Ruby's Profile

Character Overview:

Ruby, the son of the Petalburg Gymleader Norman, is the main male protagonist of the RS series, and zealously follows the path of a contest coordinator. He is fascinated by beautiful things, and is adept in sewing, grooming, and just about everything that makes his Pokemon stylish and attractive. He judges a Pokemon by its looks, and is attracted to ones that could potentially shine in a Pokemon contest. On the other hand, he deems Pokemon battling as barbaric, and dislikes engaging in them. Yet, in the absence of bystanders, Ruby acts as if he is a completely different person, and demonstrates highly trained battling skills.

The truth is, Ruby used to be a battle lover when he was a little boy, but an incident at the age of six changed his life completely. At that time, Norman was about to sit for the Gymleader Selection Test, and Prof. Birch has come from Hoenn with his daughter Sapphire to give support to him. A wild Salamence attacked young Ruby and Sapphire, and Ruby tactfully beat it with his Pokemon, but the terrifying experience made Sapphire cry, and Ruby believed that he has tarnished the pure and innocent soul in her. From then on, Ruby began to pursue beauty in life, and vowed never to let people see him battle again. For the same reason, he showed little care towards the impending crisis of Hoenn, and refused to join the fight.

Ruby's decision to abandon battling was clearly not well received by his father, who was a battle maniac and has personally trained him since he was young, and this caused Ruby to run away from home to follow his own dreams. However, little did he know that Norman was actually ready to give him freedom to do what he liked, but his irresponsible behaviour infuriated the man, and the two ended up having a deadly battle at the Weather Institute. Ruby recognized his father's love after they resolved their dispute, but it wasn't until the final battle at Sootopolis that Ruby finally realized the aftermath of his childhood Salamence incident actually set off a series of consequences, which Norman has taken responsibility of, and accepted the punishment to pursue the sky titan, Rayquaza, eventually costing his own life until Celebi resurrected all the lost ones.

Ruby became Wallace's student after being blown away by the man's skills in a contest, and it was eventually Wallace's words that made Ruby realize his lack of trust in his Pokemon, and finally made him decide to join the battle to safeguard Hoenn. Ruby is acquainted with Gabby and Ty, who travelled a lot with him in their TV station's van. Interestingly, Ruby also shares a close bond with Courtney, who once tried to persuade Ruby to join Team Magma, and partnered up with him in the final battle at Sootopolis. It was through Courtney's Memory Firelighter that Ruby learnt of Norman's deal with Rayquaza.

Since the Salamence incident, Ruby has been in love with Sapphire, but they ironically failed to recognize each other when they met again, and became rivals instead. While Sapphire picked on Ruby's sissy behaviour, Ruby mocked her for her barbarian nature, but the two gradually became friends despite a serious fallout when Ruby showed his difference towards Hoenn's fate. Towards the end of the RS series, when Sapphire confessed her feelings to Ruby, he finally realized that she was the little girl in his childhood, and confessed his own feelings. Yet, after the Groudon and Kyogre crisis, Ruby never brought up the issue again, and currently shares an ambiguous relationship with Sapphire.

His personality seemed to have changed and opened up slightly since he decided to take part in the battle against Groudon and Kyogre, and became more prominent when he returned in the Emerald series. While he kept his sissy attitude and continued to be a beauty advocate, he adopted a more generous and energetic behaviour and no longer appeared to be so self-centered, showing more care for people around him. This was most evident in his tournament match against Emerald at the Battle Dome, where his agenda was not to win but to befriend Emerald and help Sceptile regain its memory.

Character Design:
Ruby's Design

Ruby's design is based on the male protagonist of the third generation Game Boy Advance Pokemon titles, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. On top of the long-sleeved outfit identical to his game counterpart, he carries around a microphone and various grooming accessories with him, and is depicted to have a sissy personality. Although he has severe shortsightedness, he usually wears contact lenses and is very rarely seen with actual glasses. He also has a pair of Running Shoes, which is Norman's birthday present to him, and the shoes saved both of them from a deadly fall at the Weather Institute. Due to the Salamence incident in his childhood, he has a prominent scar on his forehead, which he covers up with his hat.

