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It is another fine day in the southern city of Nacrene. White double checks on the name cards of the BW Agency, the video tape recorder and recruitment leaflets, and makes sure that both Gigi and Tep are groomed to their top shape. She then gives herself a big smile in the mirror, and Black comments that her preparations are really thorough. White could see that Black's jacket isn't really properly zipper, and puts on a frown as she goes over to fix it. With everything set, the gang heads out to where they are scheduled to promote the BW Agency that day.

A while later, at Café Warehouse, a lovely little bistro where people come to dine and listen to good music, White begins advertising the BW Agency with the help of Tep and Gigi. Apologizing to the crowd for interrupting their lunch, she stands in front of a TV screen, and introduces herself and the company to them. Some diners find the two little Tepigs strikingly familiar, and some soon recall that they have starred in the recently broadcasted TV show, 'Marge's Town'.

White explains that her agency specializes in raising Pokemon with an acting talent via participating in drama, movie, commercials or simply photo shoots. She shows on the screen a clip of Tep and Gigi from 'Marge's Town', and says anyone who wishes to raise their Pokemon into an actor or actress, or if they wish to hire a Pokemon for commercials, they could contact the BW Agency anytime.

White finishes her advertisement by leaving behind a pile of name cards, and thanks the owner, a young woman standing behind the bar table, for letting her promote the agency at the Café. The young woman grins that it is nothing, and wonders if she could hire White's Pokemon to shoot their photos for public relations next time. White is thrilled at the offer, and at that moment, a holler from outside interrupts their conversation.


Café Warehouse's owner sweatdrops, and wonders if the boy yelling is an employee of the BW Agency. She remarks that his behavior will drive business away for her Café, and White immediately apologizes. She rushes outside to Black, who greets her with high spirits and feels glad that she is finally done with work. He takes Tep back and gets ready to head off to the Gym for his next challenge, but White stops him with a bark, and scolds him for interfering with her business discussion with his loud yelling. While on the matter, work isn't really done yet.

Black doesn't understand what else they need to do, and White reminds him that they are in Nacrene City, which is built with shops and art galleries revamped from warehouses over 100 years old. It is a place where the top-class artists gather to lead the fashion and trend in Unova, and is spotlight of the show business. If they manage to make working deals on these streets, the name of the BW Agency will be spread, and it will also give a wonderful chance for Tep and Gigi to polish their sentimental side in acting.

White states that Black should grab this opportunity to learn that basics of drawing business as well, and tells him to try advertising the agency to the Musician who is playing an accordion on the open terrace. Holding a name card in hand, Black nervously walks up to the middle-aged man. He opens his mouth to speak, but only broken words come out and the Musician is baffled as to what he wants.

White quickly takes over, reminding Black to pay attention to how she does it, and starts off by praising the Musician for his wonderful music. Just then, she recognizes that man as part of the Evening Quartet, a group of musicians whose target audience is young children, and the man confirms her suspicion with a grin. White remarks that she always wondered why a group aimed at children does not have any mascots, and gets Tep and Gigi to each sit on one side of the Musician on the bench. The two little Tepigs swing their heads side to side as the man plays his accordion, and White says cute Pokemon who could dance and jingle to the rhythm like that could certainly appeal to children. The man agrees with a big grin, and Black is amazed how White managed to establish good connection with potential clients so skillfully.

White offers her name card to the Musician to suggest a trial of collaboration, and in that instant, someone yells out her name from behind, and she turns around to see no other than the Director with his crew. The man makes fun that White is definitely an opportunist who never gives up on any chance to draw in business, and White responds by sheepishly sticking out her tongue. The Director states that White's suggestion is a good idea, however, and wonders what the Musician thinks. Apparently, the Director will be doing a shooting with the musician that day, and the man, who enjoyed the presence of the Tepigs, happily agrees to include them for the project.

The Director then tells his crew to help the Musician get dressed and fashioned up for the shooting, and the Assistant Director offers to look after his accordion for now. The Director wonders where the noisy boy White hired is, and White looks around to see that the boy is nowhere to be found. She believes that he must have gone off somewhere to practice his Pokemon battling, and goes looking for him.

As everyone walks off to tend to their own business, the Assistant Director is left sitting on his own next to the accordion on the open terrace. He soon finds himself getting thirsty, and decides that it will be alright to leave the musical instrument alone for a short moment while he goes buy himself a drink. Little does he know that two creatures with red crowns have been spying on the accordion from the bushes this whole time, and they promptly come out from their hiding place as soon as the AD is gone.

The creatures reveal themselves to be a Scrafty and Scraggy, and they put on inquisitive looks as they edge close to the accordion. Scraggy pulls the bellows upwards, which vibrates and gives off a musical note as it is released. Scraggy pulls it up again, and this time, Scrafty does a similar motion to the loose skin around Scraggy's waist, making it seem as if Scraggy's belly is making the sound when they both release their grip. Scrafty and Scraggy both break out in laughter, clearly amused by the accordion, and together the two decide to carry the instrument away.

