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Character Overview:

Black is the main protagonist of the BW series, and is a hot-blooded boy who has big dreams to conquer the Pokemon League. At the age of 5, he learnt about the Pokemon League and has since then set his goal in claiming championship. Troubled that he would have no legitimate reason to set out on a journey, he came across the TV broadcast of Prof. Cedric Juniper, who was looking for young trainers to travel around Unova and complete the Pokedex. Black saw this as an opportunity and thus moved to Nuvema Town, where his childhood friends Cheren and Bianca lived, and started studying and working hard to fulfill his dreams.

Since young, he has already had a tendency to be overwhelmed by his dreams, and was often rendered unable to think or function properly when he was consumed by his thoughts. This attracted a wild Munna, hungry for dreams, who later became his Pokemon, nicknamed Musha. When Musha chomps on Black's head to eat his dreams, it allows Black to temporarily be free from his desires of winning the Pokemon League, and also heightens his senses to observe the surroundings. During this time, his vision turns into a hexagonal view, which blanks out to achieve a state of 'pure white'. As Black spots clues and hints from his surroundings, some beyond what the normal senses could detect occasionally, the important information consolidates and darkens into 'solid black' spots, more than often outlining the silhouette of a culprit Pokemon. This ability has allowed Black to solve many mysteries and crisis on his journey. For those who see Black go through this 'detective' process for the first time, they almost always get freaked out, thinking that he is being eaten by his Munna.

As a result of Black's diligence and hard work in the 9 years used for preparation of his journey, he is very knowledgeable in many aspects of Pokemon. Not only is his familiarized with the setting and format of the Unova League, he also knows by heart the particulars of every Gym and Gymleader, as well as the Elite 4, allowing him to recognize them on the spot. Despite knowing all the theories, his battles skills were suboptimal at the beginning of his journey, owing to the fact that he had not much chances for actual battling, only having practiced among his own Pokemon. However, he was very keen in learning from his mistakes, and quickly progressed into a skilful trainer, borrowing hints from the Pokedex sometimes to his aide. His skills were further heightened after he underwent intensive training under Brycen, who was testing him to see if he was fit to possess the Light Stone.

Black shares a strong bond with his Pokemon, and nicknames them according to their final evolution forms with the exception of his Tepig. He also has a daily ritual of yelling out loud about his determination to conquer the Pokemon League, and his Brav and Musha have grown accustomed to joining him, though this has often created disturbance and annoyance to others. Black quickly became acquainted with the Tepig he got from Prof. Juniper, and later caught a Galvantula which was released by its trainer after hearing a speech from Ghetsis. The Galvantula grew close to Black easily and was keen to stay on his team. Later, Black captured a wild Carracosta which was just released by Marshal. Black had trouble getting it to listen to him at the beginning but eventually managed to befriend it.

Black's strong desire to conquer the League could sometimes make him oblivious of the people around him, even his close friends Cheren and Bianca. The three made a promise to receive the Pokedex, starter Pokemon, and set out on a journey together. However, Black was so exhilarated when he received the parcel that he forgot all about the promise, and set out on his own, destroying the two other Pokedexes during the process. When Cheren and Bianca finally caught up with Black at Striaton, he was also upset about Bianca messing up his challenge, and it was Cheren who finally made Black see how reckless and inconsiderate he has been. The three eventually made up, and beat the Striaton Gym together.

Black met White when he accidentally interrupted a commercial shoot with his routine speech. His Tepig was crucial in saving White's job due to a miscommunication, and when Black unintentionally destroyed the filming crew's equipment, White made him an employee of her BW Agency to spare him from paying the debts directly, and the two have been travelling since then. While Black supported White by allowing Tep to act as Gigi's partner in her filming, White also accompanied Black on his travel from city to city to challenge the Gyms. When White was betrayed and abandoned by Gigi, she decided to give Pokemon battling a try and Black assisted her in making her first wild Pokemon capture. He also gave her Brav to help her out on the Battle Subway when they parted ways at Nimbasa City.

Due to his skills and personality, Black became quick friends with most of the Gymleaders of Unova. They recruited his help in fighting Team Plasma, and Lenora bestowed him upon the task of securing the Dark Stone in the museum when the six Gymleaders were overwhelmed by the Shadow Triad's Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. When Black was losing to Drayden at the League due to his insecurity, the Gymleaders gave him their encouragement via Caitlin's Gothitelle. Black is referred to as the Dreamer, a title he shares with White..

