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Character Overview:

Blue is the first heroine in the Pokemon Special manga, although she started out as a tricky thief girl whose concern seemed to be nothing else but money. This was a result of her traumatic childhood however, since at the age of 5, she was kidnapped by the legendary rainbow bird Ho-oh, which was under the command of the evil Mask Of Ice. Taken away from her hometown of Pallet, she was brought to the faraway land of Johto and raised as one of the 6 Masked Children.

During her bitter days under Mask Of Ice, she mastered many survival tricks along with the knowledge of Pokemon evolution, which later earned her the title the Evolver. She became close companions with another Masked Child, Silver, and the two eventually escaped from the masked man on a carefully calculated evening, finally starting their normal life in the world outside again, albeit being occasionally haunted by their childhood memories.

Returning to Kanto, Blue witnessed Red and Green's adventure, and yearned to be just like them. She stole Squirtle from Prof. Oak, and soon got intertwined into the journeys of the two boys, learning trust and companionship through their interactions. At the Pokemon League Tournament, Prof. Oak confronted her about the Squirtle theft, and her sincere confession rewarded her the ownership of a Pokedex. Through her many adventures with Red and Green, she gradually let down the guards she built up for survival, and slowly reverted back to the gentle nature she had as a little girl.

Blue's kidnapping by Ho-oh gave her a phobia towards birds, and thus she resorted to Turtley and Jiggly as means of flying. She later conquered this fear by setting out on a journey to capture the three Kanto legendary birds. She was forced to face her biggest nightmare during a showdown with Lugia and Ho-oh at the Ilex Forest, and finally put a rest to all her haunting memories. 2 years later, she finally got in touch with her long lost parents who have moved to the Sevii Islands. However, with a twist of fate, Team Rocket's scheme pertaining to Deoxys made the reunion difficult, and Blue once again had to stand up to the many challenges along her way in order to reach her goal.

When Blue first met Red and Green, she was often a troublemaker for both boys, often exploiting them for her own schemes. She gradually started to show care for them, however, and in the Yellow series, she was the one who sent Yellow off to find the missing Red, even though some query that her true intention was just to find out whether the Elite 4 were responsible for her childhood kidnapping. In the FRLG series, her playful personality was obviously played down, despite showing occasional hints of her old self. This was probably depicted so to show her maturity. On Five Island, she revealed to Red the real happenings at Oak's Science Lab, and voiced her determination to embrace her fate and fight. This made Red rethink his own reasons to fight.

Blue has intentional kept Yellow's true gender a secret from Red, something which she found amusing. To Green, Blue is a pesky girl, a name which he has called her in almost every series. Many believe that Blue has a secret affection for Green though, as evidenced by her blushing when they first met in the skies of Saffron. To Silver, Blue plays the role of an elder sister, and the two share a unique kindred bond.

Character Design:
Blue's Design

The cover of Nintendo's official guidebook for the original Gameboy series, Pokemon Red and Green, depicts a female trainer along with the male protagonist and the rival. It is believed that this character was originally planned as the female protagonist, but was for some reason left out. Blue's design is based off this character, with long brown hair, a long black dress and white gloves. In the Viz and Chuang Yi translations, her name was swapped with Green, due to the fact that in most English-speaking countries, Pokemon Blue was released as a counterpart instead of Pokemon Green, and the translators feel that Blue suits the name of the rival more.

Blue's attire hasn't varied much in the first three series. In the Yellow series, she changed her short black boots for black sandals, added earrings to her costume, and towards the end wore a white cardigan, which was for deceit purposes. In the GSC series, she had a shoe-change once again, and wore long white boots. Back in the days as a Masked Child, Blue wore an ice mask just like others.

In the FRLG series, her attire was completely revamped to match the female protagonist of the GBA games, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, which according to the plot, is a present to her from Silver. This costume carried on into the Emerald series. Blue's eye colour varied from initially black to eventually blue over the years.

Blue's Journey:
RGB Series
Blue's RGB Journey

Blue made her first appearance at the gates of Celadon City, where she targetted Red and tricked his money with her fake items. Red chased after Blue for his money back, but soon found his Boulder and Cascade badges snagged by this thief girl instead. At that time, Blue was highly wanted by Team Rocket because she has stolen a secret data disk from them which contained information on the whereabouts of Mew, the mirage Pokemon. She and Red managed to encounter the real Mew, but Team Rocket intervened, and Blue had to settle for just a close up photo of the Pokemon.

