Diamond's Profile

Character Overview:

Diamond, nicknamed Dia, is one of the two male protagonists in the DP series along with Pearl. Slow and dopey, he plays the role of the funny man in the Manzai standing comedy which he and Pearl practice. He usually adopts a happy-go-lucky attitude and follows Pearl's lead and decisions, but actually has his own opinions, especially when it comes to matters that stir up his emotions. This is a reflection of the virtue he represents: emotion, making him the most associated with Mesprit of the Sinnoh lake trio, the emotion Pokemon. In contrast to Pearl, Dia's character is relaxed and carefree, and according to Pearl, has never ever broken out in a rage, except the one clash he had with Pearl at Celestic. His gentle nature is interestingly opposite to the diamond, and is more comparable to the pearl, which has an ultimate smoothness.

Dia is a big fan of the animation series 'Proteinman Omega', and is an expert on it. He is always seen eating snacks, and often uses food as jokes in his Manzai verses. Dia believes that good food can make a person happy, and personally made a cream pie to cheer Lady Berlitz up during her Super Contest challenge. He seems to have a talent in Poffin making, and managed to create a combination deemed difficult to mix by the Super Contest judge, Dexter. Dia was not particularly skilled or keen in battling at the beginning, although his luck and unorthodox whit usually saved the day. This changed when he decided to interrupt Team Galactic's evil schemes pertaining to the Sinnoh lake trio, and started to act more proactively to better his battling skills. Despite his apparent lack of ability in fighting, he is in truth extremely clever and given time, he is always able to figure out a way to solve a problem by his close observation of things.

As childhood neighbours, Dia grew up with Pearl, and the two share a very close bond with each other. Although Pearl often appears to be abusive in his endless hollering and smacking, Dia knows that Pearl actually cares for him a lot, and he in turn cherishes this friendship very much. The two had a fall out at Celestic Town however, when Dia disagreed with Pearl's choice of turning away from Cyrus's evil plans, and voiced out his need to follow his own emotions. His determination eventually moved Pearl, who complemented his actions with willpower. The boys reconciled afterwards, and Pearl suggested Dia give a try at One-Shot-Gag, the ultimate weapon of a comedian. By accident, Dia developed one that involved placing one Pokeball on each eye, standing on one foot while the other is bent backwards, and his hands touching at the base of the palms in front of his chest with his fingers opened up to the sides, all the while reciting the line 'I'm perfectly okeeay~'. Unfortunately, Fantina seemed to be the only person this gag managed to amuse.

Upon seeing Platinum for the first time, Dia was captured by the elegance she exuded, and is believed to be infatuated with her. This was also what made him knew right from the start that she was a true lady but not a tour guide. Yet, he chose to keep the secret to himself since the mutual misunderstanding was what formed and maintained their companionship, and he knew their group would fall apart once the truth was revealed. After Pearl learnt of the real situation and heard his reasoning, he also opted to keep Platinum in the dark about it. Dia's shyness held him back from being too obvious about his infatuation for Platinum, and only shows his care through his determination to keep her protected. Before knowing Platinum's real name, he addresses her as 'The Lady'.

Character Design:
Diamond's Design

Dia's design is based on the male protagonist of the fourth generation Pokemon titles, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Apart from his slightly lazier looking eyes, he is almost identical to his game counterpart. His items are mostly blue in colour, including his Pokedex as well as his Poketch. When the trio headed for separate ways, Pearl gave Dia the Manzai Scriptbook and changed it to a Battle Diary.

Dia has sported the most number of different attires any protagonist had, which included a black suit with top hat worn during the Super Contest, a chef's outfit for Poffin making, a colland-like attire at the Great Marsh, a clown's do as the campaign boy of the Poketch, one that resembled an Arabian King given to him by Sebastian at the Berlitz's Mansion, and also the Team Galactic grunt outfit when Dia snuck into the TG Headquarters. Upon returning home at Twinleaf, Dia found a new jacket his Mom bought him for the cold weather, which was from his game counterpart in the Platinum game. However, this jacket was just temporarily seen during the DP series, and Dia only started wearing it in the Platinum series where the rest of his outfit also matches the Platinum design of his game counterpart. Dia's eyes are of a dark shade of blue.

Diamond's Journey:
DP Series
Diamond's DP Journey

Dia's journey began when he and Pearl attended the New Generation Funny Grand Prix at Jubilife City, and was rewarded with the Judges' Special Merit Prize. However, a collision with Prof. Rowan accidentally swapped the envelopes they were holding, and the two boys ended up receiving the notice to Platinum's bodyguards, who were supposed to escort her to the summit of Mt. Coronet. Believing that they were on a reality show, Pearl deemed Platinum their tour guide and began their long voyage across Sinnoh.

