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Character Overview:

Pearl is one of the two male protagonists in the DP series along with Dia. Quick and smart, he plays the role of the straight man in the Manzai standing comedy which he and Dia practice. In contrast to Dia, his character is hasty and hot-tempered, and according to Dia, he will always see to the completion of something he has decided upon, a reflection of the virtue he represents: willpower. This makes him the most associated with Azelf of the Sinnoh lake trio, which is the willpower Pokemon. Pearl's robust nature is interestingly opposite to the pearl, and is more comparable to the diamond, which has an ultimate toughness.

Among the three Sinnoh Dex Holders, Pearl often plays the role of the leader, and tells Dia and Platinum what to do. His father is apparently someone very skilled in battling, and the things he has learnt from him during his childhood enabled him to design well-structured training session for Platinum to practice for her gym challenges. During Platinum's Super Contest challenge, Pearl is shown to have a talent in dancing as well. In terms of battling, his most remarkable skill is his ability to tell what move a Pokemon is about to use, which gives him an advantage in anticipating the foe's attacks. Pearl was admittedly not very powerful at the beginning, but this gradually changed as he continued on his journey. His experience mainly comes from the training sessions with Platinum for her gym challenges.

As childhood neighbours, Pearl grew up with Dia, and the two share a very close bond with each other. Although Pearl often appears to be abusive in his endless hollering and smacking, he actually cares a lot for Dia, and Dia in turn cherishes this friendship very much. Unfortunately, the two boys had their first clash during the crisis at Celestic Town when Pearl wanted everyone to escape from Cyrus to avoid danger while Dia wanted to stay behind to protect the secret of the ruins. Dia voiced his protest of Pearl always forcing his own views on others, and for the first time decided to follow his own emotions instead. Pearl was eventually moved and matched his partner's actions with his willpower to challenge Cyrus. The boys reconciled afterwards, and resumed their close bond, which was clearly on a more 'equal' ground this time.

On the other hand, Pearl was not particularly thrilled about Platinum's attitude when they first met, because he thought she was too arrogant as a tour guide, which in fact, wasn't her true identity. He was determined to find out her real name which she refused to tell them, and has more than once yelled at the girl for her stubbornness and denial of little gestures she was trying to hide from them. Yet, somehow, Pearl has always ended up assisting Platinum in all of her aspirations, and has more than once found himself impressed by her knowledge and perseverance. Gradually, the two of them got used to each other's ways, and became close companions.

At Veilstone City, the boys finally knew the truth about their misunderstanding after meeting Platinum's real bodyguards, who were unfortunately banished into another dimension by Team Galactic. Pearl decided to officially take over the roles of the bodyguards with Dia after the incident, and keep Platinum safe until they reach Mt. Coronet. However, this secret which the boys kept under good intention was finally known to Platinum at Canalave, and the girl took the news hard, devastated by being fooled by people she trusts so much. Fortunately, she eventually came around and opted to continue their companionship, despite changing their objectives to stopping Team Galactic instead of the original journey's goal. Pearl addresses Platinum as 'Ms Lady' before knowing her real name.

Character Design:
Pearl's Design

Pearl's design is based on the childhood friend and rival of the protagonist in the fourth generation Pokemon titles, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. His hair may be slightly wilder than his game counterpart, but their appearance otherwise show no obvious differences. His trousers also appear to have a bluish green colour instead of being brownish grey. His items are mostly orange in colour, including his Pokedex as well as his Poketch. Occasionally, Pearl is seen without his scarf.

During the Super Contest, he was given a white tuxedo to wear by Platinum, and while the trio were at the Great Marsh, they put on colland-like attires. At the Fuego Ironworks, when the weather started to cool, it was revealed that Pearl's sleeves were actually long and rolled up all along. This matches his Platinum game counterpart's appearance, sporting simply a sleeve-length difference from his DP attire. Yet, Pearl only really let his sleeves down in the Platinum series. Pearl's eyes are of a luminous shade of orange.

Pearl's Journey:
DP Series
Pearl's DP Journey

Pearl's journey began when he and Dia attended the New Generation Funny Grand Prix at Jubilife City, and was rewarded with the Judges' Special Merit Prize. However, a collision with Prof. Rowan accidentally swapped the envelopes they were holding, and the two boys ended up receiving the notice to Platinum's bodyguards, who were supposed to escort her to the summit of Mt. Coronet. Believing that they were on a reality show, Pearl deemed Platinum their tour guide and began their long voyage across Sinnoh.