Blue reappeared again at Saffron City when Red and Green attempted to rescue Oak from TR at the Silph Co. building, and she battled Sabrina there. However, her goal was the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier which was said to create a new species of Pokemon. The machine eventually merged the legendary birds into Zapmolcuno, and the three Pallet trainers worked together to solve the crisis.

At the Indigo Plateau Pokemon League Tournament, Blue faced an opponent named Doctor O, who was actually Prof. Oak in disguise. Targetting Blue's bird phobia, Oak won and demanded an explanation for her theft of Squirtle. Blue broke down in tears and explained herself, which earned recognition from Oak and made herself an official Pokedex Holder.

Yellow Series
Blue's Yellow Journey

When Red went missing 2 years after the Pokemon League Tournament, Blue was the first to notice a severely battered Pika being chased by a Hitmonlee. She came across a young girl named Yellow in the Viridian Forest who knew of Red, and was incidentally a gifted Viridian child with the power to heal and read the minds of Pokemon. Blue sent Yellow out on a journey to find Red, and gave her a straw hat to disguise her true gender. The spying machines she installed on the hat allowed her to keep track of Yellow's whereabouts.

Later, together with Bill and Yellow, they arrived on Cerise Island, only to find Lt. Surge, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine and Green waiting there. Partnered up in pairs of two, they went separate paths, and the Spoons of Fate placed Blue together with Sabrina, whom she has fought at Saffron before. Using her tricks, Blue eventually overpowered the ice mistress, Lorelei, and reunited with Red and Green to give their support to Yellow in her battle against Lance.

GSC Series
Blue's GSC Journey

Blue's past was further explained in this series through the memories of Silver, which depicted the days they spent under the cruel training of Mask Of Ice. However, for most part of this series, which took place 1 year after the Kanto Elite 4 incident, Blue did not make an appearance, and it was later revealed that she went on a personal journey across the land to conquer her bird phobia by capturing the three Kanto legendary birds. She first appeared at the Indigo Plateau during the new round of Pokemon League Tournament, using her Ditto to disguise herself as an old man to teleport Silver away to safety.

She then headed off to the Ilex Forest alone to stop the evil plans of Mask Of Ice, but was stopped by Will and Karen, her former companions who were also members of the Masked Children. Taunting her with Ho-oh, Karen pushed Blue back towards her greatest fear, but Blue eventually managed to overcome it and began her retaliation with Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. After calming Lugia and Ho-oh, she joined the final battle against Mask Of Ice with the other Kanto and Johto Pokedex Holders.

FRLG Series
Blue's FRLG Journey

This series began with a flashback of Blue and Silver's escape from Mask Of Ice, further elaborating on how Blue stole the Silver and Rainbow Wing. Now, 2 years after the Mask Of Ice incident, Blue has finally got in touch with her long lost parents, and set out on a journey to the Sevii Islands to meet them. However, she was ambushed by Deoxys on board the Sea Gallop, and even witnessed her parents being engulfed by a black hole, causing her to breakdown and faint.

When she regained consciousness, she was chased after by the Sevii Island residents due to Team Rocket's evil doings. With the help of Celio and Brinca, she reunited with Red and Green, and later inherited the ulimate water attack, Hydro Cannon, from Brinca. The Fame Seeker Prof. Oak left Blue actually held explanations to all the mysterious happenings pertaining to the Pokedexes, and the Pallet trainers headed to Seven Island's Trainer Tower for their showdown with Team Rocket. There, Blue rescued her parents, and helped Oak upgraded the Pokedexes.

After the battleground shifted back to mainland Kanto, Blue and Green saved Silver and Giovanni from the burning flames caused by the rampaging TR Battle Airship, and later provided steering support to Red with their Pokemon attacks. Unfortunately, at the very end, Blue was turned into stone along with Red, Green, Yellow and Silver by a mysterious light unleashed by Storc of the TR Beast Trio.

