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Yellow's full name is Yellow de Viridian Grove, and is the main protagonist of the Yellow series, playing the role of a cowboy like trainer who went on a journey to search for Red. However, she actually made her first appearance during the RGB series as a young girl saved by Red at the Viridian Forest. Throughout the Yellow series, she disguised herself as a boy as ordered by Blue, since she was deemed too young to fully utilize her feminism as a weapon and would only draw danger towards herself.

The truth is, every several years, a child born in Viridian will be blessed with a special ability to heal and read the minds of Pokemon, and Yellow is one of them. By placing a hand over a Pokemon's forehead, she is able to read their thoughts and heal their bodily wounds, which later earned her the title the Healer. This special ability together with her care for Pokemon make up for her sub-par battling skills, for it also allows her emotions to be synchronized with the powers of her Pokemon, enabling her to skyrocket them to very high levels at times of need. However, using this ability wears her out, causing her to fall asleep easily all the time. She was also one of the few trainers who earned the trust of the psychic mutant, Mewtwo.

Yellow personally dislikes battling, as she hates seeing a Pokemon get hurt. She also had no idea about evolutions until she trained under Green, and reacted badly towards it. She has therefore held off evolution of her team members until the final showdown with Lance. Yellow's uncle is Fisherman Wilton, and the two ventured off on a journey to Johto during the GSC series, during which Yellow accidentally freed the 3 legendary beasts from their restraints. It was later revealed that the straw hat Blue gave her actually held the mysterious Silver and Rainbow Wings.

Although Yellow is considered an official Pokedex Holder, she doesn't really have her own Pokedex. In the Yellow series, she used the one Red left behind and returned it at the end. It is not until the FRLG series when Red gave his version I Pokedex to Yellow that made her a true Dex Holder. There are hints throughout the series suggesting that Yellow is attracted to Red, yet Red is the only Pallet trainer who did not know of her true gender until the very end of the GSC series. The two are depicted to have a close bond in the FRLG series, and a caption of Yellow in a recent official character poll queried her as Red's current lover.

Character Design:
Yellow's Design

Yellow is the first original character of the Pokemon Special manga. According to the writers, the concept of her design was based on her role in the plot instead of the other way around. Early in the RGB series, the writers needed a character who looked ordinary, but with a few disguise, could appear completely different and play the protagonist in the next series. With her ponytail being her signature feature, she was given a straw hat to hide it. While envisioning her riding on Doduo, the writers had the image of a western cowboy in mind, and thus gave her a fishing rod as well.

Yellow's initial clothing did not feature the belt and pouch, but since the beginning of the Yellow series, her attire basically remained the same over the years, with only slight colour alterations to her pants and boots in the FRLG series. Originally, she had a black and purple feather on her straw hat, but they were revealed to be the Silver and Rainbow Wings in the GSC series and given to Gold to enter the voids of time. Since she revealed her true gender to Red, she doesn't wear her straw hat as often. Yellow's eyes were initially black, and since the FRLG series, occasionally shows a shade of dark yellow.

Yellow's Journey:
RGB Series
Yellow's RGB Journey

Yellow first appeared as an ordinary girl attacked by a wild Dratini in the Viridian Forest. She was saved by Red, who also helped her capture her first Pokemon and taught her the importance to love and care for Pokemon. She later took care of Red after his deadly battle with Giovanni, and suggested that he take up the vacant Viridian Gymleader position.

Yellow Series
Yellow's Yellow Journey

2 years following the Pokemon League Tournament, Red headed for a challenge from Bruno of the Kanto Elite 4 and went missing afterwards. A severely injured Pika returned to Prof. Oak's Science Lab, shortly followed by the arrival of Yellow, who astonished the professor with her ability to heal, and at the same time troubled him with her unwillingness to reveal her identity. After demonstrating her unusual style of battling as well as her fundamental closeness towards Pokemon, she gained the trust of Oak, who bestowed Pika as well as Red's Pokedex upon her.

The truth was, Yellow has been sent on a journey to search for Red by Blue, who she incidentally met at the Viridian Forest, and was told to disguise herself as a boy for safety reasons. Along her journey, she earned support from Green and Blue, as well as Brock, Misty, Erika and Blaine, the four gymleaders who were close acquaintances with Red. As she continued her search for Red, she soon found herself mingled into the Kanto Elite 4's evil scheme in wiping out humanity and creating a utopia for Pokemon. Despite her sub-par battling skills, she has always found a way out of her many encounters against the Elite 4.

When she finally arrived at the final battleground on Cerise Island, she partnered up with Blaine and Mewtwo to battle Lance, who was revealed to be a blessed Viridian trainer just like herself. Suffering a bitter defeat due to lack of power, she was rescued by Giovanni. However, this actually allowed the addition of the missing Earth Badge to Cerise Island's giant Gym Badge Energy Amplifier, luring a mysterious creature to appear. Finally, holding her belief that humans and Pokemon can coexist, she fully evolved her team, and with the support from Red, Blue and Green, defeated Lance with a powerful Megavolt attack from Pika.

