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In the control room of the Nimbasa Gym, Elesa checks on the computer system which runs the Gym's rollercoaster carts, and is surprised that it has been switched from auto mode to manual mode. She wonders who the culprit could be, and wonders if she should separate the control systems of the Gym and the amusement park. Behind her, a young boy with two red spots on his forehead spies through the opened door, and the Nimbasa Gymleader soon senses the pair of watching eyes on her. She quickly bolts around, but sees no one. She goes to check outside with Emolga, but as soon as she leaves the room and turns her back to the doorway, the young boy who has been hiding creeps in stealthily. After a few seconds, he makes his exit again, revealing its true identity as Zorua as it departs. The little fox wears a grin as it hops off, and gazes up towards the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel, which is slowly spinning in motion.

On the cabin which White is trapped with N, White is startled by the presence of N, and curls up into her seat with Gigi, while N sits across her in silence, spinning the small piece of cube that he carries around with him. N remarks that the sudden thunderstorm a moment ago was a sign of the single-horned being passing by, and says it was a demonstration of Pokemon's anger, their anger towards humans. White steals a glance out of the window, and knows it will be difficult to escape at such a height. She then spots a few silhouettes at the bottom of the Ferris Wheel, and soon sees that it is a group of Team Plasma Grunts, which includes the guy with the Maractus whom she sent to the police.

The black spherical pendant on N's neck suddenly beeps, and N answers to finds the Grunts below calling, asking about his safety. He assures them that he is alright, and tells them to depart. Hanging up the call, he remarks that with White trapped inside the cabin, the Grunt she delivered to the police can now walk away without concern.

White barks that it means N is really affiliated with Team Plasma, but N says she is slightly mistaken. He reveals that he is actually the King of Team Plasma, and his words cause White to widen her eyes in bewilderment. N says as King of the organization, it is his duty to save Pokemon, and in order to do that, he must also save the people who collect Pokemon. Hearing the remark, White finds it familiar, and N believes that Ghetsis must have said similar things.

The young man then voices out his fondness of the Ferris Wheel, and says its peaceful circular motion is the result of mechanics and collection of elegant formulae. He wonders if White understands what is saying, and White admits that she doesn't. In fact, not only about the Ferris Wheel, but also about Team Plasma's goal in Pokemon liberation, and what he is trying to do to her.

N ponders for a moment, and says that perhaps he is the one who doesn't understand after all, which is why he has kept watch on her, trying to understand. White gets more confused by N's words, and the young man acknowledges White's contribution in planning the opening ceremony of the Pokemon Musical. He remarks that he has unfortunately failed to understand after watching the whole thing, and wishes to ask about it in person.

Without warning, N reaches out to take Gigi's foreleg, and comments on how much it seemed to enjoy performing. His action causes both White and Gigi jump in terror, and White demands him to lay off Gigi. She tries to pull Gigi away, but Servine smacks her hand off with its tail, keeping her at bay. N caresses the face of Gigi, making it tremble with fear, and remarks that the Pokemon Musical is currently the equation he finds most difficult to solve. He finds it hard to understand why people are so fervent about the event, why Pokemon are fine with acting for humans, and on top of all, why Pokemon could be turned into exhibits.

He really wishes to solve this equation, and asks why White decided to join the entertainment business. After a moment of thought, White decides that she will explain it to N until he understands, and recalls the time during her childhood when she attended a musical, one which only involved humans.

At one point during the show, a Cubchoo climbed onto stage. She wasn't sure if the Pokemon belonged to an audience or was part of the cast, but the Pokemon started singing and dancing along with the actors and actresses on stage. At first, she thought it would cause trouble to the stage play, but its eagerness in dancing captured the audience, and the cast decide to include it in their performance without interrupting the show. At that time, it occurred to her that there are Pokemon who desire to express themselves, and they become happy when they are given the chance to do so. She could vividly remember the happiness on the Cubchoo's face when it danced, and the look of satisfaction on its face when it got off the stage. Since then, it has been her dream to give this kind of satisfaction to different Pokemon, and to show them to as many people as she can.

White believes N must think that the entertainment business simply brings joy to humans and Pokemon suffer from that. However, she points out that there are actually Pokemon who love to be in the spotlight on stage, and challenges N to refute her claim.

N remarks that White is not incorrect, however, much to the girl's surprise, since he agrees that like humans are different from one another, some run quickly, some draw beautifully, Pokemon are just the same. There are Pokemon who love to sing, some who love to dance, and some who enjoy being on television. The problem is, that is only one aspect of them. When one prioritizes one aspect of a Pokemon, all of its other natural traits and abilities become suppressed.

N states that battling is an instinct of Pokemon, since they grow and evolve through battling depending on their species, and it is wrong for humans to take away their pride by controlling this. He lifts Gigi up with his hands, and wonders if it really doesn't have an interest in battling like it does in singing and dancing. He reminds it of Tep, its male Tepig friend, and wants to know what it was really thinking when it saw it evolve and became stronger. He doubts it very much that it doesn't want to experience the thrill of unleashing an attack and winning a battle with it.

Suddenly, Servine whips its tail around Gigi's body, and starts to squeeze it with a Wrap. White cries out in horror, and states that Gigi could not battle. However, N says it isn't that the little Tepig could not battle, but it was White who would not allow it to battle. White demands to know why as someone who preaches the liberation of Pokemon, he is hurting a Pokemon who has no desires in battling, which she thinks is completely against the motto of Team Plasma. N challenges her claim that Gigi has no desires in battling, and says it means she could not hear the voice of her Pokemon. In fact, what's worse is that she is covering her ears to it. He states that it isn't a sin to create the Pokemon Musical, and it is definitely a sin not to hear the voices of Pokemon.

Gigi's eyes well up in tears of pain as Servine tightens its grip, and then, to White's utter shock, Gigi puts on an angry look, and fires an Ember from her snout, which hits Servine directly and sends it crashing against the floor of the cabin. Gigi holds up its fist with a victorious grin, and White is left speechless while N compliments the little Tepig for delivering such a splendid attack, its very first attack in fact. From the damage it deals on Servine, he can see that it possesses great powers, and can even foresee it beating the Champion someday.

White watches the look of satisfaction on Gigi's face, and starts to get overwhelmed by the notion that she has really neglected its true wants all this time. N's sin accusation rings over and over again in her head, and she knows that she cannot stay there much longer. She slides the cart's door open, and tells Gigi that they will still be alright if they jump off at the current height. She reaches out her hand to Gigi and beckons it over. However, to her utter shock, Gigi hesitates for a moment, and hops towards N instead. White gaps her mouth wide open in disbelief, and her hand lets go of the rim of the door, causing her to fall out from the cart, landing with a thump on the grassland below.

N picks Gigi up into his arms, and states that there are so many Pokemon in the world whose voices he must hear. To do that, he must surpass the Champion, because only when he becomes someone invincible that all the trainers will liberate their Pokemon. By then, he will know what is correct, from the voices he hear, from the future he sees.

With that, N motions to Servine, and the grass snake hops off the cart onto the grassland. It stands silently next to White, who is clearly traumatized by what just happened. Wearing a blank look on her face, White starts to cry, and keeps muttering the name of Gigi, and of what N said about it surpassing and beating the Champion someday.

Meanwhile, out in the open seas, a burly man with bright red flame-like hair surfs on his Bouffalant, and continues on his way towards Nimbasa City…

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485: VS Servine

Volume 46