Emerald Series
Blue's Emerald Journey

2 months later, Mr. Briney shipped the five petrified Dex Holders, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver, via the S.S. Tidal to the Battle Frontier. The five were placed on the top floor of the Battle Tower at the Pokedex Holders' corner in the disguise of actual statues. From a report Brinca snatched from Team Rocket at the Trainer Tower, Prof. Oak learnt of the wishing powers of the mirage Pokemon Jirachi, which appeared to be the only way to revive the Dex Holders. Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold and Crys were dispatched to the Battle Frontier in stages to capture Jirachi and safeguard it from the evil Guile Hideout, who was also after the wishing Pokemon. Emerald eventually managed to come to terms with his own feelings with Pokemon, and channelled his wish to Jirachi, reversing the petrifaction of the five seniors.

Having regained mobility, Blue quickly engaged herself in the battle and joined forces with the other Dex Holders to disperse the giant sea monster summoned by Guile Hideout by the combined ultimate attacks. Her Turtley teamed up with Silver's Feraligatr and Ruby's Zuzu to unleash a Triple Hydro Cannon.

Pokémon on her Active Team

Squirtle → Wartortle → Blastoise
Nickname: Turtley OT: Blue Gender: ♂
Nature: Jolly Ability: Torrent Level 80
Bubble, Hydro Cannon, Hydro Pump, Mega Punch, Skull Bash, Tackle, Water Gun
Blue stole Turtley as a Squirtle from Prof. Oak's Science Lab in the RGB series. However, it has already evolved into a Wartortle when it was first seen in action. Just like Blue, it has a tricky personality as well, and adeptly battles Pokemon much larger than itself. After it evolved into a Blastoise, apart from being the major powerhouse on Blue's team, it also provided a quick route of aerial transport by withdrawing its limbs into its shell, and blasting water out from its cannons to propel itself forward. In the GSC series, Blue lent Turtley to Red to assist his journey on Mt. Silver, as she has overcome her bird phobia, and could count on the legendary birds she captured for flying. In the FRLG series, Blue and Turtley inherited the ultimate water attack, Hydro Cannon, directly from Brinca, without requiring the Jump Path, Catch Path and Battle Path to master the skills. In the Emerald series, it teamed up with other Dex Holders' starters for a combined ultimate attack to defeat Guile's giant sea monster.

Jigglypuff → Wigglytuff
Nickname: Jiggly OT: Blue Gender: ♀
Nature: Lax Ability: Cute Charm Level 67
Defense Curl, Disable, Double Slap, Double-edge, Sing, Tri Attack
This was Blue's very first Pokemon, but it was her only team member that lacked a nickname during her days under Mask Of Ice because the masked man condemned such fancy acts. After Blue escaped and later met Red and Green, she gradually overcame this haunting memory, and started calling it Jiggly. Jiggly is able to inflate itself like a giant balloon, providing slow but quiet aerial transport for Blue. In Blue's battle against Prof. Oak, who disguised himself as Doctor O, during the Pokemon League Tournament, Jiggly demonstrated itself power while battling Spearow. It was seldom seen fighting again until the FRLG series, when it inflated itself to block off the Deoxys-Divides at the Trainer Tower on Seven Island. Blue then evolved it into a Wigglytuff in order to support Turtley's Hydron Cannon.

Nickname: Ditty OT: Blue Gender: None
Nature: Rash Ability: Limber Level 50
Being the tricky girl she is, Ditty is one of the most suitable Pokemon for Blue due to its high versatility with the move Transform. Not only can it morph into another Pokemon, it can transform into items, as well as a facial mask to help Blue disguise herself as someone else. It transformed into a fake Mew to distract Team Rocket in the RGB series. In the Yellow series, it disguised itself as Blue's right hand which later fell off, tricking Lorelei to believe that Blue's hand has been destroyed with the destruction of her ice doll. In the FRLG series, it took the form of an umbrella for both decorative and protective purposes. It was the only Pokemon of Blue that followed Red and Green to Two Island, where it explained all the happenings to Brinca, the old woman guarding the ultimate attacks. At the Battle Frontier, it got acquainted with Red's Vee.

Clefairy → Clefable
Nickname: Cleffo OT: Blue Gender: ♂
Nature: Naughty Ability: Cute Charm Level 68
Growl, Metronome, Minimize
Cleffo is one of Blue's trickiest Pokemon. In the Pallet trainers' showdown with Team Rocket at the Silph Co. building, Blue hid the Pokeballs of Cleffo and Jiggly in front of her bosoms, and unleashed a surprise attack on Sabrina with their combined Growl and Sing. Later, when Blue fainted out of fear of Zapmolcuno, Red evolved Cleffo with his Moon Stone. With the highly versatile Metronome, Cleffo managed to stall Zapmolcuno despite their power difference. In the Yellow series, Cleffo hid itself with Minimize to snatch the ice dolls of Blue and Sabrina away from Lorelei, and later performed a trick together with Blue to defeat Lorelei. In the FRLG series, Cleffo also played a critical role in Blue's battle against Team Rocket, although its powers were rarely demonstrated.