GSC Series
Yellow's GSC Journey

1 year has passed since the Kanto Elite 4 incident, and Yellow has settled into normal life back at Viridian. One day, she was approached by her uncle Fisherman Wilton to set out on a journey towards Johto to search for the mysterious being on Cerise Island, and thus embarked on a new voyage again along with Pika and her newly capture Pikachu, Chuchu. At Ecruteak City, she accidentally freed the legendary beasts, Entei, Raikou and Suicune, who were sealed at the Burnt Tower. This was actually due to the presence of the Silver and Rainbow Wings hid within the feathers of her straw hat by Blue, making her a key figure in solving the Mask Of Ice crisis at the voids of time.

In her journey across Johto, she encountered Crystal whom she heard of from Prof. Oak, and the two young trainers developed a mutual respect for each other despite Crystal's initial suspicion of Yellow's true identity. At the Whirl Islands, Yellow finally identified the legendary Lugia as Cerise Island's mysterious flyer. She was washed ashore afterwards, leading her to the Daycare Center of Goldenrod. Yellow later joined the other Pokedex Holders in their final battle against Mask Of Ice at the Ilex Forest.

FRLG Series
Yellow's FRLG Journey

2 years after the Mask Of Ice incident, while the three Pallet trainers struggled against Deoxys and Team Rocket at the Sevii Islands, Yellow decided to visit the Viridian Gym one day, and fatefully encountered Silver instead, who was there to learn about his past and possible hometown. Using her ability to read minds, Yellow saw the image of Giovanni's statue in Sneasel's memory, and the two trainers were completely astonished when the Team Rocket Beast Trio later revealed Silver to be the long lost son of Giovanni during their 2 vs 2 battle.

As Storc and Oca snatched Silver away, Yellow gave chase and soon found herself on board the Team Rocket Battle Airship. There, she encountered Red and Deoxys Individual 2, which she mind read to reveal the shocking connection shared between Red and the outerspace Pokemon. When the Battle Airship started to fail, Red sent Yellow and Mewtwo away in a black hole, and Yellow remained unconscious due to exhaustion, even when she became petrified afterwards by Storc's mysterious attack along with Red, Green, Blue and Silver.

Emerald Series
Yellow's Emerald Journey

2 months later, Mr. Briney shipped the five petrified Dex Holders, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver, via the S.S. Tidal to the Battle Frontier. The five were placed on the top floor of the Battle Tower at the Pokedex Holders' corner in the disguise of actual statues. From a report Brinca snatched from Team Rocket at the Trainer Tower, Prof. Oak learnt of the wishing powers of the mirage Pokemon Jirachi, which appeared to be the only way to revive the Dex Holders. Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold and Crys were dispatched to the Battle Frontier in stages to capture Jirachi and safeguard it from the evil Guile Hideout, who was also after the wishing Pokemon. Emerald eventually managed to come to terms with his own feelings with Pokemon, and channelled his wish to Jirachi, reversing the petrifaction of the five seniors.

Yellow joined the epic battle quickly after regaining mobility, and was eventually the one bestowed upon the task to deliver the final hit on the foe. When the combined grass, fire and water ultimate attacks failed to destroy Guile Hideout's giant sea monster, she synchronized her mind with Pika, Chuchu and Pichu, and commanded a combined electric ultimate attack, Volt Tackle, to disperse the fake Kyogre, putting an end to the crisis threatening the Battle Frontier.

Pokémon on her Active Team

Nickname: Chuchu OT: Yellow Gender: ♀
Nature: Mild Ability: Static Level 31
Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Volt Tackle
Yellow found this injured Pikachu at the Viridian Forest some time after the Kanto Elite 4 incident. She has put it on her team and nicknamed her Chuchu since then. Chuchu wears a pink flower on its head, and is rarely seen to battle on its own except its pitiful defeat at the Viridian Gym in the FRLG series. It usually works together with other Pokemon, and has rendered support in both the final battle against Mask Of Ice at the Ilex Forest, as well as the mission to defeat the exploding Forretresses set by Jagura on board the Team Rocket Battle Airship. In the GSC series, Chuchu became close to Red's Pika, and the two made an egg at the Daycare Center which later hatched into a Pichu. During its escape from the TR grunts from the Daycare Center, it soared off on a handful of balloons, temporarily enabling her to fly. Since then, she has used this trick to travel via the air route. At the end of the FRLG series, it managed to escape the petrifaction along with Pika, and returned in the Emerald series after learning the ultimate electric attack, Volt Tackle, which was used in combination with Pika and Pich to defeat Guile's giant sea monster.

