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On a mountain path, Doctor Fennel pants that she is already reaching her limits, and reiterates that she is really not physically suited for this. Prof. Aurea Juniper voices her encouragement to her old friend, and says once they get past this slope, they will arrive at the meeting place where she has arranged with her father earlier.

She gives the dream expert a hand by helping her climb the slope, but as soon as the two reach the top, they notice that a Pokemon battle is taking place off the cliff below. On one side is a young man with long green hair who commands a Zorua and a Tepig, and on the other side, to their shock, is Aurea's own father, Cedric, together with the two young Pokedex Holders, Black and White.

Cedric Juniper tells Black and White to stay focused, and try to match their breath with his. Then, on a count of three, they command their Pokemon to attack simultaneously, with Bo shooting out the searing flames on its collar, Amanda whipping up a storm of leaves with its tail, and Samurott blasting out a highly pressurized jet of water from it mouth.

The combined attacks hit Gigi and Zorua, and White slightly cringes at the sight. However, Cedric tells her not to falter now, as the two Pokemon have already been worn out from the battle with Alder, and they must grasp this chance. The professor orders Samurott to attack with its seamitars, and the sea lion instantly pulls out the sword that is sheathed in its left front leg. It wields the blade adeptly to slash at Zorua and Gigi, but the two Pokemon manage to hop away, and the strike smashes the boulders beneath them instead.

N acknowledges the combination of grass, water and fire, and remarks that the three Pokemon are at their final evolution forms. Cedric believes that N should recognize his Samurott, and says it is one of the three Pokemon which were at his Science Lab.

Black and White wonder what Cedric means, and the man explains that Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig, which represent the grass, water and fire triangle respectively, were the basic subjects of his research. His plans were to give them to rookie trainers, who would help him observe and record their growth. His daughter, who is also a Pokemon researcher, had the same thought, and the two of them believed that it would be useful to compare the outcome of their research. Therefore, he and his daughter each prepared a set of the grass, water and fire starters, and readied them at their own labs independently.

At that moment, Aurea Juniper and Fennel have climbed down the cliff to join them, and Aurea, who has overheard her father's words, recalls how she and her father search around to look for new trainers to bestow the Pokemon upon.

Unfortunately, something happened at Cedric Juniper's lab before he could distribute the starters. One year ago, on a rainy day, N suddenly showed up at Cedric's Science Lab. Dripping wet from the rain, the young man snatched the Pokeballs of Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig, and set the three free. Cedric attempted to stop him, but N's Zorua tripped him over and kept him busy. By the time Cedric got back on his feet, Tepig has already run away, and Snivy was taken away by N. Oshawott was the only one who stayed behind, and Cedric decided to raise it himself, which has become the Samurott that he is currently using.

Samurott pulls out its other seamitar to double-up its slashes, and finally hits both Zorua and Gigi. The two Pokemon tumble onto the ground as they faint, and N bends down to pick them up into his arms. He tells Cedric Juniper that liberating the Pokemon from his lab was his very first achievement after being crowned King, and remembers all the cruel things he saw when he left his castle to journey around Unova the first time following his coronation.

Just like his father said, wherever he went, he could hear pain and suffering in the voices of Pokemon. He questioned what caused all the cruelty, and eventually realized that the fault lies in the Pokemon League and the Pokemon Science Lab. In order to indulge the competitive minds of trainers, and to fulfill the desire for knowledge of researchers, Pokemon are being trapped and captured into Pokeballs, either for battling or investigations.

N states that he knew the problem could not be solved until the public changes its mindset. However, he could not ignore the voices of Pokemon which were calling out for help from him. Therefore, he liberated the three Pokemon from Cedric Juniper's lab. He points an angry finger at the two Junipers, and remarks that if they deem his act of liberation as a form of robbery, what they did to restrict the freedom of Pokemon was also a kind of robbery.

Aurea Juniper retorts that he is mistaken, and cries that Pokemon researchers work towards establishing a better relationship between humans and Pokemon. N frowns upon her use of the word 'better', and demands to know, in that case, what she did on the day before the trainers she chose were scheduled to set out on their journeys. He reminds her that despite the insecurity of her Pokemon, she simply placed them aside and got distracted by a phone call. Subsequently, the three starters got into a fight, and Tepig even caught a cold.

Aurea gasps in disbelief that the young man has knowledge of such a thing, and N explains that his Zorua occasionally disguises itself as a young boy to spy for him. That is why he also knows that Aurea did not give out the starters herself, but hired someone else to deliver them to the trainers. She 'delivered' the Pokemon for her chosen trainers to 'use', and to him, that is enough evidence that Pokemon are nothing but objects to her. He fails to understand why no one is willing to listen to the voices of Pokemon, and people always choose to ignore the facial expression and cries of Pokemon.