Character Design:
Black's Design

Black's design is based on the male protagonist of the fifth generation Pokemon DS games, Pokemon Black and White. His appearance is essentially identical to his game counterpart, including colour, hair-length and accessories. His eyes were initially a coffee shade of brown like his game counterpart, but later switched to a dark grey tone. During flashbacks of his childhood, he was seen wearing similar attire as his adolescent outfit, but without a matching cap.ves were actually long and rolled up all along.

Black's Journey:
BW Series
Black's BW Journey

Black began his journey when he obtained the parcel from Prof. Juniper containing the Pokedexes and the three starter Pokemon. He accidentally set them free, which resulted in a fight between them and Tepig running away. Black chased after Tepig and eventually chose him as his partner. Due to his strong desires to conquer the Pokemon League, Black subsequently set out right away without even meeting Prof. Juniper in person, not to mention him forgetting his promise about beginning the journey together with Cheren and Bianca, his two childhood friends. After meeting Hiker Andy on Route 4 for his first actual trainer battle, Black encountered White in Accumula Town when he interrupted her commercial shoot on the Xtransceiver. His Tep helped solve her crisis as she was in need of a male Tepig for a drama but was misinformed by the DA. An unfortunate misunderstanding with the filming crew made Black in debt of a large sum of damaged equipment claim, and White took it upon her BW Agency, making Black an employee during the process. Black and White later met Team Plasma and N, whom Black fought and argued with about the relationship between Pokemon and trainers. The strong bond between Tep and Black confused N at the end and made him retreat.

Black's BW Journey

Black then challenged the Striaton Gym, where he met up with Cheren and Bianca for a triple battle against the Striaton brothers. After gaining victory, he quickly progressed through the Nacrene and Castelia Gyms as well, and earned the friendship and trust of Lenora and Burgh. Black continued to encounter Team Plasma along his journey, including the Dreamyard where the Plasma grunts held Musha captive; at the Nacrene Museum where the Dragonite skeleton was stolen; at Castelia City where Team Plasma was snatching away people's Pokemon, including a Litwick owned by Bianca; and at Liberty Island where the evil organization attempted to catch Victini. On Route 4, he met Grimsley of the Elite 4, who offered a battle but at the expense of Black's earned badges, which caused Black to overload his mind and faint. Upon arrival at Nimbasa City, White helped the mayor create the Musical event, which ended up being a big sensation. However, the girl was soon ambushed by N, who tricked her Gigi into abandoning her, causing her much emotional and physical trauma. Black encountered Marshal of the Elite 4, who brought back an injured White, and later met the Unova Champion Arder, who was in Nimbasa for a demonstration battle with Marshal on the new Battle Subway. White eventually decided to give Pokemon battling a try and took on the Subway challenge, where she parted ways with Black, but not before Black helped her capture her first Pokemon and also gave her his Brav.

Black's BW Journey

Black continued his journey on his own, and met a mischievous Zorua who already played tricks on Tep back in Castelia. He arrived in Driftveil, where he partnered up with Cheren again to fight Team Plasma at the Cold Storage. After beating Clay, the Driftveil Gymleader decided to recruit Black's help in fighting Team Plasma and brought him to the Celestial Tower, where the other Gymleaders were gathering and preparing a showdown with Team Plasma at the Nacrene Museum. Black beat Skyla before they set off, and at Nacrene, after he managed to hold down the TP grunts within the museum, he was horrified to see that the six Gymleaders have been overpowered outside by the Shadow Triad who were commanding the legendary Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. Before the Gymleaders were taken away as captives, Lenora hinted to him how to get to the Dark Stone at the basement of the museum, but one of the Team Plasma grunts disguised himself as Brycen and tricked Black into leading the way. Black was knocked unconscious by Ghetsis and lost the Dark Stone. When the real Brycen arrived, it was revealed that the Museum also held the Light Stone, which seemed to have chosen Black as its hero. Seeing this, Brycen took Black back to Iccirus and made him go through an intensive training course, hoping that he would be the 'truth' of Unova. Black beat Brycen at the end of his training, and also agreed to be the bearer of the Light Stone, determined to awaken Reshiram from it in order to counter N's Zekrom at the Pokemon League. Unfortunately, before Black could earn his eighth Badge, Drayden decided to advance the date of the Pokemon League, and limit the participants to those who already have earned 8 Badges. Devastated, Black ran off and encountered Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion at the Mistralton Cave. Despite his failure to capture them, he did manage to gain a bit of trust from these legendary swordsmen who were antagonistic towards humans.

