Whi-two's Profile

Character Overview:

Whi-two is the main protagonist of the B2W2 series, and a former member of Team Plasma. After the organization was defeated and dissolved at the Unova Pokemon League, her mother took her to Aspertia City to start a new life and enrolled her into the Trainer's School. Thanks to her new classmates Yuki, Yuuko and Mayu, she managed to adapt herself into the rest of the class, but had trouble dealing with Lack-two, who is actually an International Police superintendent working undercover. She is a powerful trainer, but often forgets to conceal her true strength, which resulted in her defeating her classmates in an unofficial tournament during the first day of school, making her a Pokedex Holder. Whi-two keeps a locket containing N's photo, and secretly hopes for her former king's return.

Character Design:
Whi-two's Design

Whi-two's design is based on the female protagonist of the fifth generation Pokemon DS game sequels, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Her appearance is essentially identical to her game counterpart, including eye colour and hair style. She keeps in her closet a Team Plasma uniform which she still occasionally wears to reminisce her past. She has put on the costume of the heroine character for the short movie 'Brycen-Man' during her visit to the Pokestar Studios, under the screen name of Foongus Girl.

Whi-two's Journey:
BW Series

Whi-two briefly appeared at the end of the BW series when she was still an active Team Plasma Grunt. Due to her young age, she was given the task to take care of the Pokemon Team Plasma liberated from trainers. With N's defeat and departure, a group of Grunts left the Castle, which included Whi-two and her mother. She was allowed by Anthea and Concordia to bring along a liberated Foongus she became acquainted with.

B2W2 Series
Whi-two's BW Journey

After leaving the Castle along with several other Team Plasma Grunts, Whi-two's mother took Whi-two to Aspertia City to start a new life and enrolled her into the Trainer's School. On the first day of school, she took part in an unofficial tournament against her classmates, and emerged victorious accidentally when Foongus unleashed its true strength against its opponents. This earned her a Pokedex from Bianca which she was reluctant to receive, as she still considered herself a Team Plasma member, and secretly hoped for the return of her king, N, some day. She also encountered Lack-two, who was actually an International Police officer working undercover, and the only classmate she had trouble handling due to his peskiness. Unfortunately, Lack-two was given a Pokedex like her, and often used this as an excuse to be around her. During a visit to the Pokestar Studios, she fatefully became the heroine in a short movie under the title of Foongus Girl, and fought against Brycen who played the evil role of Brycen-Man. Due to an oversight by the studio's Assistant Director, the robot Mecha Tyranitar intruded the scene, and Whi-two ended up being rescued by Lack-two, who played the role of Dewott Kid. However, Whi-two still couldn't deal with the boy, who was actually secretly investigating upon her. Her locket containing the secret microchip was accidentally found by Hugh, who had an intense grudge towards Team Plasma.

Pokémon on his Active Team

Nickname: N/A OT: Whi-two Gender: ♂
Nature: N/A Ability: Effect Spore Level N/A
Giga Drain, Sweet Scent
This Foongus was liberated from its original trainer by Team Plasma and was kept under Whi-two's watch in the Castle. The two bonded closely with each other, and it was the only Pokemon Whi-two was allowed to take along with her when she left the Castle. It is very protective of Whi-two and is extremely powerful, as evidenced by its easy victory over a Sigilyph as well as a Pawniard, both of which it has a type disadvantage against. It tries to constantly ward Lack-two off Whi-two, but naturally fails to do much owing to its small size. Due to the influence of N's beliefs, Whi-two never puts it into a Pokeball.

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