they should do. Black grunts that it is too dark to see what Pokemon is attacking, and after making sure that White is safe, states that he must start thinking. Calling out Musha, he gets the Munna to chomp on his head, which causes White to jump with shock. She recalls Black doing the same thing when he faced off the Galvantula, and wants to know what exactly he is doing.

Black explains that his head is constantly filled with dreams about winning the League, and they preempt him from being able to think of other things. However, there are situations like this which definitely requires thinking, and he is doing this to temporarily clear his head by allowing his dreams to be eaten by Musha, who as a Munna, is a dream-eater Pokemon. With his dreams eaten, he can blank out his mind, achieving a state of pure white. In pure white, he can digest the details he sees better, which will all congregate into solid black.

As Black's vision turns hexagonal, he soon sees the outline of a humanoid creature, and realizes that it is their attacker. He pulls Musha off his head, and tells White to take a good look at the holes on the grassland created by the strikes. To White's surprise, they are all square shaped, and Black also points out that the on-going strikes are actually following a rather regular pattern, carving out a rectangular shape on the grass. He postulates that whatever is dealing these strikes isn't really attacking but is trying to build the construction base of something, and soon spots the culprit as it comes into the light.

The creature turns out to be a Timburr, who is plunging the ground with its lumber. Black flips out his Pokedex to read that it is the muscular Pokemon who carry around squared logs to do constructions, and orders Brav to halt its actions. The big eagle swiftly dives forward to pick the Timburr up with its claws, causing it to struggle and protest by swinging its lumber around, nearly hitting Brav in the face.

Walking up to Timburr, Black remarks that he doesn't mind if it wants to build something on their camping ground, but hopes that it could at least have the courtesy to inform them about commencing its work instead of thrashing around their tents without warning. To his dismay, Timburr spins its head away with a look of disdain, and Black relents that it is not the negotiating kind. He wonders if it has an owner, and just then, two voices come on to apologize for the fuss caused.

Black and White turn around to see a young man and woman, dressed in medieval knight attire, who appear to be leading a group of Timburrs. The two explain that they have no idea someone is camping out on the grassland, and apologize for starting their work without notification. Black wants to know if they are the trainers of the Timburrs, but the young woman appears appalled by the term 'trainer' and immediately denies.

White gets confused as to how they are related to the Timburrs in that case, but the woman simply pulls out a permit for construction at the site, and hopes that Black and White could help them out by moving away their tents. Black and White remain slightly apprehensive about them, but get no chance to question further as the two seem insistent that they leave the site immediately. As Black and White step away from the grassland with baffled looks, the group of Timburrs resumes plunging their logs onto the ground, and carries on with whatever they are building.

The next morning, Black and White return to the Accumula Park, which is essentially the town square, and see that a stage has been built. Local trainers and their Pokemon start to gather around the area, and wonder if there will be some kind of function. Soon, a troop of the medieval-knight-dressed people, the same ones that Black and White saw previously, emerges to line up around the stage, some holding flags that bear an emblem which depicts a blue letter 'P' on a black and white shield. A man with light green hair wearing an eye-patch and a large robe which has a crown-like shoulder collar walks up to the stand on the stage, and greets the residents of Accumula Town.

He introduces himself as Ghetsis of Team Plasma, and states that he has come because there is something that he wishes to tell them, something which is related to 'Pokemon Liberation'. People in the audience, including Black and White, get confused upon hearing the term, and the man begins by saying that most people must believe that humans and Pokemon are partners that have come to live together because they want and need each other. However, he questions if that is really the truth. Perhaps, he suggests, that humans only assume that it is the truth.

In the crowd, several trainers turn to look at their Pokemon as Ghetsis's words alert them of the possibility. Ghetsis goes on to say that trainers command Pokemon for the sake of victory, and pushes them around as partners at work. He doubts that anyone could say with confidence that there is no truth in what he is saying. He urges everyone to take a good look and remember carefully exactly how their Pokemon reacted when they are commanded to action, which he doesn't believe to be that all pleasant. He remarks that Pokemon are different from humans, that they are living beings that contain unknown potential, living beings from whom humans have much to learn, and certainly not beings subjected to the selfish commands of humans.

Ghetsis then voices his opinion that there is something humans should do for Pokemon, that they must liberate them and give them freedom. Then, and only then, will humans and Pokemon truly be equals. The man concludes his speech by imploring his audience to consider carefully what the correct way to treat their Pokemon is, and proceeds to step away from the stand, leaving the scene with his troop of Team Plasma grunts.

On the grassland, the crowd starts to disperse, and several trainers laugh at Ghetsis's words as being nothing but nonsense. A little boy, sobbing with tears, asks his mother if he should set free his Petilil, and his mother tells him not to be silly, reminding him that he has been best friends with Petilil all this time, not only spending their meals together but also sleeping together.

However, an older man standing next to White suddenly drops to his knees, and covers his face in agony. White quickly checks on him and inquires if everything is alright, and the old man mutters that he has been training and nurturing numerous Pokemon until now, but never thought that he was doing something against their will. White tries to comfort him that it is not the case, but then a middle-aged man nearby pops open a Pokeball to release his Ferroseed into the wild, bidding it farewell.

Black and White look around, and to their horror, see that many more trainers are doing the same thing. The two gasp in disbelief that there are actually people who get convinced by the weird man's words in liberating their Pokemon…

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466: VS Timburr

Volume 44