Black's BW Journey

Later, with White's return, Black witnessed Alder's defeat by N. Cedric Juniper joined the scene to explain the origins of Gigi and White's Serperior, and helped Black and White defeat N's Zorua and Gigi. However, at this point, Musha lost its fondness for Black's dream taste, and its unexpected departure caused Black to have a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, with encouragement from his other team members, Black regained his will to fight and defeated Drayden in an ad hoc battle at the entrance of the League, earning himself the right to take part in the tournament. Black easily fought to his way to the top 8 finalists, and successively defeated Looker and Iris. In the final match, he faced Cheren, whom to his surprise, had a marked personality change due to an encounter with Zinzolin previously. Out of heartache, Black managed to defeat Cheren, and his rage caused Reshiram to manifest itself from the Light Stone, which set into motion their final showdown with Team Plasma. N's Castle rose from the underground to infest the Pokemon League, and while several friends Black met on his journey helped him keep the Seven Sages busy, he battled N's Zekrom, which he managed to defeat after finally connecting his heart with Reshiram. It was revealed at this point that Ghetsis has been evil mastermind all along, and Black's Pokemon had a hard time fighting him due to their type disadvantages. Eventually, Black managed to spot Ghetsis's lurking Volcarona, and tactfully took down Ghetsis's entire team. At the end of Black's conflict with Team Plasma, N saw the inadequacy in his understanding of Pokemon, and departed with Zekrom. However, when all seemed well, Ghetsis ambushed Black and threw him towards Reshiram as the white dragon was starting to revert to its stone form. As a result, Black became trapped within the ancient artefact, which flew away before White could reach for it.

Pokémon on his Active Team

Tepig → Pignite → Emboar
Nickname: Tep/Nite/Boar OT: Black Gender: ♂
Nature: N/A Ability: Blaze Level 51
Brick Break, Bulldoze, Ember, Fire Pledge, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm, Head Smash, Heat Crash, Rock Smash
This Tepig was one of three Pokemon Prof. Juniper prepared for her Pokedex Holders as travel companions. Even at the professor's lab, it was rather mischievous and its gluttony ended up spawning a disastrous fight between itself and Snivy and Oshawott. When Black accidentally released the three as he opened the parcel on his own, Tepig had another fight with Snivy and ended up running away, thinking that he would not be the chosen one. However, Black eventually picked him as his partner, but had to deal with the little Pokemon's strong ego before they finally settled on a partnership. It broke Black's pattern of nicknaming his Pokemon based on the final evolution form, since it convinced Black that it was already strong as a Tepig. It has been Black's major powerhouse on his team since then, and has grown exponentially powerful throughout the journey. It met Gigi, the female Tepig White is carrying with her, during a commercial shoot, and due to a misunderstanding in White's work, the two Tepigs started partnering up in the show business together. Tep fought alongside with Snivy and Oshawott during the Striaton Gym challenge, and later evolved into a Pignite during the Castelia Gym challenge. As a Pignite, having its nickname changed to Nite, it gained a more diverse move-pool, and played major roles in Black's subsequent Gym challenges. It finally evolved into an Emboar, nicknamed Boar, when the Shadow Triad attacked the Nacrene Museum with Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. Despite its newfound strength, it was no match for the legendary Pokemon. Later, it received training under Brycen's guidance, and learnt to master its fighting type moves. This enabled it to beat Brycen's Cryogonal with ease during Black's Icirrus Gym challenge. At the Unova Pokemon League, it battled Cheren's Gigalith and later fought Ghetsis along with its other teammates.