Towards the end of the RS series, Ruby made himself a new green-based outfit to match the one his game counterpart wears in the third game sequel, Pokemon Emerald, except his bagpack, which remained yellow. In the Emerald series, he returned with a red outfit, but with identical design to his green-based one. Together with Sapphire, they are the two Pokedex Holders who have the highest frequency of attire change. In the flashback of Ruby's childhood, he was a tough battle-boy, and wore the same long-sleeved outfit as he did at the beginning of the RS series, with his jacket unbuttoned. Like his name, Ruby's eyes have varying shades of ruby red.

Ruby's Journey:
RS Series
Ruby's RS Journey

Ruby's journey began when his family moved from Johto to Hoenn on the day of his tenth birthday. Believing that his father Norman, who is a battle maniac, would never allow him to pursue the path of a coordinator, he ran away from home right away upon arrival. A fateful encounter with Prof. Birch, who was chased after by two Mightyenas, caused Ruby to be rescued by Sapphire, but a misunderstanding provoked hostility from Sapphire, and their contrasting beliefs and goals ended up in an 80-day pact in which Ruby would conquer all contests while Sapphire did the same for gyms. Ruby took a Pokedex and Mudkip from Prof. Birch's bagpack during the incident, and officially embarked on his journey after that.

At Petalburg, Ruby met Wally, a chronically ill youngster, and helped him capture his first Pokemon, but an unexpected earthquake threw Ruby into the oceans, and he was saved by old Mr. Briney, who told him about a deep sea Pokemon capable of taking humans to extreme ocean depths. At Dewford, Ruby briefly met Steven, during which Nana and Coco evolved. After meeting up with Sapphire, they teamed up against Team Magma on the Abandoned Ship, and went separate ways again upon reaching Slateport. There, Ruby encountered the Pokemon Fan Club President and was ready to begin his contest challenges, but another intervention by Team Magma eventually led him to Route 119, where he was finally caught up by Norman and the two engaged in a deadly battle at the Weather Institute.

After resolving the dispute with his father, Ruby officially began his contest quest, but soon had a showdown with Team Magma's Courtney at the Rusturf Tunnel, after which he met Wallace at the Super Rank Contest, and became his disciple. During the emergent meeting of gymleaders at Fortree, Ruby and Sapphire were about to become friends, but the rampaging of some wild Pokemon made Sapphire realize that Ruby's weakness was pretence all along. Ruby's indifference towards Hoenn's fate infuriated Sapphire, and the two once again parted on bad terms.

Team Magma and Team Aqua finally succeeded in awakening Groudon and Kyogre, and the entire Hoenn fell into its worst crisis ever. However, Ruby fled to Slateport to escape from everything, yet lost his temper during the Hyper Rank Contest, causing Mimi to run away. Wallace's harsh criticism made Ruby realize his faults, and he finally decided to join forces with everyone else to defend Hoenn. Together with Sapphire, they travelled to the Seafloor Cavern to face off Maxie and Archie, but the evil leaders were eventually taken over by the Red and Blue Orbs, and brought the battleground to Sootopolis, where Groudon and Kyogre clashed, and Ruby and Sapphire worked together to free the mystical jewels from the evil men using the powers of the Grand Meteor fragment.

Unfortunately, this failed to stop the ancient titans, and the powerful energy explosion sent the Red and Blue Orbs into the bodies of Ruby and Sapphire. They were rescued and taken to the Mirage Island by Juan, who trained them to control the jewels along with Tate and Liza. On return to Sootopolis, Sapphire confessed her feelings for Ruby, and he finally realized that she was the special little girl from his childhood 5 years ago. Not wanting to subject her to peril, he tricked the Blue Orb away from Sapphire and locked her into Wallace's air-car, and collaborated with Courtney instead. However, their attempt failed, and Norman arrived on Rayquaza, finally stopping Groudon and Kyogre with the sky titan's Roar of Ordinance and the combined powers of the two orbs.

