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At Café Sonata, White's Stunfisk, Dorothy, continues its fight with the wild Vullaby. White notices that Bianca has picked up the guitar, and wonders what she is doing. Bianca replies that it is the Guitarist's dream to play a song with Meloetta, and although this day has finally arrived, his hand injury made it impossible for him to do so, which is why she is trying to perform in place of him. The Guitarist states that he doesn't know whether he will get another chance, which is why although he couldn't play, he will be content enough to hear it happen. Bianca remarks that although she cannot play as skillfully as the Guitarist, she will give her best.

The girl looks at the music sheets she was given, titled Relic Song, and sees that the pages are quite old and worn out. The Guitarist explains that they were passed down with great importance to him from his mother, who told him to play the song with Meloetta if he meets it someday. His mother also said that when sorrow darkened the world, Meloetta lost the melody, and it is because of his mother's words that he has chosen to become a Guitarist. Bianca understands that by playing the song, she is also fulfilling the dreams of the Guitarist's mother, and promises to give her best.

With that, she begins to strike a chord, but it instantly catches Vullaby's attention and the wild bird begins to charge at her. Fortunately, Dorothy cuts in to zap Vullaby with electricity and sends it tumbling backwards. Bianca sees the underside of Vullaby, which resembles a broken skull, and immediately feels a chill running down her spine. She stammers that she may not be strong enough after all, but White voices out her encouragement. She reminds her that she is helping the Guitarist fulfill his dream, and should not let Vullaby interfere with that. White sends out Unibo and Nancy to help out Dorothy, and Bianca gets a renewed sense of determination after hearing White's words. She strikes at the chords again, and soon builds up the melody. The Guitarist beams in joy that she is doing it right, and soon, White notices that Meloetta is starting to react and wiggle at the tune.

Vullaby brutally kicks away Dorothy, Nancy and Unibo, and attempts to dive at Bianca again. However, Nancy throws itself in between to block its advance, an Bianca is allowed to concentrate on her playing. White is glad that Bianca seems to be getting the hang of the song now, and can tell that both the melody and rhythm are starting to get smooth. Just then, Meloetta starts to hum to the music, and the Guitarist gasps that it has remembered the melody to the Relic Song.

On Vullaby's side, it has slammed down all three of White's Pokemon, and once again targets Meloetta. However, this time, Meloetta has nothing to fear, and belts out a melody which knocks back the wild young vulture. White exclaims at the effect of the song, and asks if it is actually an attack. The Guitarist explains that it is said that Relic Song is both a tune and an attack, and apparently, through Bianca's performance, Meloetta has remembered the forgotten melody and also a forgotten move. At that moment, Bianca plays the last note of the song, and drops to her knees in exhaustion. White compliments that she has done a great job, and the Guitarist thanks her for the wonderful performance, which actually made him remember something his mother told him, that Meloetta once played a song and danced so lightly that it filled people's hearts with joy.

Vullaby gets back onto its feet, obviously crossed at what has happened, and lets out a cry towards the door. A flock of wild Vullabies immediately flood into the café, and White gasps that it has called for its underlings. The Guitarist believes that the leader Vullaby must deemed Meloetta an easy target, which is why it came alone initially, but now that its prey has fought back, it has to seek help from the others.

The Vullabies charge towards Meloetta in unison, but the melody Pokemon stands its ground, and belts out the Relic Song again, knocking them all back. Then, to White and Bianca's astonishment, Meloetta's long hair begin to curl up and its skirt slowly fans out. In a flash of light, its hair becomes bundled up, and all the green parts on its body turn a bright shade of orange. Bianca exclaims that it has changed its appearance, and White wonders if it was due to the attack.