Munna → Musharna
Nickname: Musha OT: Black Gender: ♂
Nature: N/A Ability: Forewarn Level 57
Dream Eater, Hidden Power, Hypnosis, Psybeam, Psychic, Teleport, Zen Headbutt
When Black, Cheren and Bianca were 5, they accidentally angered a wild Rufflet and were attacked by the Pokemon. Before that, Black has become consumed by his dreams of conquering the Pokemon League, and this attracted this wild Munna who was hungry for dreams. It later made a pack with Black to help him fight Rufflet in exchange of having the chance to eat his dreams. It offered to join Black's team after Black captured the wild Rufflet, and it has been Black's close companion since then. While Musha has powerful attacks which helped Black out on many situations, its more important role is to temporarily clear Black's mind by eating his League dreams during times when Black needs to think and observe. This allows Black to spot the important information from his surroundings in order to solve the crisis at hand. Shortly before the Unova Pokemon League, Musha left Black because his dreams have had a change of taste due to his preoccupation with the whole Team Plasma and Reshiram business, and were no longer appealing to it. This devastated Black. Later, it was revealed that it left to seek way to power up itself. After obtaining the Moon Stone from Caitlin of the Elite 4, it returned as its evolved form, Musharna.

Rufflett → Braviary
Nickname: Brav OT: Black Gender: ♂
Nature: N/A Ability: Sheer Force Level 59
Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Brave Bird, Fly, Sky Attack, Sky Drop, Superpower, Tail Wind, Whirlwind
Black encountered Brav as a Rufflet when he was 5 years old. The wild Rufflet attacked Bianca after she accidentally stepped on its food, and having seen its power, Black made up his mind to capture it and made it his Pokemon. After a bloody battle, Black managed to capture the Rufflet with the help of a wild Munna he befriended, and Brav has since then been Black's close companion. It evolved into a Braviary sometime during the 9 years Black prepared for his journey, and proved to be a powerhouse on his team, capable of lifting extremely heavy things with its mighty claws. It also packs a range of powerful attacks, which aided Black in his Gym challenges and fight against Team Plasma. When Black parted ways with White at Nimbasa, Black gave Brav to White to complete her team for the Battle Subway challenge. Later, White returned Brav to Black after she completed her own team of six Pokemon. It earned Black his final and eighth Badge by defeating Drayden's Druddigon.

Nickname: Tula OT: Black Gender: ♂
Nature: N/A Ability: Unnerve Level 59
Electro Ball, Electroweb, Flash, Slash, Signal Beam, Spider Web, String Shot, X-Scissor
This Galvantula ambushed the filming crew which White was working on the Xtransceiver commercial. After identifying it as the mysterious foe by the electrified threads, Black managed to defeat and capture it. Later, at Accumula Town, Ghetsis's speech made Black figure out that this electric spider was recently released by its trainer, and thus decided to keep it on his team. Possessing incredible speed, Tula is a versatile battler, capable of hitting its foes with powerful electric attacks as well as using its strings to set up traps or create leverage to aide its movement in various environments. It took part in the Castelia Gym battle where it poisoned Burgh's Leavanny, and also put up a fight against Elesa's Zebstrika in the Nimbasa Gym challenge although it was quickly defeated. During Black's Mistralton Gym challenge, it defeated Skyla's Unfezant and earned Black the Jet Badge.

Tirtouga → Carracosta
Nickname: Costa OT: Black Gender: ♂
Nature: N/A Ability: Solid Rock Level 59
Ancient Power, Aqua Jet, Brine, Hydro Pump, Scald, Stone Edge, Withdraw
Black caught Carra at Nimbasa City when he was trying to teach White how to capture Pokemon. It was later revealed that it used to belong to Marshal of the Elite 4, but was released back into the wild since it was too hard to tame. Carra was rather antagonistic towards Black initially as well, and carried a nonchalant attitude even during Gym challenges. At the Driftveil Gym, when Black acted as a decoy to allow Carra to attack, it started to learn how to respect Black, although it refused to listen again during the Mistralton Gym challenge. It underwent Brycen's training with its fellow team members and evolved during the Iccirus Gym challenge, becoming an even more competent battler with its powerful water attacks as well as its strong defences. Later, it helped put out the flames in the Mistralton Cave which was accidentally set by Trish of the Riches.

Nickname: N/A OT: Black Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: Turboblaze Level N/A
Dragon Pulse, Fusion Flare
After the Dark Stone was taken away by Team Plasma from the underground chamber of the Nacrene Museum, it was revealed that the Gymleaders also hid the Light Stone at the same place. The ancient artefact, which was Reshiram in its inactive form, chose Black as its trainer, but it was not able to fully materialize until Black finally came to terms with his old 'Truth'. Black had trouble battling N's Zekrom initially, but after finding a way to understand and connect with Reshiram, he managed to knock down his opponent. After Zekrom departed with N, Reshiram reverted back into the Light Stone, but accidentally sealed Black as well due to the interference of Ghetsis.

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