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In an underground tunnel, a metro train speeds along its railway, and continues to head west from Nimbasa City to Anville Town. Despite its ordinary external appearance, it is actually not just a simple underground train. Using a complex computer system which keeps track of the Pokemon battles on board, it is in fact a moving battle facility known as the Battle Subway.

Currently, it is on its trial run, and in one of the cabins, White, the President of the BW Agency, is helping the development team try out the system by fighting against virtual trainers who use real Pokemon. For personal reasons, she is also utilizing the opportunity to train herself and learn more about Pokemon battling.

The Subway Bosses, Ingo and Emmet, who constantly wear a forced-smile kind of expression on their faces, announce the start of the first round, and a virtual Youngster proceeds to send out an Axew. White calls forward her Deerling, whom she nicknamed Jessica, and orders it to attack. However, Axew unleashes a Dragon Rage, and knocks out the flower deer in one hit. White lets out a cry as she rushes to check on Jessica, and the Subway Bosses declare that the challenger has lost once again, which keeps her streak of wins at zero.

White picks Jessica up into her arms, and feels upset about her repeated failure. She remarks that Pokemon battling is harsher than she thought, and wonders how she is ever going to master it. Ingo and Emmet, who reintroduce themselves to the girl since she keeps calling them captains only, tell her not to worry, since learning takes time. They state that the Subway is on its trial run before its official release to the public, and it is essential that they simulate every possible scenario on board. Ingo, accompanied by his Klinklang, remarks that it is the reason they are closely monitoring White's progress, and Emmet, who owns a Durant, comments that so far, this trainer under monitoring seems to feel defeated by not having won even once.

Emmet's words cause White to cringe and sweatdrop, and Ingo states that Emmet has been impolite. The white-attired Subway Boss ignores the remark, and simply grins with staring eyes that he loves battling a lot. He then marches up towards White in a robot-like manner, frightening the girl, and urges her to learn double-battles quickly so that he may battle her at her 20nd consecutive win.

Ingo mechanically walks up to pull Emmet away by the collar, and states that they are about to arrive at a train stop. He informs White that Emmet and himself will return to the control cabin for a while, and tells her to take a rest after healing her Pokemon at the HP restoration machine at the corner. The two men then disappear through the sliding door leading to the control room, and White sweatdrops that they are both extremely weird people who behave like robots. However, if her ultimate task is to battle them, it seems that she still as a long way to go.

The Battle Subway soon comes to a halt upon arrival at a station, and White takes a seat after restoring her Pokemon's health. She thinks to herself that although the Subway Bosses said not to worry, it still seems pretty bad that she couldn't even win a single battle. She feels a sense of defeat, and sends out the three Pokemon she currently has from their Pokeballs: Jessica, a recently caught rookie; Brav, which is borrowed from Black but is slightly too powerful for her to use; and the mysterious Servine, whose real intentions she still has no clue about.

On a deeper thought, White believes that she shouldn't be too hard on herself since she is a rookie just like Jessica, and takes the forelegs of the flower deer into her hands for a loving squeeze. She states that they should treasure this rare chance to have unlimited computer-generated virtual opponents to practice against, and decides to do things step by step.

At that moment, the Subway resumes moving, and soon after it leaves the station, it exits the dark tunnel and continues on an outdoor railway which runs between two ample fields of crops. White gasps that the underground train has gone above ground, and grins to Jessica that it feels surprisingly good to see the sunlight again.

Suddenly, a voice comes on to mutter about something, and White looks over in astonishment to see a young lady with short hair sitting at the other end of the cabin. The lady wears glasses, and appears to be writing something into a notebook with a ball-pen. Bewildered, White wonders to herself who she is, and since when she has been there.

'The tiny but strong Pokémon looked up at its Trainer and saw the seeds of doubt taking root as together they faced their toughest opponent yet. This world doesn't exist just for you. And I'll tell you why… and I'll tell you why… hmm'

The young lady, who is named Shauntal, appears to be stuck in whatever she is doing, and in that instant, locks eyes with White, who is staring at her with uncertainty. The lady immediately squeals that she has been heard, and turns her back to White, exclaiming that it is extremely embarrassing. White wears a sweatdrop on her head, and tries to assure her that it is alright. Shauntal tries to explain that she was just reading out part of a novel that she is writing, and all of a sudden turns around to face White with starry eyes, wanting to know what she thinks of it.