Upon arrival at Oreburgh, Platinum decided to take on gym challenges, and Pearl and Dia started having training sessions with her. The initial distrust among them gradually dissolved as the trio went through crisis after crisis together. They encountered Mars of Team Galactic at the Valley Windworks, and later met up with Cynthia at Eterna, who personally taught them about Pokemon battling. When they finally reached Mt. Coronet, they discovered that the cavern they have entered would not lead to the summit, and thus continued their journey on the eastern side of Sinnoh. However, while inside the cavern, they were ambushed by Cyrus, who decided to punish them for disturbing the peace of the sacred mountain.

After taking part in the Super Contest in Hearthome, they were caught up by Platinum's real bodyguards at Veilstone, and also had their first direct battle with Team Galactic. It was only then that Platinum's real identity was revealed, but before the bodyguards had a chance to meet and explain things to the girl, they were banished into another dimension by Saturn. At this point, Dia finally confessed to Pearl that he knew Platinum wasn't a tour guide right from the start, and kept it to himself since the misunderstanding was the thing that started and maintained their companionship.

Pearl's DP Journey

Later, following another turmoil at Lake Valor and Platinum's gym challenge at Pastoria, they met up with Cynthia again at the Pokemon Mansion, who helped them clear the pack of Psyducks blocking Route 210. After meeting Cynthia's Grandma, they encountered Cyrus once again at Celestic Town when the man broke into the ruins which contained Sinnoh's legend of the three lakes. Surviving the deadly showdown, the trio ended up in Hearthome again where Platinum challenged Fantina, after which they learnt of the shocking news about Sir Berlitz's disappearance.

At Canalave City, Platinum finally learnt of Pearl and Dia's true identity, and was completely distraught by the shocking news. After a fitful night of nightmares though, she decided to keep the boys as her companions and resumed their journey under the new goal to thwart Team Galactic's evil plans. At this point, the trio split up to protect the three lakes, and Pearl was assigned Lake Valor. On his way there, he accidentally winded up at the Fuego Ironworks and once again met up with the wild Luxray they befriended at the beginning of their journey, who became his team member after they rescued Mr. Fuego.

Pearl's DP Journey

Pearl then ventured to Eterna City, where he met up with Rad Rickshaw, the Cycle Shop Owner whom Team Galactic once tried to force information pertaining to Sinnoh's time and space deities out from. Together, the two headed to Lake Valor, but the Team Galactic Commander Saturn proved to be too powerful an opponent for them, and Pearl eventually failed to protect the lake guardian, Azelf. Rescued by Crasher Wake afterwards, Pearl received an intensive training from the man and regained his confidence. He then headed to Team Galactic's Veilstone headquarters where he reunited with Dia and Platinum. By sacrificing their Pokedexes to distract the cloaked senior TG grunt, they freed Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie from their constraints.

Later, Cynthia took Pearl, Dia and Platinum to the Spear Pillar, the summit of Mt. Coronet, where Cyrus has shackled the legendary deities Dialga and Palkia, causing time and space to distort. Pearl attempted to subdue the dragons with his Pokemon, but they were clearly no match for the deities' powers. At the end, with clues from the ancient scripture passed on to Cynthia from her Grandma, Platinum learnt about the duality nature of Dialga and Palkia, and by tipping Cyrus's imbalanced control over them, the trio managed to release Dialga and Palkia from the Red Chain's effect. Yet, a new challenge quickly loomed on the horizon when a creature emerged from the energy portal created by the deities to drag Dialga, Palkia and Cyrus into it.

Platinum Series
Pearl's Platinum Journey

When the Team Galactic Commander Charon fled the scene at the Spear Pillar, Dia's Lickilicky managed to snatch a memobook from him which depicted the rare and legendary Pokemon in Sinnoh. Pearl and Dia thus went on a quest to investigate upon these Pokemon with Dr. Footstep and the Sinnoh Pokemon Association Chairman while Platinum headed to the Battle Zone to seek information on the Distortion World. The boys discovered from the memobook that the unidentified plasma creature they encountered at the Old Chateau before was actually a Pokemon named Rotom. Heading back to seek and protect it from Charon, Pearl and Dia had a frightful night with the creature's many formes, but Dia eventually figured out that it was just trying to show off its skills, and convinced Rotom to join them./p>