Upon arrival at Oreburgh, Platinum decided to take on gym challenges, and Dia and Pearl started having training sessions with her. Trust began to build up among the young trainers as the trio went through crisis after crisis together. They encountered Mars of Team Galactic at the Valley Windworks, and later met up with Cynthia at Eterna, who personally taught them about Pokemon battling. When they finally reached Mt. Coronet, they discovered that the cavern they have entered would not lead to the summit, and thus continued their journey on the eastern side of Sinnoh. However, while inside the cavern, they were ambushed by Cyrus, who decided to punish them for disturbing the peace of the sacred mountain.

After taking part in the Super Contest in Hearthome, they were caught up by Platinum's real bodyguards at Veilstone, and also had their first direct battle with Team Galactic. It was only then that Platinum's real identity was revealed, but before the bodyguards had a chance to meet and explain things to the girl, they were banished into another dimension by Saturn. At this point, Dia finally confessed to Pearl that he knew Platinum wasn't a tour guide right from the start, and kept it to himself since the misunderstanding was the thing that started and maintained their companionship.

Diamond's DP Journey

Later, following another turmoil at Lake Valor and Platinum's gym challenge at Pastoria, they met up with Cynthia again at the Pokemon Mansion, who helped them clear the pack of Psyducks blocking Route 210. After meeting Cynthia's Grandma, they encountered Cyrus once again at Celestic Town when the man broke into the ruins which contained Sinnoh's legend of the three lakes. Surviving the deadly showdown, the trio ended up in Hearthome again where Platinum challenged Fantina, after which they learnt of the shocking news about Sir Berlitz's disappearance.

At Canalave City, Platinum finally learnt of Dia and Pearl's true identity, and was completely distraught by the shocking news. After a fitful night of nightmares though, she decided to keep the boys as her companions and resumed their journey under the new goal to thwart Team Galactic's evil plans. At this point, the trio split up to protect the three lakes, and Dia was assigned Lake Verity. Unlike his two companions though, Byron made him go through a brief training session with Riley on Iron Island first, during which he learnt to overcome his weakness in speed. Later, back at Jubilife City, Dia helped the President of the Poketch Company solve a crisis caused by a wild Lickitung, and afterwards accidentally stumbled into the Berlitz's Mansion, where he was mistook as a thief by Sebastian. He then fended off a swarm of Yanmegas sent by Team Galactic at Prof. Rowan's Science Lab, and took a quick trip home to Twinleaf before resuming his quest at Lake Verity.

Diamond's DP Journey

Unfortunately, Dia discovered that his mother, Johanna, has gone off to Lake Verity in search of Berries for food ingredients, and she became a hostage to Mars when Dia found her. Although Johanna managed to free herself, Dia failed in his attempt to protect the lake guardian, Mesprit, from being captured Team Galactic after the Galactic Bomb simultaneously woke the three pixies. Dia snuck into Team Galactic's air-shuttle and followed them all the way back to their headquarters in Veilstone City, where he disguised himself as a TG grunt and found the pixies at the science lab. There, he was confronted by the cloaked senior grunt who had a big interest in the Pokedex, and when Pearl and Platinum arrived later, the three sacrificed their Pokedexes in order to distract the cloaked grunt, freeing Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie in the process.

Afterwards, Cynthia gathered Dia, Pearl and Platinum and together they headed to the final battleground, the Spear Pillar on the summit of Mt. Coronet. Using Moo, a Mamoswine given to him by Platinum, Dia tried to subdue the legendary deities Dialga and Palkia, but was easily overwhelmed. When the energy portal created by two dragons threatened to suck everything in, Dia attempted to sacrifice himself by closing the portal on the other side, but Regigigas, a legendary Pokemon who secretly entered Platinum's bagpack, showed itself at that moment and helped the trio hold down Dialga and Palkia. After a direct confrontation from Cyrus, in which Dia challenged Cyrus's definition of 'time' and 'space', the trio borrowed hints from the ancient scripture carried by Cynthia and successfully snapped Dialga and Palkia back into sense by utilizing their duality nature. Yet, when it seemed like the crisis was finally over, a shadowy creature emerged from the energy portal and dragged Dialga, Palkia and Cyrus in, foreshadowing a new challenge and adventure for Dia, Pearl and Platinum.

Platinum Series
Diamond's Platinum Journey

During the events at the Spear Pillar, Dia managed to snatch a memobook from Charon which depicted the Sinnoh region rare and legendary Pokemon. Therefore, while Platinum headed towards the Battle Zone to seek information on the Distortion World, Dia and Pearl went on a journey to investigate and protect them from Charon, one of which being the plasma creature they encountered at the Old Chateau in the Eterna Forest before, a Pokemon named Rotom. Rotom played all sort of tricks on the boys with its various formes on their re-encounter, but Dia eventually figured out that it was just trying to show off its skills to them and got it to join them.

