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At the newly constructed Musical Theatre in Nimbasa City, the opening ceremony is about to begin. Standing in the spotlight on stage, the Announcer welcomes everyone to this new hall of entertainment, and commences the show as an Emolga hovers onto the runway with a Maractus, Petilil and Throh, all of them dressed up with various Props. The four begin dancing to the music, and the Announcer states that this first cool number is known as 'Stardom'.

A silhouette soon comes out from an opening on the stage, and the Announcer wants everyone to welcome their special guest, someone who has reached stardom herself in Unova's entertainment world, a brilliant model and idol, the shining beauty, Elesa. The crowd begins to cheer and roar with excitement as Elesa steps into the light to strike her signature pose, and her dedicated fans immediately start chanting her name in unison.

The young woman greets the audience, and reaches out her hand to the Emolga that is performing. She reveals to the crowd that the marvelous Pokemon who just led 'Stardom' is her very own, and the electric squirrel takes off its mask to show its face with a grin. Elesa states that Emolga took part in the show to let everyone know what the Pokemon Musical is about, and elaborates that there are altogether four different numbers, each having a unique theme. One must dress up their Pokemon with matching Props, which she thinks is also part of the fun. Currently, her Emolga is equipped with the Pirate Hat, White Domino Mask, Striped Tie, and Red Parasol, but these are only a few examples of the 100 types of Props.

The young woman remarks that every Pokemon in the audience may become the star on the stage in the coming day, and urges everything to give Pokemon Musical a try and let their Pokemon shine in great styling. The Announcer steps up to thank Elesa, and introduces the next number, the cute 'Forest Stroll'. As Elesa bids the crowd goodbye with a blow kiss, a Panpour, Patrat and Pidove come on stage and start dancing to the tune.

Elesa returns to the backstage, where the staff greets her warmly, and she wonders what White thinks of her performance. The girl beams that it was impeccable, and says Elesa's explanation was right on the spot, not only capturing the audience but also making the stage dazzling. The young woman grins that White is too kind, and attributes it all to her perfect casting and script. White thanks Elesa for the compliment, and at that moment, the Mayor walks up to them.

The man feels glad that the show is going well, and the only thing left to do is to distribute the Prop Cases to the audience before the ceremony ends. However, he states that he is actually a little doubtful as to whether people will really start participating the next day, and White assures him that they will. She explains that each Prop Case will contain some basic Props, and after watching the show today, she is sure that everyone who love their Pokemon will want to try dressing them up, and as soon as they see the fun in it, they will decide to take part in the Musical.

The Mayor feels relieved after White's explanation, and Black is amazed that his president also thought about these details. Elesa grins that it is why she thinks the girl is a top class producer, and tells Black that it is time for them to go. Black wonders what she means, and Elesa hopes that Black hasn't forgotten she is the Nimbasa Gymleader. Black's face immediately lights up as he realizes that Elesa is offering him a Gym challenge, and knows that it is his turn to fulfill his dreams now that White is living out hers.

However, in that instant, White receives the shocking news from some of the staff that the Prop Cases may not been delivered in time. The staff in charge explains that although the 200 pieces are supposed to arrive before the end of the show, the Driftveil Drawbridge has been raised since that morning for some reason, and the truck that is carrying the Prop Cases is still stuck in traffic.

White quickly takes out the map to see if there are alternative routes, but the staff says the drawbridge is the only land route, while the sea route is way too far and the water route is not accessible by ships. Another staff relents that even if they count on Pokemon who could use Fly and Surf, it will not be possible to transport all 200 pieces.

The Mayor steps up to suggest they forget the Prop Cases, since the audience did not know about them and basically came to watch the show only. He thinks they could afford to distribute the goods later, but White states that it wouldn't do, because they can't simply focus on the success of the opening ceremony and must ensure that the event hall will start to fill with participants the next day. The Mayor realizes that she is right and gets into an anxiety mode, and White wonders what she should do now that there is also 30 minutes left before the show ends.