Tapping its feet on the ground, Meloetta leaps towards the Vullabies, and begins to deliver heavy kicks and punches on them. White queries if this is the light dancing that the Guitarist's mother talked about, and the man seems convinced that it is. It appears that as Meloetta remembers its forgotten move, it allows it to change into another forme. With a series of kicks, Meloetta knocks out the Vullabies one by one, and White could tell from its attacks that it has not only changed formes but also switched into the fighting type. However, she sees that while everyone else is down, Meloetta is having trouble dealing with the leader Vullaby, who is clearly of remarkable strength.

Bianca decides that she will lend a hand, and sends out Oshawott from its Pokeball. White follows suit by calling out her Servine, Amanda, and after coming with a quick strategy, whispers it into Bianca's ear. Bianca grins that she knows what to do, and White proceeds to order a Leaf Tornado from Amanda. The Servine spins its tail to whip up a swirl of leaves onto Vullaby, but the wild bird is barely fazed, and the Guitarist gasps that it doesn't work. Yet, White assures him that it will be alright, and in that instant, something strikes at Vullaby's bottom and causes it to bolt up in pain. The Guitarist wonders what has happened, and White states that if Vullaby wears a hard bone to protect its bottom, it is clear that its weak spot lies there. She explains that while Amanda was distracting Vullaby with Grass Tornado, Bianca's Oshawott ambushed it from behind and threw its scalchop into its diaper-like bone, targeting its bottom.

Vullaby's steps become wobbly as the scalchop falls out from its underside, and Meloetta grabs the opportunity to deliver a heavy kick on it. White then sees it as her chance, and throws out an empty Pokeball at Vullaby, which manages to trap it inside. Bianca is bewildered that White wanted to capture such an evil creature, but White grins that it is sassy and cunning, which would make her the perfect Pokemon to play villainous roles. She states that she has even thought up a nickname for it already, and decides to call it Barbara. Bianca feels amazed by what she has just witnessed in the room, and states that she has made up her mind. White wonders what she means, and the girl explains that she has decided upon something which she has wanted to tell Professor Juniper for some time.

Making the call via her Xtransceiver, Bianca calls up Prof. Aurea Juniper, and the young woman feels unnerved as to what the girl wants by calling so late. Bianca shows her that she is currently with Meloetta, and Aurea Juniper jumps in surprise at the sight of the mirage Pokemon. She wants to know how she came across it, and Bianca slowly explains the whole story to her. Bianca concludes by saying that Pokemon are really mysterious creatures, and there are so many things about them that is still unknown. That said, she wants to study more about them, which is why she has decided to become Prof. Juniper's assistant.

Aurea Juniper spits out her drink upon hearing the remark, and cries that Bianca cannot be serious. She asks who shall continue to collect data for her in that case, and reveals that the Pokedex has already been fixed and her father is actually on his way to deliver them personally to Cheren and her. Bianca grins that the professor has nothing to worry about, since she has already found her a replacement who is skillful in battles and also loves any kind of Pokemon including the evil ones. With that, she pulls as astonished White in front of the Xtransceiver's camera, and tells the professor to give the Pokedex to this wonderful young lady.

The next morning, Cedric Juniper, Aurea Juniper's father, arrives in Castelia City, and meets up with Bianca and White. He presents the fixed Pokedex which was meant for Bianca to White, and the girl puts on an amused look as the device detects Meloetta and displays its information to her. Bianca then waves to Meloetta as it begins to depart, and thanks it for their encounter, which has made her recognize the path that she should take.

After the mythical music Pokemon disappears into the horizon, White tells Unibo that it is time for them to continue their journey. Bianca wonders if White is going to find Black, and White replies that she is indeed planning to meet up with him while continuing her training on the Battle Subway. With the addition of Barbara, her newly caught Vullaby, she also intends to return Brav to Black as soon as possible. Bianca then reveals that she has not actually heard from Cheren for a few weeks now, which is unprecedented. She wonders if Black knows anything about it, and White promises to pass her message to Black when she sees him. With that, she sends out Barbara, and goes airborne on the little Vullaby…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

501: VS Meloetta II

Volume 48