Before Dia and Pearl left Eterna, they came face to face with the serpentine creature that abducted Dialga, Palkia and Cyrus at the Spear Pillar, which is actually the ruler of the Distortion World, Giratina, having just barged into the real world dimension through a portal. Charon appeared with Heatran in an attempt to control Giratina, and Regigigas, Ghee, who has refused to leave its Pokeball since the Spear Pillar incident emerged to fight again. Unfortunately, while Dia was sheltering Pearl from Giratina's Shadow Force, he got struck and was presumed dead as his body vanished into thin air. However, he later awoke inside the Distortion World, and encountered Cyrus, who seemed to have changed his views about the world since his defeat.

Together with Cyrus, Dia freed Dialga and Palkia from their restraints, and joined everyone else who were already fighting Charon, Heatran, Darkrai and Giratina. Darkrai's sleep-inducing moves managed to hypnotize the other legendaries, but Shaymin reawakened them with Worry Seed. The gratitude Pokemon then tried to stop Giratina from going through a portal again but to no avail. Fortunately, Cynthia awaited outside and struck the ghost dragon down. As Dia, Pearl and Platinum cornered Charon, the TG Commander still intended to fight back with his signalling device that controls Pokemon, but Rotom possessed Dia's Proteinman Omega Robot and destroyed the machine, allowing Looker to arrest the man. As the legendaries went their separate ways, some returning to their original realm and some remaining with their trainers, Cyrus bid farewell to the Sinnoh Dex Holders after making the decision to officially disband Team Galactic.

Pokémon on his Active Team

Turtwig → Grotle → Torterra
Nickname: Roo OT: Diamond Gender: ♂
Nature: Relaxed Ability: Overgrow Level 60
Absorb, Crunch, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Razor Leaf, Stealth Rock, Tackle, Withdraw, Wood Hammer
This Turtwig was one of the three special Pokemon Prof. Rowan wished to study, and was given to Lady Berlitz to allocate to one of her bodyguards. It picked Dia as its trainer on their first encounter, and incidentally shares many traits with the boy. Apart from being slow, it also enjoys eating, and constantly has a snack in his mouth. Roo evolved into a Grotle simultaneously with Chimlord and Piplup at Eterna City, and into a Torterra along with Chimlord at Veilstone when Dia and Pearl battled the TG grunts under the guidance of Phool and Ignor. As a Torterra, Dia has lent it to Platinum to challenge the Pastoria Gym, where it defeated the Quagsire of Crasher Wake. It gradually became the powerhouse on Dia's team, especially having learnt to use a one-leaf Razor Leaf named 'Dia-special-mach-one-and-only Razor Leaf' to overcome its speed problem on Iron Island under Riley's training. After Mesprit was captured by Team Galactic at Lake Verity, it helped distract Mars, allowing Dia to sneak onto the TG air-shuttle. It fought against the cloaked senior TG grunt at the Team Galactic Headquarters, and later Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar. It remained a dependable team member when Dia set out with Pearl to seek out and protect the Sinnoh rare and legendary Pokemon.

Nickname: Beh OT: Diamond Gender: ♂
Nature: Impish Ability: Pickup Level 56
Fling, Lick, Rollout, Tackle
This Munchlax was the first Pokemon of Dia, and is very much like him. Slow, dopey, and gluttonous, it is almost like the Pokemon version of Dia. Like Dia is always smacked by Pearl, Beh is often hit by Chatlord. Beh is almost always seen eating, and is seldom seen into action, until it battled the scientists of Team Galactic at Lake Valor and afterwards helped Platinum defeat Fantina's Duskull and Mismagius. Still, it clearly wasn't particularly powerful, and often won by luck and unconventional tactics. It operates well in team work though, and won over Riley's compliment when it teamed up with Roo and Pooh to fight Lucario on Iron Island. It hides an assortment of things under its long fur, occasionally battle items, but mostly Berries for consumption.It participated in the battle against the Team Galactic cloaked senior grunt at the TG headquarters, as well as the fight against Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar.

Shieldon → Bastiodon
Nickname: Pooh OT: Byron Gender: ♂
Nature: Careful Ability: Sturdy Level 49
Iron Head, Iron Tail, Metal Burst
This Shieldon originally belongs to Byron but the Canalave Gymleader failed to befriend it no matter how hard he tried. Interestingly, it took a quick liking to Dia when the trio barged into the Canalave Gym, mistaking Byron as the kidnapper of Sir Berlitz, and Byron decided to give it to Dia afterwards. Pooh has extremely tough defence and can withstand many powerful physical attacks, especially after polishing its metallic face. It seems to share the gluttonous trait of its trainer, but obviously not as much as its companion Beh. At the Galactic Veilstone Building, it withstood the attacks of five foes at the same time, and evolved into a Bastiodon in the process, further raising its solid defence.

