Gold's Profile

Character Overview:

Gold is the main protagonist of the GSC series, and is a happy-go-lucky kind of boy who grew up in a wealthy family that houses a wide range of Pokemon, thus earning him the nickname the Pokemon Boy at his hometown. Having spent his entire life with these Pokemon which his mother has caught and kept at home, he cherishes Pokemon in general a lot, and treats them as partners, as said by himself when asked by Prof. Oak. For the same reason, he is able to evoke the greatest potential in newly hatched Pokemon, and even pass on his own will and emotions to them. He is therefore named the Hatcher by Oak.

Often quick and mischievous, he disregards rules and can sometimes be a troublemaker. He is stubborn on matters that he has decided upon, and will strive hard until he achieves his goal. He was actually not chosen a Dex Holder of Oak's at the beginning, but forced his way through the professor by going to the extremes to prove himself worthy. He is fond of trying out famous gourmet of different places, and frequents game arcades to play poker, which he sometimes cheats by disguising a Pokeball as a billiard ball. He is a big fan of the DJ singer, Mary, but got into a fight with her Smeargle when he visited the Goldenrod Radio Tower.

Gold first met Silver when he caught the boy stealing Prof. Elm's Totodile at the science lab, and has since then set out on a journey which original intention was to chase after him. The two eventually became rivals but also worked together on several occasions to fend of Neo TR and Mask Of Ice. Towards the end of the GSC series, the two became close companions, and positively affected each other. Gold met the third Johto Dex Holder, Crys, at the Whirl Islands while facing Lugia, and is unable to stand her serious personality. On the other hand, Crys often blames him for being too wishy-washy, and has more than once forced to deal with troubles he left behind. Despite that, the two also became close companions, and have gone through a lot together.

Gold is also acquainted with several Johto gymleaders, including Falkner of Violet, whose Skarmory was caught with his assistance; Bugsy of Azalea, whom he initially mistook as a girl and solved the crisis at the Ruins of Alph with; Whitney of Goldenrod, who shared a mutual dislike with him; and Jasmine of Olivine, the owner of Togetaro's Togetic parents whom he rescued at the collapsing Tin Tower.

Gold has a habit of calling people names and making derogative remarks about his villains, something he has done to both Mask Of Ice and Guile Hideout. He is also fond of giving nicknames to his companions, calling Crys the representative of Club Serious, Ruby the fashion lad, Sapphire the wildchild girl, and Emerald the unorthodox kid. Interestingly, he got along really well with Emerald, who also appreciated his arrogant attitude, much to Crys's dismay. In fact, it was Gold who made Emerald face himself honestly, and it is believed that as Gold treated Red as his senior, he treats himself as a similar counterpart to Emerald.

Character Design:
Gold's Design

Gold's design is based on the male protagonist of the second generation Pokemon Gameboy games, Pokemon Gold and Silver, with the addition of a pair of goggles to his cap. He carries around a billiard cue for striking out Pokeballs when he calls out his team members, and the retractable shaft has proven to be useful in many other situations. He also travels on a skateboard, which at one point was converted into a scooter with the handles and gears of a bicycle from the Miracle Cycle bike shop. Interestingly, a skateboard was rumoured to be an available item in the GS games before its release.

Gold's outfit has remained unchanged throughout the entire GSC series, and when he returned in the Emerald series, he has briefly disguised himself as the armoured man, Guile Hideout. Under the armour, his attire pretty much remained the same. In the HGSS series, he adopted the outfit of his HGSS game counterpart. His goggles also got a colour change to yellow, and he kept his signature billiard cue. When he challenged the Pokeathlon, he wore the blue jersey outfit that his game counterpart does. Over the years, Gold's eyes were consistently amber coloured.

Gold's Journey:
GSC Series
Gold's GSC Journey

Gold's journey did not begin with a quest to conquer gyms or become the greatest trainer. Instead, it started when he caught Silver stealing Prof. Elm's Totodile, and made a promise to Cyndaquil to get its companion back. However, as he continued to chase down the red-haired boy after convincing Prof. Oak to give him a Pokedex, he soon realized that Totodile has developed a loyalty towards Silver, and refused to return. His journey thus became slightly aimless for a while, until he encountered Mask Of Ice at the Ilex Forest, and suffered a bitter defeat. He was determined to become stronger afterwards, and continued to travel across Johto, training up himself while trying to discover the secrets behind Silver and the mysterious masked man at the same time.

At Ecruteak City, following a showdown with Silver, Gold finally learnt of the evil scheme of Neo TR, and set off with Silver to the Lake of Rage, where they were overpowered by Mask Of Ice, and frozen at the bottom of the lake. Fortunately, the legendary beast Entei rescued them, and took them to the Whirl Islands, where they met Crys and fought the silver flyer, Lugia. Afterwards, evidence suggested that the masked man could be a gymleader, and Oak thus sent Gold and Crys to the Indigo Plateau where the 16 gymleaders of Kanto and Johto would take part an Exhibition Match.

