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Up in the skies, Shauntal, Caitlin and Marshal are still trying to chase down the legendary Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus on Golurk. Caitlin manages to locate the three flyers with the help of her Gothitelle, and Shauntal exclaims that people are not exaggerating when they claim that the trio could zoom through the sky at 200mph. Marshal grunts that the beings will soon disappear into the clouds, and it would be an insult to their names as the Elite 4 if they let them get away.

The fighting type expert decides to take on Landorus, and Caitlin offers to support him with Telekinesis. Gothitelle uses the move to levitate Marshal, who sends out his Sawk to smack Landorus with a Karate Chop. Caitlin then chooses Thundurus as her target, while Shauntal makes her move against Tornadus. Caitlin orders a Psyshock from Gothitelle, and the move manages to hit Thundurus square-faced. Shauntal commands a Heavy Slam, and Golurk promptly throws itself against Tornadus, crushing the flyer with its weight.

Nearby, Grimsley sees that his comrades have successfully held down the legendary Pokemon, but soon notices that the Hoodman has suddenly stopped fleeing in midair. The Hoodman marvels at the vigorous assaults which the Elite 4 are unleashing on Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus, and wonders if the creatures' current heightened physical and emotional states are enough to draw out their hidden powers, potentially reverting them back into their Therian Formes. He decides to give it a try, and reaches into his robe for an ancient-looking mirror as Grimsley watches with confusion and curiosity.

Back inside the ceremony hall of N's Castle, Zekrom lays sprawled across the floor as N leans against it with Zorua in his arms. Black notices that N has stopped talking, and on further inspection, realizes that the young man has fallen asleep. He rationalizes that he must have found a certain kind of peace after connecting with Zorua and letting his feelings go beyond what he knows. At that moment, Bo, Musha, Tula and Costa arrive at the doorway, and Black realizes that the battle outside has also been settled. He runs over to meet his team with joy and pride, and in particular apologizes to Musha that he has doubted it before. When Musha left, he really thought that it left because the taste of his dreams has changed, but it turns out that Musha wanted to make itself stronger and thus went off to seek a way to evolve itself. He gives the drowsing Pokemon a hug, and is glad to have it back.

Black then recalls how Musha enveloped both Cheren and himself with its smoke, giving them the same dream, and believes it was Musha's intention to reveal Cheren's true feeling to him that way. He grins that N was wrong about him and Musha after all, and really hopes that he could brag to the young man about their strong bond. However, he decides that it doesn't really matter even if N doesn't hear him, since N has his unique way to understand the feeling of Pokemon.

Suddenly, a voice comes on to criticize N for not living up to his surname of Harmonia, and Black spins his head around in surprise to see Ghetsis and his Hydreigon. Yet, what astonishes him more is what Ghetsis said about the surname, as it implies a mind-boggling relationship between the Sage and N. Ghetsis confirms his suspicion, and reveals his full name to be Ghetsis Harmonia Gropius, and that the pathetic fallen hero lying on the floor is his son.

Black has a hard time believing that the leader of Team Plasma's Seven Sages is also the father of N, and Ghetsis, after a brief moment of thought, believes that it wouldn't hurt to tell Black what is really going on all this time. The truth is, he spurred N into pursuing 'Ideals' and reawakening the legendary Pokemon in their present era in order to give more power to his Team Plasma. 'Pokemon liberation' has always been what his organization preaches. However, no matter how righteous it sounds, people are not going to accept it readily. On the other hand, it is much easier to convince and persuade people with unwavering power and overwhelming strength, which is why he knew he needed a 'King', a 'Hero', and a 'Legendary dragon'.

To be fair, things went as he thought they would. N, his child, successfully channeled his 'Ideals' to Zekrom and reverted it back to its true form. They defeated and dethroned Alder the Champion, captured the Gymleaders, suppressed the League, and the people of Unova saw how helpless these so called authoritative figures are in front of Team Plasma. Now that Team Plasma has become the victorious side, the strong side that possesses power, people are more willing to believe the notion of 'Pokemon liberation' without questioning. Everything was perfect up to this point, but alas, his stupid son messed up. Believing that he is truly a hero, he insisted on fighting Reshiram and the 'Hero of Truth', and was pathetically defeated.

However, Ghetsis states that his plans have not changed, and his goal will still be achieved as long as he wipes out inconvenient facts. Black demands to know what that means, and Ghetsis grins that he shall be eliminated at all costs. With that, the Sage motions to his Hydreigon, who spits out a blast of searing flames towards Black. Black cringes as the heat wave hits him in the face, but vows that he will not lose to this. Ghetsis doubts his ability to fight back, and points out that Reshiram doesn't appear capable of fighting further. Black retorts that Reshiram is not the only member on his team, and he orders Costa to put out the flames while telling Bo to take on Hydreigon.

Yet, Ghetsis's Eelektross ambushes Costa, and clamps its sucker mouth around its head to zap it with high-voltage electricity. Ghetsis further sends out his Seismitoad and a Cofagrigus, and the former blasts Bo with a stream of water while the latter unleashes its shadowy claws on Musha. In no time, every single one of Black's team member is being targeted by Ghetsis's Pokemon, and Black sees that not only Costa but also Brav is falling victim to Eelektross's electric attacks. Bo faces hardship with Seismitoad's water moves, Musha being unable to do much with Cofagrigus's ghostly strikes, and Tula being immobilized by Hydreigon's sea of flames. Essentially, all his companions are facing a Pokemon who has a type advantage against them. Ghetsis giggles that Black has interfered with Team Plasma too many times, and he has simply made appropriate preparations from all the information he gathered.