White stutters in her response, and states that the more important question is who Shauntal is, and what she is doing on the train. As far as she knows, Battle Subway is only on its trial run, and there isn't supposed to be anyone else on board apart from the Subway Bosses and herself. Shauntal reveals with a grin that she has snuck onto the train when it stopped at the previous station, and starts swinging White's arms up and down excitedly, stating that she has come for inspiration.

White gets slightly taken aback by Shauntal's eccentric behavior, and doesn't really comprehend what she means by inspiration. Shauntal explains that she is a novelist, and swoons about her love for stories that can move the hearts of different Pokemon and trainers. She states that she has gone far off to distant regions for inspiration, and shows White a memo-book which has notes about a man named Volkner who is an expert in electric type Pokemon. White sees that Shauntal even has a photo of the man, although it is clear from the shot that the young lady forced it upon him.

Shauntal remarks that White should soon be able to read about Volkner's story as it is already in print, but feels embarrassed as she advertises her own work. White, on the other hand, is more concerned about what she should do, and whether or not Ingo and Emmet should be notified of Shauntal's presence.

Suddenly, lightning flashes outside, which is followed by an explosive thunder crash. The Battle Subway screeches to a halt without warning, and White is thrown off her feet with Jessica. Climbing back to her knees, the girl wonders what is going on, and looks out of the window to see that a thunderstorm has all of a sudden begun. Dark clouds fill the sky as bolts of lightning dance across, and heavy rain starts to pour, which whips fiercely at the train as well as the crops around.

Although one would usually find the scene frightful, Shauntal is bizarrely excited. The young lady exclaims that the inspiration she has come for has finally appeared, and to White's horror, starts pulling the slide door open, which causes rain to pour in immediately. White rushes over to stop her, but is quickly astonished by what she sees through the open door.

Hovering about the crop-field are two genie-like creatures who both stay afloat on a cloud, a blue one with one horn and a cable-like tail that is lined with grenades-shaped structures; and a green two-horned one who has a purple tail with yellow swirls on it. Apparently, the two Pokemon are engaged in a battle, and the two-horned genie proceeds to hurl out a tornado forward. The on-horned one retaliates with an electric bolt, and the clash of the attacks ends up diverting the blast towards White.

Fortunately, Servine yanks White away just in time with its vines, and the girl lets out a scream as the lightning bolt narrowly misses her. She cries out for Ingo and Emmet, and wonders if they know that two powerful Pokemon are fighting outside. However, in the captain's cabin, the two Subway Bosses simply think that the lightning has caused the train's automatic safety system to halt its run due to possible danger from travelling in a storm, and even make an announcement via the train's broadcast system, telling the passengers on board, who is essentially White only, that the metro will resume moving once the weather improves.

White is annoyed that the two men are clearly oblivious to what is really going on, and wonders what she should do. Just then, she notices that Shauntal is no longer in the cabin, and jumps with surprise when she finds her standing out in the open on the field watching the two Pokemon fight. She hurries out to warn the novelist of the danger, but the young lady is simply fascinated by what she is seeing, and exclaims that it is a truly remarkable scene when cyclone clashes and fights with lighting. She starts jumping and squealing that it looks even better than she imagined, and White knows that the young lady is not going to hear a word she says.

The girl looks around, and worries that if the ferocious fight goes on, both the metro and the crops in the fields will be wrecked and destroyed. She steals a glance at Jessica, Brav and Servine, and doubts if she has to capacity to stop this. After a moment of thought, she rationalizes that even if she couldn't defeat the two Pokemon, she should at least try to do something, and might be able to get them to leave.

With that, White orders a Leech Seed from Jessica, who shoots out a barrage of seeds onto the two genies. Unfortunately, the two hardly even notice the attack, and both White and Jessica sulk with disappointment. The girl watches as the two powerful forces continue to lash out at each other, and suddenly finds the scene similar to some old folklore she read when she was little. On that thought, she recalls that she actually had a conversion with Black pertaining to this before they parted ways.

Back then, Black mentioned about having possibly met a Pokemon that was described in an old folklore. Following his Gym challenge with Elesa, the rollercoaster car he was stuck had a glitch, and sent him spiraling on a portion of the railway which was outdoors. A heavy downpour was going on at that time, and in the brief moment that he was in the rain, he encountered a one-horned genie-like Pokemon who fried him with a lightning bolt. According to Elesa, it was probably a legendary Pokemon of Unova, Thundurus.

