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Towards the west of Castelia City is a small island known as the Liberty Garden Island, which landmark is a white lighthouse situated in its center. On its shore, a liner docks, and Black and White proceed to embark on the island. Black stretches himself out as White takes a yawn, and is glad that they have finally arrived. Behind them, Gigi sits comfortably on the shoulder of Nite, who has grown much bigger after its evolution.

White remarks that she had no idea the boat ride would take one whole day, and recalls that when the owner of the massage shop who suggested this trip and gave the tickets to her, she said it was a really close by beautiful tourist spot. The enthusiastic owner also mistook Black as her boyfriend, urging her to take the cruise around the bay with him, and White had to clarify several times that the boy was merely an employee of her company.

Black is glad that the massage shop owner made such an offer, however, since it allows him to fulfill a mission while going on a trip. White knows that he is referring to his task in investigating the mirage Pokemon, and remembers that its name starts with a V. Black grins that it is Victini, and thinks back on the conversation he had with Prof. Aurea Juniper the day before…

With a connection established via the Xtransceiver, Aurea's face shows up on the screen, and the woman states sarcastically that she finally gets in touch with Black. She wonders how many days it has been since he headed off without even a single word, and Black quickly tries to butter up by saying how nice it is to meet her at last. On a deeper thought, he corrects that he has actually met her before, since she has been practicing Pokemon battles outside her home since he was little, and says perhaps he should take back what he said.

Black's rhetorical words tick off Aurea, and the young woman barks that it doesn't really matter. What matters is that he has taken her Tepig away without asking, broke two of her Pokedexes, and also caused a complete mess at her frontdoor. Black cringes as he is reminded of his past faults again, and begs the professor to spare him as he has already been scolded by Cheren for those things.

To his relief, the professor decides to let it go, and returns to a calm tone. She feels glad that Black is at least taking good care of his Pokedex, and raised Tepig well enough to have it evolve. In fact, she has heard all about his Gym challenges from Cheren and Bianca, and also learnt of his active involvement in solving the missing Pokemon incident in Castelia. She reviews the large amount of data he has collected with his Pokedex, and praises him for his good work.

Black proudly accepts the compliment, and states that as a trainer who aspires to conquer the Pokemon League, it is only natural for him to come into contact with different kinds of Pokemon. Aurea decides to bestow upon a mission to Black in that case, and introduces to him a place called the Liberty Garden Island, which can be accessed by ferry at the Liberty Pier of Castelia's harbor. There, she wants him to investigate on a Pokemon called Victini.

Black wonders how he could get on that ferry, and Aurea says he will need the Liberty Ticket. White, who is listening to the conversation nearby, wonders if it is the same place that the massage shop owner just told her, and reaches into her bag for the tickets she got. Indeed, they are the Liberty Tickets, and that instantly solves Black's problem in how to get his hands on them…

White wonders what kind of Pokemon Victini is, and Black puts on an excited tone as he reveals what he has found out from his research. Apparently, according to legends, a trainer who possesses Victini will always win in a match, and also receive a tremendous amount of energy from it. In fact, there were people in the past who believed these sayings and started wars to fight over the ownership of Victini. Black feels exhilarated after knowing these about Victini, and couldn't wait to meet it. He grins that he is so excited that he could yell, which is what he plans to do.


White covers her ears in agony, and cries that Black is yelling much louder than he usually does. She tells him to stop, as it may startle the other visitors, but then she looks around and realizes that there is no one else in the area. Thinking back, she recalls that there weren't any other passengers on board the ferry as well, and wonders why it is so. Black reveals that it is not surprising because the Liberty Garden Island is currently a prohibited zone, and White immediately jumps in astonishment at the news.

Black explains that it is what the residents of Liberty Garden Island said, according to the sailor on the ferry, probably related to something about the pier on the island falling apart and not suitable for docking. In fact, the sailors were reluctant to ferry them to the island, but Black insisted that they had an important research to do, and eventually persuaded them to sail as close to the island as possible. With that in mind, Black turns back to look at the pier which they docked at, and discovers that it isn't broken at all, something which he actually forgot to notice when they arrived.

Black thinks this is extremely weird, and finds this mystery even more intriguing than the investigation on Victini. He immediately get Musha to chomp on his head, and looks around the area with his hexagonal vision. Things gradually blank out into pure white, and something near the lighthouse slowly congregate into solid black in a patchy manner. However, amidst the solid black, a white V-shaped pattern suddenly shows up, drawing away all of Black's attention.