Black decides to help by calling upon Musha to munch on his head, but Elesa suddenly drags him away, and Musha crashes face-down on the floor. Black wants to know what she is doing, and the Nimbasa Gymleader remarks that outsiders would only get in the way at such troubled times. Black protests that his president may need help, but Elesa says if White cannot solve this, this will be as far as she could ever go. Black realizes that Elesa is right, and silently wishes White good luck as he leaves the room with the Nimbasa Gymleader.

Taking out her laptop, White tries her best to search online for possible solutions, and soon finds something which may be helpful. She asks the staff if it is feasible, but the staff, after taking a look at the screen, sighs that they have dropped the option because it would make them go over the budget. The Mayor checks on what they are talking about, and agrees that the delivery may still not make it in time anyway, but as soon as he sees White trembling with anger, he knows that it is better to keep silent.

The girl breaks into a fury, and cries that if they are going to be stingy now, the expenses on this extravagant theatre hall will go to waste. The Mayor thinks White is a genius to reach that conclusion, and White barks that if money is really an issue, the BW Agency will cover the cost. Wasting no time, she makes the call via her Xtransceiver, and tells the delivery company that they have an ultra urgent request to make.

A while later, on stage outside, the final number comes to an end. The curtain is gradually drawn together, and the Announcer thanks the audience once again for attending their opening ceremony. He concludes the performance of the day, and states that the ones watching will be the stars on stage the next day. With that, he vanishes behind the curtain, but the room remains in darkness. The crowd starts to wonder if there is some technical problem going on with the lights, but the curtain suddenly stirs again, and White emerges on stage.

Holding a Prop Case in hand, she apologizes for making everyone wait, and announces that every guest will receive a gift of appreciation today, which is a container to keep the Props used to dress up one's Pokemon. She steals a look at the staff behind the curtain, but the staff signals that the delivery still hasn't arrived, and she makes a quick decision. She requests that all guests exit the hall on the right side, and wants them to line up to receive the Prop Cases, which will all be identical.

The visitors get into queue as they are instructed while White goes outside to wait for their delivery, but after a while, the crowd starts to get unsettle and request to know why they have to wait for so long. The staff tells White that they won't be able to keep the guests in much longer, and in that instant, the sound of engines fill the area.

White beams with relief as she looks up into the sky, and sees a cargo plane hover above, bearing the logo 'Mistralton Cargo Services'. White tells the visitors to form a circle on the square outside the Musical Theatre, and the cargo plane soon drops the large parcel it is carrying by detaching its hinge strap. A parachute opens up as soon as the parcel begins to fall, and lands it safely right in the center of the square. The plane then does a flip in the air, and by expelling a special gas, skywrites the line 'Let's enjoy the Pokemon Musical'. Inside the plane, the Mistralton Gymleader Skyla, who is accompanied by her Swoobat, signals to White by putting up her thumb, and proceeds to drive off, having made her delivery successfully.

And so, every guest who attended the Pokemon Musical's opening ceremony receives a Prop Case, and nearly everyone opens theirs immediately to start dressing up their Pokemon. As the crowd disperses, they talk about how fabulous the air show was at the end, and almost all of them decide to come back and participate the next day.

Hearing all the positive comments, White and all the staff are grateful that their project was a success, and the girl feels her eyes welling up with tears. She encourages everyone to continue doing their best when the Musical opens to the public officially the next day, and all the staff believe that White should really let herself rest since she has been staying up all night. They tell the girl not to worry as they will handle the rest, and promise by the time she wakes up, they will all celebrate with a big party.

White makes no attempt to protest as she is truly exhausted, and picks up Gigi into her arms as she excuses herself from the group. She makes her way back towards her hotel on wobbly feet, and suddenly bumps into someone in front. She apologizes for not looking, and the young man she bumped into believes that she should take a seat since she is so tired. Not really aware of whom the young man is, White simply thanks him, and is placed on some kind of chair as Gigi widens her eyes in horror.

At that moment, White finds her seat moving, and only then realizes that she is inside a cart of the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel. However, what truly shocks her is that the young man whom she has bumped into, currently inside the cabin with her, is the green-haired trainer N she encountered at Accumula. The young man slams his palms onto the side windows of the cart, and towers over her and Gigi with a Servine…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

483: VS Emolga

Volume 46