Just when the crisis seemed to be over, Archie and Maxie resurfaced and seized Norman, Courtney and Ruby. Wallace and Sapphire rushed to their rescue, but the evil team leaders held Winona hostage, forcing Wallace to succumb. Mimi eventually returned to intervene, and following its evolution, Ruby and Sapphire powered up Plusle and Minun with the New Mauville power generator machine, and unleashed a deadly electric attack, finally stopping Archie and Maxie. At that time, Ruby sent out Celebi, the mysterious Pokemon he encountered in Johto, who resurrected Norman, Steven and Courtney, and returned everything to peace with the Red and Blue Orbs. At the end of the series, both Ruby and Sapphire succeeded in fulfilling their part of the pact, and met up at Sapphire's secret base once more.

Emerald Series

Ruby's Emerald Journey

10 months later, Prof. Birch sent Ruby and Sapphire to the Battle Frontier to find and assist the third Pokedex Holder, Emerald, in his quest to protect Jirachi. They attended the wedding ceremony of Wanda and Roger while sailing on Mr. Briney's S.S. Tidal, and encountered Emerald at the Battle Dome with a not so pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, Emerald resented the two's presence, and Ruby and Sapphire decided to participate in the Dome Tournament to get acquainted with the boy.

In the semi-finals, Ruby battled Emerald, and although he eventually lost the fight, he managed to make Sceptile regain its memories as Prof. Birch's Treecko through his words and provocation. Afterwards, Ruby and Sapphire were approached by the Palace Maven Spenser, who recognized Sapphire's connection to the Blue Orb simply by looking into her eyes. Ruby used his Memory Firelighter to record their odd encounter, and when the evil Guile Hideout finally captured Jirachi, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald rushed to the Battle Tower, where the met up with Noland and took on the Tower challenge as a team of four.

At the summit, they found Anabel brainwashed by Guile Hideout, and Spenser eventually made use of Latios and Latias's shared vision to reveal the secret of the Blue Orb relating to all those who have come into contact with it, forcing the armoured man to show himself as no other than Archie. Through Jirachi, Archie created a giant sea monster to flood the entire Frontier, and Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were soon joined by Gold and Crys, the Johto Dex Holders, who revealed that their real goal in acquiring Jirachi was to reverse the petrifaction of their five seniors.

In the transparent house created by Crys, Ruby's Zuzu learnt the ultimate water attack, and after Emerald successfully revived Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver through Jirachi, the 10 Dex Holders teamed up to fire off the combined ultimate attacks to disperse the giant sea monster, restoring peace to the Battle Frontier.

Pokémon on his Active Team

Mudkip → Marshtomp → Swampert
Nickname: Zuzu OT: Ruby Gender: ♂
Nature: Relaxed Ability: Torrent Level N/A
Bide, Earthquake, Endeavor, Hydro Cannon, Mud Shot, Mud-slap, Mud Sport, Muddy Water, Rock Smash, Tackle, Water Gun
When two Mightyenas chased Ruby off a cliff, he was rescued by Sapphire to her secret base, but a misunderstanding caused the girl to begin attacking him. In defence, Ruby picked one of the two Pokemon in Prof. Birch's bagpack, and selected this Mudkip because he thought it looked slightly more appealing then the green Treecko. Ruby was hesitant about Zuzu joining his team at first, but its ability to detect small changes in the environment with its radar-like fins quickly earned his recognition. Zuzu constantly has a running nose, hence earning its nickname because of the sniffing sound it makes. Though a relatively latecomer on Ruby's team, it quickly caught up with the others and evolved into a Marshtomp upon arrival at Slateport. The experience it gained through the numerous battles afterwards caused it to evolve into a Swampert at Fortree. It partnered up with Sapphire's Chaka in the battle against Archie and Maxie, and helped activate the powers of the Grand Meteor fragment to free the Red and Blue Orbs. In the Emerald series, it was Ruby's major battle force in the Dome and Tower combats, and after learning the ultimate water move, Hydro Cannon, from Brinca's metal ring, it teamed up with other starters to defeat Guile Hideout's giant sea monster. In contests, it is responsible for the toughness category, and its introduction line is, 'Regardless of the effects of time, the toughness that this body encompasses never changes. Boiling with raging Torrent, this is the Pokemon Swampert, Zuzu!'