The boy pulls Musha off, and White wonders if he saw any hints. Black takes out a guidebook on Liberty Garden, and says he always does his homework before setting out. He has therefore read up something on Liberty Garden Island, and shows White that nearly all the brochures and leaflets include a photo of the island's lighthouse, which is its main tourist attraction. Having seen the lighthouse on photo so many times, something about the actual lighthouse just appears weird as soon as he saw it. Indeed, as White compares the actual lighthouse to the photos, the short building on its left seems to have gained an extra floor on its rooftop.

Black states that this discrepancy is something that he actually noticed before he blanked out his mind. What's puzzling him right now is what he saw when he mind was blanked out, which was a V-shaped pattern that momentarily flashed before his eyes. He wonders where in this garden the V-shape came from and what its true identity is. He has the hunch that something is just nearby, and rationalizes that the lighthouse looking off must be related to it.

With that, Black orders an Aerial Ace from Brav, and the Braviary flaps its wings to send a gust of wind towards the extra floor on the building next to the lighthouse. The stone wall of that part easily crumbles, and a voice comes on to say that Black certainly had keen eyes. As the smoke clears, three female Plasma Grunts step up to reveal themselves, a chubby lady leading in front whose face looks like a Russian doll, and two skinny ones behind her whose faces look like zombies, each accompanied by a Gothorita.

Black and White gasp that it is Team Plasma again, and the chubby Grunt compliments that Black is truly something. She says it is no wonder that he was capable of making Master Bronius of their Seven Sages so mad, and expresses her own anger that he has destroyed the secret base they built. Black can now see clearly that the extra floor on the building's rooftop is indeed recently added on, and notices that Team Plasma seems to have kept the residents on the island as hostages inside.

The chubby Grunt reveals that everyone on the island has fallen under Gothitelle's Hypnosis, and beckons over the psychic Pokemon, who has been hovering in the area all this time. She states in anger that she will be held responsible if their mission there fails, and vows to get back to Black for interfering. With that, the two Gothoritas send out a pulse of psychic energy towards Black, and instantly knock back Nite, Musha and Tula.

The chubby Grunt remarks that it is already impossible for anyone to escape the island, because Gothitelle has enveloped the entire area with its psychic powers. She grins that it is time to erase Black and his companions from existence, and tells the Gothoritas to continue attacking. Meanwhile, she orders Gothitelle to continue their quest in protecting Victini, and Black bolts up in surprise upon hearing that. He demands to know what she means by protecting it and where the Pokemon is, and his questions make the chubby Grunt confused. She recalls hearing him talk about a V-shaped pattern and how he did his homework beforehand, and is astonished that he still hasn't figured it out.

She reveals that the V-shape is no other than Victini, the mirage Pokemon, and says they have already liberated it from the basement of the lighthouse. However, the creature was reluctant to let them protect it, and has been fleeing from them for three days and three nights in a row. The chubby Grunt proves her point by gesturing to Gothitelle, who raises its arms to harness another wave of psychic power. Instantly, a faerie-like creature in yellow who has a red V-shaped crest on its head materializes in midair, and the chubby Grunt points towards it with a grin.

Black and White gasp in bewilderment upon seeing Victini, but notice that it seems to be in pain. The chubby Grunt explains that she has just asked Gothitelle to slow it down with its psychic power, but they have been chasing it in extremely high speed just minutes ago, which is why she thinks Black deserves a compliment to his wonderful vision for having spot it at that time.

Up in the air, Victini wears a look of agony as it pants to catch its breath, and Black hollers that they should stop chasing and hurting the Pokemon. The chubby Grunt remarks that it is not the case as she breaks into tears, and says they are simply trying to protect it from the many people out there who are fighting to gain its ownership.

Black orders Brav to attack Gothitelle, but the astral body Pokemon blinks away with an incredible speed, and Brav could hardly land a strike. With tears flowing from her eyes, the chubby Grunt asks if Black knows about the wars 200 years ago, and says the brutal fights did not stop until a wealthy man bought Liberty Garden Island and gave Victini a refuge at the basement of the lighthouse. Unfortunately, with the passing of the wealthy man, access to the island became unrestricted, and Victini's safety is once again under threat from people who seek to earn victory by its powers. She declares that Team Plasma shall be the ones to provide a refuge for Victini this time, and turns to the Pokemon in midair, assuring it that they mean no harm and urging it to let them protect it.

Hearing the Grunt's logic, Black gets furious and says it makes completely no sense that they are harming it now with an intention not to harm it, especially if Victini itself doesn't want their so-called protection. He watches as Brav continues to struggle in its aerial battle with Gothitelle, and finds it odd that the eagle is losing in speed, which is actually one of its strengths. The chubby Grunt reminds him that the whole island is currently enveloped in Gothitelle's psychic powers, which means it will have absolute dominance in the area. For that reason, it will only be a matter of time before Victini tires out, and at that moment, the victory Pokemon winces in pain, and starts to fall from its flight.