White tries to think back on what Black learnt from Elesa about the folklore, and soon remembers that Thundurus is supposed to have a counterpart called Tornadus. At that moment, Shauntal chimes in, having overheard White's self-muttering, and voices her surprise that White knows about the genies as well. She confirms that the one-horned one is Thundurus, while the two-horned one is Tornadus, and that one must be alert to the weather when the two appear. White listens with astonishment, and Shauntal explains that the two flyers are both strongly influential to the weather. In fact, one can track their whereabouts by looking at weather forecast on the electronic bulletin board at the gates, and it so happens that this day, she learnt from the bulletin boards that both Pokemon will meet right at this location.

Shauntal states that both Thundurus and Tornadus roam freely in Unova, and seldom spend more than 5 minutes at one single location. Therefore, it is extremely rare that both Pokemon would collide at the same spot, which is almost like a moment of miracle. The young lady gets amused by her own quote, and decides to write it down in her memo-book, which causes White to sweatdrop. Shauntal then agrees with White that they must put a stop to the two Pokemon before all the crop-fields are wrecked, and sends out a female Jellicent from her Pokeball.

White is thrilled that Shauntal has decided to help, and the young lady rides on top of Jellicent as she orders it to generate an Energy Ball and Shadow Ball simultaneously. The giant jellyfish charges a green globe of energy in its left tentacle and a black one in its right tentacle, and hurls them out, which both explode right in the faces of Tornadus and Thundurus.

To White's shock, the attacks barely scratch the genies, but end up further infuriating them instead. The two lock arms with each other, and start to wrestle while whipping up powerful tornados and lightning bolts with their tails. The combined storm nearly throws White off her feet, and she cries that the genies' fight has intensified.

She sees that Shauntal has stopped attacking with a calm look, and gets the feeling she isn't really trying to defeat the two Pokemon. Shauntal confirms her suspicion that it is not her intention to beat them. In fact, she isn't aiming to capture them or chase them away either, since neither of those can be accomplished. She remarks that in order to deal with Thundurus and Tornadus, who are both extremely powerful legendary Pokemon, discipline is the only way.

White gets confused by Shauntal's words, and in that instant, a light suddenly shines through the dark clouds and causes them to disperse. Shauntal cries that it has come, and in a matter a seconds, the entire storm disappears, and a similar looking orange cloud-riding genie, who has three horns and a tail that resembles a thick tree branch, materializes in the sky. Its appearance startles Thundurus and Tornadus, and the two immediately stop fighting.

White exclaims in bewilderment that there is a third genie, and Shauntal explains that it is Landorus, who is said to appear whenever the storm caused by Thundurus and Tornadus start to crops and fields. She grins that she plans to base her next novel on these three Pokemon, which is why she has come to witness them in action.

At that moment, Landorus swoops down to seize both Thundurus and Tornadus by the back of their necks, and despite their protest, begins pulling them back up into the clouds. In a flash, the three vanish from sight, and White is amazed that the lightning storm and hurricane have both ceased immediately.

She runs over to join Shauntal, but notices a look of concern on her face. She asks the novelist if everything is alright, and the young lady grins that she should stop calling her that. She formally introduces herself as Shauntal, and upon hearing the name, White finds it extremely familiar. She soon recalls that Black mentions the name in his daily routine declaration, and gasps in surprise that she is actually Shauntal of the Elite 4. The young lady grins with embarrassment that she has been recognized, and White believes that Black would be so excited if he was there.

White then queries if Shauntal actually came help summon Landorus because she knew the clash between Thundurus and Tornadus would be disastrous, but Shauntal immediately denies, and blushes as she squeals that she isn't that heroic. She gives White a friendly push as she tries to hide her embarrassment, but ends up knocking the girl off her feet.

Just then, Ingo and Emmet announce via the broadcast system that the Battle Subway shall resume its course now that the skies have cleared, and Servine picks White up with its vines to bring her back into the cabin. Shauntal puts her collar ribbon back on, and wears a look of worry on her face again as she steps back on the train.

When Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus returned to the skies, the black clouds vanished with them as the sunlight shone through. However, in the split second that the three genies disappeared, she saw a silhouette hiding in the field toss out three Pokeballs, which trapped and captured them. Shauntal leans against the window as she looks out into the field, and couldn't help but worry if it will foreshadow something ominous

In the Subway's captain cabin, Ingo and Emmet are getting ready to start the train again.

Ingo: Now, Emmet, if you have something to add, please.
Emmet: Follow the rules. Safe driving! Follow the schedule. Everybody smile! Check safety. Everything's ready! Aim for Anville! All aboard!!

With that, the Battle Subway resumes its course towards Anville Town…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

490: VS Thundurus & Tornadus

Volume 47