Nearby, Black is indeed having a battle practice with his Pokemon. Tula spits out a stream of electric threads from its mouth, but Musha adeptly evades them all, resulting in patches of spider webs being weaved against the bushes around them. Black states that they must give their best even if they are just practicing, and tells Tula to use Electro Ball once more, this time trying to create a bigger globe of energy. The electric spider charges up itself, and swings its foreleg to hurl out a huge sparkling jolt. Unfortunately, the globe of energy it generated was too big for it to handle, and gets misfired sideways, which narrowly misses the Director who happens to be walking by.

The Director fumes with anger at the near hit, and lets out a cry when he recognizes Black. White face-palms at the odd chance of fate, and Black tells Tula that it has overdone it. Just then, the AD runs up to the Director frantically, and informs him that the accordion has gone missing, causing the Director to jump with shock and rage.

A while later, back on the open terrace, Black sits with a frustrated look next to White, and finds it ironic that he has become the suspect once again. The Director states that while he knows White well from their history of working together, he knows little about Black, and to be frank, Black is the only one among them who has no alibi and could have easily accessed the accordion since his practice ground was right next to the open terrace, just separated by some bushes. The Assistant Director attempts to fuel the argument by saying how Black always looks suspicious, but the Director kicks him in the face and says he is the one to blame most.

White lets out a sigh next to Black, and Black could see that she is troubled by this turn of events which could cause her the deal she just struck with the Director. Not wanting to make White lose another business because of him, Black declares that he will prove the innocence of the BW Agency, and tells everyone to stand still. He gets Musha to clamp on his head, and the Musician bolts in surprise, wondering what the boy is doing.

White explains that Black's head is constantly filled with dreams to conquer the Pokemon League, making him unable to think of anything else. As Munna consumes his dreams, it blanks out his mind and turns it pure white, allowing him to heighten his senses to the clues around, which will congregate into solid black in his head.

In Black's white hexagonal vision, he notices several spots on the bench and ground, and the outlines of two creatures soon materialize into two lizard-like creatures. Black then pulls off Musha, grinning that he knows who their culprits are now. Approaching the Assistant Director, he yanks off the man's trousers and says he will borrow them for a while. The AD wonders why he doesn't get those of the Director, and the Director smacks him on the head in response.

Black steps into the oversized trousers of the AD, and pulls them up around his waist. He then releases his grip, which causes the trousers to fall and wrinkle up as they are two big for him. He keeps repeating the motion, making the trousers go up and down, and everyone wonders what exactly he is doing.

In that instant, something stirs at the edge of the open terrace, and Black grins that they have come. He orders Tep to fire an Ember, which forces Scraggy and Scrafty to jump out from their hiding place. White gasps at the sight of the two Pokemon, and Black flips out his Pokedex to read that they are species who have loose skin that goes up and down around their waist. They must have seen this similarity in the accordion's bellows, found it amusing, and thus took the musical instrument for themselves. Black states that his clue came from the few spots left on the bench and ground near where the accordion was, which look like burnt marks but were in fact caused by the acidic spit of the two creatures.

Black then orders Tep to attack with Ember again, but Scraggy and Scrafty quickly shield themselves by pulling up their defensive skins. The two scurry back into the bushes after knowing that they have been intentional lured, and White cries that they must give chase. However, Black grins that he has it all planned out, and asks if White remembers what is on the other side of the bushes. White recalls that it was where Black practiced, and Black tells her to try and recall what attack Tula used on Musha.

In that instant, loud sparkles are heard from the direction of the bushes, and everyone rushes over to see Scraggy and Scrafty charred and knocked out next to a giant web. The Director exclaims that it is a Spider Web which is electrified, and Black soon spots the accordion in the bushes. He returns the accordion to the Musician, who thanks him for his effort.

White expresses her own heartfelt gratitude to Black for working to clear their suspicion, and Black responds by putting on a cheeky grin. White reminds him that he will still need to work on his advertising skills, however, which makes Black cringe and sulk.

Later, the shooting with the Musician ends uneventfully, and White hands Tep back to Black. She thanks him for waiting, and wishes him good luck in his Gym challenge. She wonders if he has researched on his opponent, and Black replies the affirmative. He states that the Nacrene Gymleader is named Lenora, an expert in normal type Pokemon who is also nicknamed an archeologist with backbone.

As Black leaves the scene to head towards the Gym, White is approached by the Director, who praises the wonderful acting of her Pokemon. He then reveals that he has been keeping in touch with big companies just in case big projects should surface. Indeed, a big project will be coming up, and he wonders if she knows of Nimbasa City. White replies with a nod, and the Director states that the place is currently having plans to build a new venue for Pokemon shows. To make it as grand as possible, the organizing committee is actively asking around for good ideas, and he wants to know if White is interested in being a part of the project…

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472: VS Scraggy

Volume 45