The chubby Grunt states that Victini must have reached its limit after three consecutive days of running, and tells Gothitelle to faint it with the gentlest attack. The astral boy Pokemon charges up a globe of psychic energy between its palms, and gets ready to fire as it aims at Victini.

Black sees that Brav is already running low in health, and wonders if it is possible for it to grab the brief moment that Gothitelle is attacking to retaliate. In the next split second, as Gothitelle unleashes its blast, Black orders Brav forward, but to everyone's surprise, instead of launching an attack, the eagle shields itself in front of Victini and the psychic hit. White gasps in shock that Black has chosen to protect Victini in the last instant, and the chubby Grunt calls Black a hypocrite, stating that the Braviary's sacrifice will mean nothing because Gothitelle can simply deliver another attack.

However, at that moment, Brav's eyes suddenly widen with a new-found strength in its body, and it unleashes an Aerial Ace which actually manages to strike Gothitelle. Black, White and the chubby Grunt are all astonished by the scene, and Black flips out his Pokedex to read that Victini is a Pokemon who creates an unlimited supply of energy in its body, and shares it with those with touch it. He realizes that the victory Pokemon must have just channeled this energy to Brav, and believes that it is time to fight back. Calling out to Brav, he orders a Brave Bird, and the giant eagle quickly slams Gothitelle to the ground with its powerful talons, fainting it with the hit.

The chubby Grunt cries out in horror, and states that Gothitelle's psychic power will start to dissipate. With Gothitelle's energy force weakening, Nite, Musha and Tula manage to defeat the two Gothoritas, and the residents on the island who have fallen victim to Gothitelle's Hypnosis are beginning to wake up. The chubby Grunt grunts that their plan is completely spoiled now, and scurries off with the two other Grunts to the shore where their speedboat is. Fleeing the scene, the Grunt swears vengeance and soon vanishes on the horizon.

Next to the lighthouse in midair, Brav spreads its wings to hover, and Victini clings onto its back with a grin on its face. Black thanks the victory Pokemon for helping them win, and tells it to stay careful and beware of Team Plasma from now on. Victini winks at him while doing a V-sign with its hand, and vanishes in a flash of light.

Later, Black contacts Aurea Juniper on his Xtransceiver, and tells her about their whole encounter with Victini. He states that the mirage Pokemon simply disappeared at the end, and isn't sure whether it went off somewhere or returned to the basement of the lighthouse. Juniper is intrigued by what the Team Plasma Grunt said about the fight over Victini 200 years ago, how a wealthy man provided refuge for it in the lighthouse, of course, the way Victini channels an unlimited amount of energy to those who touch it. She thanks Black for his work, and promises to contact him again soon.

After Black hangs up the call, White raises a query, and asks why he didn't think about capturing Victini to help him conquer the Pokemon League with its ability to ensure victory. Black grins that while he would have very much wanted to, he believes that he and his teammates must work hard to make themselves stronger first, as he doubts that Victini would open up and connect with him if he relies on its power right from the beginning. With that, Black and White get ready to leave the island, and head back to the pier.

As the sun slowly sets, the lighthouse stands tall in the center of the Liberty Garden Island. Outside its entrance erects a monument which describes the lighthouse as one which shines the light of freedom, and that only authorized personnel may enter.

Back at Juniper's Science Lab, Aurea feels content after reviewing the data of Victini which Black just sent her. She muses to herself that Black is really a remarkable trainer, and is truly amazed by how much he is able to accomplish. She recalls the time Cheren recommended Black to her as a candidate to set out on a journey with the Pokedex, and could vividly remember how zealous and desperate Cheren was. While she always thought that it was due to the close friendship between Cheren and Black, she now sees that Black no doubt possesses the right skills for the job.

A voice comes on to comment that a skilled trainer like that unfortunately often gets caught up in dangerous situations, and Aurea turns around to see that it is her father, Cedric Juniper. She is pleasantly surprised by his visit, and Cedric grins that he has come to lend her a hand in fixing the damaged Pokedexes, which makes Aurea extremely glad and elated.

Cedric states that he has overheard the conversation between Aurea and Black, and is particularly concerned about the involvement of Team Plasma in yet another evil business. Aurea remarks that the same organization ambushed Bianca in Castelia, and sighs that it is really an extremist group. Cedric ponders on the matter as he takes out a Pokeball which contains a Samurott, and thinks to himself that it has been nearly 1 year since the incident happened…

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480: VS Victini

Volume 46