Aurea Juniper finds herself defenseless at N's accusation, and the young man decides that he has fulfilled his purpose there. He takes out a few Max Revives to restore all his Pokemon back to health, and prepares to leave the scene.

Black steps up to stop him, and demands N to take him to the lair of Team Plasma. N asks why, and Black hollers that he is determined to rescue the Gymleaders who have been taken away. He declares that he will fight until he drops, and N shakes his head upon hearing Black's words. He wants to know why Black is asking his Pokemon to fight a pointless battle, and says he clearly couldn't hear the voices of his Pokemon. He wonders if Black seriously thinks that he could beat him, and upon hearing N's remark, Bo, Brav, Tula and Costa suddenly stop in their tracks and put on hesitant looks.

Black is astonished by the behavior of his Pokemon, and demands to know what they are doing. N sighs that his Pokemon know it well that it will be a pointless battle, because there is no way they could win regardless of what Black commands them to do. N's words infuriate Black, and the boy barks that it is ridiculous. However, his mind starts to get overwhelmed by the idea that he could not win and it is pointless to fight, and he quickly asks Musha to help clear his head. To his shock, Musha turns away and keeps its mouth shut, and Black is completely bewildered by its refusal.

N walks up to Black from behind, and states that this is another proof that Black fails to really understand and connect with his Pokemon. He points out that Black's dreams, which Munna treats as food, no longer taste good because their flavor has changed. That is why Munna no longer wants to eat the dreams in his head.

Until now, Munna has stayed next to Black because there is always an unlimited supply of food. In exchange, it allows Black to use it in battles, or help raise his observation and heighten his detective skills. The relationship that Black and Munna share is a simple 'give and take' type. Now that Black no longer has dreams to offer as food, there is no reason Munna should stay with Black anymore.

As Black watches in horror in disbelief, Musha wears an indifferent look as it floats further and further away from him, finally disappearing into the skies. A sense of despair washes over him, and he is left both speechless and helpless at the situation. Seeing Black's facial expression, White cries that he must not listen to N's words, but Black is already lost in his own mind. He recalls how he met Musha on Route 1, how it chomped on his head for the first time, and mutters that they have been together since then. He has always visualized it growing into a cool Musharna, which is why he nicknamed it Musha, but it seems that he may not see that happening now.

Devastated by the thought, Black wears a blank look on his face, and collapses backwards. White cries out in horror, but before she could reach out to catch him, N takes off on Zekrom, and the gust stirred up by black dragon's flight blows off both Black and White's caps. At that moment, Zorua and N's Tympole hop onto Zekrom's tail, and while Cedric Juniper has his back turned towards them, Zorua uses its psychic powers to lift the remaining Pokedex out from the backpocket of the man's trousers. Cedric bolts up in shock as this repaired device of Cheren's is taken away, and watches helplessly as Tympole fires a jet of water to blast a hole through its center, essentially destroying it. Zorua giggles at their success, and hops back to N's side, who shares a grin with the little fox.

Cedric Juniper, Aurea Juniper, and Doctor Fennel then watch as Zekrom vanishes into the horizon, and are all still shaken by what the young men said and what just happened. Behind them, Black lays sprawled across the ground motionless as Bo, Brav, Tula and Costa surround him, all wearing sad looks on their faces.

High up in the sky, N stands on the back of Zekrom while his other Pokemon get cradled in the arms of the black dragon. N tells his father in his mind that he has finally surpassed the Champion, and believes that there will be no more battles where Pokemon would get hurt.

Suddenly, he hears something that astonishes him, and finds it to be another unsolved equation. As much as he would like to think that he just misheard it, there is no denying that Zekrom has just voiced out its wish, that it hopes to see Black standing before it again, as a hero who is accompanied by Reshiram…

And so, Black spends the rest of the week in an agony that is not experienced or rivaled by many, while the commencement day of the Pokemon League draws closer and closer.

At the Headquarters of the International Police, a superior receives a call from one of his officers, who reports that it is time to start the undercover work. The superior decides to make it his officer's own discretion, and thanks him for the update. After hanging up the call, another officer in the room asks if he should take action as well, but the superior assures him that the other officer should suffice. He comments that while this quirky man is stubborn and clumsy, he is fully capable of achieving his goal.

At the Unova Pokemon League, a man in suits gets himself ready, and takes along with him a fake-nose-and-moustache disguise…

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510: VS Samurott

Volume 49