Soon enough, the serpentine creature that ambushed Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar, which was the ruler of the Distortion World, Giratina, broke into the real world's dimension at Eterna. Charon resurfaced to attempt control over it with his signalling device, and Pearl and Dia, who were at the scene incidentally, had a hard time fighting both the ghost dragon and the powerful Heatran which Charon captured at Stark Mountain. The struggle eventually led to the fall of Dia when he sheltered Pearl from Giratina's Shadow Force, and an enraged Rotom worked together with Dia's Regigigas, Ghee, to fight back, forcing Giratina and Charon to withdraw temporarily./p>

After Dia's body vanished into thin air, Pearl worked past his sorrow of losing his best companion, and found his way into the Distortion World after making contact with Platinum. There, he was reunited with his father, Palmer, and the two fought together to hold down the nightmare Pokemon, Darkrai. To Pearl's pleasant surprised, Dia actually survived and brought back with him not only Dialga and Palkia but also Cyrus who were all stranded within the Distortion World since Giratina dragged them into it. As all the trainers gathered, a big battle between the Sinnoh legendaries ensued. Finally, Giratina made another attempt to barge into the real world, and the three Sinnoh Dex Holders gave chase on Dialga, Palkia and Cresselia. As Giratina emerged at Sunyshore, Cynthia struck it down with a Draco Meteor, and the trio cornered Charon, eventually allowing Looker to place him under arrest and putting an end to the Distortion World incident.

Pokémon on his Active Team

Chimchar → Monferno → Infernape
Nickname: Chimlord OT: Pearl Gender: ♂
Nature: Naughty Ability: Blaze Level 65
Close Combat, Ember, Flame Wheel, Focus Punch, Mach Punch, Leer, Overheat, Scratch
This Chimchar was one of the three special Pokemon Prof. Rowan wished to study, and was given to Platinum to allocate to one of her bodyguards. It picked Pearl as its trainer on their first encounter, and incidentally shares many traits with the boy. Quick and speedy, it has prompt responses and is able to jump into action right away. Chimlord evolved into a Monferno simultaneously with Roo and Piplup at Eterna City, and used the flames on its tail as a propeller to speed up Pearl's Bicycle on the Cycling Road when he was trying to save Platinum. At Veilstone, Pearl lent Chimlord to Platinum for her gym challenge on Maylene's special request, and it eventually gained victory with its powerful attacks coupled with Platinum's tactics. It evolved into an Infernape along with Roo at Veilstone when Pearl and Dia battled the TG grunts under the guidance of Phool and Ignor, and became even more agile afterwards, as shown in its rescuing of Platinum at the Great Marsh. After Pearl started on his personal journey, it continued to be a great support in his team, and fought down a herd of Magbys left behind by Team Galactic at the Fuego Ironworks. Unfortunately, it failed to stand its ground against the gang of Machamps at Lake Valor, and Azelf was captured by Team Galactic. It then underwent training from Crasher Wake, and subsequently continued to serve as a dependable member on Pearl's team.

Nickname: Chatlord OT: Pearl Gender: ♂
Nature: Hasty Ability: Tangled Feet Level 50
Aerial Ace, Chatter, Fury Attack, Mirror Move, Pluck
This Chatot was the first Pokemon of Pearl, and is very much like him. Quick, smart, and easily irritable, it is almost like the Pokemon version of Dia. Like Pearl always smacks Dia, Chatlord often hits Beh. Chatlord has a habit of repeating the last words or syllables Pearl said, it once eavesdropped on Platinum's phone conversation with Sebastian, which made it learn the phrase 'The Lady'. It was lent to Platinum for her Veilstone Gym challenge along with Chimlord, and has managed to stand its ground against Meditite with its wide range of attacks. At Celestic Town, it tried to keep Cyrus's camera away from the man, but eventually fell victim to Probopass's Gravity. When Pearl started travelling on his own, it fought down two wild Wingulls and later defeated a herd of Team Galactic's Magbys at the Fuego Ironworks. It received training from Crasher Wake along with Chimlord and Raylord, and later helped return Roo and Lee to Dia at the TG Headquarters. It the fight against the cloaked senior TG grunt, Chatlord countered Chingling's Uproar with its Chatter, distracting the grunt and allowing the trio to free the lake pixies. It took part in the fight against Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar, and also served as Pearl's means of flying when they were facing Giratina at Eterna. When the Sinnoh Dex Holders cornered Charon, it tried to attack the man but was rendered unable by a signalling device to control Pokemon.