Mask Of Ice eventually caused havoc at the Indigo Plateau with Ho-oh and Lugia which he has captured, and forced the ball-maker Kurt to surrender his designs for the special GS-ball that could capture Celebi. Gold became enraged by how the masked man treated Pokemon as tools, and chased after him for another showdown. This time, Gold gained the upperhand, and finally unveiled the masked man as the Mahogany Gymleader Pryce. However, Pryce used Pika and Chuchu as hostage to force Gold to surrender, and the boy had no choice but to watch his foe break into the voids of time.

Later, Gold entered the voids of time together with his newly hatched Pichu, but Pryce trapped him within an ice mirror. He was eventually freed by the Rainbow and Silver Wings hidden on Yellow's straw, and together with Silver, Crys, and the three legendary beasts, they gave chase to Pryce once again. Gold sent his companions away to deal with Pryce alone, and managed to free Celebi from its capture, who fulfilled Pryce's dreams and finally melted his ice-cold heart with an old song. Gold safely returned to the other Dex Holders with the help of Celebi, and went off to train with Red at Mt. Silver at the very end.

Emerald Series

Gold's Emerald Journey

2 years after the Mask Of Ice incident, on the fifth day of the Battle Frontier opening week, Gold arrived at the Battle Frontier with Crystal to assist in the combat against the armoured man, Guile Hideout. Their true intention, however, is to revive the five petrified Dex Holders, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver, by wishing upon the phantom Pokemon, Jirachi.

Gold disguised himself as Guile Hideout when he appeared at the Battle Tower, initially hoping to trick his way through the armoured man's Pokemon and reach Jirachi. However, this plan quickly fell apart, and he resorted back to direct power struggle, where Explotaro overwhelmed the armoured man with the powerful Blast Burn inherited on Two Island from Brinca. Attempting to snatch Jirachi back from Guile Hideout, Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald prepare to face off their foe.

As the third stage of Prof. Oak's plan to reverse the petrifaction of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver, Gold and Crys together brought along the metal rings of Brinca to pass on the ultimate attacks to the starters of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Silver. It was Gold's words that made Emerald rethink his relationship with Pokemon, eventually allowing the boy to be honest with himself, and successfully channel his wish to Jirachi, restoring the five senior Dex Holders to life. Afterwards, the 10 Dex Holders worked together to disperse the giant sea monster with the combined ultimate attacks, putting an end to the evil schemes of the armoured man.

HGSS Series
Gold's HGSS Journey

3 years after the events on the Sevii Islands, Team Rocket was once again resurrected in Johto, and incidents reminiscent of Neo Team Rocket's past deeds were surfacing everywhere. Prof. Oak received a holographic message from Lance warning them of the evil organization's current aim, the Alpha Pokemon Arceus, and requested a Pokedex Holder to meet him at the Pokeathlon Dome. This task was bestowed upon Gold, and the boy managed to conquer all 5 categories of events. He also met the Johto Elite 4 there, and they were attacked by Lance's Dragonite, who apparently went rampaging after it got separated from its trainer due to an ambush from the Four Generals. Gold later headed towards Ecruteak City, where he met Morty through the Kimono Girls, and was soon joined by Silver who wanted the Ecruteak Gymleader to help him locate the Plates scattered across Johto.

However, Arceus landed in Ecruteak at that moment and destroyed the Gym. Gold gave chase to it all the way to the Ruins of Alph, where he found an injured Lance. When Silver and Crys later arrived at the scene, a synchrony between the Alpha Pokemon and Silver's 16 Plates sent them to the Sinjoh Ruins. The Four Generals quickly seized Arceus, and after forcing the Plates out of the trio, overwhelmed them with its Multitype ability and also got it to create Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Silver distracted the Generals by throwing himself out onto the Mystri Stage, and Gold and Crys grabbed the chance to vaporize the dragon trio with the three starters' ultimate attacks. Unfortunately, the dragons materialized once more, and Lance appeared along with Giovanni and Pryce, bringing the revelation that Arceus acted on its will in an attempt to annihilate humans with the dragon trio. While the three men kept he dragons distracted, Gold strove to calm down Arceus. When he finally recognized his unwillingness to open up to Togetaro all along and finally managed to do so, he convinced Arceus of the trust between humans and Pokemon, and pacified the alpha Pokemon, stopping a crisis which would have destroyed both Johto and Sinnoh.

