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Night has fallen in Nimbasa City. On the evening streets which are clearly emptier compared with daytime, Black starts to get worried as he continues to call out for White. For the past few hours, he has been trying to find his president, but to no avail. Brav and Nite return from their search, but have unfortunately failed to locate the girl either.

Black wonders where she could have gone to, and in that instant, Tula tugs at him. He looks up to see a silhouette coming near from the direction of the amusement park, and as the person gets closer, he sees that it is a muscular man with skinned head. What shocks him is that the man is carrying no other than White on his shoulders, and the girl has apparently passed out.

Black feels a surge of rage burning inside him, and demands to know what the man as done to his president. He quickly orders his Pokemon forward, but the man calmly sends out a Sawk and Throh, the former striking Brav down with a Retaliate, and the latter hurling Nite off its feet with a Storm Throw. Tula widens its eyes in shock at the man's strength, unable to advance further, and Black shocked by how easily his Pokemon were taken out.

The man tells Black not to worry as he only dealt little damage, and says it is a punishment for his lack of manners, something he which deems very important. Black suddenly finds the man strikingly familiar, and soon realizes that he is no other than Marshal of the Elite 4. He bolts in surprise and wonders what he is doing with White, and Marshal only then understands that Black is an acquaintance of the girl.

Marshal states that there is clearly some misunderstanding which made Black forget his manners, and reveals that the found the girl unconscious below the Ferris Wheel. Although she doesn't seem to be hurt, she has been in a coma since he found her. He believes that Black should take over since White is his friend, and hands the girl over to him. He suggests him to take her to a hospital immediately, and excuses himself since there is someone he has to meet.

Black bows in apology for attacking senselessly as he watches the man walk away, and suddenly notices a Servine nearby. He calls out to Marshal to ask about it, but the man says he thought it was the girl's Pokemon since it was beside her when he arrived. Black puts on a quizzical look at he gazes upon Servine, but decides that his priority is to get White to the hospital.

Later, on the western shore of Nimbasa, Marshal crosses his arms and waits patiently. He soon sees the arrival of the person he has been waiting for, and bows to greet him as his mentor. Sporting flaming red hair and a necklace made of six Pokeballs, the burly man climbs off his Bouffalant, and greets his disciple with a grin, glad to see him again.

The next morning, at the nearby hospital on Route 5, White remains unconscious while Black sits to accompany her at the bedside. With tears at the corners of the eyes, the girl mutters something involving Gigi and the Champion, and Black sighs that she has been saying the same things for the whole night. He has discovered by now that Gigi is gone for some reason, and Nite sulks with a sad face as it acknowledges the fact. Black wonders what is causing the girl to cry so hard, and really wishes to know what has happened. Behind him, Servine stands on the other side of the curtain, and silently keeps watch.

A while later, Black feels Nite shaking him, and hears White's weak voice calling out to him. Apparently, he has dozed off on the chair, and he immediately beams with joy and relief when he sees that White has finally come around. However, in that instant, Servine emerges from behind the curtain, and upon catching a glimpse of it, White starts to scream in horror.

Black gets terrified as he doesn't know what is going on, and quickly calls for the medical staff. The doctor and nurses arrive, and after reassessing White, assure Black that she has only some minor physical injuries and her brain signals are normal. However, she has clearly suffered some kind of major mental trauma, and in order to safe, they suggest her stay for one more night in the hospital.

Black thanks them as he is glad that at least White's physical injuries are not too bad. He sees the look of sadness on the girl's face, and wonders if she would like to talk about what happened. White wishes to have the conversation outdoors, and Black accompanies her to the grassland outside, where various performers have gathered to share their talent with others.

White slowly tells Black the entire story, and Black is astonished that she has encountered N. She remarks that the young man called himself the King of Team Plasma, and Black wonders if he snatched Gigi from her or liberated it as their organization always preaches. White reveals that neither of those was the case, but it was Gigi itself who chose to follow N. Black believes that whatever happened doesn't really make a difference, because Team Plasma's twisted logic is the blame anyway.

He recalls how they ambushed him on the way to the Dreamyard on Route 3, how they stole the dragon skeleton from the Nacrene Museum, how the kidnapped all the Pokemon in Castelia, how the hurt the mirage Pokemon on Liberty Garden Island, and concludes that they are simply doing evil things with nice excuses. He grunts that he will not forgive them this time, and at that moment, notices that the Servine has tagged along.

He wonders what it is doing there, and White explains that it was the Pokemon N brought with him in the Ferris Wheel cart. She has no idea why it is following her, and Black rationalizes that it must be a spy, monitoring their actions so as to prevent them from interfering with Team Plasma's plans. He walks up to Servine, and angrily demands it to show him where N's hideout is. However, the grass snake puts on an arrogant look and ignores him, and Black instantly fumes with rage. He orders Nite to attack, but Servine remains calm, and adeptly uses its tail to trip the Pignite over.

Black hollers that it is mocking them, and states that he must find a way to locate N. He motions to Musha to help clear his mind, but before the pink blob could clamp on his head, he suddenly gets a thought and turns around, causing Musha to crash into Nite instead. Black recalls that it was Marshal who rescued White, and believes that the man must know something. He beats himself up for not asking more questions when he had the chance, and in that instant, a Baker shows up and says he will get hungry by yelling like that.

The woman, named Chris, holds up a pan of freshly baked buns, and offers it to Black. The boy realizes that he is indeed hungry since he hasn't eaten anything the entire night, and thanks the Baker as he picks up a bun to take a bite. Immediately, he is captivated by its superb taste, and wears a look of content on his face.

Baker Chris walks up to White with her Shelmet, and is glad that she has met a celebrity. She flips out a pamphlet of the Pokemon Musical, which has White's biography on it, and says she was also there at the opening ceremony. She thinks that White is really extraordinary for having come up with such a great idea, and requests an autograph.

Black bolts to his feet and attempts to stop her, fearing that it will stir up White's bad memories, but the Baker keeps babbling, and says how her trailer works as a mobile bakery. She remarks that while she is usually stationed at Village Bridge, she moves around whenever she hears something interesting. Black shouts that she has to stop and leave them alone now, but Chris wonders if it is really what Black wants.

Black is confused as to she means, and Chris states that she has learnt a lot of information through moving around and talking to various customers, for instance, why Marshal has come to the city, whom he is meeting, and where he went for the entire night. Black gets intrigued by her words, and Chris wants to know if White spoke out her idea for the Musical in a meeting themed at Pokemon entertainment. White responds with a nod, and Chris reveals that there was actually another meeting going on at the same time, which was to promote Pokemon battling. She explains that Nimbasa is the center of entertainment, and anything that generates income will receive priority.

Black asks if she is implying that Marshal and the person he is meeting are both involved in this Pokemon battling promotion scheme, and Chris laughs that he has made the right guess. With that, she decides to show them in person, and tosses Black and White into her trailer, speeding off to the new facility built for this project, which in fact, is just about to open.

Later, back in Nimbasa City, Baker Chris stops her trailer in front of a building called the Gear Station. She escorts Black and White inside, and the two see that it is actually a station for underground subway trains.

At that moment, something catches Black's attention in one of the trains, and he looks over to see that Marshal is about to fight a man with flaming red hair inside the cabin…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

486: VS Throh & Sawk

Volume 46