The searing flames begin to choke Black with their intense heat, and he discovers that they are cornering on him as if they are alive. Ghetsis reiterates that Black, his team and all inconvenient facts will be eliminated by these flames, and Black wonders what exactly he means by inconvenient facts. Ghetsis is surprised that Black still doesn't comprehend it, and explains that he is referring to N's defeat, the fact that N lost to an ordinary trainer like him.

As he mentioned, in order for Team Plasma to capture the hearts of people, they need a 'King', and for N to go on being this 'King' that people can look up to, they must not know that he has been defeated. In this Castle, the three of them are the only ones who know the outcome of the clash between the dragons, and this fact shall remain hidden forever with Black's demise. The people of Unova will only know that N is invincible, for beating Alder and also emerging victorious in the battle between the black and white dragons. People will have high regards for N as a true 'Hero', and know that they must be in coexistence with Pokemon like their King who connected with the hearts of Pokemon to reach the top position of Unova. This shall propel the act of 'Pokemon liberation', and people who refuse to follow will simply be brought down by their strength and overwhelming power. Finally, Team Plasma will be the only ones who possess Pokemon, and the 'Ideal' world that he dreams of will come to fruition.

Black feels shocked and bewildered that what Ghetsis just said is so different from the 'Ideals' N pursues and preaches. He demands to know if N is aware of any of this, and Ghetsis grins that he most certainly doesn't, since he is nothing but a decorative ornament to his grand scheme. Ghetsis's answer cause Black to tremble with rage, and he wishes that N hasn't passed out. He wishes that N could hear this now, and see how he has been manipulated all along. Unable to contain his anger anymore, Black bursts into a holler, and swears to bring Ghetsis down. He looks around and thinks hard to come up with a plan, and sees that since Eelektross has to handle both Brav and Costa, his opportunity may lie in there.

Black orders Brav to try its best to create a window of chance for them, and the giant eagle, after assessing the situation, braces itself to charge towards Eelektross while enduring its sizzling shocks. It rams straight into the chest of the electric eel, and temporarily dazes it, freeing Costa from its grip. Costa then hurls a Stone Edge towards Cofagrigus, which gives Musha the chance to wiggle free and return to Black's side. Black thinks to himself that he must not lose, or all the people in Unova will be manipulated just like N. He is certain that there must be a hint at the scene that would help him defeat Ghetsis, and knows that he has to keep his mind clear in order to see the hint.

Like it always did as a Munna, Musha clamps onto Black's head, and blanks his mind out into a white field. Black analyzes his surroundings with his hexagonal vision, and as his mind processes all the information he gathered, the important things slowly consolidate into black spots. Finally, he sees the outline of a six-winged creature at where the sun is, and quickly orders Musha to attack it. Musha fires a Hidden Power, and as the moves lands, it reveals a fiery-red moth that has been camouflaging in the sunrays all this time. Black hurriedly checks on his Pokedex, and sees that it is Volcarona, the sun Pokemon. He realizes that the burning flames around him did not really come from Hydreigon, but are the results of the ember scales Volcarona scattered from its six wings, which explains why the flames appear as if they are alive.

Black orders Brav to use Whirlwind, and the searing flames start to die down as the ember scales are cleared. Black then resorts to Costa since Volcarona is a fire and bug type, and commands a Stone Edge from it. He simultaneously get his other team members to rotate their positions against Ghetsis's Pokemon to work against their type disadvantage, and as Costa's Stone Edge lands on Volcarona, Musa hits Seismitoad with a Hidden Power, Brav grabs Cofagrigus to unleash a Sky Drop, Tula delivers an X-Scissor on Hydreigon, and Bo rams into Eelektross with a Flare Blitz. All of the attacks deal great and effective damage, and Ghetsis's Pokemon drop one after the other like flies.

Ghetsis is slightly disappointed at Volcarona's easy defeat, and remarks that when volcanic ash covered the skies and the land was left in darkness, it is said to act as a replacement of the sun. He recalls obtaining it from the Relic Castle, after which it produced an egg that hatched into a Larvesta, which he naturally gave to one of the Shadow Triad. The Sage then turns to leave, but Black would certainly not allow that to happen, and orders another Stone Edge from Costa. The attack creates a barrier of stone pillars which entraps the man, and Black states that Ghetsis and Team Plasma's 'Ideals' end here and now.

Meanwhile, Shauntal, Caitlin and Marshal are continuing their assault on Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus. As Grimsley watches with confusion and curiosity, the Hoodman holds up the mirror he took out from his robe and starts looking into it. Through the mirror's reflection, the Hoodman sees that the three legendary Pokemon are gradually morphing to another forme, but the change occurs only in the reflection and doesn't affect their actual bodies. The Hoodman concludes that mirrors are indeed to the key to their forme change, but he doesn't have the right mirror yet.

At that moment, the Hoodman notices via the opening in the Castle wall that Ghetsis is apparently trapped in a barrier of rocks. He decides that it is time to go and his next step is to locate the mirror which has special powers. With that, he retrieves Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus, and thanks the Elite 4 for giving him such an enjoyable time. He promises that they will meet again, and within a grin, speeds away before any of the Elite Four could stop him.

Back inside the Castle, Black wonders what he should do with Ghetsis, and thinks it may be most appropriate to turn him over to Drayden. Suddenly, he hears his name called, and turns around in pleasant surprise to see White and Gigi. White runs over to Black, thankful to see that he is alright, and Black, while grateful that White is safe, feels slightly embarrassed as she takes his hand…

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523: Zekrom VS Reshiram IV

Volume 51