Poochyena → Mightyena
Nickname: Nana OT: Ruby Gender: ♀
Nature: Adamant Ability: N/A Level N/A
Howl, Hyper Beam, Leer, Roar, Odor Sleuth, Take Down
Ruby received this Poochyena along with Coco and Ruru from his father Norman when he was a little boy, and these three Pokemon were already beyond powerful at a very early stage under the tough training of Norman. Nana was capable of using a fundamental version of Hyper Beam even when it was still a Poochyena, and its powers fully manifested after it evolved into a Mightyena at the Granite Cave. After Ruby decided to pursue the path of contests, Nana became in charge of the Coolness category challenge. When Ruby and Sapphire were about to get run over by a dozen of rampaging Grumpigs in Fortree, Nana took out all twelve on its own, leading Sapphire to realize that Ruby's weakness was only pretence all along. Its introduction line during contests before its evolution was, 'Regardless of the effects of time, the coolness that this body encompasses never changes. Dashing with its Quick Feet like the might winds, this is the Pokemon Poochyena, Nana!' After evolution, it became, 'Regardless of the effects of time, the coolness that this body encompasses never changes. Carrying with it the tough Intimidate, this is the Pokemon Mightyena, Nana!'

Skitty → Delcatty
Nickname: Coco OT: Ruby Gender: ♀
Nature: Quiet Ability: N/A Level N/A
Assist, Attract, Covet, Double-edge, Growl, Iron Tail, Safeguard
This Skitty was one of the three Pokemon Ruby received from Norman in his childhood, and has trained directly under Norman, with Iron Tail as one of the moves it learnt during the time. Despite its adorable appearance, it is actually very powerful and once took on a Crawdaunt alone. When Ruby decided to become a coordinator, Coco was put in charge of the Cuteness category, and its charm easily earned Ruby victory in that department. At the Granite Cave, Ruby was attacked by a pack of Mawiles, and Coco accidentally came into contact with Steven's Moon Stone, causing it to evolve into a Delcatty. It knows a range of special moves such as Covet and Assist, which proved useful in the battle against Archie and Maxie at the Seafloor Cavern. Its introduction line during contests is, 'Regardless of the effects of time, the cuteness that this body encompasses never changes. Oozing Cute Charm from its body, this is the Pokemon Delcatty, Coco!'

Ralts → Kirlia
Nickname: Ruru OT: Ruby Gender: ♀
Nature: Gentle Ability: Synchronize Level N/A
Confusion, Imprison, Shadow Ball, Shock Wave
This Ralts was one of the three Pokemon Norman gave Ruby when he was a little boy, along with Poochyena and Skitty. After Ruby decided to pursue the path of a coordinator, it was intended to be in charge of the Smartness category. However, when Ruby lent Ruru to Wally for his first Pokemon capture at the Petalburg Woods, an unexpected earthquake separated them, and Ruru was left under Wally's care. It travelled to Verdanturf with Wally, and later assisted him in his challenge of the Sky Pillar under Norman's guidance, during which it evolved into a Kirlia. Wally returned Ruru to Ruby at the end of the RS series, and in the Emerald series, Ruby used it to take part in the Battle Dome Tournament, as well as fighting Guile Hideout at the Battle Tower. Ruru possessed powerful psychic attacks, and knows the move Imprison, which proved to be highly useful while awaking Rayquaza and in the battle against Emerald's Dusclops.