Pokémon on his Active Team

Cyndaquil → Quilava → Typhlosion
Nickname: Explotaro OT: Gold Gender: ♂
Nature: Impish Ability: Blaze Level 84
Blast Burn, Double Team, Ember, Flame Wheel, Smokescreen, Tackle
This Cyndaquil was one of the three Pokemon specially studied by Prof. Elm, and it partnered up with Gold to fight Silver when the red haired boy stole one of its companions, Totodile. Gold kept it on with him afterwards, which he simply informed instead of requested from Elm, and the Pokemon gradually took on the role as the major powerhouse on his team. It evolved into a Quilava under Granny's training at the Goldenrod Daycare Center, and later evolved simultaneously with Croconaw and Megapeon into their final stages while battling Lugia at the Whirl Islands. As a Typhlosion, its powerful fire attacks gave Gold an upperhand while fighting Mask Of Ice at the end of the GSC series, and its flames prevented the masked man's ice body from regenerating. In the Emerald series, it returned with the powerful Blast Burn learnt from Brinca, which took two whole months, and used it to overpower Guile Hideout as well as defeat the giant sea monster along with the other starters. In the HGSS series, it battled Arceus at the Ruins of Alph and Sinjoh Ruins.

Aipom → Ambipom
Nickname: Aitaro OT: Gold Gender: ♂
Nature: Naive Ability: Technician Level 83
Agility, Baton Pass, Double Hit, Double Team, Scratch, Swagger
Aitaro is one of the many family Pokemon at Gold's home which he grew up with, and this Aipom appears to be the closest to Gold. Like its trainer, it is quick and mischievous, and can be irritating and stubborn sometimes. Its paw-like tail allows it to holds items, hang off tree branches, and play an assortment of tricks and tactics in battles. While facing off Mask Of Ice in the Ilex Forest, it managed to scratch off part of the masked man's robe which contained traces of a gym badge materials exclusively used by gymleaders, lending hint to the foe's real identity. In the Emerald series, it used Gold's billiard cue to power up Explotaro's fire attack on Guile Hideout, and also took part in fighting down the rampaging Battle Tower rental Pokemon. In the HGSS series, it has evolved into an Ambipom and stood up against Arceus along with its teammates. In the HGSS series, it evolved in Ambipom at the Kimono Dance Theatre in Ecruteak City after mastering the move Double Hit, and afterwards stood up against Arceus along with its teammates.

Poliwag → Poliwhirl → Politoed
Nickname: Politaro OT: Gold Gender: ♂
Nature: Quiet Ability: Water Absorb Level 80
Bounce, Double Slap, Dynamic Punch, Hypnosis, Perish Song, Water Gun, Whirlpool
As a Poliwag, Politaro was one of the family Pokemon which Gold grew up with. When the grunts of Neo TR stole and subsequently ditched Gold's bagpack that contained the Pokeballs of his family Pokemon, Politaro's Pokeball was washed away by the stream and ended up with a wild Granbull on Route 32 who was stealing Pokeballs from trainers to draw attention. It evolved into a Poliwhirl inside the collapsing Tin Tower, and then quickly into a Politoed when it was temporarily traded to Silver with the King's Rock. Politaro adeptly controls water, and knows the rare move Whirlpool. Its Perish Song also played a major role in fainting Delibird when Gold faced off Mask Of Ice at the end of the GSC series. In the Emerald series, it teamed up with Red's Poli to destroy the armour of Guile Hideout.

Nickname: Sutaro OT: Gold Gender: ♂
Nature: Jolly Ability: Sturdy Level 78
Dynamic Punch, Flail, Focus Punch, Low Kick, Mimic, Mud Slap, Rock Tomb
This Sudowoodo enlarged itself as a fake tree and blocked the path of Route 37 when Gold and Whitney were having a race competition to settle their dispute. Gold unveiled its true identity by noticing its weakness towards water, and later kept it on his team after they worked together to save Whitney from a wild Rhydon. Sutaro has very high physical attack and defence, and even managed to withstand Ho-oh's assault, and retaliated with Flail. Its brutal strength also became handy in restraining Mask Of Ice, after Aitaro passed its Agility to it by Baton Pass.

Sunkern → Sunflora
Nickname: Suntaro OT: Gold Gender: ♀
Nature: Serious Ability: Chlorophyll Level 75
Flash, Giga Drain, Growth, Mega Drain, Solarbeam, Sunny Day
Gold caught Suntaro as a Sunkern at the countryside of Violet City when he needed extra jumping height to help Falkner capture a wild Skarmory. Its role is mainly supportive on the team, and learns a selection of booster moves such as Flash and Sunny Day. It teamed up with Crys's Parapeon to fight Shum and Cart at the Indigo Plateau's control room. It evolved into a Sunflora when Gold fought Mask Of Ice at a rockground, where the intense sunlight of the highlands mimicked the effect of a Sun Stone.