Nickname: Lee OT: Diamond Gender: ♂
Nature: Bold Ability: Own Tempo Level 53
Dig, Me First, Power Whip, Rollout, Slam, Wring Out
As a Lickitung, this Pokemon originated from Lake Valor, but was provoked by the President of the Poketch Company and followed him to Jubilife City, where it caused havoc by snatching everybody's items. Dia confronted it with his team, and it evolved into a Lickilicky during the fight. Dia eventually captured it with his close observation and wit, and it quickly developed loyalty to the boy. Apart from packing powerful attacks like Rollout and Power Whip, it also uses its long tongue to gather distant objects or swing Dia from one place to another by latching onto a tree branch. It helped free Dialga and Palkia from their restraints set by Giratina in the Distortion World.

Nickname: Moo OT: Platinum Gender: ♂
Nature: Hardy Ability: Thick Fat Level 65
Blizzard, Ice Fang
Platinum caught this wild Pokemon after her Snowpoint Gym challenge because she saw Dia's trait in it. She later gave it to the boy on their way to Mt. Coronet following the showdown at the Galactic Veilstone Building. At the Spear Pillar, it was able to temporarily subdue Dialga and Palkia with its powerful ice-made tusks, which impact made super effective damages on the deities. Its massive body also allowed it to do heavy blows when it charged towards its opponents.

Nickname: Ghee OT: Platinum Gender: N/A
Nature: Lax Ability: Slow Start Level 75
Avalanche, Crush Grip
This legendary Pokemon has been slumbering at the Snowpoint Temple, waiting for the time that it would lend its power to a trainer in a fight to safeguard Sinnoh. It secretly entered a Pokeball of Platinum's when the girl fell unconscious at the temple and stayed dormant inside her bagpack, only revealing itself later when she reached the final battleground, the Spear Pillar. After stopping Dia from sacrificing him to close the energy portal created due to Dialga and Palkia's clash, it chose Dia as its trainer and managed to hold down the two legendary deities from its massive power. However, when Cyrus forced the dragons to clash once again with the Red Chain, their forces proved too much for Regigigas to stand. After the Spear Pillar event, Dia kept it in his team and nicknamed it Ghee, but this legendary golem refused to come out of its Pokeball until the boys encountered Giratina at Eterna, where it engaged in a fierce battle against the ghost dragon as well as Heatran, which was under the command of Charon. When Dia was struck down by Giratina's Shadow Force, Ghee brought back Rotom's electric devices for the plasma Pokemon, and managed to force Giratina to temporarily withdraw into the Distortion World. It further lent its strength in the mighty clash between the legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh later inside the Distortion World, and remained on Dia's team after the events.

Nickname: N/A OT: N/A Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: Levitate Level N/A
Air Slash (Fan Rotom), Blizzard (Frost Rotom), Hydro Pump (Wash Rotom), Leaf Storm (Mow Rotom), Overheat (Heat Rotom), Thundershock
Dia, Pearl, and Platinum first encountered Rotom when they spent a night at the Old Chateau in the Eterna Forest. At that time, their Pokedexes failed to identify it, but Dia managed to subdue it by tracking its pattern of movement. Later, the boys returned to seek and protect it when they discovered that it was one of the many rare and legendary Pokemon Charon schemed to capture. Though its mischief gave Dia and Pearl a hard time at first, Dia eventually figured out its true intention to play and show off, and got Rotom to join them. This plasma Pokemon possesses the ability to assimilate itself into various electrical appliances, 5 particular ones which allowed it to change into specific formes and gain the corresponding elemental attacks. When Dia was struck down by Giratina under Charon's influence, Rotom burst into rage and attacked Charon furiously with its various formes. It also possessed Dia's Proteinman Omega Robot later, and helped put an end to Charon's evil schemes by breaking the signalling device he used to control Pokemon. It stayed with the boys after the events, and although it is technically not on Dia's team, its Pokeball is kept by him.

Pokémon he has had or partnered up with

Nickname: N/A OT: Fantina Gender: ♀
Nature: N/A Ability: Aftermath Level N/A
Fantina lent Drifblim to Dia, Pearl and Platinum when they needed a means to travel to Canalave quickly from Hearthome. While Dia kept Drifblim after the trio split up, it was left behind at Lake Verity along with Roo and Lee after the boy broke into Team Galactic's air-shuttle. The three Pokemon were brought to Pearl at Pastoria City by Sebastian, Roseanne and Dia's Mom, which Pearl later returned to Dia at the Veilstone Galactic Building.

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