Rattata → Raticate
Nickname: Ratty OT: Yellow Gender: ♂
Nature: Hardy Ability: Guts Level 25
Hyper Fang, Super Fang
Ratty was the first Pokemon Yellow captured under the guidance of Red at the Viridian Forest. Its powerful fang attacks can grit away even the hardest cement, metal and rocks, which have more than once cleared obstacles for Yellow. Following its intense battle with Caterpie, it evolved into a Raticate, much to Yellow's astonishment. Thinking that her Rattata was gone, Yellow broke down in tears, but eventually realized that Ratty is still the same Pokemon. Ratty has highly sensitive whiskers, allowing it to detect minute changes in its environment. Even though its baseline level is only at 25, it can soar high up into the 80s when Yellow has heightened emotions.

Doduo → Dodrio
Nickname: Dodosk OT: Yellow Gender: ♂
Nature: Hasty Ability: Early Bird Level 33
Drill Peck, Peck, Whirlwind
This Doduo was given to Yellow by her uncle Fisherman Wilton, but Yellow is listed as its original trainer. Dodosk mainly provides Yellow a means of rapid movement on land, which became handy when Yellow was escaping from the Kanto Elite 4's Lorelei. Despite its weak power, its pecking attacks worked well with Pika and Ratty during the Yellow series in pulling off combined attacks on foes. It evolved into a Dodrio during the final battle against Lance, and can soar up to the level 80s despite having a baseline level of 33.

Omanyte → Omastar
Nickname: Omask OT: Misty Gender: ♂
Nature: Docile Ability: Swift Swim Level 42
Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Water Gun
This Omanyte was given to Yellow by the Cerulean Gymleader, Misty. However, it refused to obey Yellow initially, and constantly attacked her with Water Gun. When Yellow finally gained its trust, it worked hand in hand with the young trainer on many occasions, most notably when it used itself as a lure for fishing at the Vermillion Bay, which ended up attracting a giant Tentacruel. It is arguably the strongest Pokemon on Yellow's team, knowing an array of water and ice type attacks, allowing it to put out fires as well as lowering temperatures rapidly. After it evolved into an Omastar in the final battle against Lance, its baseline level remained static at 42, but has the potential to climb up to the 80s at times of need.

Graveler → Golem
Nickname: Golosk OT: Brock Gender: ♂
Nature: Quirky Ability: Sturdy Level 39
Defense Curl, Mega Punch, Take Down
Yellow received this Graveler from Brock at Celadon, but due to Yellow's inexperience and the fact that it used to be a gymleader's Pokemon, it refused to obey the young trainer's order. Eventually, Yellow earned its trust, and it became a highly useful Pokemon packing both strength and sturdiness. In the final battle against Lance, it evolved into a Golem even without trading, which Blaine still fails to understand. Although its baseline level is only 39, it can soar up to the 80s in synchrony with Yellow's heightened emotions. In the Emerald series, it joined forces with other Dex Holders' Pokemon to fight down the rampaging Battle Tower rental Pokemon.

Caterpie → Metapod → Butterfree
Nickname: Peesk OT: Yellow Gender: ♂
Nature: Brave Ability: CompoundEyes Level 20
String Shot
Yellow rescued this wild Caterpie at Celadon when the flames from Blaine's Growlithe nearly burnt it while attacking Agatha's Gastly. It then tracked after Yellow all the way to the eastern mountains of Cerulean, where Yellow spent a full day and yet still failed to capture it. Finally captured under Green's guidance, Caterpie became the baby on Yellow's team, but also served its purpose by providing highly tensile threads for bandaging, buoyancy and fishing. In the final battle against Lance, it evolved twice into a Butterfree directly. As a Butterfree, it mainly provided a means of flying for Yellow. Just like Yellow's other Pokemon, its level can soar up to the 80s although its baseline level is merely 20.

Pokémon she has had or been partnered with

Nickname: None OT: Yellow Gender: N/A
Nature: N/A Ability: N/A Level N/A
Yellow captured this Seadra when it trapped Bill with a giant whirlpool in a stream within the Viridian Forest. Although usually inept in catching Pokemon, Bill's pending danger caused Yellow to enter a trance state and capture this Pokemon successfully. Yellow released it shortly after since the mission of her journey was not to complete the Pokedex.

Nickname: Pika OT: Red Gender: ♂
Nature: Sassy Ability: Static Level N/A
Yellow's first encounter with Pika dated back in the RGB series when Red helped her capture Ratty at the Viridian Forest. She was then ordered by Blue to find Pika at Prof. Oak's Science Lab in the Yellow series, and set out on a journey together to search for the missing Red. During their search across the land, Yellow calmed Pika from its haunting nightmares about Red, and the two gradually became very close companions. In a battle against Lance at the Vermillion Bay, Pika developed the ability to use Surf by creating a surfboard with Substitute. It also unleashed the original attack Megavolt in the final showdown at the Cerise Island, which was a result of the supporting energy from Saur, Charizard and Turtley. In the GSC series, it partnered up with Yellow again to venture in Johto while Red went to seek ailment at Mt. Silver. Together with Yellow's Chuchu, they gave birth to a Pichu which was later hatched by Gold.

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