Nickname: Popo OT: Mr. Stone Gender: ♀
Nature: Careful Ability: Forecast Level N/A
Hail, Shadow Ball, Sunny Day, Weather Ball
Originally owned by Mr. Stone of the Devon Corporation, this Castform was trapped in the water outlet of a fountain at Rustboro City by Team Aqua as part of their scheme to kidnap the old gentleman. Sapphire managed to rescue it, but Team Aqua eventually succeeded in ambushing Mr. Stone, and Castform was temporarily put under the care of Gabby and Ty. When Gabby and Ty stumbled on Norman and Ruby's fight at the Weather Institute, they persuaded Castform to intervene, who halted one of Ruby's deadly attacks with a Sunny Day. It joined Ruby's team after the incident, and took up the Smart contest category challenge. Popo is capable of creating different weather effects, and makes good use of this trait by its Weather Ball attack. It played a major role in the battle against Archie and Maxie at the Seafloor Cavern. Its introduction line during contests is, 'Regardless of the effects of time, the smartness that this body encompasses never changes. Hopping between rain, sun and snow with Forecast, this is the Pokemon Castform, Popo!'

Feebas → Milotic
Nickname: Mimi OT: Ruby Gender: ♀
Nature: Modest Ability: Marvel Scale Level N/A
Blizzard, Ice Beam, Light Screen, Mirror Coat, Water Pulse
When Ruby was fishing with Swimmerboy Jack on Route 119, he repeatedly hooked up this Feebas, but tossed it back every time due to its unappealing look. However, this Feebas took a quick liking to Ruby, and protected him from a wild Zangoose and Seviper. Afterwards, Swimmerboy Jack forced Ruby to keep it on his team due to its rarity, and Mimi took up the Beauty contest category challenge despite its ugly appearance. Throughout their journey together, Ruby rarely showed fondness for Mimi, and even scolded it away when it failed to earn him points in the Hyper Rank Beauty Contest. He finally learnt of his mistake after Wallace pointed out his lack of trust in his Pokemon, but to his dismay and deepest regret, Mimi was already gone. In the final battle against Archie and Maxie at Sootopolis, Mimi returned and thwarted the evil men from hurting Ruby and Norman. It was brutally tortured, but was also content at the same time since Ruby finally showed love for it. During the process, it evolved into a Milotic, ironically the one Pokemon Ruby has always sought after. In the Emerald series, it fought Emerald's Sceptile during the Dome Tournament and eventually lost to its Leaf Blade. Ruby gave it an official contest introduction line right before its evolution, which was, ''Regardless of what becomes of the body, the beauty that lies in the heart never changes. Floating with Swift Swim, this is the Pokemon Feebas, Mimi!' As a Milotic, the line becomes, 'Having released its body with its heart, it shines with overwhelming beauty. Possessing the Marvel Scale, this is the Pokemon Milotic, Mimi!'

Pokémon he has had or been partnered with

Nickname: None OT: N/A Gender: ♂
Nature: Jolly Ability: Plus Level N/A
Double Team, Fake Tears, Helping Hand
Ruby first encountered this Plusle along with Minun on the Abandoned Ship on sea Route 108. The two electric Pokemon gave Ruby a lot of trouble with their mischief, but the intervention of Courtney and Tabitha eventually led Plusle and Minun to team up with Ruby and Sapphire to fight the two Team Magma administrators. On Mirage Island, Ruby and Sapphire met Plusle and Minun again, who were fatefully washed onshore the mysterious island by Kyogre's flood. Ruby partnered up with Plusle in their double-battle training, and used it against Archie and Maxie in the final battle at Sootopolis.

Nickname: None OT: N/A Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: Natural Cure Level N/A
Ruby encountered Celebi in Johto before he moved to Hoenn, and this mysterious Pokemon voluntarily joined his team. Although Ruby had no idea of its identity and not even the Pokedex could recognize it, he knew it was no ordinary Pokemon and seldom released it from its Pokeball. The only times he used it was against the wild Seviper at Sapphire's secret base, and at the very end of the final battle at Sootopolis, when he needed it to retrieve the Red and Blue Orbs from Maxie and Archie. Ruby believed that Celebi went to Hoenn with him to restore the damage caused by Kyogre and Groudon's deadly struggle, and it departed after fulfilling its mission.

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