Togepi → Togetic → Togekiss
Nickname: Togetaro OT: Gold Gender: ♂
Nature: Naughty Ability: Hustle Level 81
Charm, Double-edge, Growl, Metronome
This Togepi hatched from the egg that Prof. Elm bestowed upon Gold to look after, which was actually produced by the pair of Togetics belonging to the Olivine Gymleader, Jasmine. It hatched one night in the countryside of Goldenrod when a wild Gligar tried to snatch its egg away, and it stunned Gold's other Pokemon by taking out the Gligar alone. It further demonstrated its toughness and brutal strength when it defeated the Silver's borrowed Tyranitar with a Double-edge. Since Gold frequently visited game arcades when it was still an egg, it naturally learnt how to play cards, dice and poker, much to Prof. Elm's dismay. However, despite their apparent closeness, Gold never used Togetaro in major battles and often kept it as a reserve only, which was the reason it never truly opened up its heart to Gold. In the HGSS series, Gold finally realized this while facing Arceus, and after bestowing his trust upon Togetaro, made it evolve through Togetic into Togekiss, with the help of the Light Stone given to it by Lance.

Pokémon he has deposited in the box

Nickname: Pich OT: Gold Gender: ♂
Nature: Naughty Ability: Static Level N/A
Super Rising Thunder, Volt Tackle
This Pichu has a tuft on hair on its forehead, resembling that of its trainer, and is hatched from the egg of Pika and Chuchu, which Gold snatched back and protected from Pryce. When Gold mistakenly believed that Prof. Oak left him out while naming each Dex Holder's special ability, he became emotional and his touch upon the egg instantly caused it to hatch. In the voids of time, Pich stored up an immense amount of electricity from Raikou, and delivered the Super Rising Thunder attack which managed to crack the GS-ball holding Celebi. It was nicknamed by Yellow, who simply combined the names of its parents, Pika and Chuchu. In the Emerald series, it teamed up with its parents to deliver the electric ultimate attack, Volt Tackle, to disperse the giant sea monster created by Jirachi from Guile Hideout's wish. In the HGSS series, it helped Celebi find the ingredients to Giovanni's ailment at the Ilex Forest, with the assistance of a Spiky-eared Pichu it befriended.

Nickname: Mantaro OT: Gold Gender: ♂
Nature: Calm Ability: Water Absorb Level 28
Astonish, Gust, Ominous Wind
Mantaro was saved and befriended by Gold in the open seas around the Whirl Islands when Lugia was rampaging with its Aeroblast. With its dual water and flying type, it can move both in air and under water. When supported by the Remoraids given to Gold by Fisherman Wilton, Mantaro can glide across the air like a kite, allowing Gold to travel aerially. Apart from battling Lugia on the Whirl Islands, it also took part in the aerial fight against the giant sea monster summoned by Guile Hideout in the Emerald series in a similar fashion.

Remoraid (Multiple)
Nickname: N/A OT: N/A Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: N/A Level N/A
These Remoraids were given to Gold by Fisherman Wilton when they were facing Lugia at the Whirl Islands. Attached to Mantaro's body, they fire off Water Gun backwards to propel Mantaro into the sky to provide an aerial means of transport for Gold. They may also aim their water jets forward to deliver a combined attack.

Other Pokemon he grew up with at home:

Weedle, Kakuna, Sandshrew, Oddish, Drowzee, Krabby, Exeggcute, Lickitung, Chansey
Nicknames: N/A OT: Gold Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: N/A Level N/A
Gold had these Pokémon living at home with him before he left on his journey

Pokémon he has had or been partnered with

Seadra → Kingdra
Nickname: None OT: Silver Gender: ♀
Nature: Serious Ability: Swift Swim Level N/A
Inside the collapsing Tin Tower, Silver made Gold trade his Politaro to him in order to evolve it into a Politoed and get them out of the rubbles. Seadra is traded to Gold at that time, and it evolved into a Kingdra during the process. After defeating Shum and Cart, the boys traded these two Pokemon back to each other.

Chinchou (Multiple)
Nickname: None OT: Gold Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: N/A Level N/A
Gold captured these Chinchou in the stream along Route 31 while looking for his lost Politaro. He shortly released them afterwards.

Nickname: None OT: Gold Gender: N/A
Nature: Naive Ability: N/A Level N/A
Gold captured this Teddiursa with a Friend Ball on Mt. Ursaring of Azalea for Kurt's granddaughter, Mazie.

Nickname: None OT: N/A Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: Pressure Level N/A
At the end of the GSC series, Gold, Silver and Crys entered the voids of time to chase after Pryce with the Johto legendary trio, and Raikou was the beast that partnered up with Gold. Its immense storage of electricity charged up Gold's newly hatched Pich, allowing the little Pichu to fire off the powerful Super Rising Thunder on Pryce afterwards, freeing Celebi from the GS-ball.

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