Lack-two's Profile

Character Overview:

Lack-two is the main protagonist of the B2W2 series, and despite his age, is of the superintendent rank in the International Police forces. His intelligence and physical ability are of top class, and his battle skills as a Pokemon trainer is also of elite rank within the organization. He oozes a natural charisma which allows him to charm the opposite sex, a trait which facilitated his task in seeking out the 12-year-old ex-Team-Plasma girl who held the key to counter the Colress Machine's electromagnetic wave signals. While he is naturally serious, he is capable of putting up the innocent look of a young boy. Before he encountered Dewott, he did not own any Pokemon because he has not met any that matched up to his ability. He is acquainted with the Magician, who serves as his personal manager, taking care of his physical health as well as developing specially made gadgets for him.

Character Design:
Lack-two's Design

Lack-two's design is based on the male protagonist of the fifth generation Pokemon DS game sequels, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Apart from his eye colour which takes on a more reddish shade of brown, his appearance is essentially identical to his game counterpart. He wears a jumpsuit underneath his clothes which is made of a tough material that could protect him from Pokemon attacks. He has access to all the gadgets of the International Police Arms, and several unique equipments exclusively developed for him by the Magician. During his visit to the Pokestar Studios, he has put on the costume of the hero character as Dewott Kid.

Lack-two's Journey:
BW Series

Lack-two briefly appeared in the BW series at the Headquarters of the International Police just before the Pokemon League began. He offered to give assistance, but his superior believed that Looker should be able to handle things on his own.

B2W2 Series
Lack-two's BW Journey

Ever since he was bestowed upon the task to crack down on Team Plasma, Lack-two began his work in Unova by disguising himself as a normal student at the Trainer's School in Aspertia City. From his investigations, he learnt of a Pokemon controlling device known as the Colress Machine, and was trying to find an ex-Team Plasma girl who was said to hold important research data that could counter the signals of this machine. Having screened out every other 12-year-old girl he came across, his remaining focus fell on Whi-two, a new transfer student who did not respond to his charm. Lack-two was soon joined by Looker, who was ambushed by a Scolipede during their first encounter, and had trouble accepting that the boy was his senior. Lack-two took Looker to see the Magician, his personal health and gadget manager, but the visit led to their encounter with Genesect, who was sent out by Colress as a trial battle for his Colress Machine. Using information he has obtained from the abandoned P2 Lab, Lack-two challenged Genesect, and eventually managed to capture it, after which he learnt of its full secrets from Colress himself. When the Trainer School arranged a visit to the Pokestar Studios, a mishap occurred during Whi-two's movie filming, which resulted in Lack-two rescuing her as Dewott Kid. However, this only made Whi-two more annoyed, who chose to continue evading him. Lack-two has also kept track of all the legendary and mirage Pokemon in Unova, and upon his investigation on Kyurem, found a mysterious item at the Giant Chasm.

Pokémon on his Active Team

Nickname: N/A OT: Lack-two Gender: ♂
Nature: N/A Ability: Torrent Level N/A
Aqua Jet, Razor Shell
This Dewott is Lack-two's main battle force. Their first encounter took place at the International Police Headquarters training ground, where Lack-two's superior offered him one of the trained Pokemon in the forces as his partner. Apart from being adept, Dewott is extremely skilled in wielding its two scalchops to attack. It polishes its scalchops after every battle with a special sandbox, and according to Lack-two, the scalchops have rarely been damage. Dewott leads the life of a warrior, and is ready to sacrifice itself for a mission, as evidenced by its unflinching attitude when it dove towards Genesect's electrified Techno Blast.

Pokémon he has had

Nickname: N/A OT: Lack-two Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: Download Level N/A
Techno Blast
Genesect is an extinct Pokemon which Team Plasma revived and modified from a fossil. A cannon was attached to its back, and specific Drives were created to change the type of its attack. Lack-two first encountered it in Aspertia when it was under the control of the Colress Machine. After an explosive battle, Lack-two managed to capture it with the help of Dewott. He then sent it back to the International Police Headquarters.

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