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In a mountainous area on Route 6, Marshal tails after his master, Alder, the Unova Champion, and continues to persuade him to return to the Pokemon League as soon as possible, since the upcoming tournament is about to begin. However, Alder couldn't care less, and states that he has already appointed the four of them as the Elite 4 for that purpose. In fact, what he really wants is to step down as the Champion of Unova and just live a free life. Marshal argues that it is his duty to properly pick his successor before he retires, but Alder simply shoots him a look without saying a word.

The burly man then starts heading towards a nearby cliff, and Marshal is about to ask where he is going when he spots a young man. The young man, who is no other than N, sits patiently on the edge of the cliff with his Pokemon, and as Alder walks towards him, he start talking about the legend of the founding of Unova…

Long ago, there were two heroes on this land, the elder brother who sought 'Truth', and the younger brother who sought 'Ideals'. With the help of a dragon Pokemon, the brothers founded Unova. However, the twin heroes later went separate paths and opposed each other due to their different beliefs. In response to that, the dragon split into two entities, 'Black' and 'White'. The one that stayed with the elder brother who sought 'Truth' was the white dragon Reshiram. On the other hand, the one that stayed with the younger brother who sought 'Ideals', was the black dragon, Zekrom…

Alder gazes up towards the deep black Pokemon hovering above N, and remarks that it is the black lightning dragon spoken in the legend of Unova. N states that he has been waiting, and addresses him as the stupid Champion who took up the role to advocate the Pokemon League, an equally ridiculous event.

Marshal gets enraged that N is calling his mentor stupid, but Alder tells him to stay calm, and laughs that what the young man said may not be wrong. He takes a look at the other Pokemon N has with him, a Darmanitan, a Tympole, a Zorua and an Archeops, and compliments that he seems to have raised them well. He believes that it is time to start their battle, and wonders if N is alright with a 4 on 4 double-battle.

N remarks that he doesn't really care, and calls forward his Darmanitan and Archeops, which has recently evolved from an Archen, while Alder sends out his Bouffalant and Escavalier. Marshal states that he shall be the judge of this field battle, and Alder starts by ordering a Head Charge from Bouffalant. The buffalo Pokemon immediately charges forward, and knocks Darmanitan back with its hard skull.

Marshal comments that Bouffalant charges so wildly that even if a train enters its territory, it will send it flying. N thinks that Alder hasn't really considered the feelings of his Pokemon when he ordered the attack, and says although the move was extremely powerful, it causes recoil damage to the user. Indeed, Bouffalant starts to shake its head about, seemingly in pain, but Alder states that the afro hair of Bouffalant is capable of absorbing most of the recoil damage. When Bouffalant received the command to deliver such a dangerous attack, it actually assessed its own condition and knew the outcome well before following the order.

Bouffalant proves Alder's point by giving him a grin, and wastes no time in unleashing another Head Smash. However, before it makes contact, Darmanitan suddenly disappears, and Marshal gasps in surprise when he sees that the blazing Pokemon has tuned into blue statue-like appearance and suspended itself into midair. The Elite 4 member recognizes it as Darmanitan's Zen Mode, which uses its spiritual strength to fight, and silently wills Bouffalant to stay careful. Unfortunately, Bouffalant is not familiar with the new form of its opponent, and gets knocked back by a powerful Psychic attack.

Marshal grunts in frustration, and wonders how Escavalier is doing. Looking over, he sees that the cavalry Pokemon swings its spears around to jab at Archeops, but although the ancient bird is a flyer, it excels better in running, and its amazing foot-work allows it to evade all of Escavalier's attacks.

Seeing this, Alder motions to Escavalier, and the steel bug suddenly steers away from Archeops. It dashes towards Darmanitan instead, and leaps high above it while raising its spears. At the same time, Bouffalant charges up from the ground with its horns pointing towards Darmanitan's bottom, and the two pull off a Twin Needle, Megahorn combo to sandwich the Daruma-doll Pokemon.

Darmanitan crashes onto the ground, returning to its usual form as it faints, and Marshal is amazed how his mentor focused his efforts on one Pokemon first. N kneels down to stroke Darmanitan on its face, and thanks it for its hard work. Alder approaches N, and says he has heard that many Gymleaders have disappeared in the past two weeks. He requests to know if Team Plasma is really responsible for that, and on top of all, if N is related to Team Plasma.

The green-haired young man makes no effort in concealing anything, and states that he is not only related to Team Plasma, but is their King. He remarks that Zekrom has already given him its recognition, just like it recognized the hero in the past. That said, he is also now a hero. Raising his arms up like an emperor, N sends Zorua out to continue the battle, and wears a look of pride on his face as he stands next to Zekrom.

Somewhere nearby, Black and Iris have also set foot in the mountainous area. Black slumps as he walks on, and wonders what he should do now. Iris pats him on the shoulder, and says he should simply forget about his troubles and keep looking forward. Her nonchalant tone annoys Black, and he hollers that it is easy for her to say since she doesn't understand his troubles.

Iris mocks that she feels sorry for not being childish enough to understand, and wonders who it is that could really understand Black. She puts on a smirk, and inquires if the person is President White or his childhood friend, Bianca. Black barks that she has it all wrong, and states that only his Pokemon could really understand him, especially the two who have been with him since the beginning, Musha and Brav.

Upon the mentioning of Brav, Iris recalls riding it when they chased down Team Plasma in Castelia, and realizes she hasn't seen it with Black lately. She wonders where it has gone, and Black reveals that he has lent it to White. His answer makes Iris smirk again, and the girl giggles that it is White who really understands Black after all.

Black breaks into a rage as he gets fed up with Iris's senseless assumptions, and hollers that he really wants to have Brav scare her to death by using Sky Drop on her now. The boy grunts that he really wishes that Brav is currently with him, and as soon as he says that, he spots a familiar silhouette flying in from a distance. The silhouette gradually reveals itself to be no other than his Braviary, Brav, and Black is completely bewildered by its appearance.

The boy throws his arms around Brav to give it a hug, and says he is really glad to see it again. He then rationalizes that if Brav is here, it means that White is also around, and indeed, as he turns around, he finds the girl grinning at him with a Serperior behind her. Black gasps that White has come back, and the girl blushes that it has been some time since they met. She thanks him for lending Brav to her, and says it has really helped her a lot.

However, she plans to return Brav to Black now, as she has already obtained a full team on her own, and even caught a flying type. With that, she shows Black her newly caught Pokemon, Nancy the Alomomola, Dorothy the Stunfisk, Unibo the Solosis, Barbara the Vullaby, as well as Jessica the Deerling whom Black already knows, and Amanda, the Servine she encountered at Nimbasa who has now evolved into a Serperior. Black is amazed that White captured all these Pokemon by herself, and remarks that she has really worked hard. White then further surprises him by showing him the Pokedex which was originally Bianca's, and says she is now a fellow companion of Black's.

Sitting on a rock nearby, Iris whistles that it is a really sweet reunion, and both Black and White blush upon hearing the comment. Suddenly, Iris picks up the sound of someone battling, and wonders if there is a fight going on in the area. Black and White follow Iris as she trails after the source of the sound, and soon spot the battle which is taking place just below the cliff. To Black's horror, the Champion Alder is sprawled across the ground, lying next to his fallen Bouffalant and Escavalier…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

508: VS Darmanitan

Volume 49