Nidoran♀ → Nidorina → Nidoqueen
Nickname: Nidory OT: Blue Gender: ♀
Nature: Quiet Ability: Poison Point Level 69
Double Kick
Nidory was first seen as a Nidoran♀ at the Indigo Plateau Pokemon League Tournament when Blue tried to use its charm to trade her Weedle with Fisherman Wilton's Nidoran♂. In the Yellow series, it battled Lorelei as a Nidorina, but poor coordination with Sabrina put them to a disadvantage. During the fight against the Deoxys-Divides in the FRLG series, Turtley needed more support to fire off a stronger Hydro Cannon, and Blue evolved Nidory into a Nidoqueen with a Moon Stone. In the Emerald series, it fended off the Battle Tower rental Pokemon who were sent into rampaging by Guile Hideout.

Snubbull → Granbull
Nickname: Blu OT: Blue Gender: ♂
Nature: Timid Ability: Quick Feet Level 23
Bite, Charm, Scary Face, Take Down
This Pokemon has been with Blue since her days under Mask Of Ice, but was temporarily exchanged to Silver for his Horsea after their escape. Blue reobtained it from Silver during the Kanto Elite 4 incident, but it was never put to use until in the GSC series when she battled Will and Karen at the Ilex Forest. In the FRLG series, Blu evolved into a Granbull in the Trainer Tower on Seven Island to provide support for Turtley. It is one of Blue's favourite Pokemon due to the similarity in their names.

Pokémon she has deposited in the box

Nickname: Abry OT: Blue Gender: ♀
Nature: Quirky Ability: Synchronize Level 15
This Abra was first seen with Blue when she disguised herself as a balding old man at the Indigo Plateau. To steer Silver away from the perilous battle ahead, Blue used Abra to teleport Silver to a safe place. In fact, Blue intended the Teleport's destination to be Silver birth place, causing him to catch a glance of an evergreen forest, later revealed to be the Viridian Forest.

Nickname: None OT: Blue Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: Shield Dust Level N/A
During the Indigo Plateau Pokemon League Tournament, Blue tried to trade this Weedle for Fisherman Wilton's Nidoran? by using the charm of her Nidory. Her scheme was thwarted by Red at the last minute though.

Nickname: None OT: Blue Gender: None
Nature: N/A Ability: Pressure Level N/A
In the GSC series, she went on a journey alone to conquer her bird phobia since childhood. She did so by capturing the three Kanto legendary birds and Articuno was one of them. Later, Blue used them to battle Lugia and Ho-oh at the Ilex Forest together with Red and Green. Red was in charge of Articuno during the fight.

Nickname: None OT: Blue Gender: None
Nature: N/A Ability: Pressure Level N/A
Zapdos was one of the three Kanto legendary birds Blue captured during the GSC series to conquer her phobia of birds. After Blue finally overcome her fear towards Ho-oh, she unleashed Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres to battle Lugia and Ho-oh. Red and Green joined Blue in the battle, and Green was responsible for controlling Zapdos.

Nickname: None OT: Blue Gender: None
Nature: N/A Ability: Pressure Level N/A
Blue set out on a personal journey in the GSC series to overcome to her fear for birds. One of the places she visited was Mt. Ember, where she captured this legendary bird of fire, Moltres. Later, she used these birds to battle Lugia and Ho-oh, and she personally took charge of Moltres. However, Karen got on Moltres as well, and had a close combat with Blue on it.

Pokémon she has had or been partnered with

Nickname: Horsey OT: Silver Gender: ♀
Nature: Serious Ability: Swift Swim Level N/A
This Horsea originally belonged to Silver, but was put under Blue's training since they parted ways after escaping from Mask Of Ice. Blue has used its Smokescreen many times to shield herself, and in the Yellow series, it tagged itself onto a Slowbro belonging to the Kanto Elite 4 to leave a trace with its ink for Blue to follow. Blue gave Horsea back to Silver after the Kanto Elite 4 incident.

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