Nickname: Raylord OT: Pearl Gender: ♂
Nature: Brave Ability: Intimidate Level 60
Discharge, Shock Wave
As a Luxio, this Pokemon ambushed Dia, Pearl and Platinum on Route 203, in an attempt to regain the trust of its herd after it broke its claws and lost the means to communicate with them. Pearl used the spirit of 'butt-in' to help Luxio reconnect with its peers, and Luxio later returned as a Luxray to rescue Pearl and Platinum when Cyrus nearly buried the trio alive in the western cavern of Mt. Coronet. Much later, Pearl went astray on route to Lake Valor, and Luxray showed up once again to help him at the Fuego Ironworks. It demonstrated immense trust in the boy when they worked together to defeat Team Galactic's Houndoom, and officially joined his team after the incident. Luxray possesses x-ray-like vision that can see-through anything, and also packs considerable strength and agility to make it another dependable member on Pearl's party. After Pearl's failure to protect Azelf at Lake Valor, Raylord underwent training from Crasher Wake, and later played a role in battling Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar.

Nickname: Zellord OT: Pearl Gender: ♂
Nature: Adamant Ability: Swift Swim Level 53
Water Gun
Along with other wild Buizels and Floatzels on Route 213, this Pokemon turned hostile towards humans due to Team Galactic's bombing at Lake Valor. Listening to Crasher Wake's suggestion, Pearl attempted to catch a wild Floatzel for his team, but failed to do so and resorted to the easier Buizels instead. He finally managed to capture this one, but it continued to act antagonistic towards him afterwards. Fortunately, it still obeyed his commands in battle, albeit in a slightly tricky way. Partnering up with Diglord and Taulord, Zellord blasted down the gang of Team Galactic grunts guarding the southern gates of Veilstone, and later took part in the fight against Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar.

Nickname: Diglord OT: Pearl Gender: ♂
Nature: Bashful Ability: Sand Veil Level 48
Pearl captured this Diglett on Route 212 as part of his training under Crasher Wake. Diglord possesses great speed, and can easily evade its foes' attacks by retreating underground. It played a major part in the battle against Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar. t also teamed up with Palmer's Cresselia to fight Darkrai in the Distortion World, although the lunar Pokemon did most of the battling.

Nickname: Taulord OT: Pearl Gender: ♂
Nature: Jolly Ability: Anger Point Level 48
This Tauros was captured on Route 212 when Pearl underwent an intensive training under Crasher Wake. With its muscular built, Taulord can send multiple foes flying with a single charge. Since its capture, it has taken over Raylord's role in providing a quick means of transport on land for Pearl. It fought against the Team Galactic grunts when Pearl attempted to infiltrate their headquarters, and later battled Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar.

Pokémon he has had or partnered up with

Nickname: Ghee OT: Platinum Gender: N/A
Nature: Lax Ability: Slow Start Level 75
Avalanche, Crush Grip
When Dia was struck by Giratina's Shadow Force, he vanished into the Distortion World and Ghee was temporarily under Pearl's possession until the boys were reunited inside the Distortion World.

Turtwig → Grotle → Torterra
Nickname: Roo OT: Diamond Gender: ♂
Nature: Relaxed Ability: Overgrow Level N/A
Roo was left behind at Lake Verity when Dia failed to protect Mesprit but managed to break into the Team Galactic air-shuttle. It was brought along with Lee and Fantina's Drifblim to Pearl by Sebastian, Roseanne and Dia's Mom, and the three were later returned to Dia at the Veilstone Galactic Building.

Nickname: Lee OT: Diamond Gender: ♂
Nature: Bold Ability: Own Tempo Level N/A
Dia distracted Mars by Lee in order to break into the Team Galactic air-shuttle. As a result, Lee was left behind at Lake Verity along with Roo and Fantina's Drifblim. The three were later brought to Pearl by Sebastian, Roseanne and Dia's Mom, and returned to Dia at the Veilstone Galactic Building.

Nickname: N/A OT: Fantina Gender: ♀
Nature: N/A Ability: Aftermath Level N/A
Fantina lent Drifblim to Dia, Pearl and Platinum when they needed a means to travel to Canalave quickly from Hearthome. While Dia kept Drifblim after the trio split up, it was left behind at Lake Verity along with Roo and Lee after the boy broke into Team Galactic's air-shuttle. The three Pokemon were brought to Pearl at Pastoria City by Sebastian, Roseanne and Dia's Mom, which Pearl later returned to Dia at the Veilstone Galactic Building.

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